Friday, 19 August 2022


Just two council seats were up for grabs this week - a Lib Dem defence in Cambridgeshire and a Conservative defence in Lancashire.  The Lib Dems easily held in Cambridge, increasing their majority in the Trumpington ward.  However, the Conservatives were shocked in Wyre, where an independent candidate came from nowhere to take the blue seat.  Labour also saw their share of the vote slump here.

Trumpington, Cambridge City Council

LDem: 1,017 (49.8%) +11.8%
Lab: 472 (23.1%) -4.5%
Grn: 298 (14.6%) -3.1%
Con: 256 (12.5%) -4.2%


Preesall, Wyre Council

Ind: 595 (39.5%) New
Con: 495 (32.8%) -29.9%
Lab: 315 (20.9%) -16.4%
Ind: 102 (6.8%) New

Ind GAIN from Con

Tuesday, 16 August 2022


Neil returns to action in his latest monologue and begins by exploring the falsehood that the state is 'essentially benevolent and well-meaning', a concept that he adhered to himself for most of his life.  "I was as gullible as the next chump" he says, in words that could easily be attributed to us here at BTLP two years ago.  There follows some of his finest analogies, too many to list here.

Speaking about the net zero agenda, Neil says it's time people 'treated themselves' to the 'understanding that the powers that be fully intend that we should have less heat and less fuel'.  "If the way of life they preach at us was worth living wouldn't they be living it already?" he asks, pointing out that celebs and politicians promoting net zero are happy to jet-set around the world in their private jets and live the highest quality of life possible.

"The stink of corruption is everywhere... open your eyes and see".

Click below for Mr Oliver's full ten minute and 44 second demolition of the globalist agenda...

Monday, 15 August 2022


75 years ago the end of the British Raj triggered the independence of both India and Pakistan.  While some Labour politicians were largely silent about the former, many of them wallowed in the celebration of the latter.  Sadiq Khan tweeted or retweeted about Pakistan no less than ten times on Sunday.  No great surprise there really, but it was Starmer's tweet that was seen as a slap in the face for a generation of British girls.  "Britain's a far richer country for the contribution of the British Pakistani community" he crowed.  Thousands of victims of Pakistani grooming gangs up and down the country may beg to differ about their 'contribution'...

Needless to say, Starmer's tweet was not well received.  "How exactly has Britain grown richer from the Pakistani diaspora to the UK?" asked Mark Cropper, "I see people who remain separate, who reject British culture and adhere to the depraved morals of the Third World."  Alan Quinn wrote: "Rape gangs, hordes of thugs, honour killings in their own families, female genital mutilation, animal cruelty, Sharia law, disrespect for British laws, forcing cinemas to close, no women's rights?"

The Labour leader did not mention the independence of India on his Twitter timeline.

Starmer may be prepared to stand in front of a Union flag these days, but make no mistake - he and his party are no friends of Britain.

Saturday, 13 August 2022


Three council contests this week - two Conservative defences and one Labour defence.  The Tories held in Spelthorne (Surrey) and Wychavon (Worcestershire).  In the latter the Tory incumbent was previously elected unopposed.  UKIP and Labour were absent in Spelthorne this time, but the Conservatives still managed to increase their vote share.

Meanwhile, Labour lost to an independent in Bridgend.

Bridgend Central, Bridgend County Borough Council

Ind: 716 (46.8%) +2.1%
Lab: 590 (38.6%) -4.3%
Con: 150 (9.8%) -2.7%
Grn: 40 (2.6%) New
LDem: 34 (2.2%) New

Ind GAIN from Lab

Laleham & Shepperton Green, Spelthorne Borough Council

Con: 810 (55.5%) +3.8%
LDem: 578 (39.6%) +16.0%
TUSC: 71 (4.9%) New


Dodderhill, Wychavon District Council

Con: 199 (46.8%)
Grn: 176 (41.4%)
LDem: 32 (11.8%)



Lab = Labour
Con = Conservative
Grn = Green
LDem = Liberal Democrat
TUSC = Trade Union and Socialist Coalition
Ind = Independents

Thursday, 11 August 2022


Olympic swimmer Tom Daley has been roundly mocked for his bizarre assertion that the root cause of homophobia in Commonwealth countries is British colonialism.  Historians were quick to point out the absurdity of his theory, including those from Commonwealth backgrounds.  Dr Zareer Masani wrote: "I can assure [Daley] that male homosexuality in India carried penalties under both Hindu and Sharia Islamic law long before the British Raj."  Another, Professor Robert Tombs wrote: "The BBC, through Daley, has yet to visit Saudi Arabia or Iran - neither of which were colonised - to complain that homophobia there is 'a legacy of Islam'."

Therein lies the problem.  Daley is just a symptom of the wider left narrative that dictates only white people, usually white men, are to blame for everything bad in the world today.  At one point during the documentary Tom reacts to the separate issue of slavery: "It honestly makes me feel sick to be British."  Such a statement is a typical response from someone who has bought into woke ideology, which routinely seeks to undermine Western civilisation with the ultimate aim of destroying it and replacing it with communism.

Of course he may just be dumb enough to be totally unaware of Britain's role in abolishing slavery and his BBC handlers were certainly not going to fill him in on it.

From critical race theory to the toppling of statues, we are witnessing an all-out assault on Britain, her history and those of us who are ethnically British.  While schools and universities indoctrinate our youngsters into a lifetime of shame and serfdom, the BBC and Hollywood pumps the same propaganda into their heads outside the classroom.

Never be ashamed of who you are.

Monday, 8 August 2022


"It may be warm outside, but there's a chilling red wind coming" warns Emily Carver as she stands in for Neil Oliver again.  And the red sails of communism are coming down the track thanks to our very own fake conservative party.  The crazed socialist policies of lockdowns and handouts have led us directly into recession and into the arms of the baying left, who naturally argue that capitalism is to blame!  Never forget that we are where are, not just because of Johnson, but because he was so eagerly supported by his opposite number Sir Squeaky at every turn.  Starmer is as much to blame as Johnson, but the Tories will carry the can because they were at the helm of the ship.

One can argue that Starmer backed Covid measures because they smacked of the nanny state that Labour embrace.  Or, insidiously, he knew they would destroy everything and make him Prime Minister at the next election.  Either way, he is complicit.

Click below for Emily's five minute monologue.

Friday, 5 August 2022


Just one by-election to report this week, an easy hold for Labour in Luton.  There was also a by-election in the Shetlands, but this was an all-independent contest.

Dallow, Luton Borough Council

Lab: 1,486 (53.6%) -12.9%,
LDem: 1,076 (38.8%) New
Con: 154 (5.6%) -7.6%
Ind: 58 (2.1%) -18.3%


Wednesday, 3 August 2022


As you might expect, much of last month's edition is taken up by Johnson's demise and the various campaigns to succeed him.  However, there is much more to get through - including the 'woke intermission', Starmer's union troubles, the Dutch uprising, Hunter's latest debauched antics, the heatwave, the climate scam, the 'liberal world order', Sleepy Joe's repeat Covid, jabs for babies and more!

Click below or watch on YouTube.

Tuesday, 2 August 2022


Neil Oliver was away last week, so conservative commentator Emily Carver stepped in to fill his GB News slot.  Her monologue was much shorter than what we're used to, but it didn't lack in impact.  Carver painted a dark picture of what might happen this winter when bills rise sharply again.  Thus far, there are few signs that the apathy of the British is at any risk at all, despite millions feeling the pinch already.  Emily lends her view on the solutions proposed by three potential leaders - Truss, Sunak and Starmer.

The key to fending off widespread poverty is undoubtedly linked to a break with the crazed net zero targets of the globalists and the left, a bandwagon that current PM Carrie Johnson happily nudged her husband onto.  "We have the resources under our feet, why aren't we digging them out?" asks Carver.  Indeed.

For Emily's full five minute piece to camera, click below.

Friday, 29 July 2022


Just the two council by-elections this week - a Conservative and Labour defence apiece.  Both held.

A Green absence in Colchester bizarrely increased the Tory lead, with Labour falling further behind and the the Lib Dems failing to gain.

In North East Derbyshire the absence of an independent candidate aided everybody apart from the Lib Dems.  This week's results suggest the 'progressive alliance' could be in a spot of bother...

Lexden & Braiswick, Colchester Borough Council

Con: 1,372 (63.7%) +11.8%
LDem: 621 (28.8%) +6.6%
Lab: 161 (7.5%) -7.4%


Pilsley & Morton, North East Derbyshire District Council

Lab: 806 (65.9%) +34.6%
Con: 361 (29.5%) +14.4%
Grn: 34 (2.8%) New
LDem: 22 (1.8%) -8.9


Wednesday, 27 July 2022


Sam Tarry (far right) on the RMT picket line on Wednesday

Keir Starmer has sacked a member of his frontbench after he appeared on the RMT picket line on Wednesday morning.  Ilford South MP Sam Tarry was a shadow transport minister until this afternoon when the Labour leader swung into action.  To further complicate the strained relationship between Keir and his deputy Angela Rayner, Tarry just happens to be the lover of the latter.  Both are married, but their relationship has been common knowledge since January.

Tarry was unrepentant following news of his dismissal and he earlier told Channel 4 that he was perfectly OK with it because he 'was on the right side of history'.  His lover has been publicly silent about his firing, so we can only speculate as to what's now going on behind closed doors at their London nest.  What we do know is that Sam's comrades in the Socialist Campaign Group have swung behind him with their support...

Starmer knows he should be capitalising on the current chaos in government, but his picket line in the sand is inviting division in his own political backyard.  A difficult summer lies ahead for Sir Squeaky.


Labour backbencher Stella Creasy has captured the limelight once again with a stomach-churning tweet.  On Monday evening she posted a series of pictures to her Twitter account appearing to show her toddler being exposed to a 'drag queen'.  This was during a 'drag queen story hour' that took place in her Walthamstow constituency.  Such practices are inspired by similar events that have taken place in the US over the last few years.  Fellow Labour MP Nadia Whittome responded: "This is so wholesome".

So there we have it - exposing young children to such depravity is considered by the left to be 'wholesome'.

Of course this should come as no great surprise to anyone who follows the West's descent into debauchery.  On Friday the Stonewall organisation tweeted an article by the Metro in which an anonymous correspondent writes about her four-year-old daughter - who apparently insists that she's a boy.  The author eventually explains that she is a 'trans man' and complains that the nursery school to which she sends her child does not respect her daughter's self-identity and that trans ideology should be taught in 'every school'.  It's surely no coincidence that the daughter of a 'trans man' also insists that she is a male.

This is what we call grooming.

Stonewall not only agreed with this anonymous individual, but they referred to 'research' that suggested two-year-olds can 'recognise their trans identity'.  Hmm.  At two years of age toddlers are still learning to speak and learn not to shit in their pants, but here is a taxpayer-funded organisation claiming that they can embrace gender-bending ideology.

Why does Stonewall want to teach toddlers about trans ideology?

This is what's called grooming.

According to a freedom of information request obtained by the Taxpayers' Alliance last year, Stonewall is funded to the tune of over one million pounds each year by 327 public bodies - including the UK Foreign Office, the governments of Scotland and Wales, the National Lottery, Comic Relief, 86 universities and 58 health service organisations.

Surely now this organisation must be defunded?  To do otherwise can only be an expression of support for its twisted aims.

Perhaps Liz Truss can be pushed about her department's funding of Stonewall at forthcoming leadership hustings?  As for Stella Creasy, Whittome, Starmer and co, we know where their bread is buttered, but how will their Muslim constituents feel about this direction of travel?

If there is anything remotely positive about Creasy's tweet, it is the absence of other children in the photos.  Would it be too much to hope that she was alone in dragging her toddler to this event?  The event was advertised by the William Morris Gallery as a 'family event' with free admittance.  They have not published any further details about it since it took place.  Please note that the Twitter account tagged by Stella Creasy in her tweet is not the Twitter account of the William Morris Gallery, but an independent black artist based in Pittsburgh.  This is an error on her part, the real William Morris account can be found here.

Tuesday, 26 July 2022


Kri Starmer confronted by Corbynista protestor (picture Skwawkbox)

You won't have seen it on broadcast media, but Keir Starmer was not exactly universally welcomed in Liverpool on Monday.  While the MSM focused in on his big speech, nothing was said about any protests and a subsequent confrontation with a far left activist.  Starmer was reportedly snuck into the venue for his main speech to avoid left-wing demonstrators outside.  Following the speech, the Labour leader and his team had gone to a cafe in the city, but local activists got wind of this and picketed the establishment.  A 71-year-old Corbynista called Audrey White then confronted Starmer as he sat at his table.

White had two main beefs with Starmer and began by attacking his collaboration with The Sun, a newspaper that remains a touchy subject in Liverpool more than three decades on from its controversial coverage of the Hillsborough disaster.  She then accuses Starmer of betraying the 'Corbyn legacy' and says: "We may as well have a Tory if we a person like you, who lies to the party".  A man then intervenes and attempts to usher her away, while Starmer continues to look on nervously without saying a word.

It's incredibly damaging footage and led to the hashtag #StarmerOut trending briefly on Twitter.  However, there was nothing to be seen of it on broadcast media.

Click below for the video.

Monday, 25 July 2022


"When the world is remade, it won't be for us, the many.  It will be for the few."  People on the left like Jeremy Corbyn would argue that is already the case, but right now the masses are still exercising diminishing freedoms that will soon be extinguished by the few - those globalists at whom Neil Oliver takes a giant swipe at in his latest searing monologue.

Neil asks the questions of Bill Gates that the rest of the media would not dare.  Why is it that a man who is not a farmer is buying up hundreds of thousands of square acres of US farmland?  It is undoubtedly the same reason that the Dutch government is currently trying to put as many of its farmers out of business as possible.  It's a globalist land grab.

Ever the historian, Neil makes a connection with what is happening now by delving into the past.  The Soviets did the same thing - and it resulted in famine.  It will be no different now, except that our overlords intend to humiliate those who survive by feeding us bugs and artificial meat.  As we've said before - those who are doing this will continue to dine on the finest steak and salmon, while we eat crickets and plant-based goop.

Click below for Neil Oliver's monologue in full.

Saturday, 23 July 2022


Barry Sheerman is no spring chicken, that's for sure.  81 years of age, he is Labour's longest continuously serving MP, elected for Huddersfield East in 1979.  Like most MPs, Barry has a Twitter page, from which he often appears to tweet before putting his brain in gear.  That is assuming Barry still has a brain.

In his latest daft tweet Barry took aim at the Tory leadership contest.

It didn't take long for Twitter users to raise the spectre of Gordon Brown.  In 2007 - midway through the parliament, as we are now - Tony Blair resigned.  However, unlike the current Tory leadership contest - in which two candidates will face a members' vote - Blair's successor was appointed unopposed.  Gordon Brown did not even face a members' vote.

Twitter user Rob Gudgeon noted: "Did you complain similarly when Gordon Brown was slotted into No.10?  If not, perhaps you should keep quiet now?"

James Declearagh wrote: "Our Barry of course also demanded on a regular basis that Gordon Brown call an election in the weeks and months following his ascension to PM!  He did, didn’t he?"

No, of course he didn't.

This was such an obvious own goal from Barry, one wonders if he is suffering from memory loss or just plain stupidity.  Given some of his previous tweets, the latter is strongly suspected.  In March he tweeted that Britain should put boots on the ground in Ukraine, bringing our country into direct conflict with Russia.  In August 2020 he made two blatantly anti-Semitic tweets for which he later had to issue multiple apologies.

We'll leave the last word to Barry's former leader, who sums up Mr Sheerman by way of a hand gesture...

Friday, 22 July 2022


Four by-elections this week, all triggered by the deaths of the incumbents.  None of the seats changed hands, albeit there were three very close fought battles in Lancaster, Staffordshire and Warwickshire.  In Lancaster, Labour held off a Lib Dem surge by 76 votes.  The Lib Dems were aided by the absence of both independent and Green candidates.

The Greens were also absent in North Warwickshire, which helped Labour close the gap on the Conservatives to just 44 votes.  In South Staffordshire, the Tories were defending a seat they had previously won unopposed.  This time they were up against candidates from Labour and the Lib Dems.  It was the latter who surged into second, finishing just ten votes behind the victorious Tory candidate.

In the other contest, an independent group in Basildon successfully defended the Nethermayne seat with ease.  This by-election saw a rare electoral outing for Reform UK, who finished last.

Nethermayne, Basildon Borough Council

Ind: 909 (62.7%) -10.4%
Con: 233 (16.1%) +8.9%
Lab: 169 (11.7%) -0.2%
LDem: 102 (7.0%) +3.8%
RefUK: 37 (2.6%) New


Harbour, Lancaster City Council

Lab: 555 (47.9%) +3.8%
LDem: 479 (41.4%) New
Con: 124 (10.7%) -1.6%


Hartshill, North Warwickshire Borough Council

Con: 351 (53.3%) +4.7%
Lab: 307 (46.7%) +11.9%


Penkridge North East & Acton Trussell, South Staffordshire District Council

(Con elected unopposed in 2019)

Con: 388 (47.8%)
LDem: 378 (46.6%)
Lab: 45 (5.5%)


Thursday, 21 July 2022


Boris Johnson's final PMQs took place on Wednesday.  In a lively final exchange with Keir Starmer, the outgoing PM labelled him a 'pointless plastic bollard'.  Watch the full session below.

The House of Commons is now in summer recess and PMQs will return in September.

Monday, 18 July 2022


Angela Rayner has followed in the footsteps of her colleagues Dave Lammy, Rachel Reeves and Wes Streeting by presenting a radio show on LBC.  One of the callers was a trans individual who complained that trans people were being 'used as a political football' by Tory leadership candidates.  There followed a political broadcast by Rayner as she bent over backwards to present Labour's trans credentials, albeit she didn't comment on the caller's criticism of her Labour colleagues Rosie Duffield and Rachel Reeves, who the nut-job described as 'transphobic'.

"Transgender women's rights are women's rights" declared Rayner with a straight face.  Click below for the clip.

During her show Angela failed to explain why she had taken on a second job given her previous opposition to MPs taking on additional work.  Here's a tweet from 2015 before she was elected to Parliament.

That tweet appears to have since been deleted.  More recently she tweeted the following.

When she discussed Labour's proposed ban on second jobs in a BBC interview she used the case of her colleague, NHS doctor Rosena Allin-Khan, as an example of such an exemption.  Education was another exemption, but alas the role of radio host was not on the list.

Just like her comrades Lammy, Reeves and Streeting, Rayner is hereby found guilty of rank hypocrisy.

Sunday, 17 July 2022


The Tory leadership election comes under the spotlight in Neil's latest monologue.  He likens it to a TV soap or a pantomime, except none of the performers appear to be any good and they all follow a similar script.  Where is the candidate who will admit that the lockdowns, Covid passes and vaccines failed to prevent anything?  Where is the candidate who will speak out against net zero and Agenda 2030?  Where is the candidate who will admit that hot weather is symptomatic of summer - not climate change?

The sad truth is that at least four of the five candidates are already strongly tainted by the globalist agenda.  Sunak and Truss have strong links to Davos and the World Economic Forum.  Mordaunt is friends with Bill Gates and Tugendhat has been invited to the last two Bilderberg gatherings.

"Governments exist to do what we tell them, not the other way around", Neil muses as his final thought.  The likelihood is that the result of this election will merely deliver more of the nanny state that Johnson subjected us to.  The Conservative party is no longer conservative.

Click below for the full nine minutes.


Last week we received an email from Twitter informing us that BTLP was to be sanctioned for 'violating Twitter rules'.  This was the first ever such message from Twitter.  The email declared that our account had been 'locked' because we had 'spread misleading and potentially harmful information relating to Covid-19'.  The 'crime' in question was a tweet by Richey in response to a user who had claimed that people not wearing masks and getting jabs were 'lengthening this shit', by which he meant the pandemic.  Richey merely pointed out that many people were suffering devastating and often fatal side effects from the Covid vaccines, something which can be demonstrably proven.  Twitter deleted the tweet.

However, despite the warning that our account had been 'locked', both of us had no issues accessing it.  In fact, following a prolific week from Richey and some excellent memes by Karl, we have gained around fifty followers in the days following the supposed ban.

Obviously there will be more such messages to come and we would hastily urge people to join free speech networks Gab and GETTR.  The truth about lockdowns and vaccine injuries must be told!


Due to a number of complications behind the scenes, we have decided to discontinue The Week in Cartoons for the foreseeable future.  However, we will continue to produce a retrospective Month in Cartoons video that will feature all the best cartoons from each month.

Thanks for your continued support.

Friday, 15 July 2022


Eight council seats up for grabs this week - five Labour defences, two Conservative and one Lib Dem.  Labour held all five of their seats and also took one from the Tories in Breckland, Norfolk.  They gained the seat with a small swing and the narrow margin of just 15 votes.

The Conservative vote share was down in all but two of the contests, but they managed to hold a safe seat in Warwickshire despite a Lib Dem surge there.  There was only one absence on Thursday - the Green Party did not contest Binley and Willenhall, Coventry.

Labour's victorious candidate in Coventry, Cllr Seyi Agboola, with MP Zarah
Sultana standing on his right

Thetford Boudica, Breckland Council

Lab: 398 (51.0%) +4.7%
Con: 383 (49.0%) -4.7%

Lab GAIN from Con

Binley & Willenhall, Coventry City Council

Lab: 934 (36.2%) -5.1%
Con: 765 (29.6%) +0.7%
CCP: 746 (28.9%) +9.6%
ADF: 91 (3.5%) +0.1%
TUSC: 46 (1.8%) New


Overton, Hyndburn Borough Council

Lab: 773 (52.2%) +5.9%
Con: 600 (40.5%) -0.5%
Ind: 71 (4.8%) New
RefUK: 36 (2.4%) -10.2%


Camperdown, North Tyneside Council

Lab: 873 (59.0%) -8.8%
Con: 388 (26.2%) -5.9%
LDem: 124 (8.4%) New
Grn: 58 (3.9%) New
UKIP: 36 (2.4%) New


Brympton, South Somerset District Council

LDem: 582 (58.6%) +4.5%
Con: 251 (25.3%) -11.3%
Grn: 71 (7.1%) New
Lab: 61 (6.1%) -3.2%
Ind: 29 (2.9%) New


Tooting Broadway, Wandsworth London Borough Council

Lab: 1,429 (62.2%) +1.6%
Con: 491 (21.4%) +2.8%
Grn: 285 (12.4%) -2.5%
LDem: 94 (4.1%) -2.0%


Arden, Warwickshire County Council

Con: 1,609 (59.3%) -14.7%
LDem: 854 (31.5%) +24.3%
Lab: 251 (9.2%) -0.8%


Liscard, Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

Lab: 1,304 (64.8%) +7.9%
Con: 370 (18.4%) -7.8%
Grn: 172 (8.5%) +0.4%
LDem: 167 (8.3%) +1.7%



Lab = Labour
Con = Conservative
CCP = Coventry Citizens Party
ADF = Alliance for Democracy and Freedom
TUSC = Trade Union and Socialist Coalition
RefUK = Reform UK
LDem = Liberal Democrat
Grn = Green
UKIP = UK Independence Party
Ind = Independents

Wednesday, 13 July 2022


This week's PMQs was a fiery exchange and, it's fair to say, not the Speaker's greatest session.  The moment the Boris Johnson stood up there were chaotic scenes in the chamber, eventually leading to the ejection of two Alba MPs.  A clearly rattled Lindsay Hoyle struggled to regain control, his voice breaking as he tried to shout down various MPs.

Monday, 11 July 2022


Neil tackles the Tory leadership contest in his latest monologue, declaring that the downfall of Boris Johnson had more to do with the mass media than any democratic act.  The disgraceful reactions from Tory bigwig Remainers such as Major and Heseltine only reinforced the establishment's clear disdain for democracy.  And not surprisingly, many of the Tory ministers who sought to jettison Johnson are now standing to replace him.  They all stood behind disastrous pandemic policies and for that reason our libertarian hero rates none of them.  They present nothing more than the 'change of drivers on a train', says Oliver.  And that train is heading towards a net zero, bug eating, travel nowhere, own nothing, social credited dystopian future.

Opposition to the Great Reset forms the second half of Neil's monologue.  As he says, if recent events in the Netherlands, Italy, Sri Lanka, Albania and elsewhere are anything to go by, people are not exactly happy to have their livelihoods and property stripped away.  Klaus Schwab's 'fourth industrial revolution' is clearly not going to be universally embraced - to say the least!

Click below for the full video.

Friday, 8 July 2022


Eight council seats were up for grabs this week with most of the action taking place in London and the south-east of England.  Labour were defending five, the Conservatives one and a residents association one.  The eighth seat was free-for-all in Epsom.

It was a mixed night for Labour.  They held four of the five defences and won the Epsom free-for-all.  However, they had a rough night in London, slipping to third place as the Lib Dems defeated them in Camden.  Their share of the vote also plummeted in Hackney, where they only just managed to hold off the Greens by 27 votes.

The Tories lost their defence in Mole Valley to the Greens and were also overtaken by the Lib Dems.  There was no evidence of the 'progressive alliance' in any of this week's contests.  In Chesterfield there were no Lib Dem or Tory candidates this time.  The only other absentee was UKIP in Mole Valley.

Hampstead Town, Camden London Borough Council

LDem: 919 (40.9%) +18.6%
Con: 620 (27.6%) -12.3%
Lab: 559 (24.9%) -12.9%
Grn: 104 (4.6%) New
Ind: 44 (2.0%) New
NHP: 1 (0.0%) New

LDem GAIN from Lab

Hollingwood & Inkersall, Chesterfield Borough Council

Lab: 747 (48.5%) +15.2%
Ind: 676 (43.9%) -9.1%
Grn: 118 (7.7%) New

Lab GAIN from Ind

West Ewell, Epsom and Ewell Borough Council

RA: 549 (43.4%) -35.3%
Lab: 395 (31.2%) +19.1%
Con: 205 (16.2%) +7.0%
LDem: 117 (9.2%) New


De Beauvoir, Hackney London Borough Council

Lab: 758 (41.8%) -15.5%
Grn: 731 (40.3%) +18.3%
LDem: 133 (7.3%) -5.0%
Ind: 83 (4.6%) -3.8%
Con: 82 (4.5%) New
WEP: 27 (1.5%) New


Woughton & Fishermead, Milton Keynes Council

Lab: 1,355 (73.3%) +3.4%
Con: 340 (18.4%) -1.8%
LDem: 154 (8.3%) -1.6%


Charlwood, Mole Valley District Council

Grn: 284 (41.7%) +13.6%
LDem: 210 (30.8%) +19.5%
Con: 166 (24.4%) -22.0%
Lab: 40 (3.1%) New

Grn GAIN from Con

Hatfield Central, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

Lab: 599 (53.5%) +8.4%
Con: 273 (24.7%) -9.0%
LDem: 183 (16.3%) -4.9%
ATV: 61 (5.4%) New


Worthing West, West Sussex County Council

Lab: 1,262 (52.0%) +5.7%
Con: 795 (32.8%) -6.4%
LDem: 235 (9.7%) +5.3%
Grn: 133 (5.5%) -1.8%



LDem = Liberal Democrat
Con = Conservative
Lab = Labour
Grn = Green
NHP = National Housing Party
RA = Residents Association
WEP = Women's Equality Party
ATV = Abolish The TV Licence
Ind = Independents

Thursday, 7 July 2022


Tony Blair's right hand man flunked out of a TV debate last night after being challenged about 'truth in politics'.  Appearing on Piers Morgan's Talk TV show, Alastair Campbell was involved in a fiery exchange with conservative author and commentator Douglas Murray.  Murray took umbrage with Campbell's criticism of the PM, in particular his much spouted views about Boris Johnson's 'moral compass'.  After the bickering pair were finally brought back under control, Murray delivered this damning verdict: "Most people remember Alastair Campbell's career, most people recognise him as being more responsible than anyone in our lifetimes for degrading the idea of truth in politics.  Most people in Britain want to hear Alastair Campbell talking about truth about as much as they want to hear Jeffrey Epstein about the age of consent.  The idea that Alastair Campbell is any kind of expert on truth or decency is absolutely laughable."

Campbell was furious and again tried to talk over Murray.  In responding, Campbell labelled Murray a 'right-wing non-entity' to which his opponent broke into laughter.  Murray then repeatedly taunted Campbell about Dr David Kelly.  On the third mention of Kelly's name, Campbell decided to cut and run, claiming that he had been misled about Murray's presence.  Murray continued to mock him as he hung up, beaming with a wide grin.

Click below for the clip (WARNING: Clip also contains Piers Morgan).

Staunch Remainer Campbell has had it in for Boris Johnson since the EU referendum and has ramped up his anti-Boris rhetoric since he became PM.  On Thursday morning he was again ripping into Johnson on his Twitter profile, accusing him of 'trashing and debasing the highest office in the land'.

As Douglas Murray quite rightly points out - that's a bit rich coming from a war mongerer like Campbell.

Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Monday, 4 July 2022


Klaus Schwab's communist utopia will not work, says Neil Oliver.  It may work for the likes of Schwab, Blair, Clinton and Gates, but we already see evidence that it is unravelling before they can fully assert their wicked plan.  However, Neil does not embark on a tale of Dutch farmers and Canadian truckers, but instead proceeds to expose the hypocrisy of the so-called 'progressives' who enable the likes of Schwab.  The response to the overturning of Roe vs Wade in the US is a case in point.

In another blistering ten minute piece to camera, Neil also discusses the sniggering of Trudeau and Johnson over who had the smaller private plane, the woke and the worthy at Glastonbury and the billions of US dollars and British sterling blown on Ukraine while people across the West get poorer and poorer.

Click below for the monologue in full.

Sunday, 3 July 2022

Friday, 1 July 2022


Ten local elections this week - five Conservative defences, two Labour defences and three open contests.  Two of those free-for-alls came in the Outer Hebrides, where two seats were up for grabs following boundary changes.  The council authority used to be called the Western Isles Council, but this was replaced in 1997 with its Gaelic name - Na h-Eileanan Siar - making it the only council authority in the UK with a Gaelic name.  Both contests were dominated and won by independents.  Please note that Scotland uses a form of proportional representation ie. the single transferable vote.

The other free-for-all was a gain for Labour as they took a seat in Middlesbrough previously held by an independent.

It was another difficult night for the Tories as they lost three of the five seats they were defending - two to the Lib Dems (Bernwood and Bridlington North) and one to Labour (Midway).  Labour held both seats they were defending.

Absences this week were UKIP (Bridlington North, Midway), the Liberal Party (Fazakerley), the Conservatives (Fazakerley) and three independents in Bridlington North.

Bernwood, Buckinghamshire County Council

LDem: 1,158 (38.7%) +21.4%
Grn: 1,030 (34.4%) -3.9%
Con: 723 (24.1%) -9.8%
Lab: 85 (2.8%) -7.7%

LDem GAIN from Con

Barraigh agus Bhatarsaigh, Na h-Eileanan Siar

(first preference votes)

Ind: 189 (49.3%)
Ind: 181 (47.3%)
Ind: 13 (3.4%)

Ind GAIN (elected at stage 2)

Sgìr’ Ùige agus Càrlabhagh, Na h-Eileanan Siar

(first preference votes)

Ind: 222 (35.4%)
LDem: 128 (20.4%)
Ind: 113 (18%)
SNP: 96 (15.3%)
Grn: 57 (9.1%)
Ind: 11 (1.8%)
Ind: 1 (0.2%)

Ind GAIN (elected at stage 6)

South Croydon, Croydon London Borough Council

Con: 1,306 (42.9%) +2.9%
Lab: 821 (27.0%) -2.1%
LDem: 448 (14.7%) +0.6%
Grn: 269 (8.8%) -5.5%
Ind: 158 (5.2%) New
UKIP: 25 (0.8%) -1.6%
Ind: 18 (0.6%) New


Bridlington North, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

LDem: 1,950 (57.1%) +16.8%
Con: 1,077 (31.5%) +6.4%
Lab: 171 (5.0%) -4.7%
SDP: 125 (3.7%) New
Yorks: 93 (2.7%) -8.0%

LDem GAIN from Con

Fazakerley, Liverpool City Council

Lab: 1,365 (57.5%) -25.6%
Ind: 638 (26.9%) New
LDem: 290 (12.2%) +8.2%
Grn: 79 (3.3%) -1.0%


Berwick Hills & Pallister, Middlesbrough Council

Lab: 361 (56.8%) +26.5%
Ind: 204 (32.1%) New
Con: 53 (8.3%) +2.8%
LDem: 11 (1.7%) New
Grn: 7 (1.1%) New

Lab GAIN from Ind

Ollerton, Newark & Sherwood District Council

Lab: 962 (64.9%) +0.6%
Con: 395 26.7%) -9.0%
Ind: 125 (8.4%) New


Midway, South Derbyshire District Council

Lab: 600 (52.6%) +14.8%
Con: 540 (47.4%) +9.1%

Lab GAIN from Con

Cleveleys Park, Wyre Borough Council

Con: 721 (53.7%) -9.0%
Lab: 621 (46.3%) +9.0%



LDem = Liberal Democrat
Grn = Green
Con =  Conservative
Lab = Labour
SNP = Scottish National Party
UKIP = United Kingdom Independence Party
SDP = Social Democratic Party
Yorks = Yorkshire
Ind = Independence

Thursday, 30 June 2022


On Wednesday neither Boris Johnson or Keir Starmer were at PMQs, so as is customary their deputies stood in for them.  With Angela Rayner at the helm for Labour it was perhaps inevitable that something dramatic might happen.  And deputy PMQs didn't disappoint with lively exchanges between Rayner and Dominic Raab.

A few minutes in Raab was responding to Rayner when he gave a cheeky wink towards the Labour front bench.  The moment drove woke Twitter into meltdown as leftists immediately took the moral high ground and accused him of misogyny, sexism and 'toxic masculinity' towards Rayner.  Labour's Toby Perkins was among those who took umbrage...

Of course Ange made it all about her, but if you watch the clip back (see below) you may notice that when Raab makes the gesture he is not looking straight ahead.  In fact he clearly glances off to his right - to Rayner's left - where shadow Scottish secretary Ian Murray was sitting.  Murray had been in boistrous mood during the session and was personally reprimanded by the Speaker for being noisy.  Raab later confirmed that it was Murray to whom he had made the gesture, in response to one of the MP's outbursts.

Despite Raab's perfectly reasonable explanation, most media outlets have maintained the Rayner angle as it supports their 'misogynist' narrative.

The media also failed to pick upon an early gaffe as Rayner made her opening statement during the session.  Referring to the two recent Tory by-election losses, she pronounced the Devon town of Tiverton as 'Tiverwington'.  No wonder Labour lost their deposit there.

For the full PMQs session click here.

Wednesday, 29 June 2022


Boris Johnson is currently attending a NATO summit, so it's a battle of the deputies as Dominic Raab takes on Angela Rayner.  Watch below.

Tuesday, 28 June 2022


Tory MPs, including former Labour councillor Lee Anderson, have ridiculed suggestions they are about to defect to Labour.  According to a report in The Sunday Times, 'at least' six Tories are thought to be considering crossing the floor in order to save their seats at the next election.  However, the report is not derived from Tory sources, it has come from Labour.

In response to the news, Brendan Clarke-Smith (Bassetlaw) tweeted a photo of himself alongside Nottinghamshire colleague Anderson and Ipswich MP Tom Hunt holding up photographs of beer and curry.  Top trolling lads...

One of those to respond to the trio was none other than Bury South's Christian Wakeford - who remains the only Conservative MP to defect to Labour in this parliamentary term.  Wokeford tweeted: "I thought the Inbetweeners had finished?"  That would have been a faintly amusing comeback, only there were four Inbetweeners, not three.  As several people pointed out to him, perhaps the Three Stooges would have been a more appropriate insult.

It may well be that The Sunday Times source was Wakeford himself, with potential deserters reaching out to their former colleague.  Or it could just be some mischief making with little or no basis whatsoever.  Other Tories were also quick to dismiss suggestions they could be leaving the sinking ship.  Two Johnson critics were among them.  Caroline Nokes (Romsey & Southampton North) responded to Bishop Auckland's Dehenna Davison to issue a denial of her own.  Both voted against the PM in the recent confidence vote.

Gary Sambrook (Birmingham Northfield) joked that he was too 'working class to join Labour'.

Only time will tell if any more Tories follow Wokeford across the floor, but it's already been six months since he defected.  We are also still only halfway through this parliament and there remains a faint possibility that Johnson could turn things around or, if things don't improve he could be gone in a confidence vote next year.  Tory backbenchers would perhaps be wise to hang on a little while longer and see if the current car crash can be reversed.

Sunday, 26 June 2022


In his latest GB News monologue, Neil Oliver lambasts Western governments as they seek to jab younger and younger children with a useless and dangerous vaccine - supposedly intended for a disease that poses almost zero risk to them.  In fact, it is now demonstrably proven that the vaccines pose more of a threat to youngsters than the virus itself.  Furthermore, as Dr John Campbell showed in one of his recent YouTube videos, around 95 per cent of British children already have Covid antibodies - so why then does our government still want to stick them?  And, as Neil points out - the government's own vaccine advisory body estimates that at least two million children would need to be jabbed before a single child is prevented from being hospitalised with Covid.

Something very sinister is going on.

Click below for Neil's full nine minute monologue on Covid jabs for children and what is driving this murderous policy...


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