Wednesday, 27 October 2021


Having tested positive for coronavirus Keir Starmer is now self-isolating for a fifth time, albeit this is the first time he has himself tested positive.  A tweet from his Twitter account just 47 minutes prior to PMQs does not lend any clues to his looming absence (see below).

In the photograph attached to the tweet Starmer is seated between his shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves and her deputy Bridget Phillipson.  As it is light outside we can only assume that it was taken on the same morning.  Until recently both individuals would have been required to self-isolate following Starmer's positive test.  They no longer need to if they are fully vaccinated, which is what we can assume considering that when it came to Labour's response to the Budget on Wednesday afternoon it was provided in person by Reeves - with Phillipson sat behind her.

Rachel Reeves responds to Rishi Sunak, with Phillipson on her left

Of course they can still catch the virus and transmit it, which does make a mockery of the rule change (and also the notion of vaccine passports).

As Starmer tested positive via a lateral flow test and is not displaying symptoms, there is a very good chance - as much as 50 per cent - that he does not have the virus anyway.  Our own Richey Edwards was informed by NHS track and trace recently that lateral flow tests are at best only 60 per cent reliable.

The most obvious question arising from this week's PMQs is why Starmer anointed Ed Miliband as his substitute.  Angela Rayner stood in for him last time, but this week she was nowhere to be seen on the front benches.  On Tuesday Starmer denied that he was keeping her sidelined following recent criticism, telling Good Morning Britain that her absence was due to a bereavement.  Is it just a coincidence that this appears to have coincided precisely with the murder of David Amess?  Her Twitter account fell silent the day that Amess was murdered and she has not been heard of since.

A period of bereavement?  Or, if the Mail on Sunday is to be believed, a period of penance imposed by Starmer in relation to her 'Tory scum' remarks?


Marxist media outlet Novara Media had its YouTube channel temporarily deleted on Tuesday.  A statement put out by Novara at 11:40 said the action had been carried out by YouTube without 'warning or explanation'.  Less than three hours later Novara reported that the channel had been reinstated 'following a deluge of support from across the political spectrum'.

Novara's Michael Walker

Novara has an impressive following on YouTube with almost 170,000 subscribers.  It has a similar number of followers on its Twitter account, with smaller followings on Facebook and Instagram.  Novara's impressive social media counter-campaign against YouTube's ban attracted support from far and wide - not just from far left Labour MPs such as Richard BurgonJohn McDonnell and Nadia Whittome, but also from opponents such as Conservative MP David Davis, Reclaim's Laurence Fox and broadcasters Julia Hartley-Brewer and Maajid Nawaz.  The latter had previously sought legal action against Novara's co-founder, but still found it within himself to condemn YouTube's action.  Even The Spectator's Turnpike column expressed 'solidarity'.

However, while the centre and right appeared to unite with the left against big tech censorship, it had been duly noted that Novara itself did not express feelings of solidarity when big tech came for their opponents.  The bulk of the criticism was levelled at Novara's head of video, Gary McQuiggin, who deplored YouTube's action in the following tweet.

Critics then deluged McQuiggin and his comrades Ash Sarkar, Michael Walker and Bastani with a screenshot of something he had tweeted last year...

McQuiggin has since deleted this tweet, but fortunately the internet doesn't forget.

Novara's double standards can also be applied to Ash Sarkar who has previously defended cancel culture and was also one of the main organisers of the protests against President Trump's visit to the UK in 2018.  She also welcomed his ban from Twitter, telling Unherd: "It’s a good thing that Twitter is able to just kick him off".

It appears that censorship is perfectly acceptable for the left when it's the right that is on the receiving end or things they simply don't like or agree with.

Click below for a clip in which Sarkar is asked about cancel culture for an Australian TV show.

Author Douglas Murray was among those who took exception to Novara's double standard, writing on Twitter: "These communists didn’t seem to have a problem when Big Tech came for Milo Yiannopolous, Katie Hopkins etc.  Because the hate-mongers at barely-known ‘Novara media’ thought Big Tech only came for their counterparts.  Now it’s their turn.  Funny old world".

Aaron Bastani responded directly to Murray with the following astonishing tweet.

That is quite a statement coming from a communist and one which appears to be ignore established history altogether.  Even his quote from Rosa Luxemburg is a misnomer.  The Polish Marxist made a number of quotes relating to freedom and democracy, but that apparently did not stop her from supporting the 1918 November Revolution which sought to overthrow the German government.

Like Bastani, Luxemburg never got a taste of state power.  We all know what happens when communists take power, regardless of how they get there or what they said prior to the event.  Freedom becomes mute, democracy dies.

That is the reality of communism.  The history of one-party communist states such as the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea does not lie.  The same cannot be said for Bastani.


Ed Miliband stands in for Keir Starmer after the Labour leader tested positive for coronavirus.  Starmer will now self-isolate for a fifth time.

Watch below.

Tuesday, 26 October 2021


Richard Madeley has triggered the left, again.  The Good Morning Britain presenter was interviewing Keir Starmer on Tuesday and raised the spectre of Labour's hard left.  Starmer was discussing his support for an 'exclusion zone' around schools to protect them from 'anti-vax' protesters.  Madeley then posed a tongue-in-cheek question about Starmer setting up an 'exclusion zone' for the hard left, adding: "Some of the criticism you got after the conference was that you basically didn't seize the opportunity to give them a good kicking, and to make it absolutely clear that the days of the Corbynistas is well and truly over".

Click below for the clip, but be warned it includes a cringeworthy recital of Starmer's 'epic' put down to conference hecklers (epic, in his own mind that is).

It was a bit early in the morning for most lefties, but for those who did see it they would have been spitting corn flakes.  "Shocking" was how one Twitter user described it, "He should be kicked off GMB" wrote another.  Many tweeted directly to Good Morning Britain, calling for his head.

Labour's Mary Foy demanded that Madeley apologise.

The Durham MP is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group, alongside such luminaries as John McDonnell.  Speaking of apologies Mary, will John ever apologise to Esther McVey for his 'lynch the bitch' and 'stain on humanity' remarks?

Note also the face mask emoji in Mary's profile name.  Like most Labour MPs, she doesn't usually wear one outside of the Commons.  A cursory glance at her Twitter profile shows her hobnobbing in Westminster, visiting a craft shop and a school.  Not a face mask in sight.

For Labour, a face mask is an inconvenience and deployed only for virtue signalling purposes when they're on camera in the Commons (to show the peasants who elect them how it should be done).  Rampant hypocrisy.

Sunday, 24 October 2021


Keir Starmer's colleagues appear to be leaving him behind when it comes to Labour support for the 'Plan B' scenario.  What started earlier in the week as a few backbenchers calling for more restrictions has now spread to Labour's front bench.  On Thursday the shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth declared that Labour 'are in favour of Plan B'.  However, this was later contradicted by Starmer who said Plan B was 'the wrong focus'.  A Labour spokesperson confirmed Starmer's view by saying that the focus should be on 'making Plan A work'.

It appears that whatever Starmer's reservations are about Plan B, his front bench colleagues don't share them.  His shadow chancellor told Andrew Marr on Sunday morning that Labour were in favour of Plan B and they 'were relaxed about that'.  Well, clearly your leader isn't.

Click below for the clip.

Starmer knows that Plan B - in particular domestic vax passes - is a very divisive and controversial issue.  That is why he is squirming about it.  We suspect that when it comes to a Commons vote, his party will support the measures anyway.


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Saturday, 23 October 2021


With the current media-driven hysteria surrounding coronavirus it was inevitable that the virus would feature prominently in this week's edition of Question Time.  With Glasgow hosting the show, it was Scottish politicians trying to outdo each other on who would manage the 'crisis' best.  The SNP's Kate Forbes defended her government's approach, while Tory MP Andrew Bowie defended his government's approach.  This left the hapless Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar to formulate something different.

He didn't disappoint in that regard.  Having begun to waffle he was interrupted by host Fiona Bruce and then came up with something that is on a par with the tyranny currently being meted out to citizens of other Western nations - if not, then surpassing it.

Sarwar suggested that unvaccinated Brits should be confronted on their own doorsteps.  He called it 'door to door vaccination', but did not say whether such a course of action would involve force.

Click below to see the dramatic moment.

The most worrying thing about Sarwar's bombshell is that no-one bats an eyelid and Fiona Bruce does not even pick him up on it, therefore normalising his remark.  Are there no depths to which our new dystopian societies won't stoop?  Perhaps that is not a question we should be asking.

Despite the on-air bickering, it was all smiles back stage in this selfie that Sarwar
posted to his Twitter account - that is, except for Brian Cox, the actor and
separatist who is never happy unless he's moaning about something

Friday, 22 October 2021


Just three elections this week - two Lib Dem defences and one Labour defence.  The Lib Dems held both of their seats, while Labour crashed to a humiliating defeat in Nottinghamshire.

It was two easy holds for the Lib Dems.  In Horsham they appeared to be the main beneficiaries of the absence of candidates from UKIP and the Peace Party, both of whom fought the last election, receiving 7.3 and 9.5 per cent respectively.  In Birmingham the Lib Dems cruised to victory following the death of their incumbent councillor.

The death of an incumbent did little to save Labour in Newark and they slipped to an embarrassing third place as an independent candidate stormed to victory.

Yardley East, Birmingham City Council

LDem: 1,312 (65.3%) +0.4%
Lab: 609 (30.3%) +0.1%
Con: 89 (4.4%) -0.5%


Forest, Horsham District Council

LDem: 921 (47.4%) +7.9%
Lab: 517 (26.6%) +4.1%
Con: 410 (21.1%) -0.2%
Grn: 97 (5.0%) New


Rainworth South & Blidworth, Newark & Sherwood District Council

Ind: 650 (66.2%) +35.8%
Con: 168 (17.1%) -12.9%
Lab: 164 (16.7%) -22.9%

Ind GAIN from Lab


LDem = Liberal Democrat
Con = Conservative
Lab = Labour
Grn = Green
Ind = Independent


On Wednesday Labour politicians joined open borders activists for a protest outside Parliament.  The demo was a follow-up to Sunday's protest outside the Polish Embassy.  The conservative Polish government is currently grappling with a migrant crisis on its porous border with Belarus and is trying to push back the flow of migrants.

The latest protest appears to have been organised by Migrants4Labour and was well attended, unlike the previous rally.  As always, the slogans 'no-one is illegal' and 'refugees welcome' were prominent, including a very creepy cult-like chant (click below for video).

Attendees included Labour MPs Afzal Khan (Manchester Gorton), Zarah Sultana (Coventry South) and Labour peer Alf Dubs.

Together with refugees, but never with the British people
(which is why her party remains far from power)

Thursday, 21 October 2021


The words 'Build Back Better' emblazoned all over the Tory party conference is a familiar slogan for those who follow world politics.  It has been used as a slogan by Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau of Canada and Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand.  Not one of them is a conservative, in fact quite the opposite, which begs the question as to why a 'conservative' government in the UK would adopt the same slogan so enthusiastically.  Some would argue that they have all bought into Klaus Schwab's 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' - alternatively known as the Great Reset.  Certainly everything that is currently happening across the West suggests a co-ordinated direction of travel that would deliver precisely what Schwab and his World Economic Forum are after - total digital enslavement of the human race by way of a QR code.

Lockdown sceptic Steve Baker is not convinced by his party's adoption of the slogan.  The Tory backbencher conducted his own poll on Twitter and after 27,172 votes his concern was clearly shared.

Now Steve Baker is not one for 'wild conspiracy theories', but has said that it's little wonder that such views were gaining a foothold given his government's behaviour over the last 18 months.  Baker will have no doubt been disappointed to hear Sajid Javid adopting a hard line over vaccines in Wednesday's press briefing.  It had been hoped by many, including Baker, that Matt Hancock's replacement would take a more libertarian approach.  However, Javid suggested that a third Covid jab would be required in order to 'keep your freedoms'.

In a further blow to libertarian fears, Javid confirmed that he met with prominent globalist Bill Gates on Thursday.  Gates also met with the Prime Minister earlier this week.

Plan B and digital IDs are on their way.


Andy Burnham was engaged in a Twitter spat with one of his own party colleagues on Thursday.  The previous night Burnham had tweeted about the price of rail fares in Greater Manchester, calling for a 'levelling up' to 'London-level fares'.

11 minutes later Burnham had to issue a slight correction as he'd got his sums wrong.  It was actually a 15 minute journey.  The following morning he was retweeted by bolshie London MP Neil Coyle who challenged the mayor's comparison.  Coyle doesn't hold back on Twitter, regardless of who he is having a pop at.

Burnham then hit back an hour later.

Burnham is marginally to the left of centrist Coyle, so it's not as if they're on opposite wings of the party.  Infighting is to be expected between the hard left and the centre, but having two moderates going at each other is humiliating.  How Starmer must despair.

Coyle famously nominated Jeremy Corbyn for the 2015 leadership election and then spent four years rueing his decision, getting behind the failed Owen Smith challenge of 2016 and generally bitching about Corbyn.  He has been the MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark since 2015.

It looks like Coyle's vote is not one Burnham can count on in any future leadership contest.


The Conservative MS who handed Labour victory on vaccine passports in Wales has been avoiding scrutiny over the scandalous vote.  Earlier this month Gareth Davies (pictured, above) missed the crucial vote on domestic vaccine passports, meaning they passed by one vote.  Davies, who was at the Conservative conference in Manchester, claimed that he could not log into Zoom.  However, despite being given the Senedd speaker's phone number to call his vote in - he did not call.

Davies released one statement following the controversy, in which he confirmed that he was in telephone contact with his chief whip throughout the vote.  The speaker's phone number had been passed to the Tory chief whip.  Davies said he would make a personal statement before the Senedd, but this didn't happen.  In a statement seen by WalesOnline, Davies claims that he could not call the speaker as he was already on the phone to his chief whip.  That is confirmation that he did have the speaker's number, but absolutely no reason why he couldn't hang up and call her - or, as is possible with most smartphones these days, he could have opened up a separate line.

As we alluded to in our previous article, this all stinks of an establishment stitch-up.  When Davies posted a video of himself speaking before the Senedd five days later - via Zoom - he was inundated with negative comments from people furious about his conduct.  Davies responded by blocking all comments on the post.  He now routinely blocks comments on all of his Twitter posts.

Furthermore, he has been blocking Twitter users who have dared to raise valid questions about his missing vote.  Silkie Carlo, the director of libertarian group Big Brother Watch, was blocked after she publicly addressed several questions to Davies.  She had posed five questions, one of which dealt with the missing phone call to the Senedd speaker.

Twitter user Owen Williams tweeted evidence of others who Davies had blocked.

Seeing as Davies was at a party conference alongside Westminster colleagues, we suspect that a senior Tory had a word in his ear and instructed him to miss the vote.  It is pretty clear that the UK government wants domestic vaccine passports rolled out across the country.  The Plan B scenario for England has such measures as part of the package.  If it doesn't happen then we've got this wrong, but with media pressure growing to a crescendo in recent days we sense that a decision is just around the corner.

We cannot and must not allow digital IDs to become a part of daily life.  It will usher in a dystopian apartheid, initially on medical grounds, but in the future it could be expanded to include aspects of social behaviour.  Think China.

Wednesday, 20 October 2021


Labour's dedication to open borders is well known, but two Labour groups have gone as far as to launch a protest against the immigration policies of... Poland!

On Sunday a protest was held outside the Polish Embassy in central London over the Polish government's push-back against migrants crossing from Belarus.  The open borders activists of Labour for Free Movement (and a smaller group calling itself Migrants4Labour) encouraged supporters to attend the event.  They joined left-wing expat Polish groups who are opposed to the right-wing government in Warsaw, which is headed by the Law and Justice party.  The Polish government is trying to deter and remove migrants along its porous border with Belarus.

As you can see from the above photo, despite being promoted by more than half a dozen groups the turnout was embarrassing.  Among the speakers at the protest was Ana Oppenheim, a Polish arts graduate and Labour activist who has had articles published in the Independent and Huffington Post.

Labour's Ana Oppenheim addresses the piss poor attendance
(she doesn't really need a loudspeaker, surely?)

Just as they deplore any attempt to deter migrants from crossing the English Channel, these left-wing activists don't believe Poland has a right to defend its borders either.  Of course most of these activists come from white middle class backgrounds and would probably be horrified if hordes of Afghans landed in their own back yard - which brings us round neatly to the Twitter profile of Migrants4Labour.

Note their logo, which features plenty of brown faces in the graphics.  Compare and contrast with the accompanying group photo that has no brown faces whatsoever.  Imagine our shock!


Two Labour MPs are celebrating today after meat from ritually slaughtered animals was put on the menu at Westminster.  Zarah Sultana (Coventry South) and Charlotte Nichols (Warrington North) had campaigned for halal and kosher meat to be made available in Parliament and they have confirmed that a trial has now begun.

The cruel method of ritual slaughter, in which animals are killed without being stunned, is banned or restricted in a small handful of Western countries.  There are currently no restrictions in the UK, contrary to recommendations of the government's advisory body - the Farm Animal Welfare Council.  The group says that ritual slaughter 'causes severe suffering to animals'.  The RSPCA also condemns the practice.

There should be no place for such barbaric methods in any Western democracy that values animal welfare, but sadly it is permitted across North America and most European countries.  For it to be served up in the Houses of Parliament is nothing short of sickening.

Sultana is a Muslim, while Nichols is a Jewish convert.


The first PMQs since the Commons returned from recess for party conference season.  Watch here from noon.


'Democracy dies in darkness' is a very apt description of how the Coronavirus Act was renewed for a further five months.  It was not renewed for six months, as it had been in September 2020 and March 2021, because the Act is due to expire in March 2022.

Tuesday's debate began with a speech from the Health Secretary on why the Act should be renewed.  This was followed by just 90 minutes of debate, after which the deputy speaker (Rosie Winterton) waved through the motion without a Parliamentary vote.

Click below to see the extraordinary moment this despotic piece of legislation was waved through.

The media largely ignored this disgraceful escapade.  This was the BBC News politics pages last night - not one mention of the Coronavirus Act.

Around half of the provisions contained in the original Act were rescinded earlier this year.  Labour had indicated prior to the debate that they would not oppose the renewal of the remaining powers, effectively negating a Tory rebellion.  A proper vote would have undoubtedly extended the Act, but in dodging it MPs have avoided individual responsibility for whatever nightmare is about to unfold this winter.  Calls for lockdown restrictions to return are already growing in the mainstream media.

During Tuesday's debate the Tory backbencher and lockdown sceptic Steve Baker deplored his party's damaged reputation: "With great respect to my right honourable friend the Secretary of State - he's a great man who believes in liberty, but it's going to be very difficult for all people who stayed in the Cabinet and took these decisions to say that they stand for freedom in the years ahead".  It was a damning point.  Baker went on to call for the overhaul of the 1984 Public Health Act, under which many of the Covid restrictions were implemented: "We're going to need to show the public that we stand for freedom... and actually in the long run their rights are sacrosant and we're never ever going to do to them again what we've done in the last couple of years"

Baker is spot on.  The Conservative Party will take many years to recover from what they have overseen in government, if the damage is not permanently irreversible.  The behaviour of this government has been anything but conservative.

Although the Coronavirus Act is due to expire in March 2022, a UK government response to a recent petition on their webside read ominously: "In the spring, the government will review this legislation and the other remaining regulations and measures and decide whether any need to remain in place".

Tuesday, 19 October 2021


Despite Labour's supposed 'reservations' about domestic vaccine passports, one of their frontbenchers has called for the imposition of a 'green pass'.  A green pass is a form of domestic vaccine passport enforced in countries like Italy and Israel.  Bill Esterson is a shadow minister for international trade.

Esterson's contribution throws into further disarray Labour's hopeless inconsistency on vaccine passports, as we discussed in yesterday's post.  Earlier on Tuesday backbench Labour MP Ben Bradshaw also called for a green pass and the return of lockdown measures.

The imposition of a green pass in Italy has caused massive disruption, leading to huge protests, industrial strikes and blockades (although you won't hear about that in the mainstream media).  In order to try and conceal what is happening on the ground, authorities have even gone as far as to doctor publicly accessible webcams of the port town of Trieste - showing empty streets despite those same streets actually being loaded with thousands of protesters.

Click below for video.

The blockade of Trieste port threatens distribution of freight across central Europe and Italian police have resorted to water cannon in the last 24 hours.

We at Bin The Labour Party stand with the protesters.  This is not just about the liberty of Italians, it is about the liberty of citizens of the entire West.  In the former liberal democracies of the West people are currently being fired, refused work and even denied health services and food because they don't have a vaccinations, a QR code or the correct papers.  This is apartheid.  If we allow our governments to create such a society then we literally defecate on the graves of our ancestors who fought to keep our lands free.

Hold the line.