Wednesday 9 August 2023


There is one MP you can always rely on to wade into a debate concerning race or immigration - our Diane.  Abbott joined many of her former Labour colleagues in condemning Tory deputy chair Lee Anderson's remarks about migrants refusing to board the Bibby Stockholm vessel.  Anderson had told the Daily Express: "If they [the migrants] don't like barges then they should f*** off back to France."

Abbott initially tweeted that Anderson's comment represented 'a new low' for the Tories.  However, she followed up with a trademark clumsy tweet two days later.  Exploiting a breaking news story about the death of 41 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, Abbott wrote that they had 'f***** off to the bottom of the sea'.

The tweet was soon deleted, but not before it had been screen-shotted and shared widely on Twitter.  Diane Abbott is trending on the platform as we type this article and there aren't many commentators speaking up in her defence.

Saturday 5 August 2023


Perennial Labour failure Eddie Izzard has launched a fresh bid to get selected as a general election candidate.  Izzard, who is now bizarrely referred to as she/her in mainstream media, is seeking the nod for Brighton Pavilion, currently held by the Green Party.  Eddie was last seen trying to get selected for the safe Labour seat of Sheffield Central.  He came a distant second in a ballot of local members.

Izzard has tried multiple times to gain official status in the party.  He twice failed to get elected to Labour's ruling National Executive Committee, although he briefly managed to sit on it by default, after the resignation of Christine Shawcroft in 2018.  A few months later he was voted out.  A bid to be Labour's candidate for London mayor also came to nothing.

Izzard launched his latest bid to join the Westminster gravy train in a video posted on social media.  Ironically, he signs off by copying the famous MAGA slogan of the hated Trump: "Let's make Brighton Pavilion Labour again".  The constituency hasn't had a Labour MP since 2010 when Caroline Lucas of the Green Party took it.  Since then she has increased the Green majority with each successive election, which currently stands at an impressive 19,940.  Although Lucas is standing down, her replacement will be former party leader Siân Berry and Izzard will have his work cut out to overturn such a commanding lead - that's if he even manages to get the nomination in the first place.

Brighton Pavilion, 2019 General Election

Caroline Lucas (Grn) 33,151 (57.2%) +4.9%
Adam Imanpour (Lab) 13,211 (22.8%) -4.0%
Emma Hogan (Con) 10,176 (17.5%) -1.7%
Richard Milton (Brxt) 770 (1.3%) New
Citizen Skwith (Loon) 301 (0.5%) New
Bob Dobbs (Ind) 212 (0.4%) New
Nigel Furness (UKIP) 177 (0.3%) -0.8%