Thursday, 23 September 2021


Aaron Bastani and Siobhain McDonagh

Siobhain McDonagh is not a name that has filled these pages on a regular basis, her only mentions being among the lists of Brexit-blocking MPs during the 2019 impasse.  She has held the safe seat of Mitcham and Morden since 1997 and has spent almost her entire tenure as a backbencher, except for a brief period in which she served as John Reid's secretary and as an assistant whip.  A Blairite, she is not popular on the left.

During PMQs on Wednesday she tweeted the following cryptic message.

Two days earlier McDonagh had voiced support for Starmer's proposed changes to the rules for leadership elections, a move seen by many as an attempt to prevent the rise of another far left fruitcake like Corbyn.  Her explicit reference to the 2019 election triggered the fragile minds of the far left who took the jibe personally.  The likes of Aaron Boring Bastani piled in with personal attacks, while others picked over details such as the fact Corbyn's Labour received more votes in 2019 than the Labour led by Miliband, Brown and Blair in 2005.

They are a sensitive lot and McDonagh spent a couple of hours winding them up even further...

While it's always fun to see the far left ridiculed, that is not to say that we have any sympathies with the warmongering globalist Blairite cause - which is, arguably, even more dangerous.

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Sunday, 19 September 2021


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Friday, 17 September 2021


Mark Drakeford has confirmed that Wales will join Scotland in implementing domestic vaccine passports from next month.  However, unlike in Scotland (and England, when they are implemented as part of Johnson's 'Plan B'), unvaccinated people will still be able to attend nightclubs and large-scale events if they can show proof of a negative lateral flow test.  In order to do so they will still have to use the sinister NHS Covid app to obtain a 'Covid Pass'.

Drakeford bizarrely claimed during his three-weekly briefing on Friday this meant that Wales was not implementing vaccine passports, merely a Covid Pass.  He did so to try and assuage libertarian concerns, but it will fall on deaf ears as this new mandate remains a grave abuse of state power.  Furthermore, at no point during his 55 minute briefing did he say that the move would be 'temporary'.  He did admit that the vaccines do not prevent transmission - so what is the point of a vaccine passport if it is not merely a form of social control?

Vax passes are a slippery slope and we must oppose them in order to prevent a CCP-style social credit system for future generations.  Our ancestors did not die for this.

The fourth 'Worldwide Rally for Freedom' takes place on Saturday in cities around the world, in opposition to ongoing Covid tyranny.  Participating UK cities include London, Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol, Hull and Cardiff (see below).  For more information please click here.


Four council by-elections this week, all in England.  Labour held both seats they were defending, withstanding a strong Lib Dem challenge in Sheffield.  They had a woeful result in Middlesbrough, where the seat had been vacated by a councillor who was elected as Labour, but later resigned the party whip.  An independent took that seat as Labour slipped to third.

The Tories were defending a seat in Worcestershire where they had been elected unopposed in 2019.  They lost the seat to an independent.

Hobbayne, Ealing London Borough Council

Lab: 1,617 (52.2%) -6.9%
Con:: 865 (27.9%) +5.2%
Grn: 362 (11.7%) +6.5%
LDem: 207 (6.7%) -0.7%
TUSC: 48 (1.6%) New


Tenbury, Malvern Hills District Council

Ind: 481 (55.9%) New
Con: 269 (31.3%) elected unopposed
Lab: 78 (9.1%) New
LDem: 32 (3.7%) New

Ind GAIN from Con

Ladgate, Middlesbrough Council

Ind: 362 (34.8%) New
Con: 315 (30.3%) -9.8%
Lab: 226 (21.7%) -38.2%
Ind: 121 (11.6%) New
LDem: 14 (1.3%) New
Ind: 3 (0.3%) New

Ind GAIN from Ind

Firth Park, Sheffield City Council

Lab: 1,091 (40.2%) -16.5%
LDem: 1,050 (38.7%) +34.1%
Con: 258 (9.5%) -14.7%
Grn: 162 (6.0%) -3.8%
Ind: 155 (5.7%) +1.0%



Lab = Labour
Con = Conservative
Grn = Green
LDem = Liberal Democrat
TUSC = Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition
Ind = Independents


Labour frontbencher Wes Streeting has bemoaned the appointment of Nadhim Zarhawi as Education Secretary.  Streeting complained on Twitter that Zarhawi never went to a state school and is therefore not qualified to oversee the education of working class children.

Streeting's tweet is not entirely accurate as Zarhawi attended Holland Park comprehensive in London before he embarked on private education.  However, that's not the biggest problem with this tweet.

Streeting's aim is clearly to present the Tories as a bunch of privately educated toffs - which they mostly are - albeit two of the most recent Tory education secretaries were state educated (Justine Greening and Gavin Williamson).  When Labour were in government for 13 years they actually fielded less state educated ministers in this role than the Conservatives have in 11 years.  Just one of the seven education secretaries under New Labour was state educated.

Ed Balls - private school (Nottingham High School)
John Denham - the exception, he was educated at Woodroffe comprehensive in Dorset
Alan Johnson - grammar school (Sloane Grammar School in London)
Ruth Kelly - private school (Sutton High School)
Charles Clarke - private school (Highgate School)
Estelle Morris - grammar school (Whalley Range High School in Manchester)
David Blunkett - educated at special schools for the blind

If we go back further, to the Labour governments of Wilson and Callaghan, we find that only two of the six education secretaries were state educated.

For the record Labour's current education spokeswoman - Kate Green - was state educated.  In opposition Labour have filled the role of shadow education secretary with mostly state educated members, with the exception of Ed Balls and Tristram Hunt.  Perhaps the clue is in the name 'Tristram'.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021


There was no mention of the PM's winter Covid plan as Keir Starmer instead focused his attention on the end of the universal credit uplift (which was a temporary bonus for claimants during the pandemic).  Starmer also attacked an increase in national insurance contributions (that's right - we live in an age where the party of high taxes is attacking the party of low taxes on tax!)

It shouldn't really be a surprise to see Labour giving the government an easy ride on Covid restrictions, seeing as they have supported the measures throughout.  Labour has even indicated its full support for jabbing children with a Covid vaccine, Starmer himself proudly declaring that he would tell his 12 year old son to have it.  They are all complicit in the tragedies that will inevitably unfold.

Credit to Boris Johnson, he has not taken any time off following the death of his mother two days ago.  Watch below.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021


The Twitter mob have been trying to cancel the Prime Minister for two days solid.  The hashtag #BlockBorisJohnson was trending since Sunday, with users trying to deplete his following by blocking his account.

Shouldn't they just unfollow him?  In any case, it's been a spectacular fail as the PM's account has actually shown a net increase in followers since their desperate campaign started.

Johnson's Twitter following as of Sunday afternoon

Johnson's following as of Tuesday afternoon, showing an increase of over 700

We're no fans of comrade Johnson here, but anything that shows up the lefty cancel mob on Twitter is worth a shout out.


With your party conference just one week away it's not great timing to have one of your front benchers suddenly quit, but that's what happened to Keir Starmer today.  Marsha de Cordova (pictured) has stood down as shadow women and equalities secretary with immediate effect.  The Battersea MP says she wants to concentrate on constituency work in her Battersea marginal.

Control of Battersea has rebounded between Labour and the Tories since 1983.  De Cordova was elected in 2017 and currently has a majority of 5,688.  It appears that she is desperate to stay on the Westminster gravy train.

In response, Keir Starmer tweeted: "Thank you Marsha for your service and work highlighting the disproportionate impact Covid has had on Black, Asian, minority ethnic and disabled people. You've laid the foundations for a new Labour Race Equality Act to tackle structural inequalities which have existed for too long".  He has not announced a replacement at the time of writing.

Monday, 13 September 2021


Diane Abbott went south of the river on Friday night to indulge in the delights of south London's oldest gay bar.  Diane is 68 later this month and in her lovely polka dot frock she looked more than a little out of place among the scantily clad trannies.  However, those in her company were clearly in awe of her presence and two of them have since updated their Twitter profile pictures to show off their Diane selfies.  One of those was Ava Vidal, a left-wing comedian and supporter of Jeremy Corbyn.

Vidal also shared the following video, in which she interviews Diane on stage about the House of Commons.  Note the racist rhetoric about Parliament being 'overwhelmingly white' and serving 'roast beef and Yorkshire pudding'.

Vidal's joke at the end about jerk pork being an 'underhand way of being Islamophobic' will play really well with Labour's core Muslim voters, in addition to the decadent surroundings in which the exchange took place.

Finally, we couldn't help but notice the tweet of 'Jolene Dover' who describes himself as a 'drag diva'...

Should Joe be taking advice about shoes from Diane?


Bob Moran's depiction of Boris Johnson in this week's Sunday Telegraph

Big government, huge welfare, social control, tax rises, open borders - if a voter had travelled forward in time from December 2019 they'd be forgiven for assuming that Jeremy Corbyn had won the election.  The descent of Boris Johnson from libertarian to authoritarian has alarmed many on the right, a point raised by Alastair Stewart on GB News over the weekend.  The veteran broadcaster put it to Tory backbencher Steve Baker who claimed that Johnson had never actually been a 'small state conservative', highlighting his time in office as London mayor.  The MP agreed that the flight from freedom was very troubling.

Watch below.

Sunday, 12 September 2021


Canterbury's Labour MP has been trending on Twitter again after she reiterated her already well known views surrounding women's rights versus 'trans' rights.  Rosie Duffield doubled down on her feminist views in a lengthy Twitter thread that began with criticism of the Tory leader of Canterbury City Council.  Cllr Ben Fitter-Harding is gay and had taken offence at Duffield's feminist stance.  This was the trigger for Rosie to go on the defensive about her LGBT virtues, before reinforcing her feminist and supposedly 'transphobic' viewpoint...

Duffield continued...

Such 'controversial' views drew a predictable backlash from the militant trans lobby of non-binary genderfluid fruitcases.  So much so in fact, that according to the The Spectator, Duffield is set to miss this year's Labour conference due to concerns for her safety.

The suffragettes will be spinning in their graves.

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