Wednesday, 8 December 2021


by Richey Edwards

Labour MPs have been among the green advocates celebrating Shell's decision to pull out of the Cambo oil field development in the North Sea.  Ed Miliband was among the first to applaud the decision, just a few days into his new front bench role as 'Shadow Secretary of State for Climate Change and Net Zero'.

Ed's trumped up title was created as part of Keir Starmer's recent reshuffle and is intended to be a clear statement of Sir Squeaky's green credentials.  Last month Starmer urged Boris Johnson to veto the Cambo development.  This is one area where the Labour leader appears to share common ground with the far left.  Members of Labour's Socialist Campaign Group were particularly vocal about Shell's decision.

The delight of Burgon and co is clear to see, but make no mistake - they will all spend this winter in warm cosy homes courtesy of fossil fuels.  They can prove us wrong when they ditch their gas boilers and rely on a heat pump.  Let them be the ones who freeze when the weather turns, but no - it will be the poorest in society who suffer.  Either these MPs can't see that or they simply don't care.

Wind and solar are great sources of renewable energy, but this is Britain and the weather here is far from predictable.  There are days in which neither the sun shines or the wind blows.  That is not a reliable alternative by itself, but as always there is a political agenda being driven that does not necessarily have the best interests of the environment at heart.

The left and the green agenda go hand in hand.  It's no coincidence that all the major green parties around the world follow socialist ideologies.  Why else would Greta Thunberg and friends be so reluctant to criticise the world's biggest polluter - China?  It's almost as if communist CO2 is an acceptable evil in their parallel quest of overthrowing the capitalist West.

The green agenda is the new media-driven left-wing cult that follows on from Black Lives Matter.  Anyone who refuses to follow the new narrative is ostracised and tarred with names like 'denier' or even 'far right'.  Patrick Harvie of the pro-independence Scottish Greens recently labelled such people 'hard right'.

For decades it has been said that the success of an independent Scotland would hinge on its access to North Sea oil.  No more.  Nicola Sturgeon recently declared her support for the anti-Cambo campaign in a crushing blow to an industry that has become synonymous with Scotland.  It appears that the green bug trumps jobs and economic prosperity.  Good luck winning IndyRef2 with policies like that.

One of the most prominent campaigners against the Cambo oil field is Lauren MacDonald.  Here she is pictured alongside Owen Jones at a rally earlier this week, during which Jones ranted about the implementation of the 'Green New Deal', a byword for socialist environmental policy.

Here's Lauren again, pictured with Ed Miliband last month (indoors and huddled up - absence of face masks duly noted).

A cursory scroll through Lauren's Twitter feed reveals the kind of mindset behind the green revolution.  Last month she retweeted the details for an open borders march in Glasgow.  The tweet declared: "There is no climate justice without migrant justice".  Come again?  What has immigration got to do with the environment?  In any case, wouldn't a borderless world encourage more people to travel and therefore increase their carbon footprint?  Plus, if the green new deal is the global utopia these people envisage, why would anyone want to leave their country of origin in the first place?

In response to the recent jailing of several Insulate Britain protesters, Lauren tweeted the following.

Talk of abolishing prisons and police is a prime example that BLM, the far left and the green agenda are all sides of the same coin.

The footsoldiers of these tentative Marxist revolutions are overwhelmingly young university-educated middle class types like Lauren.  They have little in common with the proletariat, in fact all that they do in life is rooted in avoiding manual work.  It is why they will always fail, because they do not speak the language of the masses.

When news of the Shell pull-out from Cambo broke, Lauren tweeted a picture of herself giving a picture of Shell CEO Ben van Beurden the finger (see below).

It was a puerile gesture that would inspire only puerile minds.  And these people want to be taken seriously?

Lauren's finger gesture follows her recent verbal assault on Mr van Beurden, after she somehow managed to share a stage with him.  She was invited to ask him a question, but instead went on a hysterical rant, accusing him of being 'one of the most evil people in the world'.  When she finally got around to asking him a question, she would not let him speak and resumed her rant before finally declaring that she would not 'share a platform' with van Beurden.  The Shell CEO was therefore summarily cancelled and 'no platformed' - a customary practice on university campuses for people who do not share Marxist ideology.  The footage can be seen here.

During her verbal onslaught, MacDonald deplored the 'death and suffering' that Shell was supposedly responsible for.  Well, dear, that is nothing compared the death and suffering at the hands of the communist ideology you follow.  You turn a blind eye to human rights abuses in China, to slave labour and massacres.  You and your ilk are in no position to lecture anybody about suffering.


Watch here from noon.

Monday, 6 December 2021


Labour's Chris Bryant has claimed that he feels more nervous as a gay man in Britain than he has at any point during the last thirty years.  Given the rapidly changing demographics of the UK through mass migration and declining native birth rates, there is clearly some justification for that statement.  However, the ongoing importation of homophobic cultures is not the reason Bryant provided for his apparent insecurity.

Speaking to the Beeb's Nick Robinson, the Rhondda MP explained that it was the Tory government's 'culture wars' that was to blame.  Yes, really.

Captain Underpants (as Bryant is affectionately known) fails to provide any anecdotal evidence to back up his initial statement, instead rattling off a series of vague external factors including the influence of Donald Trump and historical remarks by Boris Johnson about 'bum boys'.  It's threadbare stuff and ignores the plight of gays who have been attacked by members of homophobic communities that Bryant's party have persistently invited to settle in the UK.

Descriptions of attackers are seldom issued in such cases.  However, West Midlands Police took the unusual step recently of naming three suspects thought to have carried out a violent homophobic attack in Birmingham's 'Gay Village'.

Ishaaq Ayaz, Mosin Mahmood and Sohail Khan are wanted in connection
to a homophobic assault in Birmingham

If Bryant had argued that he feels less safe in multi-cultural London as a direct result of changing demographics he may have had a leg to stand on.  Instead, his argument doesn't hold up to the most basic scrutiny.  The Tories have been in power for over a decade and during that time the LGBT cause has advanced at a faster rate than at any point in history.  In the UK we have LGBT History Month in February, LGBT Pride Month in June and Rainbow Laces in November and December.

Bryant fails to mention any of these achievements.

Click below for the clip.

Sunday, 5 December 2021


A Walsall Labour councillor has appeared at Wolverhampton Magistrates' Court charged with child sex offences.  Cllr Sean Coughlan (pictured above) has represented Willenhall South since 1995 and was the leader of Walsall Council between 2016 and 2018.  Last week he was confronted by members of a group calling itself the Northwest Hebephile Hunters.

Coughlan, 65, was arrested the day after his encounter with the self-appointed paedophile hunters.  He was charged with attempting to cause a female aged 13 or over to engage in a penetrative sexual activity and attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child.

You can see the full exchange between Coughlan and the paedophile hunters below.  The video is 30 minutes long.

Coughlan was suspended by Labour following the charges and he is understood to have since resigned from both the council and the party.

Five weeks ago a Labour councillor in South Wales was also confronted by a separate group of paedophile hunters.


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Saturday, 4 December 2021


In a debate earlier this week Labour's Richard Burgon repeatedly refused to condemn the Chinese Communist Party, even suggesting that Western critics of the regime were 'fuelling anti-Chinese racism'.  The member for Leeds East and hard left Corbyn loyalist was taking part in a debate on Iain Dale's Cross Question show on LBC Radio.  Burgon also attacked the United States for dropping atomic bombs on Japan, name-dropped Bahrain and Saudi Arabia for human rights criticism and claimed that the average Brit's carbon footprint is greater than those of Chinese citizens.  He couldn't have done more to avoid and divert criticism from the CCP.

Burgon's spin exasperated Dale and the rest of the panel, notably Tory MP Tim Loughton.  At one point Burgon declared: "We need to have a sensible discussion about these things".  Well, Dickie, this was far from sensible on your part.

Watch the clip below.

It appears that Iain Dale and co were not the only ones bemused by Burgon's rhetoric this week.  On Thursday the hapless MP tweeted a screenshot from a debate in support of striking university lecturers.  He might have selected a better frame.  Just look at some of the faces of the other Zoom callers - three of them looking down and one of them appearing to be talking to someone off camera...

Dickie Burgon, long may he continue to invite ridicule upon his party and his socialist cause.

Friday, 3 December 2021


This week there have been eleven council by-elections across the UK and the first of three parliamentary by-elections taking place over the next few weeks.  The contest in Old Bexley and Sidcup was to replace the late Conservative MP James Brokenshire.  There was no major upset here and the Tories held the seat, as expected.  Turnout was 33.5 per cent, more than half that of the 2019 general election.  As we predicted, Tory voters largely stayed at home and Labour slashed the Tory majority as a result - from 18,952 to just 4,478.

Reform UK leader Richard Tice finished an impressive third and was the only other candidate to save his deposit.  The Lib Dems and other Remain parties such as Rejoin EU finished well behind the leading pack.

Old Bexley & Sidcup

Louie French (Con) 11,189 (51.5%) -13.0%
Daniel Francis (Lab) 6,711 (30.9%) +7.4%
Richard Tice (RefUK) 1,432 (6.6%) New
Jonathan Rooks (Grn) 830 (3.8%) +0.6%
Simone Reynolds (LDem) 647 (3.0%) -5.3%
Elaine Cheeseman (EDem) 271 (1.2%) New
John Poynton (UKIP) 184 (0.8%) New
Richard Hewison (Rejoin) 151 (0.7%) New
David Kurten (Herit) 116 (0.5%) New
Carol Valinejad (CPA) 108 (0.5%) N/c
Mad Mike Young (Loon) 94 (0.4%) New


In Thursday's local government elections it was a fairly bad night for the Tories, who only held two of the seven seats they were defending.  The Conservative vote share was down in all but three of the eleven contests and they lost two seats to the Lib Dems in Lancaster, a seat to the Greens in Wealden and a seat to Labour in Worthing.  The situation in the Highland by-election is more complicated (as it usually is due to Scotland's electoral system).  The seat was technically a Conservative defence, but the incumbent - who died - had been elected as an independent.  The SNP romped home anyway.

There was an inexplicable gain for the Tories in Norfolk, where they bucked the national trend to overtake the Lib Dems.

Labour maintained a routine hold in South Wales and an independent held a seat in Warwick.

UKIP were absent from Warwick and Worthing this time, while the Greens did not put up a candidate in Newport or North Norfolk that they had previously.

Hillside, Adur District Council

Con: 414 (56.2%) -6.3%
Grn: 175 (23.7%) +17.1%
Lab: 148 (20.1%) -7.7%


Hermitage, Breckland District Council

Con: 243 (45.0%) -26.3%
LDem: 221 (40.9%) New
Lab: 66 (12.2%) -16.5%
WPB: 10 (1.9%) New


Fort William & Ardnamurchan, Highland Council

(First preference votes)

SNP: 905 (39.6%) +6.7%
Con: 485 (21.2%) +8.5%
Grn: 328 (14.3%) New
LDem: 231 (10.1%) +5.5%
Ind: 194 (8.5%) New
Ind: 88 (3.8%) -0.4%
Ind: 56 (2.4%) New

SNP GAIN from Con (elected after stage 6)

Bare, Lancaster City Council

LDem: 428 (33.3%) +21.2%
Grn: 301 (23.4%) New
Ind: 243 (18.9%) -16.5%
Con: 205 (16.0%) -14.9%
Lab: 107 (8.3%) -9.1%

LDem GAIN from Con

Upper Lune Valley, Lancaster City Council

LDem: 390 (63.1%) +19.1%
Con: 183 (29.6%) -16.3%
Grn: 24 (3.9%) New
Lab: 21 (3.4%) -6.7%

LDem GAIN from Con

Victoria, Newport City Council

Lab: 641 (64.6%) +6.7%
LDem: 258 (26.0%) +5.6%
Con: 93 (9.4%) -3.8%


Stalham, North Norfolk District Council

Con: 559 (55.2%) +25.9%
LDem: 375 (37.0%) -11.1%
Lab: 79 (7.8%) -0.2%

Con GAIN from LDem

Whitnash, Warwick District Council

Ind: 835 (55.2%) +5.7%
Lab: 431 (28.5%) +6.5%
Con: 127 (8.4%) +1.8%
Grn: 88 (5.8%) -4.7%
LDem: 32 (2.1%) -2.9%


Hartfield, Wealden District Council

Grn: 598 (55.8%) +12.7%
Con: 467 (44.2%) -12.7%

Grn GAIN from Con

Marine, Worthing Borough Council

Lab: 1,239 (50.2%) +17.6%
Con: 972 (39.4%) -1.6%
Grn: 145 (5.9%) -3.7%
LDem: 112 (4.5%) -3.8%

Lab GAIN from Con

A council by-election also took place on Tuesday, triggered by the resignation of a councillor from the Wyre Forest independent group Health Concern.  The group did not contest the by-election, allowing the Tories an easy gain.  UKIP and the Greens were also absent this time.

Franche & Habberley North, Wyre Forest District Council

Con: 564 (40.9%) -5.1%
Lab: 372 (27.0%) +2.9%
LDem: 245 (17.8%) +14.7%
Ind: 198 (14.4%) New

Con GAIN from Ind


Con = Conservative
Lab = Labour
RefUK = Reform UK
Grn = Green
LDem = Liberal Democrat
EDem = English Democrats
UKIP = UK Independence Party
Rejoin = Rejoin EU
Herit = Heritage
CPA = Christian Peoples Alliance
Loon = Monster Raving Loony
WPB = Workers Party of Britain
SNP = Scottish National Party
Ind = Independents


The co-operation agreement between Labour and Plaid Cymru has now been ratified by the party leaders.  Remember, this was the deal that would not happen 'under any circumstances' according to Plaid's leader Adam Price.  Labour will now govern Wales with a helping hand from the hard left Welsh separatists.

Click below to see Price's colossal u-turn in action.

Thursday, 2 December 2021


The Labour leader of Sheffield City Council was involved in an angry slanging match on Wednesday in a row over a picket line.  The comical scenes were captured on video as Cllr Terry Fox was accused of crossing the line and being a 'scab'.  Fox was livid with the young man who used the insult: "Do ever not use that word with me" he bellowed, in a curious arrangement of words.

The picket had been organised as part of a three day strike by the University and College Union.  A full meeting of Sheffield City Council was due to take place at the Octagon conference centre, which is on the university campus.  Fox and several Labour colleagues entered the building briefly before coming out and announcing that Labour councillors would not attend the meeting or cross the picket line.  As the picketers quite rightly pointed out - they had already crossed the line!

Click below for the video.

Note that Cllr Fox only starts mouthing off after his accuser has been separated.  Pure theatrics.

The council meeting proceeded without the presence of Labour or their coalition partners the Greens.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021


42 people have been charged by West Yorkshire Police in connection with a grooming gang that operated in Batley and Dewsbury over a twenty year period.  The alleged offences took place between 1995 and 2015 and relate to six female victims who were children at the time.

18 of the accused are from Dewsbury, 15 from Batley, four from Heckmondwike, two from Bradford and one each from Birmingham, Keighley and Mirfield.  39 appear to be Muslim males and are each charged with at least one count of rape.  The other three are non-Muslim females who have each been charged with various offences including allowing premises to be used for the rape of minors.

Those charged are as follows.

Mohammed Abbas, 60, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape.
Liaquat Ali, 65, from Batley.  Charged with rape.
Zulfiquar Ali, 42, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape.
Aurrangzeb Azam, 50, from Dewsbury.  Charged with three offences of rape, two offences of indecent assault and an offence of false imprisonment.
Tariq Azam, 52, from Dewsbury.  Charged with three offences of rape and three offences of indecent assault.
Nasir Billimoria, 68, from Batley.  Charged with rape and procuring a female under 21.
Mohammed Luqman Daji, 44, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape.
Mohammed Farooq, 52, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape.
Janine Green, 44, from Batley.  Charged with encouraging prostitution, allowing premises to be used for unlawful sexual intercourse and controlling prostitution.
Liaquat Hussain Hanif, 45, from Batley.  Charged with rape.
Shakeel Haq, 44, from Birmingham.  Charged with rape and false imprisonment.
Israr Hussain, 46, from Dewsbury.  Charged with three offences of rape, two offences of indecent assault and an offence of false imprisonment.
Manaf Hussain, 47, from Heckmondwike.  Charged with rape.
Mohammed Ishtiaq Hussain, 47, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape.
Shafaquat Afzal Hussain, 45, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape.
Tasawar Hussain, 42, from Heckmondwike.  Charged with rape.
Abbas Kaji, 52, from Batley.  Charged with rape.
Ibrahim Khalifa, 83, from Bradford.  Charged with rape.
Nassar Liaquat Khan, 42, from Keighley.  Charged with rape.
Mohammed Riaz Khan, 47, from Heckmondwike.  Charged with rape.
Donna Lynn, 41, from Heckmondwike.  Charged with causing the prostitution of a girl under 16, allowing a premises to be used for unlawful sexual intercourse, procuring a female under 21 and controlling prostitution.
Sajid Majid, 48, from Mirfield.  Charged with rape and indecent assault.
Ebrahim Mamaniatt, 52, from Batley.  Charged with rape.
Yousuf Motala, 69, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape.
Zaheed Ali Novsarka, 53, from Batley.  Charged with rape.
Maria O’Rouke, 42, from Batley.  Charged with causing the prostitution of a girl under 16, allowing a premises to be used for unlawful sexual intercourse and controlling prostitution.
Rafiq Patel, 69, from Batley.  Charged with rape.
Ansar Mahmood Qayum, 44, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape and indecent assault.
Mohammed Jabbar Qayum, 40, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape.
Mohammed Ramzan, 64, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape.
Amjid Rangzeb, 43, from Batley.  Charged with rape and false imprisonment.
Hashim Sacha, 53, from Batley.  Charged with rape.
Ismail Seedat, 51, from Batley.  Charged with indecent assault.
Nobhar Shah, 69, from Batley.  Charged with two offences of rape and living on the earnings of prostitution.
Shafiq Siddique, 52, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape and false imprisonment.
Mohammed Munir Shaffi, 43, from Dewsbury.  Charged with two offences of rape.
Riaz Shaikh, 57, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape and indecent assault.
Mohammed Sheikh, 48, from Batley.  Charged with rape and indecent assault.
Mohammed Tariq, 62, from Bradford.  Charged with two offences of rape.
Ali Shan Waheed, 41, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape.
Mohammed Yakub, 64, from Dewsbury.  Charged with rape.
Mohammed Yasin, 48, from Batley.  Charged with rape.

The day after they appeared at Leeds Magistrates Court, the elected mayor of West Yorkshire released a video directed at misogynists.  Labour's Tracy Brabin proudly announced that misogynistic comments are now being recorded as 'hate crimes' on her patch, which includes Batley and Dewsbury.  She says this is part of her pledge to 'prioritise the safety of women and girls'.

Really, Tracy?  42 people have just been charged with actual rape of girls and you're banging on about hurty words!  The timing and content of this video is disgraceful and insensitive.

It's not as if this was an isolated case on Brabin's patch.  The Huddersfield grooming case drew 41 convictions in relation to 22 victims.  Same old Labour, covering up for Muslim paedophiles and rapists.


November was the month that COP26 drew to an end, migrants sunk in the Channel, a tennis star went missing, a new Covid variant arrived and the PM lurched from one disaster to another.  Look away if you're a Boris fan.  Cartoonists were not kind to the PM in November...


Tuesday, 30 November 2021


A small number of actual real conservatives have failed to derail the Tory government's latest Covid restrictions.  19 backbenchers rebelled in Tuesday's retroactive vote on face masks, but the measures were approved by a whopping 433-22.  Despite the imposition of the rule, some Tory MPs still refused to wear them as the Commons debated something that had already been enacted.

The 19 Tory rebels were as follows.

Steve Baker (Wycombe)
Graham Brady (Altrincham & Sale West)
Andrew Bridgen (North West Leicestershire)
Christopher Chope (Christchurch)
Philip Davies (Shipley)
Jackie Doyle-Price (Thurrock)
Richard Drax (South Dorset)
Mr Mark Francois (Rayleigh & Wickford)
Chris Green (Bolton West)
Mark Jenkinson (Workington)
Pauline Latham (Mid-Derbyshire)
Andrew Lewer (Northampton South)
Karl McCartney (Lincoln)
Esther McVey (Tatton)
Andrew Percy (Brigg & Goole)
Greg Smith (Buckingham)
Robert Symns (Poole)
Charles Walker (Broxbourne)
William Wragg (Hazel Grove)

Phillip Hollobone and Craig McKinlay were tellers for the noes.

Three DUP members also voted against the measures, despite them not affecting Northern Ireland.

69 Tories did not vote or abstained.  The renewed measures were overwhelmingly supported by Labour MPs (156 from 199, the rest did not vote or abstained).

A further vote on new self-isolation measures passed by 431-36.

Tory lockdown sceptic Steve Baker delivered a seven-minute denunciation of his government's latest repressive and over-the-top moves.  His full speech can be seen below.


We haven't mentioned Little Owen for quite some time.  The boy Jones has become increasingly irrelevant since Corbyn's crushing defeat and resignation.  However, we couldn't allow his latest right royal rinsing on Twitter to go unmentioned.

On Monday he was busy attacking Starmer's treatment of Angela Rayner and unleashed a four tweet thread that culminated in the following instant classic...

Cult like followers?  This coming from one of Jeremy Corbyn's biggest tub-thumpers and a leading advocate for Momentum - the cult-like organisation set up purely to worship the Great Leader.

Not a cult
Definitely not a cult
Total cult

Owen's astonishing lack of self awareness did not go unnoticed and he later trended on Twitter.  What a cult.

Monday, 29 November 2021


Keir Starmer and Cat Smith in happier times

Labour's Cat Smith quit Starmer's front bench on Monday, after being told she was being kept on in her role as shadow secretary of state for young people and democracy.  Smith thanked Starmer for the offer, but said she wanted to concentrate on her constituency work in Lancaster and Fleetwood.  Smith has a small majority of 2,380 and has watched neighbouring red wall seats fall to the Conservatives one by one.  Her priority is clearly to remain on the Westminster gravy train.

Smith also used her resignation to lash out at Starmer over the ongoing treatment of Jeremy Corbyn.  The party whip remains suspended and he is expected to stand as an independent at the next election if the whip is not restored.  The situation is 'utterly unsustainable' writes Smith in her resignation letter (see below).

Smith has not been replaced by Starmer, suggesting that her post has now been abolished.  The role had been created by Jeremy Corbyn in 2015 and held by Smith since 2016.


Yvette Cooper and Dave Lammy are the big movers in Keir Starmer's surprise reshuffle.  Cooper returns to the shadow cabinet after a six year stint on the backbenches, taking on the role she relinquished in 2015 - shadow home secretary.  She replaces the painfully dull Nick Thomas-Symonds, who is demoted to shadow international trade secretary.  Speculation was rife all afternoon that Emily Thornberry was to get the shadow home secretary job, but it appears that Starmer may have realised that the appointment of another wealthy London Remainer wouldn't have gone down well in Labour's forgotten heartlands.

Lammy replaces Lisa Nandy as shadow foreign secretary.  Nandy is demoted to shadow levelling up secretary (yes, that is a real post).

Wes Streeting replaces the hapless Jonathan Ashworth as shadow health secretary.  Ashworth is demoted to shadow work and pensions, which is a shame because his media gaffes were a never-ending source of amusement.

Lord Falconer, Kate Green, Nia Griffith, Luke Pollard and Cat Smith all leave the front benches.  Smith has not been replaced as shadow secretary of state for young people and democracy, suggesting that the position has been abolished.  It had been created by Jeremy Corbyn in 2015.

Starmer's front bench changes can be found in full, below.

Yvette Cooper, shadow home secretary - replaces Nick Thomas-Symonds
David Lammy, shadow foreign secretary - replaces Lisa Nandy
Wes Streeting, shadow health secretary - replaces Jonathan Ashworth
Bridget Phillipson, shadow education secretary - replaces Kate Green
Jonathan Reynolds, shadow business secretary - replaces Ed Miliband
Jim McMahon, shadow environment secretary - replaces Luke Pollard
Louise Haigh, shadow transport secretary - replaces Jim McMahon
Ed Miliband, shadow climate secretary - new post, previously abolished in 2016
Lisa Nandy, shadow levelling up secretary - replaces Steve Reed
Lucy Powell, shadow culture secretary - replaces Jo Stevens
Jonathan Ashworth, shadow work and pensions secretary - replaces Jonathan Reynolds
Nick Thomas-Symonds, shadow international trade secretary - replaces Emily Thornberry
Steve Reed, shadow justice secretary - replaces Dave Lammy
Emily Thornberry, shadow attorney general - replaces Lord Falconer
Pat McFadden, shadow chief secretary to the treasury - replaces Bridget Phillipson
Jo Stevens, shadow secretary of state for Wales - replaces Nia Griffith
Peter Kyle, shadow secretary of state for Northern Ireland - replaces Louise Haigh


It's been a humiliating day for Angela Rayner after Keir Starmer embarked on a major reshuffle without consulting her.  The news broke as she was making a big speech on how Labour would tackle corruption in politics.  By the time she'd finished speaking, reporters only wanted to ask her about one thing - the reshuffle she knew nothing about.

Click below for the moment she is asked about it on Times Radio.

All is clearly not well between Starmer and his deputy.

Sunday, 28 November 2021


Plaid's Adam Price and Labour's Mark Drakeford

Plaid Cymru members have voted in favour of a 'co-operation agreement' with the governing Labour Party of Wales. 94 per cent of Plaid's members backed the deal, which stops short of a formal coalition.  There will be no Plaid ministers in the Welsh government, but the wide-ranging agreement ensures that Wales will remain firmly in the grip of the hard left for the next three years.

Despite Labour being by far the largest party in the Senedd following May's election, they were still one seat short of an overall majority.  This was not disastrous for them in the short term, as they could generally rely on their fellow leftists in Plaid Cymru to pass legislation.  However, a divergence between the two parties would cause problems for Mark Drakeford and so - after six months of talks - a deal has been agreed.

There are 46 policies in the agreement, which can be read in full here.  These policies include a tourist tax, the creation of a publicly owned energy provider and the expansion of the Senedd from its current 60 members to either 80 or 100.  The latter is clearly aimed at securing Labour's long term position in government and finally achieving the outright majority that has eluded them since the inception of home rule in 1999.  Most of the extra seats will come from South Wales, where Labour support is strongest.

Plaid have gone into coalition with Labour before in Wales - in 2007.  Plaid's leader Adam Price hailed the agreement as a seed for 'a new society, a new Wales, a new beginning'.  It's a remarkable turnaround for a guy who said prior to May's election that his party 'would not support a Labour government under any circumstances'.  Click below for the clip and note the response of the presenter to Price's seemingly decisive stance...

It took a little longer than a couple of months for Price to be shown up as yet another disingenuous politician, but his u-turn couldn't be clearer.


This was the week in which all the newspapers - left and right - openly mocked Boris Johnson.  From open borders to his disastrous CBI speech, the unanimous verdict was a Prime Minister who has completely lost the plot.

21.11.21 - Morten Morland, Sunday Times
22.11.21 - Graeme Bandeira, Yorkshire Post
22.11.21 - Patrick Blower, Daily Telegraph
22.11.21 - Patrick Cross, Twitter
22.11.21 - Christian Adams, Evening Standard
23.11.21 - Morten Morland, The Times
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26.11.21 - Andy Davey, Daily Telegraph
26.11.21 - Kevin Kallaugher, Economist
26.11.21 - Ben Garrison, Grrr Graphics
26.11.21 - Steve Cutts, Twitter
26.11.21 - Peter Brookes, The Times
26.11.21 - Paul Thomas, Daily Mail
27.11.21 - Andy Davey, Daily Telegraph
27.11.21 - Kipper Williams, Spectator
27.11.21 - Chip Bok, Twitter