Monday 20 March 2023


On Sunday we produced an impromptu YouTube video in response to the UK government's dreadful 'emergency alert' announcement.  On the evening of April 23 they have scheduled a 'test alert' that will be sent to all mobile phones in the UK, no doubt scaring the bejeesus out of many of our elderly citizens who will be wondering why on earth their device is suddenly screaming at them.  This sinister move is just another step towards what Klaus Schwab describes as the 'fourth industrial revolution' - otherwise known as the Great Reset or Agenda 2030.  It has nothing to do with safeguarding citizens.  If anything, citizens need to be safeguarded against the state - the nanny state.

As alluded to in the previous video, Richey may have got a taste for presenting.  See for yourself whether or not he's getting the hang of it...

There is a potential alternative to 'dismantling your phone' as Richey puts it.  On both Apple and Android phones there is an option in settings to block emergency alerts.  Whether or not this will be effective against the deep state's alerts remains to be seen.  For Apple users you can find instructions here.  Android users will need to enter their settings and search for either 'Public safety messages' or 'Wireless emergency alerts'.

Sunday 5 March 2023


As many of you will know, we've gone to ground in recent months.  In this YouTube video, Richey explains what's going on and how we go from here.