Tuesday, 3 August 2021


This was the bizarre sight that greeted viewers of Farage on Monday evening.  Nigel's latest guest was none other than the former Labour mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.  "There hasn't been a scuffle in the corridor" explained the host as he introduced his battered guest, who bore all the hallmarks of having been punched in the face very recently.  Ken's explanation: his dog knocked him over.  Hmm.

During the interview Ken adopted a somewhat defensive posture when it was suggested that his politics were hard left: "I've never read Marx".  Hmm.

The full interview can be seen below.

Take note millennial leftists - this is how grown-up political opponents discuss things.


Despite all the grim forecasts from lockdown enthusiasts about the ending of restrictions in England, the data has gone in completely the opposite direction.  Instead of infections rising, the number of new cases has plummeted.  Don't just take our word for it, visit the official UK government dashboard.  A screen cap of Monday's update can be found below.

Keir Starmer described the ending of lockdown restrictions from July 19 as 'reckless', while SAGE scientists warned there would be '100,000 cases a day' within weeks.  Lockdown enthusiasts shrieked at the idea of freedom and normality, while the first ministers of Scotland and Wales confirmed they would cling on to restrictions such as face coverings, as would powerful left-wing mayors such as Burnham and Khan.  All their blushes have largely been spared because the mainstream media is in itself one huge pro-lockdown movement and asides from GB News, the decline in new cases has largely gone unreported.

But what about deaths and hospital admissions?  Recent increases in both are beginning to slow, but it's crucial to remember that deaths generally lag four weeks behind infection, so a significant decline in deaths would be expected in around another fortnight.  It's also worth noting the recent revelation that almost a quarter of hospital admissions are not through Covid, but are listed as Covid patients anyway after testing positive.  This is a devious manipulation of the statistics, but of course it is not the first time stats have been twisted and won't be the last.

Is the virus in its death throes?  Probably not, but the fact remains that infections have continued to fall a full two weeks after the end of the longest lockdown.  This does any argument for future lockdowns no favours whatsoever.


For a while we at BTLP laboured under the notion that there was no greater narcissist in the Parliamentary Labour Party than Jess Me Me Me Phillips.  Jess's great love for herself is not in doubt, but she overplayed herself by standing for the leadership last year.  Following that abortive car crash she took her deflated ego and crawled into a pit of shame, with barely a peep heard since.  Step forward Dawn Butler, who during the same leadership election appeared to accept her limitations by giving the deputy leadership a punt.  

Despite finishing fifth of five, Dawn's ego has grown and grown.  This was more than evident in the infamous police stop of August 2020.  Despite Butler being merely a passenger in the car, the incident became all about her and she embarked on a blitz of self-publicity, initially perpetuating the lie that she had been in the driver's seat (aided by Sky News).

In June she became the first sitting MP to join Cameo, a website that trades in personalised video messages from desperate celebs, mostly z-list actors whose careers have faltered.  Butler's Cameo page features an introductory message (ironically filmed in the passenger seat of a car) and the quip: "I am a serious MP with a serious sense of humour".  Good grief.

Dawn is not the first politician to join the site - users can also purchase cringeworthy messages from the likes of John Bercow (£85), Nigel Farage (£75) and Donald Trump Jr (£375).  Dawn's messages are not half as pricey, but sadly thus far she has not garnered much attention (she has one review compared to Farage's 484).  For someone whose lofty expenses have often found her in the news headlines, it should come as no surprise that Dawn Butler would be found on a site looking to squeeze more dollars out of the British public.  Despite being a London MP, she has claimed thousands from the taxpayer for a second home - as has her neighbouring MP Barry Gardiner.  Brent is less than ten miles from Westminster.

Ahead of the Batley and Spen by-election, which Labour were expected to lose, Butler again appeared to be up to her self-publicist tricks.  She was 'rumoured' to be planning a leadership challenge to Starmer in the event of a Labour defeat and was 'forced to deny' the reports.  It's a safe bet that the source of those rumours was Dawn herself, who was spotted swanning around the constituency with a camera crew in tow.

A camera crew was present again days later as Butler's ego was inflated to gigantic proportions with the presentation of a blue plaque on her childhood home.  However, the circus surrounding the unveiling was misleading, for this was not a traditional blue plaque designated by English Heritage.  No, this was a local initiative calling itself the 'Waltham Forest Heritage'.  Still, the plagiarism didn't seem to bother Dawn as she revelled in the attention, pinning her acceptance speech to the top of her Twitter feed.

The deceptive blue plaque on the bakery where Dawn Butler grew up

Last month she was back to self-publicist best when she orchestrated her own removal from Parliament by calling the Prime Minister a liar.  Despite the House of Commons being home to hundreds of routine liars, it is of supreme irony that members are not supposed to refer to each other in such a way, a fact that Dawn knew only too well prior to her speech.  After refusing to retract her statement she was ordered from the Commons by the deputy speaker and immediately retreated to her passenger seat to record a defiant message.  However, this was just the beginning.

Butler was in a film studio the very same day to provide a further statement on her ejection from the Commons.  It's almost as if the whole thing had been pre-planned.  The following day she wrote a piece for the Metro, spoke to James O'Brien on LBC Radio, started a petition and released another video statement.  In the days that followed she appeared on Owen Jones's podcast, made another two video statements and retweeted endless messages of support as comrades and journalists massaged her ego.  Recent Labour recruit John Bercow chimed in with a message of support and Remain group Led By Donkeys projected an image of the PM against the Houses of Parliament with a dedication to Butler.

The most absurd part of this story was the 'lie' on which Butler based her accusation.  Instead of taking apart a pandemic built on awful lies, including the demonstrably proven manipulation of statistics, Butler chose a relatively innocuous claim that Johnson had made about the link between infections, hospitalisations and deaths.  The link had not been 'severed', but 'weakened'.  Really, Dawn?  Is that the best you could come up with to justify your week-long exercise of naval-gazing?  You could have easily brought up the lie about the imposition of domestic vaccine passports, another proven lie that had been exposed earlier that very same week.  But no, rather than highlight a lie that could be seen as critical to the liberty-crushing restrictions that you have consistently voted in favour of throughout the pandemic, in your desperation you chose something that was probably with the best intentions not even a lie at all.  Pathetic.

Like Jess Phillips, Dawn Butler is a legend in her own mind.  Angela Rayner has a similar ego, but the key difference is that Rayner has already risen to loftier heights than either of these losers ever will and in the case of Dawn Butler, Rayner has done so in just a third of the time Butler has served as an MP.

Monday, 2 August 2021


In our seventh cartoon compilation we uncover the damp squib of 'Freedom Day', Johnson and co self-isolating, the 100th birthday of the CCP and Keir Starmer clinging on to his leadership following the Batley and Spen by-election  Watch below for those things and much more...

Sunday, 1 August 2021


A well shared photo over the weekend saw Laurence Fox head a superb line-up to trigger any leftist. The Fox was joined by his Reclaim colleague Calvin Robinson, Brexit hero Darren Grimes and Antifa nemesis Andy Ngo for a lunch meeting on Saturday.  

Ngo, Grimes, Robinson and Fox on Saturday

The topics for discussion are not clear, although Grimes recently tweeted that he had resigned from the Conservative Party over vaccine passports.  Is he about to join Fox and Robinson in the Reclaim Party?  Or was he merely there to take advantage of Andy Ngo's presence in the UK?  Ngo is currently holidaying here and any self-respecting critic of the far left would jump at the chance to meet the man who has singlehandedly done more damage to Anfifa/BLM than anyone.

Over the years Ngo has infiltrated Antifa and last year exposed the violent reality of what the media repeatedly dubbed 'peaceful protests' following the death of George Floyd.  He has been assaulted several times by far left thugs during the course of his work and has been subjected to numerous death threats.  His book Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy was a national bestseller in the US.

Both Grimes and Fox tweeted the above photo with the tag 'white supremacist lunch club', in reference to the clearly diverse nature of the club.  Ngo commented: "Gay, black, Asian white supremacists".

As Western society has become more diverse, so has conservatism.  This is a good thing as it makes a mockery of the left's persistent characterisation of the right as 'racist'.  The rise of President Trump alerted many to the reality of the broad church of Western conservatism.  Leftists looked away in horror and stuck their heads in the sand, but the roll-call of prominent MAGA-capped black conservatives was endless.  However, the likes of Candace Owens, Sheriff David Clarke, the Hodgetwins, Diamond & Silk, David J Harris, Terrence K Williams and Joel Patrick were conservatives long before Trump was elected.

The condescending left do not own or represent ethnic minorities.  In any case, the cultural backgrounds of many such communities are more naturally tilted towards conservative values, as opposed to the decadent, debauched surroundings of the modern left.  Together, we will beat the rise of the far left, but in the meantime we have bigger globalist fish to fry.

Saturday, 31 July 2021


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Ironically, Jimbob's account was taken down by the social media censors last
week and he is now operating from a back-up page with a much smaller following
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Friday, 30 July 2021


Far left Labour MP Apsana Begum has been acquitted on all three counts of housing fraud as her trial reached its conclusion on Friday.  The MP for Poplar and Limehouse was accused of making three fraudulent housing applications between 2013 and 2016, before she became an MP.  Much of her defence appears to have relied on her relationship with her husband, which it was said was 'controlling and coercive' and there were fears she may become the victim of 'honour violence'.

Begum's comrades in the Socialist Campaign Group were quick to congratulate her on the decision, including Burgon, Butler and Corbyn.  John McDonnell had even given her a personal character reference in court.  Many on the left criticised the decision of Tower Hamlets Council in bringing the prosecution, including Begum's comrade Grahame Morris who called it 'a malicious, politically motivated prosecution'.  That would be a strange accusation to throw around considering that Tower Hamlets is run by their own party, but perhaps this belies the deep divisions that course through Labour.  The current leader of the council is a centrist.

Following Begum's acquittal there was no comment from Labour leader Keir Starmer and a deafening silence from the moderates - not even Dave Lammy had anything to say.  This is a deeply divided party.

Apsana Begum pictured with far left colleague Claudia Webbe.  Webbe goes on trial
in September on a charge of harassment


There were five by-elections on Thursday with all five seats changing hands.  Labour lost two to the Tories and gained one from an independent.  The Tories gained two from Labour and lost two to the Lib Dems.

Pitsea North West, Basildon Borough Council

Con: 794 (56.5%) +14.8%
Lab: 430 (30.6%) -16.0%
BCRP: 82 (5.8%) -3.2%
LDem: 57 (4.1%) +1.4%
RefUK: 23 (1.6%) New
ForBrit: 19 (1.4%) New

Con GAIN from Lab

East Retford South, Bassetlaw District Council

Con: 493 (40.1%) +25.2%
Ind: 488 (39.7%) New
Lab: 247 (20.1%) -47.7%

Con GAIN from Lab

Knaresborough Scriven Park, Harrogate Borough Council

LDem: 635 (56.6%) +19.6%
Con: 384 (34.3%) -4.2%
Lab: 91 (8.1%) -16.4%
UKIP: 11 (1.0%) New

LDem GAIN from Con

Gaywood South, Norfolk County Council

LDem: 648 (39.3%) +28.0%
Lab: 561 (34.0%) -1.6%
Con: 378 (22.9%) -25.3%
Ind: 35 (2.1%) New
UKIP: 28 (1.7%) -3.2%

LDem GAIN from Con

Fellgate & Hedworth, South Tyneside Council

Lab: 850 (49.1%) +9.6%
Ind: 555 (32.0%) -15.8%
Con: 158 (9.1%) +4.7%
LDem: 125 (7.2%) -1.0%
Grn: 44 (2.5%) New

Lab GAIN from Ind


Con = Conservative
Lab = Labour
LDem = Liberal Democrat
BCRP = Basildon Community Residents Party
RefUK = Reform UK
ForBrit = For Britain
UKIP = UK Independence Party
Grn = Green
Ind = Independents

Thursday, 29 July 2021


Tory peer Lord Ashcroft will publish his unauthorised biography of Sir Keir Starmer next month and released a promo video earlier this week.  In Red Knight, Ashcroft suggests that Starmer's portrait of a working class upbringing is not entirely true, in particular his depiction of his father as a shop floor tool maker.  In actual fact, claims Ashcroft, his father owned the tool making business.

Starmer's ascent to establishment hierarchy should be well documented in this 368 page insight and Ashcroft promises more 'previously unknown details' about the Labour leader.

Click below for the promo video and you can pre-order the book here.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021


Following more than a year of failure, it appears to have finally dawned on the man of no substance that he really ought to try testing out some actual policies on the electorate.  Unfortunately for Keir Starmer, his new pledge on employment rights has coincided with news that his party is making permanent staff redundant and replacing them with temporary staff.  According to The Independent, the party is attempting to hide its 'fire and rehire' strategy by placing anonymous ads that do not mention the Labour Party by name.

It's dreadful timing for an already embattled leader.

Sunday, 25 July 2021


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One of Labour's most senior councillors has been ridiculed after she posted a pathetic virtue signalling selfie on Twitter announcing that she would continue masking up - even when she is on her own...

Cllr Perry represents St Peter's ward on Islington Borough Council, but also sits on the party's ruling National Executive Committee as a representative of thousands of Labour councillors across the country.  One of those who took issue with her statement was Mark Dolan of GB News - another anti-lockdown voice who has thankfully found his way onto the station's roster.  You can see his thoughts on Cllr Perry's absurd mask stance below.

Dolan is right about the political nature of continued mask-wearing.  One only has to look at this week's proceedings in the House of Commons, during which most Tory MPs abandoned social distancing and masks while on the opposite benches Labour and the SNP remained distanced and masked up.  Face muzzles are adored by the left - not because they represent an effective measure against the virus, but because they are a means of social control and oppression.  It is precisely why Labour has always supported this wretched Tory government when it comes to the repression of the British people throughout this pandemic.  It is also why masks and other restrictions are still mandated by the Labour government in Wales, the SNP in Scotland and Labour mayors in London and Manchester.