Saturday 22 June 2024


Keir Starmer and Martina Anderson

There was one thing that symbolised Jeremy Corbyn for many right-minded Brits.  It was his long association with both the IRA and its political wing Sinn Fein.  As fellow Marxists with a shared hatred of Britain, Corbyn and the IRA were a match made in ideological Heaven.  Their association was no secret and when Martin McGuinness died in 2017, Corbyn paid warm tribute to his old comrade.  Corbyn was Labour leader at that time and naturally he provoked a furious backlash from veterans and relatives of IRA victims.

Corbyn's successor has gone to great lengths to distance himself from his predecessor, ejecting him permanently from the party earlier this year.  However, what the British public don't know is that Keir Starmer himself also has an ongoing relationship with the Marxists of Sinn Fein-IRA.

When Starmer won the Labour leadership election in 2020, one of those congratulating him was his friend Martina Anderson.  Who is Martina Anderson?  Well, as a young woman in the 1980s she was an IRA terrorist with multiple convictions, culminating in a life sentence in 1986 for conspiring to cause explosions.  Six years earlier she was arrested at the scene of a bombing in Londonderry and later convicted of possessing a firearm and causing an explosion.

In June 1985 she was arrested at a makeshift bomb factory in Glasgow, along with four other terrorists that included the Brighton bomber Patrick Magee.  Only Magee was convicted in relation to Brighton, but Anderson and the others were convicted of conspiring to cause explosions.  She was released from her English prison thanks to the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

Around that time a young socialist lawyer by the name of Keir Starmer took on the role of human rights advisor to the Northern Ireland Policing Board.  He was still in that role when Anderson - now a Sinn Fein Assembly Member - was appointed a member of the policing board.  With peace in Northern Ireland still relatively new, it was a highly controversial appointment given the IRA's murder of more than 300 police officers.  Starmer didn't seem to mind, and he bonded with Anderson.

Their friendship was exposed for the world to see when Starmer was elected Labour leader in 2020.  Anderson publicly congratulated Starmer and also praised Corbyn, sharing photos of her with the respective Labour leaders (see Facebook post below).  The photo with Starmer was taken in January 2018 when he was Corbyn's Brexit spokesman.  Sinn Fein were also opposed to Brexit and campaigned to keep Northern Ireland inside the EU, which thanks to the fudged Tory Brexit it still technically is.

Anderson has not toned down her Republican rhetoric and describes herself as a 'former PoW' on her social media profiles.  While in prison she formed a close friendship with another female IRA convict, Ellie O'Dwyer.  O'Dwyer died earlier this month and photos of her and her coffin currently adorn Anderson's social media profiles (see X screenshot below).

In order to distance himself from Corbyn and present himself as a moderate, even patriotic leader, Starmer does not want to publicise his links to Sinn Fein.  Anderson's public endorsement in 2020 was a huge embarrassment to him.  Starmer tried to keep subsequent Sinn Fein meetings under wraps, in 2021 and 2022, but again came unstuck when Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald tweeted about their 'very constructive meeting'.  Oops.

Labour hasn't changed.  Starmer's embrace of the Union flag is disingenuous at best and earlier this year a former colleague alleged that as a young man, Starmer supported a united Ireland.  With Sinn Fein now at the helm in Northern Ireland, how safe can the Union be under our next Prime Minister?

Friday 21 June 2024


OK, so it's not actually a grift.  We honestly and forthrightly can't do this without any dough.  When we started up a Facebook page nine years ago, it didn't take any injections of cash to do so.  Now, we have a website and that does cost money to run.

While we took our foot off the gas last year, with a Labour government incoming we are once again ramping up our activity.  Your financial help - however small - is much appreciated.  If you can spare a fiver, please donate via our PayPal page.

Thank you, Rich and Karl.

Thursday 20 June 2024


Libertarian comic Dominic Frisby has released a hilarious musical take down of the Labour leader, entitled Captain Flip Flop.  Watch below.

You can follow Dominic on X, Facebook and YouTube.

Tuesday 18 June 2024


Rosie Duffield and Lord Cashman

The hate campaign against unapologetic Labour feminist Rosie Duffield has picked up pace during the current election. Last weekend she pulled out of hustings events in her Canterbury constituency on safety grounds and blamed 'the actions of a few fixated individuals' who had ramped up their campaign during the election.

Duffield has been the focus of trans activists for some years now, given her steadfast attitude to women's rights.  Earlier this month a 31-year-old was given a suspended sentence for online death threats against Duffield and the author JK Rowling.  In a witness statement, Duffield told the court that the threats had made her feel 'nervous walking around her constituency'.

Given that quite chilling background, one would be forgiven for thinking that her colleagues would be rallying around her.  Not so, in fact there has been a deafening silence from a party that has thrown women under the bus.  Even the likes of previously avowed feminists like Jess Phillips and Stella Creasy have not uttered a word of public condemnation of Duffield's treatment.  Step forward Labour peer Lord Cashman, who has offered condemnation... of Duffield herself!

The former EastEnders actor turned gay rights activist referred to Duffield as 'frit, or lazy' in response to a tweet from BBC journalist Victoria Derbyshire (see below).  Given recent events, on top of the murder of two MPs in the last eight years, if anyone has reason to be 'frit' it's Duffield.  In a separate tweet, he also called on her to 'stand down if she won't face constituents'.  If she were to stand down, go away and shut up, it would give trans extremists like Cashman great satisfaction and the bullies would be victorious.

Cashman later deleted the tweet and issued an apology the following day, in which he could not even bear to refer to Duffield by name: "I apologise unreservedly for a post that I put out regarding the Labour candidate for Canterbury.  I fully understand any complaints that will be sent to the Labour party."  Whether complaints were sent or not, on Monday the party whip was suspended from Cashman.  We suspect that the whip will be restored as quietly as possible at some point after the forthcoming election.

Cashman has been embroiled in various online spats over the years, including a recent exchange with fellow gay actor James Dreyfus.  The array of flags featured in his profile name show that Cashman is fully on board with trans ideology.  The order of the flags after his name go like this: Ukraine-trans-gay pride-Irish Republic-EU-Union flag.  Saving Britain for last sums up his party.

As Duffield herself pointed out, Cashman has never been an MP and is unaware that many candidates do not attend hustings events.  The Londoner skipped the traditional route for a political career when he was parachuted into the European Parliament as a West Midlands MEP in 1999.  Upon leaving that role in 2014 he was given a life peerage and sat as a Labour peer until 2019, when he left the party for three years in a tantrum over Brexit.  Following his suspension, he will again sit as a non-affiliated peer until he is readmitted or joins another party.

It remains to be seen how long Rosie Duffield will hold out in this despicable party.  One X user described the toxicity of the first hustings she missed over the weekend: "When her [Duffield's] apology was read out there was immediate toxic & personal yelling / argy bargy from people only attending to derail proceedings.  She made the right decision which allowed other candidates to be heard."   Hate is strong in the trans movement and it will only continue to grow until activists are dealt with properly, instead of being issued with suspended sentences or held up as 'stunning and brave'.  With a Labour landslide on the way, the law will soon be fully on their side.  That is, until an MP is murdered or seriously injured in the name of this twisted ideology.

Regardless of her political affiliation, Duffield's achievement in turning Canterbury red for the first time ever in 2017 - under Corbyn's leadership no less - is quite something.  In 2019 she inflated her wafer thin majority of 187 tenfold to 1,836, against the backdrop of Corbyn's disastrous election.

On July 4th she will go up against the following candidates:

Luke Buchanan-Hodgman (SDP)
Louise Harvey-Quirke (Con)
Bridget Porter (RefUK)
Henry Stanton (Grn)
Russ Timpson (LDem)

Sunday 16 June 2024


A while back we wrote how delicious it would be if Jeremy Corbyn (and Diane Abbott) robbed Keir Starmer of a wafer thin majority by holding their seats as independents.  Since then, Abbott has been readmitted (for now) and Labour are set for a crushing majority anyway.  Surely then, the status of Islington North is a moot point for Starmer?  You'd think so, but Corbyn still lives rent free in the minds of the establishment.

Aghast at the thought of Corbyn retaining the seat he has held for Labour since 1983, one New Labour heavyweight descended on Islington North on Saturday to support the Labour candidate - a non-entity parachuted into the constituency.

Peter Mandelson in Islington North. Labour candidate Praful Nargund is
on his left

Peter Mandelson announced his campaign visit in an interview with Times Radio (see clip below), in which he denounced Corbyn's 'ideology' and declared: "I want to go out there personally and back the Labour candidate and do everything I can to make sure Corbyn is defeated".  Again, we're talking about one seat in what is set to be an electoral landslide for Labour.

The arrogance of the elite in thinking their presence could do anything but help Corbyn's campaign says it all.  The irony is lost on an arch Remainer like Mandelson when he blames Corbyn for Labour's 2019 election defeat.  Corbyn had been a critic of the EU, but was railroaded into anti-Brexit policy by people like Starmer and New Labour puppet masters like Blair, Campbell and Mandelson.  It was Labour's opposition to the Leave mandate that primarily decimated them at the 2019 election.

Mandelson's enthusiastic assessment of Starmer as a man with a 'moral compass' as opposed to Corbyn should come as no great surprise.  Like Mandelson, Starmer is a member of the globalist cult - unlike Corbyn, a man who espouses peace and has never embraced Davos.

Keir Starmer attended last year's WEF meeting in Davos and despatched soon-to-be Chancellor Rachel Reeves to this year's gathering.  Starmer will take us down the same net zero totalitarian path that Johnson and Sunak were set on, the only difference being that it will accelerate exponentially with Labour's super majority.  The next five years are going to make Blair's premiership look tame by comparison, even with a pathetic damp squib like Starmer at the helm.

Starmer at the WEF Davos gathering in 2023

Corbyn will retain his seat in Islington North and, even on a day of momentous achievement for his old party, it will hurt the establishment.  This is not to say we are in any way admirers of old Jezza - he is still a Marxist who despises Britain - but given a choice between him and any candidate backed by the like of seven times Bilderberg guest Mandelson - oh, Jeremy Corbyn all the way!

Wednesday 5 June 2024


Vaughan Gething has lost a no confidence vote at the Senedd, less than three months into his tenure as First Minister of Wales.  The motion passed 29-27, with two Labour Assembly Members absent through illness - one of whom being the minister Gething controversially sacked last month.  The Tory motion was passed with Plaid and Lib Dem support.  There were no abstentions.

Although the motion is non-binding and Gething has already indicated his intention to cling on, it will exponentially increase pressure on the scandal-hit leader.  Gething did himself no favours in the chamber during the debate, breaking down in tears as one of his colleagues spoke.  He then stood and gave a speech in which he tried to distract from his own corruption by attacking Westminster Tories.  This what-aboutery was followed by a desperate appeal to his former coalition partners Plaid Cymru not to take up sides with the dastardly Conservatives.  When the vote came, it was clear Plaid had ignored him.

Gething's desperation in the chamber - including those crocodile tears - will not have gone down well with Welsh voters, none of which have yet to cast a single ballot in favour of or against Gething's administration.  These were not the actions of a leader.

The First Minister also brazenly told the Senedd that he would 'not shy away' from ongoing questions about his dodgy donations from convict-businessman David Neal - this, despite his no show at a debate about this very topic only last month.  Gething is not only dishonest, he is shameless.

Awkward questions have also been raised about his WhatsApp messages from the period of the scamdemic, when he was health minister in Wales.  Gething has told the UK Covid Inquiry that all his WhatsApp messages were deleted during a 'security rebuild' in 2022.  During questioning he also threw his predecessor Mark Drakeford under the bus.  Drakeford had previously told the Senedd that he 'didn't use WhatApp' and yet Gething confirmed that he was in a WhatsApp group with none other than Mark Drakeford!

If Labour cannot be trusted in Wales, God help the rest of us when Starmer takes up residence in Downing Street next month...

Friday 31 May 2024


Following the latest Israeli atrocity in Gaza and looking to retain Muslim votes, many Labour MPs are finally getting around to condemning Israel's war crimes.  On Twitter, sorry 'X', three MPs posted identical tweets, while a fourth tweaked the same tweet.  All four tagged Keir Starmer and delivered the same message, led by backbencher Wayne David, who is retiring after 23 years as the MP for Caerphilly.  David posted his tweet at 12:14.

Nine minutes later, Angela Rayner's account posted the exact same message.  47 minutes after that, her frontbench colleague Lisa Nandy posted a very similar tweet tweet, having clearly just copied, pasted and edited a few details.  Some hours later a third frontbencher - Jo Stevens - posted the original unedited version.

We can't help but think of Rachel Reeves in this instance.  She has already earned a nickname before she completes a single day as Chancellor of the Exchequer.  She will be known as the 'copy and paste Chancellor', in reference to the rampant plagiarism found in her economics book published last year.

The scenes in Rafah are truly horrific and merit something more from an opposition front bench than a mere copy and paste job.

Thursday 30 May 2024


As confusion reigns as to whether or not Diane Abbott has been barred from reselection, her comrade Jeremy Corbyn has voiced unwavering support.  In an interview with the left-wing JOE website, Corbs said: "Whatever she does, I'll support her".

Corbyn has already confirmed he will stand as an independent in the Islington North constituency, going up against Labour candidate Praful Nargund, a local Labour councillor.  Corbyn has represented Islington North since 1983 and his majority as a Labour MP was 26,188 in 2019.  With decades of service on his side and plenty of hard left footsoldiers rallying to his campaign, we strongly suspect he will hold onto this seat on July 4.

If Labour does block Abbott from reselection in Hackney North and Newington, she may be tempted to follow Corbyn down the independent path.  But would she win?  She had a larger majority in 2019 at 33,188, but her pulling power as an independent would be significantly less.  No Labour candidate has yet been announced for her seat and Keir Starmer has stated that no decision has been made regarding her status.  If she went independent, she could very well siphon off resources from her parliamentary neighbour and former lover, but Corbyn appears to be steadfast in his loyalty regardless.  For now, anyway.

In the interview, Corbyn bemoans the treatment Abbott has received from the party and further imbues a victimhood status by declaring that over the years she has 'been more abused than any other Member of Parliament at any time'.  What Britain's former most influential Marxist neglects to mention is that Abbott knowingly invites such resentment with her routine scorn for our nation and its people.

Watch the clip below, for the full 36 minute click here.

Friday 3 May 2024


The results for regional mayors will appear here as they come in.

East Midlands

Claire Ward (Lab) 181,040 (40.3%)
Ben Bradley (Con) 129,332 (28.8%)
Frank Adlington-Stringer (Grn) 50,660 (11.3%)
Alan Graves (RefUK) 49,201 (10.9%)
Matt Relf (Ind) 23,359 (5.2%)
Helen Tamblyn-Saville (LDem) 15,970 (3.6%)

Lab WIN (new post)

Greater Manchester

Andy Burnham (Lab) 420,749 (63.4%) -3.9%
Laura Evans (Con) 68,946 (10.4%) -9.2%
Nick Buckley (Ind) 50,304 (7.6%) New
Dan Barker (RefUK) 49,532 (7.5%) +4.8%
Hannah Spencer (Grn) 45,905 (6.9%) +2.5%
Jake Austin (LDem) 28,195 (4.2%) +1.0%


Liverpool City Region

Steve Rotheram (Lab) 183,932 (68.0%) +9.7%
Jade Marsden (Con) 27,708 (10.2%) -9.4%
Tom Crone (Grn) 26,417 (9.8%) -2.0%
Rob McAllister-Bell (LDem) 21,366 (7.9%) -2.4%
Ian Smith (Ind) 11,032 (4.1%) New



Sadiq Khan (Lab) 1,088,225 (43.8%) +3.8%
Susan Hall (Con) 812,397 (32.7%) -2.6%
Rob Blackie (LDem) 145,184 (5.8%) +1.4%
Zoë Garbett (Grn) 145,114 (5.8%) -2.0%
Howard Cox (RefUK) 78,865 (3.1%) New
Natalie Campbell (Ind) 47,815 (1.9%) New
Amy Gallagher (SDP) 34,449 (1.4%) +1.1%
Femy Amin (AnWe) 29,280 (1.2%) New
Andreas Michli (Ind) 26,121 (1.1%) New
Tarun Ghulati (Ind) 24,702 (1.0%) New
Count Binface (Ind) 24,260 (1.0%) n/c
Nick Scanlon (BritF) 20,519 (0.8%) New
Brian Rose (Ind) 7,501 (0.3%) -0.9%


North East

Kim McGuinness (Lab) 185,051 (41.0%)
Jamie Driscoll (Ind) 126,652 (28.0%)
Guy Renner-Thompson (Con) 52,446 (12.0%)
Paul Donaghy (RefUK) 41,147 (9.0%)
Aidan King (LDem) 25,485 (6.0%)
Andrew Gray (Grn) 17,631 (4.0%)

Lab WIN (new post)


Paul Dennett (Lab) 30,753 (61.5%) +2.5%
Jillian Collinson (Con) 10,930 (21.9%) -1.5%
David Jones (Grn) 5,623 (11.2%) +2.4%
Sally Griffiths (TUSC) 2,681 (5.4%) New


South Yorkshire

Oliver Coppard (Lab) 138,611 (50.9%) +7.8%
Nick Allen (Con) 44,945 (16.5%) n/c
Douglas Johnson (Grn) 37,142 (13.6%) +1.2%
Hannah Kitching (LDem) 31,002 (11.4%) +0.6%
David Bettney (SDP) 20,835 (7.6%) +3.7%


Tees Valley

Ben Houchen (Con) 81,930 (53.6%) -19.1%
Chris McEwan (Lab) 63,141 (41.3%) +4.1%
Simon Thorley (LDem) 7,679 (5.0%) + 5.0%


West Midlands

Richard Parker (Lab) 225,590 (37.8%) -1.8%
Andy Street (Con) 224,082 (37.5%) -11.2%
Akhmed Yakoob (Ind) 69,621 (11.7%) New
Elaine Williams (RefUK) 34,471 (5.8%) +3.6%
Siobhan Harper-Nunes (Grn) 31,036 (5.2%) -0.6%
Sunny Virk (LDem) 12,176 (2.0%) -1.6%

Lab GAIN from Con

West Yorkshire

Tracy Brabin (Lab) 275,430 (50.4%) +7.3%
Arnold Craven (Con) 82,757 (15.1%) -14.0%
Andrew Cooper (Grn) 66,648 (12.2%) +3.0%
Bob Buxton (Yrks) 47,937 (8.8%) -0.9%
Jonathan Tilt (Ind) 46,443 (8.5%) New
Stewart Golton (LDem) 27,501 (5.0%) n/c


York & North Yorkshire

David Skaith (Lab) 66,761 (35.1%)
Keane Duncan (Con) 51,967 (27.3%)
Felicity Cunliffe-Lister (LDem) 30,867 (16.2%)
Kevin Foster (Grn) 15,188 (8.0%)
Keith Tordoff (Ind) 13,250 (7.0%)
Paul Haslam (Ind) 12,370 (6.5%)

Lab WIN (new post)


The results of the police and crime commissioner elections will appear below as they come in.

Avon & Somerset

Clare Moody (Lab) 95,982 (32.3%) +8.6%
Mark Shelford (Con) 91,006 (30.6%) -4.1%
Katy Grant (Grn) 64,623 (21.7%) +5.3%
Benet Allen (LDem) 45,864 (15.4%) +2.0%

Lab GAIN from Con


John Tizard (Lab) 40,745 (40.5%) +5.5%
Festus Akinbusoye (Con) 35,688 (35.5%) -6.9%
Jasbir Singh Parmar (LDem) 15,857 (15.8%) -2.7%
Waheed Akbar (WkP) 8,396 (8.3%) New

Lab GAIN from Con


Darryl Preston (Con) 61,688 (38.1%) -4.8%
Anna Smith (Lab) 58,304 (36.0%) +4.7%
Edna Murphy (LDem) 41,984 (25.9%) +3.6%



Dan Price (Lab) 86,279 (48.1%) +10.8%
John Dwyer (Con) 65,836 (36.7%) -7.9%
Paul Duffy (LDem) 27,342 (15.2%) +0.7%

Lab GAIN from Con


Matt Storey (Lab) 65,418 (52.6%) +23.7%
Steve Turner (Con) 58,977 (47.4%) -6.8%

Lab GAIN from Con


David Allen (Lab) 38,708 (47.4%) +21.3%
Mike Johnson (Con) 24,863 (30.4%) -23.1%
Adrian Waite (LDem) 18,100 (22.2%) +1.8%

Lab GAIN from Con


Nicolle Ndiweni (Lab) 93,260 (43.6%) +6.1%
Angelique Foster (Con) 65,293 (30.5%) -25.5%
Russell Armstrong (RefUK) 32,944 (15.4%) +11.6%
David Hancock (LDem) 22,540 (12.1%) +2.8%

Lab GAIN from Con

Devon & Cornwall

Alison Hernandez (Con) 131,764 (43.3%) -6.7%
Daniel Steel (Lab) 107,897 (35.4%) +15.2%
Steve Lodge (LDem) 64,790 (21.3%) +3.4%



David Sidwick (Con) 57,994 (38.2%) -4.3%
Howard Legg (LDem) 34,774 (22.9%) +11.1%
Marianne Storey (Ind) 32,237 (21.2%) New
David Stokes (Lab) 26,884 (17.7%) +6.8%



Joy Allen (Lab) 66,852 (56.0%) +12.2%
Rob Potts (Con) 37,773 (31.7%) -11.3%
Nigel Boddy (LDem) 14,678 (12.3%) -0.9%



Dafydd Llywelyn (Plaid) 31,323 (40.9%) -7.3%
Ian Harrison (Con) 19,134 (25.0%) -9.0%
Philippa Thompson (Lab) 18,353 (24.0%) +0.3%
Justin Griffiths (LDem) 7,719 (10.1%) +1.4%

Plaid HOLD


Roger Hirst (Con) 126,447 (37.1%) -16.9%
Adam Fox (Lab) 116,875 (34.3%) +11.4%
Kieron Franks (LDem) 52,922 (15.5%) +2.2%
Robin Tilbrook (EDem) 34,153 (13.2%) +3.4%



Chris Nelson (Con) 47,838 (32.7%) -8.0%
Martin Surl (LDem) 46,352 (31.7%) +12.7%
Ashley Smith (Lab) 35,069 (24.0%) +7.9%
Matthew Randolph (Ind) 15,240 (10.4%) +10.4%



Jane Mudd (Lab) 28,476 (41.7%) -0.1%
Hannah Jarvis (Con) 21,919 (32.1%) +3.2%
Donna Cushing (Plaid) 9,864 (14.4%) -1.8%
Mike Hamilton (LDem) 8,078 (11.8%) +7.6%


Hampshire & Isle of Wight

Donna Jones (Con) 175,953 (42.3%) -7.5%
Becky Williams (Lab) 106,141 (25.5%) +6.2%
Prad Bains (LDem) 92,843 (22.3%) +4.5%
Don Jerrard (JAC) 40,691 (9.8%) New



Jonathan Ash-Edwards (Con) 93,658 (36.7%) -11.8%
Sean Prendergast (LDem) 68,264 (26.7%) -0.7%
Tom Plater (Lab) 66,585 (26.1%) +2.0%
Matt Fisher (Grn) 26,714 (10.5%) New


Jonathan Evison (Con) 51,083 (39.7%) -5.9%
Simon O'Rourke (Lab) 46,846 (36.4%) -3.0%
Bob Morgan (LDem) 30,834 (24.0%) +8.9%



Matthew Scott (Con) 120,491 (44.1%) -13.7%
Lenny Rolles (Lab) 92,508 (33.9%) +8.6%
Graham Colley (LDem) 60,279 (22.1%) +5.1%



Clive Grunshaw (Lab) 135,638 (47.1%) +2.3%
Andrew Snowden (Con) 101,281 (35.1%) -6.5%
Neil Darby (LDem) 51,252 (17.8%) +9.0%

Lab GAIN from Con


Rupert Matthews (Con) 62,280 (35.3%) -14.0%
Rory Palmer (Lab) 61,420 (34.8%) +1.5%
Aasiya Bora (Grn) 23,649 (13.4%) New
Ian Sharpe (LDem) 22,041 (12.5%) -5.0%
Fizza Askari (OneL) 7,104 (4.0%) New



Marc Jones (Con) 39,639 (36.5%) -23.2%
Mike Horder (Lab) 31,931 (29.5%) +9.5%
Peter Escreet (RefUK) 15,518 (14.3%) +10.8%
Lesley Rollings (LDem) 13,380 (12.4%) +6.4%
David Dickason (EDem) 7,739 (7.2%) New



Emily Spurrell (Lab) 152,640 (61.7%) +4.9%
Bob Teesdale (Con) 35,221 (14.2%) -8.6%
Amanda Onwuemene (Grn) 31,330 (12.7%) +12.7%
Christopher Carubia (LDem) 28,093 (11.4%) -5.2%



Sarah Taylor (Lab) 52,445 (35.2%) +13.1%
Giles Orpen-Smellie (Con) 50,567 (33.9%) -11.2%
Martin Schmierer (Grn) 23,628 (15.8%) +5.6%
John Crofts (LDem) 22,525 (15.1%) +1.4%

Lab GAIN from Con


Danielle Stone (Lab) 43,684 (39.3%) +11.8%
Martyn Emberson (Con) 39,714 (35.7%) -17.5%
Ana Savage Gunn (LDem) 27,799 (25.0%) +9.7%

Lab GAIN from Con


Susan Dungworth (Lab) 176,311 (51.0%) +4.4%
Ros Munro (Con) 78,818 (22.8%) -8.1%
John Appleby (LDem) 58,574 (17.0%) +6.3%
Mustaque Rahman (Ind) 31,773 (9.2%) New


North Wales

Andy Dunbobbin (Lab) 31,950 (36.0%) +6.9%
Brian Jones (Con) 26,281 (29.6%) -2.0%
Ann Griffith (Plaid) 23,466 (26.4%) -2.0%
Richard Marbrow (LDem) 7,129 (8.0%) +3.7%



Gary Godden (Lab) 119,355 (52.1%) +8.6%
Caroline Henry (Con) 77,148 (33.7%) -14.2%
David Watts (LDem) 32,410 (14.2%) +5.5%

Lab GAIN from Con

South Wales

Emma Wools (Lab) 73,128 (45.2%) +4.2%
George Carroll (Con) 43,344 (26.8%) +2.5%
Dennis Clarke (Plaid) 27,410 (16.9%) -2.1%
Sam Bennett (LDem) 17,908 (11.1%) +6.5%



Ben Adams (Con) 73,500 (45.6%) -10.1%
Alastair Watson (Lab) 70,128 (43.5%) +16.0%
Alec Sandiford (LDem) 17,666 (11.0%) +6.6%



Tim Passmore (Con) 52,968 (40.2%) -14.5%
Robin Wales (Lab) 41,734 (31.7%) +8.7%
Rachel Smith-Lyte (Grn) 22,488 (17.1%) +3.5%
James Sandbach (LDem) 14,541 (11.0%) -2.8%



Lisa Townsend (Con) 95,538 (36.0%) +2.5%
Paul Kennedy (LDem) 82,213 (30.9%) +10.2%
Kate Chinn (Lab) 42,813 (16.1%) +0.2%
Alex Coley (Ind) 42,052 (15.8%) New



Katy Bourne (Con) 122,495 (39.0%) -8.3%
Paul Richards 99,502 (31.7%) +13.0%
Jamie Bennett (LDem) 48,923 (15.6%) +1.7%
Jonathan Kent (Grn) 43,105 (13.7%) +0.3%


Thames Valley

Matthew Barber (Con) 144,092 (32.1%) -10.4%
Tim Starkey (Lab) 141,749 (31.6%) +3.8%
Tim Bearder (LDem) 84,341 (18.8%) +1.3%
Ben Holden-Crowther (MPTV) 46,853 (10.4%) New
Russell Douglas Fowler (Ind) 31,460 (7.0%) New



Philip Seccomb (Con) 45,638 (39.4%) -12.7%
Labour Co-op Sarah Feeney (Lab) 45,377 (39.2%) +11.5%
Richard Dickson (LDem) 24,867 (21.5%) +5.3%


West Mercia

John-Paul Campion (Con) 73,395 (34.3%) -21.0%
Richard Overton (Lab) 63,082 (29.5%) +5.5%
Sarah Murray (LDem) 33,782 (15.8%) +0.2%
Julian Dean (Grn) 22,021 (10.3%) New
Henry Curteis (EDem) 21,645 (10.1%) New


West Midlands

Simon Foster (Lab) 327,844 (57.5%) +12.0%
Tom Byrne (Con) 241,827 (42.5%) +3.1%



Philip Wilkinson (Con) 38,578 (31.0%) -5.0%
Stanka Adamcova (Lab) 36,345 (29.2%) +14.9%
Mike Rees (Ind) 29,035 (23.3%) -4.5%
Alan Hagger (LDem) 20,485 (16.5%) -3.3%



Chris Webb is the new MP for Blackpool South

Labour have taken another Westminster seat from the Conservatives with a huge swing in Blackpool South.  It was a tough ask for the Tories to hold here - they were defending a marginal 3,690 majority from 2019 - but the scale of the defeat was stark.  The swing to Labour was 26.3 per cent and gave new Labour MP Chris Webb a 7,607 majority he would expect to easily defend in the forthcoming general election.

The seat had been vacated by Scott Benton after he was caught out in an undercover sting by reporters from The Times.  As a result he lost the Tory whip and was suspended from the Commons, triggering a recall petition.  With the writing on the wall, Benton chose to resign rather than face the result of the petition.  He had gained Blackpool South in 2019, a seat that had been held by Labour since 1997.

His successor in Blackpool South is a rarity among the Westminster gravy train - Chris Webb is actually born and bred in the town he now represents.  He is a university graduate, which seems to be the norm for Labour these days, and had previously stood for Westminster in 2017 and 2019.  He was runner-up on both occasions, losing out to the sitting Tory for Blackpool North and Cleveleys.

In Blackpool South there was a very strong show for Reform UK, who easily held on to their deposit and almost pipped the Tories for second place.

Turnout was 32.5 per cent.  This is lower than one might expect, but as there were no council elections taking place in Blackpool overnight, perhaps no great surprise.

Blackpool South Parliamentary By-Election

Chris Webb (Lab) 10,825 (58.7%) +20.4%
David Jones (Con) 3,218 (17.4%) -32.2%
Mark Butcher (RefUK) 3,101 (16.8%) +10.7%
Andrew Cregan (LDem) 387 (2.1%) -1.0%
Ben Thomas (Grn) 368 (2.0%) +0.3%
Stephen Black (Ind) 163 (0.9%) New
Kim Knight (ADF) 147 (0.8%) New
Howling Laud Hope (Loon) 121 (0.7%) New
Damon Sharp (NonP) 45 (0.2%) New

Lab GAIN from Con


Lab = Labour
Con = Conservative
RefUK = Reform UK
LDem = Liberal Democrat
Grn = Green
Ind = Independent
ADF = Alliance for Democracy and Freedom
Loon = Monster Raving Loony
NonP = New Open Non-Political Organised Leadership

Thursday 2 May 2024


David Neal and Vaughan Gething: The convict and the politician

With Humza Yousaf on his way from power after just 13 months, attention has quickly refocused on Britain's other first minister.  Vaughan Gething has been at the Cymreig helm for just six weeks and an issue which dogged his leadership election campaign is being brought to the fore once again.

Gething received two hefty donations during that campaign, totalling £200,000, from a company run by convicted criminal David Neal.  Gething had previous dealings with Neal and his then company - Atlantic Recycling - dating back to at least 2016 when he was a Welsh government minister.  Neal had been convicted of illegally dumping waste on a conservation site in 2013 and ordered to clean up the mess, but Gething later repeatedly lobbied Wales' environmental regulator to suspend work on that site.

Neal was convicted again in 2017 for failing to clean up the site and Gething stepped in again a year later, writing to Natural Resources Wales on Neal's behalf.  Gething also stood for the Welsh Labour leadership later that same year and received a £38,000 donation from companies linked to Neal.  Something stinks, and it's not just David Neal's fly tipping!

Things are now complicated further by a planning application that has been put in by another of Mr Neal's ventures - Dauson Environmental Group.  It was in Dauson's name that the most recent donations of £200,000 were made to Gething's leadership campaign.  The size of the planning application, which is for a 'solar farm', would require Welsh government approval and as we know - Mr Gething is now the most senior figure in said government.  What's more, the money to fund the purchase of the site came from the Development Bank of Wales - a public body overseen at that time by none other than the Welsh minister for the economy, one Vaughan Gething!

With an obvious conflict of interest and a stench of corruption, the Welsh Conservatives tabled a debate in the Senedd that took place on Wednesday.  However, there was a notable absentee from said debate - the First Minister and the person at the centre of the debate no less!

Watch below as Tory leader Andrew RT Davies opens the debate by asking whether they 'should wait for the First Minister'.  He then reacts with dismay as he is told that Gething has not even provided a statement, much less actually show his face.

This is not the behaviour of a political leader responsible for governing a nation.  By refusing to attend and take responsibility for his actions, Gething has portrayed himself as a coward with something to hide.

During the debate, Gething was heavily criticised by one of his own colleagues.  Lee Waters remarked: "For me, this is not an issue of confidence, but it is an issue of conscience.  We look to our leaders to model behaviour we want to see, to reflect our nation and to set an example.  The first step to solving any problem is to acknowledge that there is a problem.  And it would not be a sign of weakness to say that it was a mistake to take the donation and, now all the facts are known, to give it back."

Waters is well known throughout Wales as the main architect of the despised anti-motorist 20mph scheme, so his diatribe in this instance did not carry the weight he may have hoped.  In any case, the Tory motion was defeated by 27 votes to 25.  Gething finally appeared in the dying minutes of the debate and did not speak.

Gething will face questions about his dealings with David Neal and it could yet prove his downfall.

Tuesday 30 April 2024


Having previously denounced one of his own female MPs for stating that 'only women have a cervix', Keir Starmer performed yet another u-turn on Tuesday's edition of Good Morning Britain.  When asked by presenter Susanna Reid whether Rosie Duffield's statement was right or wrong, Starmer responded: "Biologically, of course she is right about that".

That is another full 180 for Sir Squeaky.

Asked three times by Reid whether he now owed Duffield an apology, Starmer repeatedly dodged the question.  He was then asked his thoughts about what might happen to trans individuals who don't wish to be put on hospital wards alongside people of their own sex (as if this is a completely new and pressing issue for 2024).  Starmer waffled on about 'dignity and respect' before admitting that trans people presented 'a small number of individuals'.  Yes!  So why is it that you and others on the left and centre tie yourself up in knots over an issue that affects such a tiny fraction of society and which the overwhelming majority of people find patently absurd?

Watch the exchange below.

Tory frontbencher Kemi Badenoch was among those who criticised Starmer's trans approach, while quite rightly defending single-sex spaces in hospitals.

With an election around the corner, Starmer knows that trans nonsense doesn't wash with the electorate - but don't for one minute expect his apparent change of heart to continue once Labour are in power.  A two year prison sentence awaits for misgendering a tranny!

Sunday 21 April 2024


Labour frontbencher Anneliese Dodds has offered a glimpse into how her party might govern after the general election.  Last week she posted a racially divisive tweet, bemoaning the plight of black, Asian and ethnic minority-run businesses 'held back by the Conservatives' economic chaos'.

Just non-white businesses, Anneliese?  Needless to say, the tweet drew a furious response from Twitter users, exasperated by Labour's descent into an openly anti-white entity.

Dodds, who was briefly shadow chancellor, attached an article from the Birmingham Mail.  The article detailed Dodds' meeting with black and minority ethnic (BME) business leaders in the city, reporting that Labour would single out BME entrepreneurs by scrapping business rates and replacing them with 'a new system of business taxation to create a level playing field'.  That doesn't sound discriminatory at all, does it?

Just as the US Democrats have weaponised race to divide Americans, it seems their UK sister party is on track to do the same in government.  Five years of Labour could see critical race theory entering the curriculum and other openly anti-white legislation on the books.  This is what the Democrats refer to as 'positive discrimination'.

Twitter users vented their dismay at Dodds' tweet and many of these replies were eminently more popular than Dodds' original tweet.  Despite being seen over a million times, her tweet garnered barely 250 'likes', compared to thousands for some of the responses...

We are about to enter an age of racially divisive politics from the very people who accuse their opponents of racism.

As for Britain's economic 'chaos' referenced by Dodds, she repeatedly voted for the policies that caused the cost of lockdown crisis.  Each and every one of the crippling draconian restrictions during the scamdemic was strongly supported by Labour.  The Tories may have initiated the policies, but Labour were absolutely complicit.

Saturday 16 March 2024


Vaughan Gething has won the contest to become Labour's next leader in Wales, inheriting the role of First Minister in the process.  Gething narrowly defeated his opponent, education minister Jeremy Miles, with 51.7% of the vote.  Welsh Labour are very secretive about their membership numbers, so the exact number of votes was not released.  This was Gething's second punt at the leadership, having contested the previous leadership contest, in 2018.  Gething finished second of three candidates and some way behind the victor, Drakeford.

There was little to choose between the candidates, with both dedicated to the net zero plan to enslave humanity.  Both acknowledged the widely despised blanket 20mph policy during the campaign, but both stated they would not reverse it.  The war on the motorist in Wales will continue with pay per mile technology, to be implemented by the end of the decade.  There is nothing to suggest Gething will waive this policy either.

The media heralded Gething's victory as 'the first black leader of Wales', or 'the first black leader of a European country'.  Racist twaddle, which ignores the fact that Gething is the product of a Welsh father.  Born in Zambia and raised in Dorset, Gething joined the Labour party in 1992 and later studied law at Aberystwyth University.  Despite qualifying as a barrister, Gething decided to follow a career in politics.  He was an unsuccessful Labour candidate in the first Welsh Assembly (as it was then known) election in 1999.  He later became a councillor on Cardiff City Council, before successfully entering the Welsh Assembly in the 2011 election.

Gething would become a mainstay of the Welsh government, under the leadership of Carwyn Jones and Mark Drakeford.  He was minister for health during the scamdemic and recently appeared before the UK Covid Inquiry, where he described missing WhatsApp messages as a 'real embarrassment'.  Like their Scottish counterparts, Welsh government ministers - including Drakeford - could not provide their WhatsApp messages to the inquiry.  As for Gething, he claims that his messages were 'wiped' when he handed his phone in for maintenance in 2022.

Gething's missing WhatsApps are far from the first controversy to afflict the minister.  During the first lockdown in May 2020, he was photographed with his family eating chips at a picnic table in Cardiff.  This act contravened Gething's own lockdown rules, but Drakeford's government defended him and declared that as this was a 'takeaway meal' it was permissible.

During the same period, Gething was also caught swearing about one of his own colleagues, MS Jenny Rathbone.  Gething failed to mute his microphone during a video call and was heard to say: "What the f*** is the matter with her?", much to the amusement, bewilderment and horror of the participants (video below).

In 2017, Gething was being interviewed by ITV Wales and walked away after the reporter asked him about his failure to hold an inquiry into allegations that a hospital worker had sexually abused vulnerable patients.  Background checks had not been carried out prior to the man's employment and he would later go on to murder his next door neighbour.

More recently, Gething was found to have received a £200,000 donation towards his leadership campaign from controversial businessman David Neal.  Neal had been convicted twice of illegally dumping waste and Gething had earlier lobbied on his behalf, namely to get regulators to ease restrictions on Neal's company, Atlantic Recycling.  The whole affair stank of more than just waste.

Gething Walks Away Mid-Interview

Gething Swears During Video Call

Vaughan Gething is expected to be sworn in as First Minister next week, but will not face the electorate until 2026, when the next Senedd elections are due to be held.  With all three of Great Britain's main political leaders now from a non-white background, it remains to be seen whether the hysterical left will continue to portray our nation as 'institutionally racist'.  Of course they will!

Sunday 10 March 2024


Following the despicable co-ordinated assault on free speech social network Parler in 2021, alternative platforms rose to prominence.  Our attention was drawn to Gab, quite possibly the most liberal site with regards to free speech.  The site was also easy to navigate, with a simple layout and a total lack of censorship.  Three years on and almost two thousand posts later, we have not experienced a single 'fact check' or a warning for our 'Gabs'.  Richey has gabbed off almost daily, despite amassing our smallest social media following on any site - we maxed out at 147 for the best part of 18 months, having tired of trying to persuade Facebook followers to join the network.

Last week Karl found that he could not attach one of his memes to a post and it soon became clear that Gab had decided to go down the subscription route.  This meant that we would have to pay ten dollars per month in order to post memes and videos to the site.  With 146 followers at that point, we quickly decided that our time with Gab should come to an end.  With thousands of articles and millions of hits, our priority has to be this website, for which we have to pay a fee each year and which we mostly pay out of our own pockets.

Our Gab profile page will remain online and you can view it here any time.  As we say farewell to Gab, we can now donate more time to another free speech platform - GETTR.

Friday 1 March 2024


George Galloway is the new MP for Rochdale following one of the most bizarre by-elections in Westminster history.  The Workers Party leader polled almost twice as many votes as his nearest rival, the surprise second placed local independent David Tully.  The disavowed Labour candidate Azhar Ali finished a distant fourth, despite the Labour party name and logo still assigned to him on the ballot paper.  He also appeared first on the ballot, courtesy of the alphabet, but the ovwhelming majority of voters skipped past his name and went for one of the other ten candidates.

The result was a particular disappointment for Reform UK, who chose former Rochdale's former Labour MP as their candidate.  Like Azhar Ali, Simon Danczuk did not even hang around for the result.  Reform finished sixth, behind even the Lib Dems, albeit they saved their deposit.  Reform leader Richard Tice issued a furious tweet prior to the result, alleging that his activists had been subjected to death threats and racist abuse during the campaign.

The rest of the field was made up of mostly independents and a Green candidate, but only on paper as he, like Ali, had been disowned by his party during the election campaign.  The Green Party instead got behind a Just Stop Oil activist, Mark Coleman, who appeared to throw orange confetti towards Galloway during his victory speech.

What a clown show.  It remains to be seen whether Galloway will be able to hold off Labour in a general election, but rest assured - he will continue to sow division and whip up the local Muslim community between now and then.

Rochdale Parliamentary By-Election

George Galloway (WPB) 12,335 (39.7%) New
David Tully (Ind) 6,638 (21.3%) New
Paul Ellison (Con) 3,731 (12.0%) -19.2%
Azhar Ali (Lab*) 2,402 (7.7%) -43.9%
Iain Donaldson (LDem) 2,164 (7.0%) N/c
Simon Danczuk (RefUK) 1,968 (6.3%) -1.9%
William Howarth (Ind) 523 (1.7%) New
Mark Coleman (Ind) 455 (1.5%) New
Guy Otten (Grn*) 436 (1.4%) -0.7%
Michael Howarth (Ind) 246 (0.8%) New
Ravin Rodent Subortna (Loon) 209 (0.7%) New

WPB GAIN from Lab

* Candidates not endorsed by their own parties

There were also five council by-elections on Thursday.  The Lib Dems held both the seats they were defending in East Yorkshire, while Labour defended a seat in Great Yarmouth.  The absence of an independent in the latter appeared to benefit the Tory candidate marginally more than it did Labour.  In West Sussex two seats changed hands.  The Greens gained an independent seat, while the Conservatives gained a seat from the Lib Dems.

Minster & Woodmansey, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

LDem: 1,438 (50.7%) +8.6%
Con: 706 (24.9%) -1.9%
Lab: 495 (17.4%) -9.4%
Grn: 198 (7.0%) New


Tranby, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

LDem: 958 (55.3%) +4.4%
Lab: 408 (23.6%) +2.7%
Con: 268 (15.5%) -4.2%
Grn: 97 (5.6%) -2.9%


Central & Northgate, Great Yarmouth Borough Council

Lab: 482 (52.6%) +6.5%
Con: 296 (32.3%) +7.7%
LDem: 139 (15.2%) +3.3%


Henfield, Horsham District Council

Grn: 668 (44.2%) +19.8%
Con: 569 (37.7%) +12.9%
Lab: 215 (14.2%) -5.2%
LDem: 59 (3.9%) -2.4%

Grn GAIN from Ind

Southwater North, Horsham District Council

Con: 618 (49.0%) +11.2%
LDem: 388 (30.8%) -13.0%
Grn: 162 (12.9%) +3.8%
Lab: 92 (7.3%) -2.0%

Con GAIN from LDem


WPB = Workers Party of Britain
Con = Conservative
Lab = Labour
LDem = Liberal Democrat
RefUK - Reform UK
Grn = Green
Loon = Monster Raving Loony
Ind = Independents

Wednesday 21 February 2024


Next week's big Westminster by-election could turn out to be a damp squib thanks to Labour.  They were favourites to hold Rochdale, but that was before they disowned their candidate.  On paper, voters have a Labour candidate named Azhar Ali, but it's a wasted vote as he won't represent Labour if elected.  It's a laughable situation and the bookies have since installed George Galloway as the new favourite.  Galloway is standing for his hard left Workers Party of Britain, with the politics of the Middle East at the forefront of the campaign - such is the depth to which Britain has sunk into the multi-cultural abyss.

Meanwhile, Azhar Ali's Labour career is destined to remain in the local politics of the quasi-Islamist towns of south Lancashire and Greater Manchester.  His election would merely give him an independent seat in the Commons for the remainder of this year at best, or just a matter of months depending on which date Sunak goes to the polls.

Ali's career floundered upon a media exposé of his supposedly 'anti-Semitic' views.  Starmer acted to suspend him after a couple of remarks leaked, ostensibly a reference to 'Jewish quarters' in the media and a boast of having persuaded several Lancastrian towns not to parade the colours of the Israeli flag in the wake of the Hamas attacks.  However, he was not suspended for the initial Daily Mail exposé in which he voiced his firm belief that Israel allowed the Hamas attacks to proceed unhindered, thus giving them the justification to attack, invade, occupy and potentially even annexe Gaza.

This 'conspiracy theory' sparked 'outrage' claimed the Mail.  How on earth could a state allow the massacre of its own citizens to justify a war?  Of course, this faux outrage takes place in the established world where us mugs are supposed to believe that the Americans did not do exactly the same thing in September 2001 and used those attacks to justify carnage across the Middle East that continues to this day.

Now bear in mind that the mainstream media is constantly involved in psychological warfare against its own consumers, lurching from one scare story to the next, often creating contradictions in the process.  Lo and behold, it was none other than the Daily Mail itself that was among many news outlets that alleged that Israel deliberately downplayed prior warnings of the Hamas attacks.  The following headline appeared online in November.

The Mail report is based on an actual news story from Israel itself, and so it is remarkably shortsighted that in the space of three months such a significant revelation has become a tinfoil-hatted conspiracy while still - at the time of writing - freely available on the Mail website.

The mass media are so invested in the arrogant belief that its consumers are so stupid they won't ask questions.  Question everything they tell you, because what they tell you is almost certainly not in your own interest.