Monday, 6 July 2020


Keir Starmer chatted to LBC's Nick Ferrari and fielded several calls from the public on Monday morning.  After exchanging pleasantries over his freshly cut and super glued hair, Sir Keir was confronted with a cheekily pre-recorded question from none other than Boris Johnson.  The PM was in the same studio last week and left Starmer a question about the re-opening of schools.  Starmer responded by laying into Johnson and once again referred to a 'private letter' he'd wrote to the PM that he now chose to publicise in order to attack him.  Sir Wooden Top punches below the belt time and time again, but given his legal background this should come as no surprise.

His first question from the 'public' just happened to be from a Labour member angry at Starmer's Black Lives Matter u-turn.  Sharon from Waltham Forest didn't hold back and accused the Labour leader of 'dismissive language and attitude feeding institutional racism'.  She asked him if he would consider undertaking 'unconscious bias training' in view of his apparent u-turn.  Starmer's response was shrewd, but in reiterating his distancing act between the movement and the organisation he is storing up problems for the future.  But there was worse to come...

When Ferrari asked him about his knee-taking Starmer replied: "I don't regret it at all, it was an expression of solidarity, of recognition, of the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and what they stand for across the world".  What they stand for Sir Keir is division, hatred, abolishing the police, destroying and rewriting history, overthrowing capitalism and replacing it with communism.  You stand with that?  Duly noted.

Starmer added that he was 'pleased and proud' that he'd taken the knee.  This may resonate with some hard left voters, but it will go down like a lead balloon with working class people who have watched the hard left rampage through their city centres during lockdown, attacking the most sacred of British monuments and calling for the destruction of everything that made this country great.  Smart move Sir Squeaky, not.

Watch the full exchange below (29 minutes).


The Palestinian Islamic Jihad murdered 16 bus passengers near Jerusalem.  The no.405 bus was travelling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and was packed with commuters.  Abed al-Hadi Ghaneim had boarded the bus and sat near the driver.  As the bus travelled alongside a ravine near the town of Kiryat Ye'arim, Ghaneim left his seat and seized the steering wheel from the driver.  He forced the bus off the road and sent it hurtling down into the ravine.

Some of those who survived the initial crash were trapped inside the wreckage and burned to death after the bus caught fire.  16 passengers were killed, including two Canadians and a US national, and a further 27 were injured.  Although the incident is cited as being the first Palestinian suicide attack, the attacker actually survived and was treated for his injuries in an Israeli hospital.  The 25-year-old from Gaza was later given 16 life sentences, but was released in 2011 as part of the prisoner exchange deal with Hamas to obtain the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

The remains of the no.405 bus

At the time this was the deadliest terrorist attack on Israel in eleven years.


Remember years ago when it was said that the word 'blackboard' was offensive and should be phased out in favour of chalkboard?  Some people said it was an urban myth, but the fact remains that these days you won't hear it referred to as a blackboard in school any more.  In today's world of social media it's much harder to dismiss things as 'urban myths', especially when those encouraging such woke wordplay are those who actually run social media.

Another example of Twitter's descent into totalitarian left-wing bias arrived last week thanks to one of their official blue tick accounts.  The guys (sorry, folks or people) at Twitter Engineering tweeted last Thursday that they intended to use more 'inclusive language' and would encourage the use of the following words in place of 'non-inclusive language'.

The thread suggests that the terms will be enforced 'across internal resources', adding: "Words matter in our meetings, our conversations, and the documents we write".  Once again this is a slippery slope and who knows where it will end?  Many are now of the mindset that Twitter will eventually become a wholly left-wing social media outlet where conservatives, nationalists and even centrists are banned.  Perhaps one day use of any of the above terms such as 'blacklist' or 'he/him/her' will result in a ban.  Indeed, the programmer who is reported to have spearheaded the 'inclusive words' initiative tweeted last week that the intention was to "eventually adopt inclusive language across Twitter".  By 'adopt' we assume he means 'enforce'.

That programmer is Regynald Austin.  Austin was inspired by an email he received that included the technical term 'automatic slave rekick'.  He was so 'offended' that he embarked on his word crusade: "I was madder than I ever thought I'd be in the workplace.  This has to stop.  This isn't cool.  We have to change this now".

Strangely, for someone so offended by terms that he says "hearken back to oppressive parts of United States history and culture" his Twitter handle is @negroprogrammer.  Surely he should begin by censoring himself!

If you haven't joined yet, please consider joining Parler - the free speech alternative to Twitter.  You can sign up to Parler here.  It's especially important if you have a lot of followers on Twitter and want something to fall back on when they kick you off.  You can find us on Parler by searching for the handle 'Binlabour'.

Sunday, 5 July 2020


Labour's Nadia Whittome used an appearance on the BBC's Politics Live last week to inform viewers that local outbreaks of coronavirus could be blamed on people being forced back to work in poor conditions.  The hard left MP was using the traditional communist tactic of whipping up workers against bosses and blaming capitalism for virus spikes in places like Leicester.  In actual fact some sweatshops in Leicester have been operating throughout the national lockdown, as reported in the Sunday Telegraph.  So why the surge now?  Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but a few weeks ago up to 4,000 people crammed into Leicester city centre for a Black Lives Matter demo.  Of course Nadia would never suggest that could be a source.  As we know only too well - BLM protesters are magically both immune to the virus and immune from criticism.

This BTLP original was shared 5,210 times via the Facebook page.


Corbyn addresses a small far left crowd in Lambeth on Saturday

Jeremy Corbyn has been laying wreaths again.  While Americans celebrated their independence day on Saturday, our Jez was remembering another conflict.  He was joined by his wife Laura at the annual remembrance ceremony for the International Brigades who fought on the republican side in the Spanish Civil War.  The event took place at the brigades memorial in Jubilee Park, Lambeth (see Corbyn's tweet below).

Corbyn addressed a small crowd and had the audacity to refer to the memorial as the one statue that was 'most appropriate' in the current climate.  Of course he would say that.  The International Brigades were communist units recruited by the Soviets by way of a proxy organisation called 'Comintern' aka Communist International.  In his speech Corbyn also drew comparisons between the left's fight against Franco and the rise of Black Lives Matter, as if we needed any more proof that BLM is a communist front.  Franco's four decades of totalitarian rule was also compared to the 'oppression of British colonialism'.

One Twitter user responded to Corbyn's post by brutally pointing out that like Corbyn, the International Brigades lost too.  Others pointed to his previous wreath-laying experience from 2014, when he laid a wreath for Palestinian terrorists and then famously tried to deny it four years later when he said he was present, but not involved...

Corbyn laying a wreath for Palestinian terrorists in 2014


The caretaker leader of the Lib Dems has reported Nigel Farage to the police after Farage tweeted a photo of himself down the boozer on Saturday.  Farage's local pub re-opened at midday and at 12:23 - nearing the end of his first pint - the Brexit Party leader tweeted that he was the first customer through the door.  However, it didn't take his critics long to point out that Farage was in the US just two weeks ago and may have been breaking the 14 day quarantine rules by visiting the pub.  Three hours later Ed Davey tweeted to say he had written to Kent Police to ask for an investigation into the matter.  In the meantime Nigel had defiantly tweeted again to inform his detractors that he'd been back in the UK two weeks and had tested negative for the virus.

The ensuing frenzy set Twitter alight and the name 'Farage' was trending all afternoon.  While it does appear that he's guilty of breaking the rules, even if only by a matter of hours, many lashed out at Davey over what was seen as a petulant move.

Of course we all know why he did it.  The Brexit-hating Lib Dems are so bitter and twisted they will take any opportunity to attack those who engineered Britain's EU departure.  They were vociferous in their calls for the head of Dominic Cummings, but strangely silent over the lockdown adventures of Tory minister Robert Jenrick.  Whereas Cummings was a main player in Vote Leave, Jenrick backed Remain in the referendum.

Davey was also scathing about another prominent Vote Leave figure less than two weeks ago - the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.  In a BBC interview Davey slammed Raab after he said he wouldn't 'take the knee' for Black Lives Matter.  Davey demanded that Raab issue a 'fulsome apology' and take the knee.  He and his Remain chums would love that.  Ed Davey is so bitter, not only about losing the referendum itself, but watching his party totally crushed at the Brexit decider - the 2019 general election.

In going after Nigel Farage, Ed has also opened himself up to accusations of hypocrisy.  In an article on his website posted on June 6 he threw his full support behind BLM and suggested that 'actions speak louder than words'.  So why then is it OK for thousands of people to flood the streets during lockdown, but one man sitting in a pub on his own must be prosecuted?  Do tell Sir.

Saturday, 4 July 2020


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Brexiteer Darren Grimes is taking legal action against the BBC over a libellous news broadcast.  On Thursday Radio 4 carried an item relating to an interview Grimes had conducted on his recently launched Reasoned website with the historian David Starkey.  Starkey had made racist remarks during the interview, but it was Radio 4's description of Grimes's website that sparked the legal action.

Radio 4 claimed on its Six O'Clock News broadcast that Grimes describes his website as a "safe space for racist and homophobic views".  Of course Darren had done no such thing and within 24 hours he'd instructed his solicitors to take action.

Grimes has received widespread support for defending himself against the smear, including from ex-Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies, actor Laurence Fox and broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer.  Meanwhile, the BBC responded on Friday by adding a correction to its website, hidden away in the corrections and clarifications page which barely anyone is aware of, let alone able to find without a link.  Bizarrely, in their correction the Beeb uses LGBT website the Pink News as a reliable source.

Astonishing to find that our national taxpayer-funded broadcaster uses such dubious sources for  news stories, but even though the source in this case was correct they still somehow misreported it.  One could be forgiven for thinking that this was indeed nothing short of a deliberate smear.

Darren Grimes has only recently emerged vindicated after several years defending himself against a witch hunt by the Electoral Commission and the Metropolitan Police over his involvement in Vote Leave.  Now it appears he's off to court yet again.

Friday, 3 July 2020


The Lib Dems, remember them?  Just over five years ago they were in government.  Now they have 11 MPs.  They are currently choosing their fifth leader in five years and a snazzy Twitter account was set up to follow the contest.  The competitors, if anyone cares, are Sir Ed Davey and that one with the black spectacles who looks like a headmistress.  On Thursday the Twitter account in question published a poll asking whether people would vote to rejoin the European Union.

It didn't go well for them.

While it's never pleasant to kick someone while they're down, in the case of remoaners who just can't accept defeat more than four years on - fair game.  Former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney led the pile on...

It's clear that the Lib Dems will not be moving on any time soon and will quite possibly disappear from the House of Commons altogether at the next election.


The Provisional IRA shot a British soldier in Londonderry.  A four-man army unit was preparing to open a pedestrian checkpoint at 08:00 when Gunner William Miller was struck by a sniper's bullet.  The sniper had taken up position in a house on Waterloo Street and fired a single round, striking Gnr Miller in the head.  The Butcher's Gate checkpoint was situated at the city walls and formed an interface between the republican Bogside area and the city centre.

The critically injured soldier was flown to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.  His father was flown in from Scotland to be at his son's bedside, but the young man passed away.

Gunner Miller was a member of the Royal Artillery, 16th Light Air Defence Regiment (as it was then known).  He was 19 and came from Larkhall in Lanarkshire.  His killer was also 19, a local man who later received a life sentence for this and the murder of another soldier later the same year.

Butcher's Gate. Londonderry

Thursday, 2 July 2020


While his successor flip-flops on his support for Black Lives Matter, Jeremy Corbyn is in no doubt whose side he's on - the Marxists, naturally.  On Wednesday morning he addressed a small crowd in his Islington North constituency, but his impromptu speech ended in a total muddle.  He told locals they should ensure "the next generation grows up that will not tolerate the kind of treatment that police officers used to kill George Floyd".  Come again?  George Floyd was killed 4,000 miles away in a foreign land by a foreign police force.  What has that got to do with kids growing up in north London?

Corbyn realises how daft he sounds, but manages to bring his floundering final sentence around to the equally wicked UK where he says there is a disproportionate amount of BAME people in prison.  He says things need to change.  What does he suggest - that the courts start sentencing criminals based on their ethnicity?

Wouldn't that be, er, racist Jez?


Cllr Kate Lewis with John McDonnell

A Labour councillor has hit out at Rebecca Long-Bailey over the former frontbencher's response to being sacked.  Cllr Kate Lewis has served as a councillor on Salford City Council since 2015 and Long-Bailey is her local MP.  Despite describing herself as a 'proud socialist' and having her picture taken with John McDonnell, Cllr Lewis took the extraordinary decision to air her views in a letter published in The Guardian newspaper on Wednesday.

Her ire was not so much in response to Long-Bailey's retweeting of the Maxine Peake interview itself as it was to Long-Bailey's lack of an apology.  On Monday Long-Bailey wrote an article in The Guardian in which she stated: "Of course I take responsibility for my actions".  And yet she spent the first half of that article excusing herself and inferring that Starmer and/or his office shared responsibility for what she described as 'an avoidable mess'.

Cllr Lewis's letter contains the outlandish notion that the US is somehow a 'white supremacist state', a false narrative currently being played out across the Western world by leftist politicians and mainstream media to justify the Black Lives Matter movement.

As a Labour councillor in Salford and a constituent of Salford and Eccles, I could not be more disappointed in my MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey, and her article. 
The most appropriate response to a mistake and causing hurt would be to apologise.  If you know you caused hurt, sorry should not be the hardest word. 
Not noticing the antisemitic section of the article she retweeted is forgivable.  The explanation of doing a quick read and missing that part is something we can all empathise with.  But to realise you have made an error, understand it has caused hurt and then fail to apologise or delete the tweet is unforgivable. 
Associating the killing of George Floyd, by the police of a state with a 400-year history of racist oppression and white supremacist violence, with Israel was not just a criticism of the state of Israel - any more than Donald Trump’s executive order of 2017 banning entry of immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries was just a criticism of those states.  Yet Long-Bailey has not made it clear that she believed that section of the article to be wrong.  We have a large Jewish population in Salford and they need to know what she believes, just as people like me need to know. 
In her article she deflected criticism back on to the leader’s office rather than face her own failings.  It should not take the leader’s office to tell you when to say sorry.  Yes, this was “an avoidable mess”, but it is Long-Bailey, not the leader, who is to blame.  Keir Starmer made the right decision. 
I demand better of Rebecca Long-Bailey.  Better understanding of the issues of antisemitism, a better response when she knows she has done wrong and, something that was completely absent from her article, a large dose of humility. 
Cllr Kate Lewis 
Swinton, Manchester


The hard left Warwick University Labour Society have condemned Keir Starmer's recent comments on Black Lives Matter, in particular his opposition to defunding the police.  In a strongly worded statement on both their Facebook and Twitter accounts, the group said it was 'disgusted'.  They also described his reaction to the felling of the Colston statue in Bristol as 'horrendous'.  Unlike many of his MPs, Starmer had criticised the Bristol mob, saying their actions were 'wrong'.  Referring to his now infamous 'taking the knee' photograph, the society added: "Let us be clear, posting a picture of Starmer taking the knee is not enough.  This is performance solidarity at best".  Perhaps they do have a point with that last bit.

Meanwhile, here's an earlier tweet from the same group, urging people to vote Labour in order to "fight against police cuts".  You couldn't make it up.

Warwick Labour Society are not affiliated to the local Warwick and Leamington Constituency Labour Party, but are a well organised bunch of students from Warwick University.  We have encountered one of their number on these pages before.  Back in March their deputy chair Nazifa Zaman provoked outrage when she tweeted her delight that Boris Johnson had contracted Covid-19.  According to Warwick Labour Society's rogue's gallery, she is still in place as deputy chair.

A meeting of Warwick Labour Society, Nazifa Zaman is pictured front row right

Wednesday, 1 July 2020


It's fair to say that yesterday was a rough day for Claudia Webbe.  Prior to her disastrous afternoon appearance in the Commons, Webbe endured a car crash interview on Radio Five Live.  As one of Covid-hit Leicester's MPs, she was much in demand, but the Beeb's Emma Barnett also wanted to ask her about the sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey.  What followed was an excruciatingly painful exchange in which Webbe wriggled aimlessly trying not to condemn anyone, while it was clear that as a member of Corbyn's 2019 hard left intake of MPs she is wholeheartedly behind Long-Bailey.

Prior to the general election Webbe was not wanted by the local Constituency Labour Party and her controversial selection led to the resignation of the CLP's chair.  History will surely judge her selection a disaster.  She is clearly in way over her head and her response to this interview shows that she doesn't know when to stop digging.

Webbe's fallback position is the typically leftist tactic of responding to any criticism by pulling the race card.  When a Jewish activist recently called out her history of defending Ken Livingstone and Jeremy Corbyn against claims of anti-Semitism she retweeted it as an example of the 'racist victimisation' she receives on a 'daily basis'.  Outstanding Claudia, bet you have a picture of Diane Abbott on your wall?  Well, she certainly likes pictures...



On the same day Keir Starmer and the Premier League backtracked on their support for Black Lives Matter, LBC's Nick Ferrari fielded a caller who also failed to comprehend the organisation he was supporting.  Jamie from Durham told Nick he supported the 'defund the police' message, but said police would still be required to 'break fights up and police football matches'.  An increasingly exasperated Ferrari tried to explain to his caller that defunding the police meant abolishing the police - a stated aim of BLM on both sides of the Atlantic.  Watch below.


In a BBC interview on Tuesday morning Keir Starmer poured scorn on one of the key objectives of Black Lives Matter - the abolition of the police.  Starmer twice referred to the defunding of police as 'nonsense' and twice said he has 'no truck' with the idea.  Despite 'taking the knee' earlier this month alongside his deputy Angela Rayner, he now appears to be backtracking in a cringeworthy u-turn by trying to suggest that the Black Lives Matter movement is not the same as the organisation Black Lives Matter.

Starmer wasn't the only one backtracking on Tuesday.  Football's Premier League released a similarly convoluted statement, again trying to suggest that the movement and the organisation were somehow separate.  The Premier League went slightly further than Starmer and suggested that 'groups' had hijacked Black Lives Matter to 'promote their own political views'.  No, sorry folks, you've made your bed.  Now lie in it.

Black Lives Matter was founded way back in 2013 by a bunch of Marxists and has been sowing hate and division ever since.  If us mere mortals can see it then you don't get to back out of your responsibility by claiming naivety.  The name on the back of the footballers' shirts is the name of the organisation that drives the movement.  They are not divisible, they are one and the same.  Suck it up now, you own it.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020


Leicester East MP Claudia Webbe suffered an excruciating mobile phone meltdown in the House of Commons this afternoon.  In the middle of a speech her mobile began to ring and, try as she might, the MP couldn't quite manage to turn it off.  By the time she stopped it from ringing she was so angry that she dropped the phone on the floor to a very loud thud.  Her fellow far left backbencher Bell Ribeiro-Addy struggled to conceal her amusement...

Webbe's speech came during a debate on the Immigration and Social Security Bill, something the hard left Corbynista would have been undoubtedly keen to engage in.  No wonder she lost her temper.


The hard left insurrection taking place in the United States has reached the stage where it can no longer hide its true intentions.  What supposedly began as a reaction to the murder of serial criminal George Floyd has turned into an assault on American history.  From the outset the Marxist leaders of Black Lives Matter and Antifa have exploited young black people to further their own political agenda.  The mainstream media, led by the likes of CNN and MSNBC, have aided the insurgents by exacerbating racial divisions and covering up violence in an absurd smokescreen they call 'peaceful protests'.

The mob thanked CNN for their support by smashing up the broadcaster's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia on May 30.  A few weeks later when further 'peaceful protests' were planned for Atlanta, CNN erected barricades around their building.  Funny that.

On May 30 CNN's 'peaceful protesters' smashed up CNN's HQ in Atlanta, Georgia

Now that the thugs have turned from looting and burning to toppling statues will the media speak up in defence of American history?  Don't hold your breath!  The likes of CNN are as complicit in the latest stage of the insurgency as they were in the death and destruction of late May and early June.

Having toppled so many predominantly Confederate statues, the mob have now turned their attention to the founding fathers of the United States and other notable US presidents such as Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln.  When leftists toppled statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson in Portland, Oregon, many Americans were outraged.  The mob wrapped a US flag around the Washington statue's head, set it on fire and then pulled the whole thing down.  The crimes of Washington and Jefferson, they said, included owning slaves and stealing native lands.  Several other statues of Washington were also vandalised around the country.

The morning after a statue of George Washington was toppled in Portland, Oregon

The defacing and toppling of slavery-era figures was applauded by one CNN pundit who called for all statues of Washington and his contemporaries to come down.  Emboldened, the mob expanded its list of targets and began calling for the destruction of monuments to people who not only never owned slaves, but opposed slavery.  This included the man responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation, no less.

The targeting of Abraham Lincoln nailed the coffin shut on any suggestion that Black Lives Matter is an organisation merely concerned with police brutality.  Surely if black lives truly mattered, then why go after a man who freed black slaves?  That's exactly what many black people are now asking and in the past week bizarre scenes have emerged of white leftists arguing with black statue defenders at Lincoln site.  The black-against-white conflict that Antifa/BLM hoped to incite is perhaps finally coming off the rails as the real agenda dawns on Americans - of all hues.

Greg Turner travelled more than 200 miles to defend the Emancipation Memorial
in Washington DC and was shouted down by BLM leftists
A black tour guide told protesters in Washington DC: "Y'all don't even know the
history of this statue, but you want to tear it down"
The decision to target American heroes, regardless of their links to slavery, is going to backfire on the mob and no amount of propaganda from their media backers is going to save them.  Only a month ago the re-election of President Trump was an unlikely prospect, but now, after weeks of leftist violence, four more years of Trump is exactly what the insurgents are going to get.


Ken Livingstone waded into the Long-Bailey debate on Saturday as he discussed the issue on Andrew Castle's LBC show.  Once again the man who routinely claims he is not anti-Semitic has something to say about anti-Semitism.  When Castle asks directly whether there is a problem with anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, Red Ken responds: "No there isn't".  Pull the other one Ken, the response of the hard left to Long-Bailey's sacking lays it all out for the world to see.

Monday, 29 June 2020


The curious case of the racist professor rumbles on.  Last week we reported on the anti-white tweets of Cambridge University lecturer Priyamvada Gopal and the even more outrageous response of her employers.  Not only secure in her job, but now promoted, Dr Gopal's sneering arrogance has exploded in recent days.  She has also been emboldened by not one, but two public statements from the Cambridgeshire police exonerating her of any offence.  In fact the local constabulary not only announced that Gopal was innocent, but that they would be investigating "all reports of racist and threatening abuse against her".  Astonishing.

Dr Gopal has taken to threatening legal action against people circulating a doctored tweet in which a Stalin quote is attributed to her.  She bizarrely threatened legal action against a bemused Darren Grimes on Monday morning, despite the fact he'd never shared or even referenced the fake tweet.  However, it soon transpired that there was an even more provocative tweet that was definitely not fake and at the time of writing is still there for all to see.  It dates from February 2019 (see Twitter thread below).

If the shoe was on the other foot and a white professor had tweeted this about black men they would be out of a job by the end of the day.  How has our society reached a position where those in powerful positions deem it acceptable to incite racial hatred as long as it's directed against white people?

Just a reminder that the following Labour MPs follow the racist professor on Twitter:

Stella Creasy (Walthamstow)
Clive Lewis (Norwich South)
Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi (Slough)
Zarah Sultana (Coventry South)
Claudia Webbe (Leicester East)
Nadia Whittome (Nottingham East)


Last week the mainstream media continued its shameful descent.  The blatant hypocrisy of its BLM coverage was there for all to see in the outrage shown over the infamous Burnley banner.  Just two days earlier three white guys had been stabbed to death in a suspected Islamist attack in Reading and yet the media afforded more coverage to the banner than they did to those murder victims.  If you type 'Burnley banner' into the Google news search engine you get back almost 4.2 million results.  Type in 'Reading stabbing attack' and you get just 1.5 million.  It's almost as if white lives don't matter in the eyes of the media.

This BTLP original was shared a whopping 15,361 times via the Facebook page.


When it was announced that footballers would be wearing the name of a Marxist organisation on their shirts and 'taking the knee' before games many people sneered as such political statements could not surely interfere with sport to such a degree.  Then it actually happened.  Now it has become a sad and shameful ritual and not one person appears to have the guts to make a stand and defy the cult.  Of course to do so would signal the end of a career, but what happened to principles?

While no current player looks set to speak out, one former player has lined himself up for the chopping board.  Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier took to his Twitter account on Sunday to request that individuals from both the far right and far left should unfollow him.  It appears that Le Tissier had come in for some criticism over wearing a BLM badge on Sky Sports, as is now customary for presenters and pundits.  However, the following exchange suggests that Le Tissier is not too enamoured with being forced to wear it...

The last comment from Le Tissier removes any ambiguity - he knows the truth about BLM and he's not at all happy to be coerced into promoting the Marxists.  The left-wing pile-on was swift and predictably brutal.  They brought out all the standard insults - fascist, racist, gammon, thick, privileged white male and one user even accused the ex-pro of being "further right than Hitler".

He did also receive a lot of supportive comments.

Will Le Tiss survive the week in Sky Sports' employ?  Will anyone else challenge the BLM narrative?  We live in hope.