Tuesday, 2 May 2023


Recent footage of police officers jumping in to defend Just Stop Oil extremists begs the question: Who is giving the orders?  Richey discusses the phenomenon and the bigger picture in our latest YouTube video, watch below.

Monday, 24 April 2023


Keir Starmer has declared that Diane Abbott's letter to Sunday's Observer was 'anti-Semitic'.  This likely signals the end of Abbott's career as a Labour MP, with the removal of the party whip set to become permanent, as it has with Jeremy Corbyn.  However, this may not be the end of the parliamentary road for Abbott.

Like Corbyn, she has a huge majority - bigger, in fact - at 33,188 compared to Corbyn's 26,188.  Corbyn has already suggested he will stand as an independent in the next general election and will almost certainly win.  While most MPs who stand against their old parties tend to crumble without the party name, Corbyn and Abbott have represented their constituencies for decades (Corbyn since 1983 and Abbott since 1987).  During that time they have built commanding majorities and are prominent names, regardless of whether or not you regard them as archetypal 'loony left'.

The Socialist Campaign Group of far left MPs have not faired well under Starmer's leadership.  In addition to the removal of Corbyn and Abbott, a third London MP - Sam Tarry - was deselected following one of Labour's 'trigger ballots'.  Yet another far left London MP - Apsana Begum - also faces a reselection ballot later this year.  A trigger ballot to remove Liverpool MP Ian Byrne ultimately failed.

The left have not surprisingly challenged the legitimacy of these trigger ballots, with questions surrounding electronic voting and alleged dirty tricks.  However, there was little public sympathy for Diane Abbott from her comrades this week.  Not a word from the Socialist Campaign Group, nothing from McDonnell and Sultana, not even Dickie Burgon or Corbyn himself piped up in her aid.

They all knew that Abbott had only herself to blame and any association with her could put their own careers on the line.  Her absurd letter to the Observer was steeped in her own prejudices and stupidity, gifting Starmer the opportunity to kick her out.  Within hours of the Observer hitting the newsstands, Abbott published the following apology to her social media accounts.  It was a desperate last ditch attempt to save the whip, but there was no salvation.

The third paragraph, in which she bemoans an 'error', only confirmed that she had consciously written the words - regardless of whether it was a 'draft' or not.  Her greatest error was in submitting the letter full stop, but of course her own prejudice got the better of her.  She simply could not tolerate a stance that suggested anyone other than black people suffer racism.  Of course Diane, from the white slave trade to the gas chambers - whites and Jews have not been subjected to racism, merely 'prejudice'.  It was her inclusion of Jewish people that lost her the whip - because, as we know only too well, white people have no value in today's Labour Party, whether that be on the far left or the centre left.

Her letter can be seen in full below.

Still, if Diane does lose her seat at the next election, she will do so at the age of 70+, having spent more than three decades on the Westminster gravy train.  Not bad for a black woman who complains that black people are subjected to racism 'all their lives'.

As for Starmer, we see you.  Four years ago you campaigned to elect this woman as our Home Secretary.  You campaigned to have Jeremy Corbyn our PM.  We see you.

Saturday, 22 April 2023


If you are not by now aware of it, at 3pm on Sunday 23 April smart phones across the UK will sound a siren accompanied by an alert from the government, purportedly a test for an 'emergency alert system'.

Of course this has little to do with emergencies and everything to do with preparing you for a digital social credit system further down the line.  An unnamed government official reportedly stated earlier this month: "We do expect the use of the system to broaden out".  It's a bit like when they told us it was 'just three weeks to flatten the curve' and before we knew it they were forcing masks on children and mandating potentially fatal injections.  Tyranny does not happen overnight, but it is stirring once more all around us.  Think ULEZ, clean air zones, LTNs, electric cars and all the other schemes they are implementing in order to prevent you from moving freely.

An alert on your phone may sound like a minor intrusion, but it is part of a much bigger picture.

You can opt out of these alerts (for now) by blocking them in your phone settings.  You'll need to do this before 3pm on Sunday, alternatively you can switch off your phone for a few minutes.

Tuesday, 4 April 2023


Labour have been mocked over an attack meme in which their sums don't add up.  The meme is headed 'Cost of the Tories' and features a receipt that lays the blame for the cost of lockdown firmly in Tory hands (overlooking and ignoring the fact that Labour supported each and every lockdown).  However, the receipt's total cost doesn't quite match the itemised sums above it, which total £3,480 - not more than £3,500 as is shown.

The meme was posted on the party's social media accounts - including Facebook and Twitter - and subsequently shared by branches and activists up and down the country.  Despite being mocked over its false accounting, the meme was still live at the time of writing.

Labour may have the receipts, but they don't add up!

Monday, 20 March 2023


On Sunday we produced an impromptu YouTube video in response to the UK government's dreadful 'emergency alert' announcement.  On the evening of April 23 they have scheduled a 'test alert' that will be sent to all mobile phones in the UK, no doubt scaring the bejeesus out of many of our elderly citizens who will be wondering why on earth their device is suddenly screaming at them.  This sinister move is just another step towards what Klaus Schwab describes as the 'fourth industrial revolution' - otherwise known as the Great Reset or Agenda 2030.  It has nothing to do with safeguarding citizens.  If anything, citizens need to be safeguarded against the state - the nanny state.

As alluded to in the previous video, Richey may have got a taste for presenting.  See for yourself whether or not he's getting the hang of it...

There is a potential alternative to 'dismantling your phone' as Richey puts it.  On both Apple and Android phones there is an option in settings to block emergency alerts.  Whether or not this will be effective against the deep state's alerts remains to be seen.  For Apple users you can find instructions here.  Android users will need to enter their settings and search for either 'Public safety messages' or 'Wireless emergency alerts'.

Sunday, 5 March 2023


As many of you will know, we've gone to ground in recent months.  In this YouTube video, Richey explains what's going on and how we go from here.

Sunday, 4 December 2022


The penultimate edition of The Month in Cartoons is here.  There's midterm action, Ron versus Don, Hancock Down Under, a political World Cup, COP27 scammers, the G20 minus Putin, industrial action galore, an austerity budget, bad news for Wee Nippie, anti-lockdown protests in China and much, much more.

Watch below or on YouTube.

The December edition of The Month in Cartoons will be our last.  Richey will release a video in the next week or two to explain the reasoning and what, if anything, will replace it.

Meanwhile, here are a selection of toons that didn't make the cut in November.

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Friday, 2 December 2022


Labour have held the City of Chester following a by-election to replace the disgraced Chris Matheson.  Matheson resigned in October after a parliamentary watchdog upheld two claims of 'serious sexual misconduct' against him.  Despite the circumstances, Labour candidate Samantha Dixon extended her party's majority from 6,164 to 10,974.  The Tory runner-up saw her party's share of the vote shrink by almost 16 percentage points, making this their worst result in Chester since 1832 (yes, you read that correctly).  The turnout was just 41.2 per cent.

City of Chester Parliamentary By-Election

Samantha Dixon (Lab) 17,309 (61.2%) +11.6%
Liz Wardlaw (Con) 6,335 (22.4%) -15.9%
Rob Herd (LDem) 2,368 (8.4%) +1.6%
Paul Bowers (Grn) 787 (2.8) +0.2%
Jeanie Barton (RefUK) 773 (2.7%) +0.2%
Richard Hewison (Rejoin) 277 (1.0%) New
Cain Griffiths (UKIP) 179 (0.6%) New
Howling Laud Hope (Loon) 156 (0.6%) New
Chris Quartermaine (Frdm) 91 (0.3%) New


New Chester MP Samantha Dixon

The Labour victor in Chester is a local councillor and former council leader.  Samantha Dixon has been a member of Cheshire West and Chester Council since 2011.  A university graduate (par for the course it seems these days), she was awarded an MBE earlier this year for political service.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives did not fair much better in Thursday's council by-elections.  They were defending three seats and lost all of them - two to the Lib Dems and one to Labour.  Tory vote share was down in all five of the seats up for grabs.  Conversely, Labour's vote share was up in all but one.

The Conservatives plummeted to third place in Norfolk, where a Lib Dem surge pipped Labour to the gain by just eight votes.  In Southampton it was another tight race, with Labour taking the seat from the Tories by 13 votes.  In Waverley the Tories were trounced by a Lib Dem surge, aided by the absence of a Green candidate.

It was an easy hold for the Greens in Arun, West Sussex, while Labour held off the SNP in West Lothian and extended their lead in the process.  The latter by-election saw Alex Salmond's Alba Party finish last.

Absentees this week were the Lib Dems and UKIP in Arun, UKIP in Norfolk, the Greens in Waverley and the Scottish Family Party in West Lothian.

Arundel & Walberton, Arun District Council

Grn: 873 (48.3%) +22.4%
Con: 549 (29.2%) -2.5%
Lab: 407 (22.5%) +10.1%


Gaywood North & Central, Norfolk County Council

LDem: 364 (35.6%) +28.5%
Lab: 356 (34.8%) +1.3%
Con: 256 (25.0%) -31.0%
Grn: 46 (4.5%) New

LDem GAIN from Con

Bitterne, Southampton City Council

Lab: 806 (46.0%) +4.6%
Con: 793 (45.2%) -1.9%
Grn: 66 (3.8%) -1.6%
LDem: 61 (3.5%) -0.9%
TUSC: 26 (1.5%) -0.3%

Lab GAIN from Con

Chiddingfold & Dunsfold, Waverley Borough Council

LDem: 652 (66.6%) +43.5%
Con: 297 (30.3%) -11.1%
Lab: 30 (3.1%) -5.1%

LDem GAIN from Con

Broxburn, Uphall & Winchburgh, West Lothian Council

(first preference votes)

Lab: 1,783 (39.8%) +10.2%
SNP: 1,576 (35.2%) -6.7%
Con: 347 (7.8%) -10.0%
Ind: 275 (6.1%) New
LDem: 167 (3.7%) n/c
Ind: 125 (2.8%) New
Grn: 122 (2.7%) -1.6%
Alba: 81 (1.8%) +0.4%

Lab HOLD (elected at stage 8)


Lab = Labour
Con = Conservative
LDem = Liberal Democrat
Grn = Green
RefUK = Reform UK
Rejoin = Rejoin EU
UKIP = United Kingdom Independence Party
Loon = Monster Raving Loony
Frdm = Freedom Alliance
TUSC = Trade Union and Socialist Coalition
SNP = Scottish National Party
Alba = Alba
Ind = Independents

Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Sunday, 27 November 2022


This week Neil directly addresses the concerns of people who have personally taken the time to write to him, expressing their fear for what the future holds.  It's not they who ought to be afraid, says our libertarian hero, but rather the very establishment who are instigating such fear in the first place.  As it has always been the case, the people are many and the politicians are few: "We the people, the sovereign people of this country, don't just hold the power - we are the power".

Neil imagines the possibilities if we acted as one to disarm the system, but sadly it is but a pipe dream.  Too many are distracted by sport and TV, Australian 'jungle' capers and the World Cup, while others are only too happy to allow the state to dictate their lives as they scorn free thinkers on the right.

The middle section of this monologue is like a checklist of concerns for Brits who voted Conservative in 2019, but who got nothing conservative in return.  Uncontrolled immigration, rampant crime, grooming gangs, waiting lists - the writing is on the wall for a hapless Tory party whose backbenchers are beginning to stand down well in advance of the next general election.

The final third of Neil's monologue uses the examples of two British historical figures to ram home his point of collective power.  It almost sounds like a socialist call to action and indeed the first of his historical examples is the 1920s Labour activist Mary Barbour, but those were the days when Labour were the working class - rather than the middle class university educated globalist career politicians of today.  And we must never forget that the globalist in chief Klaus Schwab is the one with a bust of Vladimir Lenin in his office.

Neil's closing remarks include the legend: "If we continue to comply, we build our own prison around ourselves".  It's imperative that people on the right understand what this means, because sadly there are still people who swallow the establishment narrative all too easily.

Click below for the full eleven minutes and ten seconds.

Friday, 25 November 2022


Five seats were up for grabs in this week's council action.  On the unusual polling day of Wednesday, the Ashfield Independents held easily.  The following day it was a routine hold for Labour in Sefton, while there were three Conservative defences.  The Tories lost a seat each to Labour (Bassetlaw) and the Lib Dems (Isle of Wight).  They held their other defence by the wafer thin majority of three votes.

Absentees this week were UKIP in Ashfield, the Conservatives in Sefton and an independent in Warrington.

Hucknall Central, Ashfield District Council

Ind: 710 (54.5%) +17.9%
Lab: 397 (30.5%) +0.8%
Con: 195 (15.0%) -3.9%


Sutton, Bassetlaw District Council

Lab: 301 (56.1%) +35.8%
Con: 224 (41.7%) -21.9%
LDem: 13 (2.2%) -13.9%

Lab GAIN from Con

Brighstone, Calbourne & Shalfleet, Isle of Wight Council

LDem: 526 (53.4%) +23.5%
Con: 239 (24.3%) -19.3%
Grn: 153 (15.5%) -11.0%
Ind: 36 (3.7%) New
Lab: 31 (3.1%) New

LDem GAIN from Con

Linacre, Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council

Lab: 636 (81.5%) +5.3%
Ind: 144 (18.5%) +1.2%


Rixton and Woolston, Warrington Borough Council

Con: 648 (42.9%) +2.7%
Lab: 645 (42.7%) +5.5%
LDem: 219 (14.5%) +5.0%


Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Monday, 21 November 2022


In a blow to Keir Starmer, hard left MP Ian Byrne has narrowly fended off an attempt to deselect him from the ultra safe seat of Liverpool West Derby.  His place on the Westminster gravy train was being challenged by two councillors, one of whom dropped out of the contest on the day of the vote.  Cllr Kimberley Whitehead, of Hyndburn Borough Council, withdrew hours before Sunday's vote and backed Cllr Anthony Lavelle for the seat.  This was surely a realisation (or a nudge from above) that the pair of them standing would split the vote and give Byrne an easy win.

It was the correct assumption, as Byrne ended up defeating the Liverpool councillor by the slender margin of just twelve votes.

The hustings meeting and subsequent vote is said to have been a tense affair, with security guards on the doors and claims that some members were 'barred from entry'.  Byrne had accused the Lavelle camp of 'intimidation' earlier in the campaign, claims which were furiously denied.  The MP had also been threatening 'legal action', presumably in the event that he lost the vote.

Byrne was congratulated upon his victory by many of his comrades in the Socialist Campaign Group, including Jeremy Corbyn, Zarah Sultana and Nadia Whittome.

Also congratulating Byrne was the member for Poplar and Limehouse.  Apsana Begum is thought to be the third hard left MP to face the threat of deselection, although there is still no news of challengers.  Her London colleague Sam Tarry was deselected last month.

Sunday, 20 November 2022


In the last two days a number of high profile banned Twitter accounts have been restored, culminating in the reinstatement of Donald Trump on Sunday morning.  Dr Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate and the Babylon Bee are some of those whose accounts have been restored, but Musk was reticent to bring back Trump and instead delegated the decision to Twitter users by way of a poll.  A whopping 15 million voted and it was a win for the Donald...

Trump's account was swiftly restored following the poll, but he has not tweeted yet and maintains that he won't return to the platform.  With an election two years away it remains to be seen whether he will resist the temptation to broaden his audience and stay embedded in his Truth Social echo chamber.

Many of the returning accounts have enjoyed a boom in following, but none more so than Trump who - despite not being active on the platform - his account has amassed an extra 30 million followers since reappearing this morning.  At the time of writing his following stood at more than 83 million, compared to 36.4 million for Biden's personal account and 27.5 million for the presidential account.

It is not clear who else Musk will be restoring to Twitter, but the list is endless and many names have trended as calls grow for more high profile conservatives and libertarians to be reinstated.  One conservative who will not be returning any time soon is Alex Jones.  Jones has been in the news a lot lately in relation to the colossal Sandy Hook lawsuit and left-wing journalists were keen to know if he would be one of those returning.  It was a negative from Musk, but Jones has been very gracious in response, posting a conciliatory video on Gab.

Perhaps Jones will be restored at some point in the future, so too the likes of David Icke, Dr Robert Malone and other Covid sceptics.  Either way, Musk is already moving in the right direction.


The betrayal of Britain by our leaders is the theme for this week's monologue, in a similar vein to last week's excellent piece.  The net zero scam climate scam is first up in Neil's line of attack, followed by the disastrous Covid mandates which combined with the former are clearly aimed at reducing the world's population.  Thousands of Brits continue to drop dead inexplicably, week in and week out - while the mass media says nothing and politicians to push the clot shots.

Crypto scams, Ukraine money laundering, Bill Gates' land grab and the invasion on our southern shores are all touched upon by Mr Oliver.  Globalist plots affect us all and the destruction of the British nation and her people is summed up in this sentence: "The powers that be are intent on breaking the morale and spirit of the British, transforming us into a compliant, dependent, unquestioning herd - ready to accept whatever indignity is foisted upon us next".

What follows is a demolition of the dastardly CCP-adoring Jeremy Hunt.  What will it take for our countrymen and women to wake up to the unspeakable and very deliberate evils being committed upon them?

Click below for the full nine and a half minutes.

Friday, 18 November 2022


Kate Andrews and Chris Bryant

Prolific tweeter Chris Bryant has been humiliated online yet again after the Labour MP sparked an argument built on sand.  The Rhondda MP was clearly upset about the presence of economist Kate Andrews on the BBC's Question Time and tagged the programme in a tweet complaining about her 'role' in the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA).  Unfortunately for Chris, Andrews picked up the tweet the following morning and pointed out that she did not work for the IEA...

Kate has not worked for the IEA for three years and Bryant was quickly on his arse clutching at straws.  The best he could do was a screenshot dated 2016 that referred to Andrews to back up his non-existent argument.  She fired back minutes later and a more formal apology ensued.

If Bryant had bothered to check he would have found that Andrews' past involvement with the IEA was referred to on Question Time's social media accounts, as seen here.

It's desperately embarrassing, but nothing new for a man who takes selfies in his underpants and posts them on gay dating sites.

Oh, and why was he so upset about Kate Andrews being on Question Time in the first place?  Because she repeatedly exposes the real reason behind the cost of living crisis.  And Chris Bryant - along with everyone else in the Parliamentary Labour Party - voted for it.


There were eight by-elections this week with action in England, Scotland and Wales.  It was a Tory wipeout with the Conservatives losing both seats they were defending, both in Lancashire and both to Labour.  In Blackburn they lost by a margin of just seven votes, while it was a more comprehensive defeat in Blackpool.

It was a good night all round for Labour.  In addition to the two gains, they managed to hold all four seats they were defending.  There was also an impressive hold for the Greens in Suffolk, while Shetland was an independent affair.

Absentees this week were independents in Bolsover and Shetland, the Lib Dems in Bolsover and Propel in Rhondda.

Darwen South, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

Lab: 569 (44.9%) +6.6%
Con: 562 (44.3%) -1.8%
LDem: 137 (10.8%) -4.9%

Lab GAIN from Con

Greenlands, Blackpool Council

Lab: 550 (48.0%) -0.1%
Con: 518 (45.2%) -6.6%
LDem: 77 (6.7%) New

Lab GAIN from Con

Pinxton, Bolsover District Council

Lab: 376 (63.3%) +24.3%
Con: 218 (36.7%) +36.7%


Linn, Glasgow City Council

(first preference votes)

Lab: 2,227 (43.4%) +11.4%
SNP: 1,702 (33.2%) -0.2%
Grn: 409 (8.0%) +1.9%
Con: 327 (6.4%) -5.1%
LDem: 294 (5.7%) -0.6%
Alba: 90 (1.8%) +0.5%
SSP: 46 (0.9%) New
UKIP: 19 (0.4%) New
Frdm: 19 (0.4%) New

Lab HOLD (elected at stage 8)

Hollinwood, Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council

Lab: 718 (44.8%) -14.1%
Con: 639 (39.8%) +21.6%
Ind: 152 (9.5%) New
NHP: 59 (3.7%) -6.5%
LDem: 36 (2.2%) -6.6%


Abercynon, Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council

Lab: 520 (80.0%) +18.7%
Con: 56 (8.6%) -1.7%
Plaid: 56 (8.6%) -7.0%
Grn: 18 (2.8%) New


Shetland West, Shetland Islands Council

(first preference votes)

Ind: 375 (76.4%) +59.5%
Grn: 67 (13.6%) +4.5%
SNP: 49 (10.0%) +2.2%

Ind GAIN from Ind (elected at stage 1)

Beccles, Suffolk County Council

Grn: 2,114 (70.8%) +17.8%
Con: 624 (20.9%) -15.2%
Lab: 260 (8.4%) +0.9%



Lab = Labour
Con = Conservatives
LDem = Liberal Democrats
SNP = Scottish National Party
Grn = Green
Alba = Alba
SSP = Scottish Socialist Party
UKIP = United Kingdom Independence Party
Frdm = Freedom Alliance
NHP = National Housing Party
Plaid = Plaid Cymru
Ind = Independents

Wednesday, 16 November 2022


Dominic Raab stands in for Rishi Sunak, who is away at the G20 summit.  Allegations over Raab's conduct are likely to form Angela Rayner's line of attack.  Watch below from noon.

Tuesday, 15 November 2022


Ian Byrne

Labour MP Ian Byrne faces local competition to retain his place as a Labour candidate at the next general election.  Byrne is the third hard left MP to have lost 'trigger ballots' meaning that he must go through a reselection process to be the party's candidate for Liverpool West Derby.  He will go up against Liverpool councillor Anthony Lavelle and Hyndburn councillor Kimberley Whitehead for the ultra safe Labour seat, boasting a current majority of 29,984.

Byrne has attracted some impressive support for his bid.  Last weekend he was joined on the campaign trail by Liverpool metro mayor Steve Rotheram and fellow Scouser Andy Burnham.  The endorsement of Burnham is of particular interest, as Burnham is much closer to Starmer in terms of politics than Corbyn.  While Burnham likes to paint himself as the 'saviour of the north' he actually backed Starmer in the 2020 leadership election, rather than either of the two candidates representing constituencies in the Greater Manchester region he represents as metro mayor.  His endorsement of Byrne at this stage could be seen as a sleight to Starmer, who would clearly benefit from the loss of another hard left MP.

A banner unfurled at Liverpool's Anfield football stadium recently

With such a safe seat and huge salary at stake, perhaps it will come as no surprise that the West Derby contest has turned ugly fast.  Byrne posted a statement on his social media channels last weekend alleging 'intimidation' from an unnamed rival campaign, including unnamed politicians.  This was angrily denied by Cllr Harry Doyle, a supporter of Cllr Lavelle's campaign, who called on Byrne to retract his statement.  Rival campaign meetings for both Byrne and Lavelle took place next door to each other on the day of the alleged 'intimidation'.

Local party members will vote on who will be West Derby's next Labour candidate (and inevitably MP) on Sunday 20 November, following a hustings.  That should be a fiery evening!

Monday, 14 November 2022


"Does Britain exist?" is Neil Oliver's opening line in his latest GB News monologue.  He proceeds to elaborate on the question of our nationhood, from the lack of a southern border to the redistribution of taxpayers' money around the world.  He discusses the net zero climate scam and Rishi Sunak's recent commitment to triple funding up to the tune of £11.6 billion to countries around the world 'affected by climate change'.  Then there are the billions more being sent to Ukraine, a far-off conflict that serves no direct British interest.  Meanwhile, our own people are told to pay yet more taxes, while they struggle to heat their homes and go hungry this winter.

Neil's anger is palpable: "Our leaders look us in the eye and steal from us."  This begs a further question, as to why the British people are not similarly outraged by the theft of their hard earned money.  Neil argues that those of our fellow citizens who are angry and awake to the many scams perpetrated on them, deserve our loyalty much more than leaders who clearly despise every one of us.

This is an outstanding monologue, click below for the full 11 and a half minutes.

Friday, 11 November 2022


Nine council seats on seven authorities were up for grabs this week.  The Conservatives were defending six seats and held four of these.  They held two seats in South Kesteven, Lincolnshire, narrowly fending off an independent surge in the ward of Grantham St Wulfram's.  They also held in Broxtowe and Cannock Chase, despite a dip in their vote share.

The Tories lost two seats to Labour - one in Braintree, Essex and another in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, where they slipped to distant third.

It was a tale of independents in the remaining seats, including a gain from the Lib Dems in Kington-upon-Thames.  The only absentees in this week's polls were two independent candidates, one each in Cannock Chase and East Devon.

Braintree South, Braintree District Council

Lab: 372 (45.2%) +15.6%
Con: 317 (38.5%) -10.3%
Grn: 134 (16.3%) -5.2%

Lab GAIN from Con

Coggeshall, Braintree District Council

Ind: 576 (43.5%) -17.1%
Con: 451 (34.1%) +6.1%
Lab: 297 (22.4%) +11.0%

Ind GAIN from Ind

Greasley, Broxtowe Borough Council

Con: 637 (47.7%) -16.1%
Lab: 555 (41.6%) +5.4%
LDem: 143 (10.7%) New


Rosehill with Burnley Wood, Burnley Borough Council

Lab: 372 (39.4%) +8.5%
LDem: 363 (38.4%) +9.9%
Con: 123 (13.0%) -18.6%
Grn: 87 (9.2%) +0.2%

Lab GAIN from Con

Cannock West, Cannock Chase District Council

Con: 688 (55.4%) -4.5%
Lab: 430 (34.6%) +7.1%
Grn: 124 (10.0%) +4.5%


Newton Poppleford & Harpford, East Devon District Council

Ind: 560 (67.1%) New
Lab: 162 (19.4%) New
Con: 113 (13.5%) -0.3%

Ind GAIN from Ind

Green Lane & St James, Kingston-upon-Thames London Borough Council

Ind: 855 (46.3%) +9.0%
LDem: 647 (35.1%) -3.8%
Lab: 265 (14.4%) +3.3%
Con: 78 (4.2%) -8.4%

Ind GAIN from LDem

Bourne East, South Kesteven District Council

Con: 310 (43.5%) +5.6%
Lab: 154 (21.6%) +5.7%
Ind: 120 (16.9%) -29.3%
LDem: 78 (11.0%) New
Grn: 50 (7.0%) New


Grantham St Wulfram’s, South Kesteven District Council

Con: 359 (39.2%) -20.6%
Ind: 307 (33.6%) New
Lab: 174 (19.0%) +2.1%
Grn: 75 (8.2%) -15.1%


Thursday, 10 November 2022


Wes Streeting was forced to apologise to his former party leader on Wednesday after he suggested that Corbyn had 'gone senile'.  Corbyn had tried to raise a point of order following PMQs, during which Rishi Sunak had again used Starmer's past association with Corbyn against him.  The Speaker wasn't having any of it and Streeting could be heard remarking 'he's gone senile'.

The clip can be seen below.  Streeting's remark can be heard 14 seconds in, after the Speaker asks: "What's he saying?"

Streeting was subsequently ripped to shreds on social media by Corbynistas who feigned outrage on behalf of the elderly and mentally incapacitated.  Many pointed out that Streeting should know better, being the shadow health secretary, some called for him to be sacked.  Corbyn himself tweeted the following, without referring to Streeting...

Streeting later replied to Owen Jones on Twitter that the remark was 'in jest', adding: "I've dropped Jeremy a note directly to apologise for any offence caused".  Jones had called Streeting's remark 'gross'.

The far left are truly devoid of humour.

Streeting has form when it comes to inappropriate remarks.  Earlier this year he issued an apology after a series of abusive tweets were uncovered, dating back to 2009.  Numerous tweets were exposed, including idle threats to push Daily Mail journalists 'under trains' and smash others 'around the head with a baseball bat'.  This was prior to his political career, when he was president of the National Union of Students.

Meanwhile, Corbyn's beef in the Commons was not with Labour centrists, but the Prime Minister.  Rishi Sunak has regularly chided Starmer for his place in Corbyn's shadow cabinet, something discussed by Corbyn in a previous point of order last week.  Corbyn said he was living 'rent-free' in Sunak's head and the PM should correct the record.

Last month it was revealed that the despicable Mary Creagh is eyeing a return to Parliament by way of taking Corbyn's Islington North seat.  The arch Remainer lost her Wakefield seat following her repeated attempts to block Brexit, in spite of her majority Leave-voting constituents.  Creagh was previously a councillor in Islington, but whoever faces Corbyn will face an uphill battle to unseat him.  Even as an independent he would be tough to dislodge, having represented the seat since 1983 and with a majority of more than 26,000.  It would be a dreadful shame if Starmer was robbed of an election majority by one seat...

Wednesday, 9 November 2022


Gavin Williamson's resignation is likely to be an attack line for Keir Starmer in Rishi Sunak's third outing at PMQs.  Watch below from noon.

Sunday, 6 November 2022


Neil sets the scene for his latest GB News monologue by venturing back to 1984 and the beginning of Bob Geldof's musical crusade to 'feed the world'.  He quotes the Indian philosopher Amartya Sen who noted that hungry mouths don't get that way by simply a shortage of food, but by design.  In other words, they were prevented from accessing food.  The process is currently under way right now across the West and could potentially achieve worldwide starvation on a scale never before seen.  This current process is known by many names, but is perhaps most commonly referred to as 'net zero'.

Greta Thunberg's recent speech, in which she called for the overthrow of the West's 'oppressive and racist capitalism system', revealed the driving force behind the green agenda.  It's communism.  The bust of Lenin in Klaus Schwab's study is another reminder that the failed doctrine of Marx and Engels inspires the tyrants who seek to enslave humanity - what is left of it after the big cull, that is.

In this latest masterpiece, Neil also tackles one of the prophets of 'climate change' catastrophe - one Al Gore.  The twice failed presidential candidate made millions of dollars off the back of peddling tales of imminent disaster, but 16 years on no such environmental disaster has been forthcoming.  How odd that no mass media outlet has taken him to task over his failure, but that wouldn't fit the narrative.  Disaster is imminent - yet again - only this time there will be a co-ordinated power grab, mass depopulation and enslavement of the human race in the name of it.

There's food aplenty and enough energy to go around, but the masses it seems are going to be simultaneously denied of both.  This is an excellent piece to camera - click below for the full 11 minutes and 24 seconds...

Saturday, 5 November 2022


Retired footballer Gary Neville has been increasingly vocal in his support for Labour and criticism of the Tories as the year has progressed.  He even appeared on stage with Starmer at last month's party conference.  Such is Neville's sudden rise to prominence that some have suggested he could be angling for a parliamentary seat.  He is reported to have only joined the party in January, but he previously endorsed Labour for the 2019 general election.  The fact that he has supported both Corbyn and Starmer suggests that he is either an opportunist or doesn't quite understand politics as well as he does an attacking winger looking to cross into the box.

Neville's football career was exceptional, winning trophies galore with Manchester United and earning 85 England caps.  Unfortunately, he has mistakenly assumed that sporting success and football punditry can transcend him to political commentary.  While being noisy on social media is one thing - where critical voices get lost in the crowd - Gary's appearance as guest host of Have I Got News For You backfired spectacularly and for all to see.

Neville's Labour membership didn't prevent him getting the slot, but his leftist panellists didn't do him any such favours.  With a controversial World Cup tournament taking place in Qatar, Neville was taken to task on his forthcoming media appearances in the Arab state.  Paul Merton began the onslaught as Neville squirmed, but it was Ian Hislop who let rip.

Watch the clip below.

Would Gary Lineker have been subjected to such ridicule?  Possibly, but he'd have handled it a lot better than this novice.  Embarrassing.  Hopefully Sir Squeaky wasn't watching.


Diane Abbott has attracted some flak in recent days over two tweets in which she appeared to excuse the rape of a boy at a hotel housing migrants in north London.  The first tweet went out on Thursday afternoon and was directed at Suella Braverman (see below).

After a backlash against the initial tweet, Diane doubled down with a follow-up three hours later - confirming that she did indeed seek to excuse child rape.

Abbott has since deleted the second tweet, but the first one remains live at the time of writing.  We should do well to remember that if Labour had won the 2019 election then Abbott would have been the home secretary.  Shudder the thought, although it's hard to imagine how it can get any worse than it is now.

This is not the first time that Labour MPs have sought to excuse rapists.  Jess Phillips famously trivialised the mass rape and sexual assaults in Cologne in 2015 as something women might experience on 'a night out in Birmingham'.  There was also Naz Shah's disgraceful retweet suggesting victims of grooming gangs should 'shut their mouths for the good of diversity'.  Shah also lashed out at her party colleague Sarah Champion when the MP quite rightly pointed out that the gangs were overwhelmingly of Pakistani descent.

Labour have a track record excusing rapists of colour, even child rapists.  A rapist is a rapist and there should be no favour for them regardless of whether they have dark or white skin.

Friday, 4 November 2022


Seven seats were on offer this week in six by-elections.  The Conservatives were defending four and lost three.  They held in Croydon, but their vote share plummeted.  They lost to Labour in Lichfield, the Lib Dems in Wiltshire and an independent in Nottinghamshire.  In Wiltshire and Nottinghamshire they slipped to third place.

There was better news for the Tories in South Cambridgeshire, where they took one of two seats the Lib Dems were defending.

In Moray the SNP gained a seat from the Lib Dems in an intriguing contest.  In May's local elections the Lib Dems, SNP and Conservatives each put forward a candidate for three vacancies.  As they were the only three candidates, they were all elected unopposed.  The Lib Dem winner since resigned, hence the by-election.  The Lib Dems came nowhere, leaving the SNP to do battle with an impressive Tory turnout.

Absentees in this week's polls were the Greens in Nottinghamshire and Wiltshire, and the Lib Dems in Nottinghamshire.

Selsdon Vale & Forestdale, Croydon London Borough Council

Con: 983 (46.3%) -21.2%
Grn: 530 (24.9%) +8.8%
Lab: 372 (17.5%) +1.0%
Ind: 168 (7.9%) New
LDem: 72 (3.4%) New


Chasetown, Lichfield District Council

Lab: 318 (73.3%) +15.2%
Con: 116 (26.7%) -15.2%

Lab GAIN from Con

Buckie, Moray Council

(first preference votes)

SNP: 1,172 (48.9%)
Con: 879 (36.7%)
Lab: 239 (10.0%)
LDem: 67 (2.8%)
Ind: 38 (1.6%)

SNP GAIN from LDem (elected at stage 4)

Eastwood, Nottinghamshire County Council

Ind: 1,223 (43.1%) New
Lab: 1,182 (41.7%) -0.1%
Con: 431 (15.2%) -31.2%

Ind GAIN from Con

Longstanton, South Cambridgeshire District Council

(two seats)

LDem: 578 (16.9%) elected
Con: 566 (16.5%) elected
LDem: 534 (15.6%)
Ind: 422 (12.3%)
Lab: 411 (12.0%)
Con: 394 (11.5%)
Lab: 266 (7.8%)
Grn: 169 (4.9%)
Grn: 85 (2.5%)

Con GAIN from LDem

Salisbury St Paul’s, Wiltshire Council

LDem: 813 (64.8%) +34.8%
Lab: 237 (18.5%) -3.3%
Con: 213 (16.6%) -15.6%

LDem GAIN from Con

Thursday, 3 November 2022


October was a crazy month, mostly thanks to the shenanigans at the top of the Conservatives.  There were also plenty of comical antics courtesy of Joe Biden, with other less slapstick contributions coming from Ukraine, Russia, China and Iran.  The 'died suddenly' pandemic is also explored in this month's compilation.

Watch below or on YouTube (before it's banned).

At 27 minutes this was our longest edition yet, but there were plenty of cartoons that didn't make the cut.  The best of the rest can be seen below.

04.10.22 - Michael Ramirez, Counterpoint
05.10.22 - Bob Moran, Twitter
11.10.22 - Patrick Blower, Daily Telegraph
13.10.22 - Ted Rall, Counterpoint
16.10.22 - Morten Morland, Sunday Times (celebrating 200 years)
17.10.22 - Christian Adams, Evening Standard (PM Hunt)
24.10.22 - George Alexopoulos, Twitter
25.10.22 - Steve Bright, The Sun
27.10.22 - Bob Moran, Twitter
30.10.22 - Nick Newman, Sunday Times