Tuesday 30 June 2020


Leicester East MP Claudia Webbe suffered an excruciating mobile phone meltdown in the House of Commons this afternoon.  In the middle of a speech her mobile began to ring and, try as she might, the MP couldn't quite manage to turn it off.  By the time she stopped it from ringing she was so angry that she dropped the phone on the floor to a very loud thud.  Her fellow far left backbencher Bell Ribeiro-Addy struggled to conceal her amusement...

Webbe's speech came during a debate on the Immigration and Social Security Bill, something the hard left Corbynista would have been undoubtedly keen to engage in.  No wonder she lost her temper.


The hard left insurrection taking place in the United States has reached the stage where it can no longer hide its true intentions.  What supposedly began as a reaction to the murder of serial criminal George Floyd has turned into an assault on American history.  From the outset the Marxist leaders of Black Lives Matter and Antifa have exploited young black people to further their own political agenda.  The mainstream media, led by the likes of CNN and MSNBC, have aided the insurgents by exacerbating racial divisions and covering up violence in an absurd smokescreen they call 'peaceful protests'.

The mob thanked CNN for their support by smashing up the broadcaster's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia on May 30.  A few weeks later when further 'peaceful protests' were planned for Atlanta, CNN erected barricades around their building.  Funny that.

On May 30 CNN's 'peaceful protesters' smashed up CNN's HQ in Atlanta, Georgia

Now that the thugs have turned from looting and burning to toppling statues will the media speak up in defence of American history?  Don't hold your breath!  The likes of CNN are as complicit in the latest stage of the insurgency as they were in the death and destruction of late May and early June.

Having toppled so many predominantly Confederate statues, the mob have now turned their attention to the founding fathers of the United States and other notable US presidents such as Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln.  When leftists toppled statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson in Portland, Oregon, many Americans were outraged.  The mob wrapped a US flag around the Washington statue's head, set it on fire and then pulled the whole thing down.  The crimes of Washington and Jefferson, they said, included owning slaves and stealing native lands.  Several other statues of Washington were also vandalised around the country.

The morning after a statue of George Washington was toppled in Portland, Oregon

The defacing and toppling of slavery-era figures was applauded by one CNN pundit who called for all statues of Washington and his contemporaries to come down.  Emboldened, the mob expanded its list of targets and began calling for the destruction of monuments to people who not only never owned slaves, but opposed slavery.  This included the man responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation, no less.

The targeting of Abraham Lincoln nailed the coffin shut on any suggestion that Black Lives Matter is an organisation merely concerned with police brutality.  Surely if black lives truly mattered, then why go after a man who freed black slaves?  That's exactly what many black people are now asking and in the past week bizarre scenes have emerged of white leftists arguing with black statue defenders at Lincoln site.  The black-against-white conflict that Antifa/BLM hoped to incite is perhaps finally coming off the rails as the real agenda dawns on Americans - of all hues.

Greg Turner travelled more than 200 miles to defend the Emancipation Memorial
in Washington DC and was shouted down by BLM leftists
A black tour guide told protesters in Washington DC: "Y'all don't even know the
history of this statue, but you want to tear it down"
The decision to target American heroes, regardless of their links to slavery, is going to backfire on the mob and no amount of propaganda from their media backers is going to save them.  Only a month ago the re-election of President Trump was an unlikely prospect, but now, after weeks of leftist violence, four more years of Trump is exactly what the insurgents are going to get.


Ken Livingstone waded into the Long-Bailey debate on Saturday as he discussed the issue on Andrew Castle's LBC show.  Once again the man who routinely claims he is not anti-Semitic has something to say about anti-Semitism.  When Castle asks directly whether there is a problem with anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, Red Ken responds: "No there isn't".  Pull the other one Ken, the response of the hard left to Long-Bailey's sacking lays it all out for the world to see.

Monday 29 June 2020


The curious case of the racist professor rumbles on.  Last week we reported on the anti-white tweets of Cambridge University lecturer Priyamvada Gopal and the even more outrageous response of her employers.  Not only secure in her job, but now promoted, Dr Gopal's sneering arrogance has exploded in recent days.  She has also been emboldened by not one, but two public statements from the Cambridgeshire police exonerating her of any offence.  In fact the local constabulary not only announced that Gopal was innocent, but that they would be investigating "all reports of racist and threatening abuse against her".  Astonishing.

Dr Gopal has taken to threatening legal action against people circulating a doctored tweet in which a Stalin quote is attributed to her.  She bizarrely threatened legal action against a bemused Darren Grimes on Monday morning, despite the fact he'd never shared or even referenced the fake tweet.  However, it soon transpired that there was an even more provocative tweet that was definitely not fake and at the time of writing is still there for all to see.  It dates from February 2019 (see Twitter thread below).

If the shoe was on the other foot and a white professor had tweeted this about black men they would be out of a job by the end of the day.  How has our society reached a position where those in powerful positions deem it acceptable to incite racial hatred as long as it's directed against white people?

Just a reminder that the following Labour MPs follow the racist professor on Twitter:

Stella Creasy (Walthamstow)
Clive Lewis (Norwich South)
Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi (Slough)
Zarah Sultana (Coventry South)
Claudia Webbe (Leicester East)
Nadia Whittome (Nottingham East)


Last week the mainstream media continued its shameful descent.  The blatant hypocrisy of its BLM coverage was there for all to see in the outrage shown over the infamous Burnley banner.  Just two days earlier three white guys had been stabbed to death in a suspected Islamist attack in Reading and yet the media afforded more coverage to the banner than they did to those murder victims.  If you type 'Burnley banner' into the Google news search engine you get back almost 4.2 million results.  Type in 'Reading stabbing attack' and you get just 1.5 million.  It's almost as if white lives don't matter in the eyes of the media.

This BTLP original was shared a whopping 15,361 times via the Facebook page.


When it was announced that footballers would be wearing the name of a Marxist organisation on their shirts and 'taking the knee' before games many people sneered as such political statements could not surely interfere with sport to such a degree.  Then it actually happened.  Now it has become a sad and shameful ritual and not one person appears to have the guts to make a stand and defy the cult.  Of course to do so would signal the end of a career, but what happened to principles?

While no current player looks set to speak out, one former player has lined himself up for the chopping board.  Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier took to his Twitter account on Sunday to request that individuals from both the far right and far left should unfollow him.  It appears that Le Tissier had come in for some criticism over wearing a BLM badge on Sky Sports, as is now customary for presenters and pundits.  However, the following exchange suggests that Le Tissier is not too enamoured with being forced to wear it...

The last comment from Le Tissier removes any ambiguity - he knows the truth about BLM and he's not at all happy to be coerced into promoting the Marxists.  The left-wing pile-on was swift and predictably brutal.  They brought out all the standard insults - fascist, racist, gammon, thick, privileged white male and one user even accused the ex-pro of being "further right than Hitler".

He did also receive a lot of supportive comments.

Will Le Tiss survive the week in Sky Sports' employ?  Will anyone else challenge the BLM narrative?  We live in hope.

Sunday 28 June 2020


The leader of the Labour opposition group on Bromley Borough Council has been caught telling fibs about a Black Lives Matter demo she attended in London earlier this month.  On Friday morning she tweeted that she and her colleague attended a BLM protest in Crystal Palace where they both wore face coverings and observed social distancing.

However, in her colleague's write-up of their attendance there's a photo of the two councillors and Cllr Wilkins can clearly be seen standing on the right - and no face covering in sight (see below screenshot from Cllr Jeal's report).

Ironically, Cllr Jeal writes in his article how the BAME community "are at particular risk" from Covid-19.  What a way to encourage the spread of Covid-19 among that community than by encouraging thousands of BAME people to gather on the streets?

Thanks to Will Rowland for bringing Cllr Wilkins' discrepancy to our attention.


This morning the Home Secretary was once again asked about the daft letter she was sent by Naz Shah and her Labour colleagues.  Sky's Sophy Ridge asked Priti Patel if she thought they had a problem with her being a BAME Conservative, to which Priti replied: "Clearly in the case of those Labour MPs, they simply do.  Primarily because they take the stance and the position that I just don't conform to their preconceived idea or stereotypical view of what an ethnic minority woman should stand for and represent.  In my view Sophy, that in itself is racist.  It is very disappointing, I am not going to dignify that letter any further".

Labour despise the likes of Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak because they challenge the left's perceived ownership of BAME people.  They also diminish the left's characterisation of the Tories as 'white oppressors'.  It's truly dreadful stuff and something that we can clearly see happening with the Black Lives Matter movement as they seek to pit black against white.

Echoing Priti Patel's defiance against the Labour bullies was Tory backbencher Darren Henry.  The Broxtowe newcomer used his maiden speech on Friday to declare that Labour do not own him.  The Windrush descendent said: "The members opposite claim Windrush as their own, as if it is obvious that immigrants are somehow obliged - morally and practically - to be Labour supporters.  Well my family was not and I am not".

Watch his full speech below.

In the general election Henry transformed Anna Soubry's 863 Tory majority into a 5,331 Tory majority.  Soubry stood as a Change candidate and finished a distant third.

Broxtowe general election 2019

Darren Henry (Con) 26,602 (48.1%) +1.3%
Greg Marshall (Lab) 21,271 (38.5%) -6.8%
Anna Soubry (Change) 4,668 (8.5%) New
Kat Boettge (Green) 1,806 (3.3%) +2.0%
Amy Dalla Mura (Eng Dem) 432 (0.8%) New
Teck Khong (Ind) 321 (0.6%) New
David Bishop (Elvis) 172 (0.3%) New


Labour's Lloyd Russell-Moyle and author JK Rowling

Hapless Labour frontbencher Lloyd Russell-Moyle has been forced into a grovelling apology after he lashed out at children's author JK Rowling over her views on 'trans rights'.  Rowling has spoken out several times about gender identity and recently published an essay in which she argued against allowing biological men access to female spaces.  She cited her own experiences of sexual abuse to highlight the potential dangers such a policy could lead to for biological women.

Critics of 'trans rights' like Rowling can expect a barrage of abuse and can fall victim to the left's cancel culture.  One of those victims was Maya Forstater who lost her job last year after criticising the notion of gender fluidity.  Former sports stars Sharron Davies and Martina Navratilova were hounded after they spoke out against allowing biological men to compete in women's sports.  Yesterday the Father Ted and IT Crowd writer Graham Linehan was permanently banned from Twitter for daring to suggest that 'men aren't women'. 

Despite the rise of intolerant 'transfascists' it was JK Rowling who was guilty of 'hate' according to Labour's Russell-Moyle.  Writing in the left-wing Tribune magazine last week Russell-Moyle referred to JK Rowling's recent essay: "Recently, of course, we saw people like JK Rowling using her own sexual assault as justification for discriminating against a group of people who were not responsible for it.  Trans people are no more likely to be rapists; in fact, they are more likely to be victims of sexual assault themselves.  That’s why, despite JK Rowling’s hate towards them, hundreds of trans people wrote to complain to The Sun when it trivialised her domestic abuse on a recent front page".

Russell-Moyle's article pre-dated the sacking of his hard left frontbench colleague Rebecca Long-Bailey and had gone largely unnoticed until last night when it was exposed by MailOnline.  At 08:04 this morning Russell-Moyle tweeted the following apology.

As one Twitter user commented: "Lloyd had two phone calls, JKR's lawyers on line 1, Keir Starmer on line 2..."

Russell-Moyle is not a senior frontbencher and is not taken very seriously in the PLP, so if he does get the boot it will not cause much of a stir in the party itself.  However, if Starmer does choose to get rid of his far left Shadow Minister for Natural Environment and Air Quality he will certainly incur the wrath of the transfascists.

Saturday 27 June 2020


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The sneering of the middle class left has reached fever pitch in recent weeks.  After the mob of predominantly white latte lefties toppled the Colston statue they followed it up by dumping a paper mache sculpture of a white working class bloke next to the empty plinth.  Naturally, their interpretation of an English working class male was a shaven-headed, braindead xenophobe.  The irony of their own prejudices was lost on them.

While they assume a moral and intellectual superiority over the rest of us they are not sharp enough to see the self-defeating culmination of their own arrogance.  From 2015 they backed a privately educated metropolitan multi-millionaire to deliver their twisted ideology, but were dumbfounded when the working classes said 'no thanks' on December 12.  They were the only ones who didn't see it coming and yet they continue to sneer and mock and repeat the same mistakes even now.

This is how the editor of the hard left Canary news website responded to scenes of packed British beaches in the recent heatwave...

How ironic that the all-powerful proletariat continues to be held in so much contempt by the disciples of Marx?  Keep up the sneering Kerry-Anne and co, your movement will go far.  Not.

Friday 26 June 2020


Scenes from Brixton on Wednesday night

Wednesday night's violence in Brixton attracted the attention of the mainstream media yesterday, but the narrative was once again skewed.  22 officers were injured and several police vehicles damaged, but there were three key words missing from both the police statements and the media coverage.  There was no mention of Black Lives Matter.

A BLM protest was scheduled to take place in Brixton on Wednesday afternoon, advertised as a music event due to begin at 13:00 and running until 19:00.  Critics have pointed out that this was hours before trouble erupted half a mile away, but as the London Evening Standard initially reported yesterday: "The trouble flared at what police are describing as an 'unlicensed' music event which started in the afternoon and ran into the early hours of the morning".  That 'unlicensed music event' that overran from the afternoon is clearly the BLM event, but the police daren't call it by name and the media aren't asking questions.

Just imagine having spent all day listening to people bashing the police and then having the police turn up.  Who could have predicted the chaos that ensued?

Once again Black Lives Matter is inextricably linked to violence, but once again the media have tried to pull the wool over your eyes.


June has been a monumental month for BTLP and yesterday we added another milestone.  The hit counter on the bottom right hand side of this site surpassed the one million mark.  It's been less than two years in the making.

Earlier this month the Facebook page surpassed 100,000 page likes in the biggest advance since last September.  On that same day - after four years of tireless tweeting by Richey - the Twitter account surpassed 1,000 followers.

We both wish the circumstances were different, but the fact remains that these milestones have come as a direct result of the huge social turmoil that is gripping the West.  Our civilisation is under attack from a Marxist mob that is being aided and abetted by mass media and other organisations.  Britain may not be seeing quite the insurrection that is taking place in America, but there is no doubt that the organisers of Black Lives Matter want to see that here too.  Collectively it is our responsibility to ensure that this assault on our democracy is defeated.  We can do that by challenging and exposing the media narrative for the deceitful propaganda that it is.

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist cult.  It has nothing to do with black lives, but has everything to do with tearing down our society and replacing it with a totalitarian system under which we will all suffer.  By exposing it for what it is we can defeat it.

Thanks for your support.


We all know that the city of Liverpool is renowned for being red, politically anyway.  Football wise there is a huge portion of blue in there, so perhaps it is for the former reason that so many Labour politicians - far and wide - were lightning quick to heap praise on the new Premier League champions.  They're not Scousers, some of them have probably never even been to a football match, but they're on the Liverpool FC bandwagon and they want some of that glory...

To be fair to Sir Squeaky, when he was asked earlier this year what the most exciting thing he'd ever done in his life was he replied that it was "going to football with my kids".  Enough said about that.  Next bandwagon jumper...

Ah, the Shadow Home Secretary, who is still less recognisable than someone who came last on Big Brother twenty years ago.  His assessment of the Liverpool team from his home in south Wales will of course be of great comfort to Liverpool fans.

Sadiq sucks up to every other minority in London, so why not the three Scousers who have settled there too?  At least Everton fan Andy Burnham was a bit more genuine about his feelings...

Tanmanjeet was born in Slough, so obviously he's a Livepool fan.

Alex comes from a village halfway between Cardiff and Swansea who don't have football teams apparently, so naturally she chose the next nearest team 200 miles away.  Poor effort!  Compare and contrast with the savvy Birmingham-raised Sultana who has provided photographic evidence of her life-long association with LFC.  Who needs Birmingham City or Aston Villa eh Zarah?

Finally, one of the sleaziest tweets came from Bournemouth posh boy communist Aaron boring Bastani, who for all we know may well have spent more time watching croquet than footy...

Doesn't all this smack of cultural appropriation?  Cancel, cancel!

Thursday 25 June 2020


In recent weeks the mainstream media has declared itself to be politically biased, corrupt and no longer merely news broadcasters, but propagandists for a Marxist cult.  They have decided to collectively shame white people for atrocities that took place so many generations ago that none of us alive today ever met any of those responsible.  They want to shame us all into 'taking a knee' and declare that our ancestors did nothing but bad and our history is something to be detested.  They seek to indoctrinate viewers into believing that black people are somehow oppressed by state-sponsored systemic racism, despite the fact there are few - if any - better places in the world for black people to exist on an equal footing.

If you didn't already see it, watch this propaganda clip from Sky Sports, broadcast in the wake of the supposedly offensive 'white lives matter' banner that was flown over the Burnley football match...

This is former rugby player Mike Wedderburn who, it should be noted, hasn't done too badly for himself considering he is informing viewers how institutionally racist their country is.  Note his BLM badge, once again showing that broadcasters are no longer politically neutral.  "We don't hold positions of influence in organisations" says the black guy who is literally the face of Sky as those words come out of his mouth.  "Black people have been murdered by organisations whose job it is to protect us" he says.  Now murder is a strong word and an even stronger accusation.  Can Mr Wedderburn name these victims, it might help if he could, because there are no court rulings or criminal convictions for such a crime by British police - and make no mistake, he is referring to the police.  That is the media narrative right now.  White people are bad, but the police are evil.

Finally, let's examine his assertion that "nobody is saying that white lives don't matter".  Nobody in their right mind would, likewise nobody is saying that black lives don't matter either.  You'd have to be a hateful bigot to make either statement.  Wouldn't you?  Well, it just so happens that earlier the same day as Sky Sports were indoctrinating us with Mr Wedderburn's statement a Cambridge lecturer tweeted the following...

Note that she couldn't quite get it across forcefully enough the first time, she follows it up with a secondary statement: "Abolish whiteness".  It doesn't take a genius to arrive at the outrage such a statement would make if she were talking about any other group of people.  Yet white people appear to be an acceptable target for race-hate.  Remember that the banner flown over the Burnley football match said 'white lives matter'.  It didn't say 'black lives didn't matter'.  And yet the man responsible has been visited by the police, hounded by the media and not only has he been sacked from his job, his girlfriend has also now been fired too.  Contrast this to what has happened in the last two days to Priyamvada Gopal - zero coverage by Sky, the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 and zero condemnation from any racial equality organisation.

In fact, whereas Burnley banner guy was sacked by his employers, Dr Gopal's have actually sprung to her defence and not only that, but have reportedly now promoted her to a full professorship.

While the mainstream media may have ignored this shocking story, many social media users have not.  Dr Gopal and her university have been bombarded with complaints and an online petition to have her kicked out has garnered more than 15,000 names and counting.  Not surprisingly Dr Gopal has received a lot of abuse over her racist tweet and has spent the last two days outing some of the more abusive messengers and goading others.

As with the equally odious Shaun King we reported on earlier this week, Gopal is followed by several Labour MPs on Twitter including Stella Creasy, Clive Lewis, Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, Zarah Sultana, Claudia Webbe and Nadia Whittome.  The open borders Labour Campaign for Free Movement also follows her, as do commie Novara Media pundits Aaron Bastani and Ash Sarkar.  Despite the abhorrently racist nature of her Gopal's tweets, many of her colleagues have rallied around her and she even received a message of support from BBC 'comedian' Nish Kumar.

Could you imagine a celebrity expressing solidarity with Burnley banner guy?  He or she would face the sack and, once again, let's remember that his message was neither derogatory or racist.  Dr Gopal's tweet was so racist that even ultra woke Twitter removed it, although her follow-up remark about abolishing whiteness remains at the time of writing.

There is also a shocking double standard on display here from the University of Cambridge.  While it appears to be giving Dr Gopal the benefit of a right to free speech (even if it does incite racial hatred), it has not afforded that same right to others.  Last year the university rescinded an invitation to Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson over his views on trans rights.  You'll remember him from his epic take down of Channel 4's Cathy Newman in 2018...

Also last year Cambridge University failed to uphold the freedom of speech of one of its own fellows.  Noah Carl was dismissed from his fellowship at St Edmund's College after ironically finding his work "promoted extreme right-wing views and incited racial and religious hatred".  Among Carl's 'heinous' views included his linking of Islam with Islamist terrorism.  Surely the clue's in the name?  In announcing his dismissal the university announced that Carl's views "fell outside any protection that might otherwise be claimed for academic freedom of speech".  It added: "Diversity and inclusivity are fundamental values of the College and we abhor racism and religious hatred".

So then, why are the rules different for Dr Gopal?  If the same doesn't apply to her overtly racist language then the logical conclusion at which to arrive is that white lives really don't matter.


Keir Starmer has this afternoon sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey as Shadow Education Secretary after she tweeted her support for an actress promoting an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.  As we reported this morning, the hard left Labour luvvie Maxine Peake suggested that Israel was somehow responsible for the death of George Floyd.  This was the tweet that gave Starmer the perfect excuse to get rid of one of the few Corbyn loyalists he had kept on the front bench...

It didn't take her long to realise she'd dropped the ball as she followed up with another tweet to excuse her earlier indiscretion.

Unfortunately for Long-Bailey it was too little, too late.  A spokesman for Starmer said: "This afternoon Keir Starmer asked Rebecca Long-Bailey to step down from the Shadow Cabinet.  The article Rebecca shared earlier today contained an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.  As Leader of the Labour Party, Keir has been clear that restoring trust with the Jewish community is a number one priority.  Anti-Semitism takes many different forms and it is important that we all are vigilant against it".

In her interview with The Independent, Peake also called for the overthrow of capitalism.


Maxine Peake with Jeremy Corbyn

Labour luvvie Maxine Peake has called for the overthrow of capitalism "to save humanity".  In an interview with The Independent the Shameless actress also hit out at former Labour voters who ditched the party because of Corbyn.  Peake was a staunch supporter of Corbyn throughout his leadership and was a member of the Communist Party of Britain in her youth, so perhaps it will come as no surprise that she is backing the Marxist revolutionaries of Black Lives Matter: "If you talk about the formation of religion, it’s about control isn’t it?  And with what’s happening in America at the moment, it’s about financial control.  It’s about keeping the poor in their place.  I don’t know how we escape that cycle that’s indoctrinated into us all.  Well, we get rid of it when we get rid of capitalism as far as I’m concerned.  That’s what it’s all about.  The establishment has got to go.  We’ve got to change it.  We’ve got to save humanity.  We’re being ruled by capitalist, fascist dictators.  It’s entrenched, isn’t it?  We’ve got to the point where protecting capital is much more important than anybody’s life.  How do we dig out of that?  How do we change?"

Peake is no millennial, she's 45.  Yet she espouses the intolerance of the snowflake generation of leftists for whom democracy means little if they don't get their way.  Anyone politically to her right is a fascist, apparently.  Capitalism is evil and yet she has reportedly made around a million pounds under the system she wants to crush.

She goes on to discuss the murder of George Floyd and repeats a conspiracy theory currently popular with the anti-Semitic left: "Systemic racism is a global issue.  The tactics used by the police in America, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, that was learnt from seminars with Israeli secret services".

The left can't provide much evidence to back up these claims, the best they can offer is that 100 officers from Minnesota attended a conference in Chicago hosted by the Israeli consulate - eight years ago - and no proof whatsoever that Floyd's killer was among them.  In desperately trying to link Israel to Floyd's death Peake and her ilk only serve to reinforce what we already knew about Corbyn's followers.  The Independent reports that prior to the coronavirus lockdown Peake was in Palestine "working with activists".  Says it all.

Addressing her idol's humiliation in the general election, Peake is still bitter: "Those people who were normally Labour supporters who felt they couldn’t vote Labour?  Well I’m sorry, they voted Tory as far as I’m concerned.  And it breaks my heart, because you know what?  I didn’t like Tony Blair, but I still voted Labour because anything’s better than the Tories.  There’s a lot of people who should hang their heads in shame. People going, ‘Oh, I can join the Labour Party again because Keir Starmer’s there,’ well shame on you."

Peake goes on to begrudgingly endorse Starmer saying: "As long as the Tories get out, I don’t care anymore".  Ah, bless.


The Provisional IRA were transporting a bomb towards Omagh when it exploded prematurely.  The bomb was being taken towards its target by three IRA men in a stolen car.  When it exploded on the B48 Gortin Road all three were killed instantly.

The explosion was heard over a wide area, including the Lisanelly army barracks in Omagh.  It is thought that the base was the intended target, but this was never confirmed.  The base was attacked several times over the course of the Troubles, but the IRA failed to inflict significant damage or casualties there.  In 1990 they forced a civilian to drive a car bomb to Lisanelly while they held his family at gunpoint.  The 1,500lb device failed to explode due to a faulty detonator.

Following their failed 1973 attack the IRA released a statement in which they said the three 'volunteers' had died on 'active service'.  Two of the terrorists were from Dungannon, to the south-east of Omagh.  Sean Loughran, 37, and Patrick Carty, 26, are still commemorated by republicans to this day, along with the third bomber Dermot Crowley, 18, from Cork in the Irish Republic.  They are known as the 'Three Volunteers' in republican circles.  Loughran had previously lived in England where he married and raised two children before returning to Northern Ireland to join the IRA.  Carty was a wanted man at the time of his death, sought in connection with the murder of a British soldier six weeks earlier.

The three dead terrorists commemorated near Dungannon in 2018

Wednesday 24 June 2020


The totalitarian left-wing bias of social media and the tech industry has reached fever pitch as the Black Lives Matter insurrection continues around the Western world.  Twitter has been one of the worst offenders and has taken to censoring the leader of the free world.  This is how the official Twitter account looks like at the moment...

It appears from the black Twitter logo, the black cover photo and the various black lives matter messages that Twitter has now become an official sponsor of the BLM Marxists.  Since June 19 the Twitter account has tweeted about little other than Black Lives Matter, including retweeting a video from another official Twitter account encouraging black people to engage in 'resistance and rebellion in a system built to destroy you'.

Telling black people that the 'system' is out to get them and they are constantly being oppressed is not going to advance black lives one bit.  Turning a whole community into victims and telling them they either have to take or be given stuff instead of earning it is a recipe for disaster.  It's also creating racial division the like of which we haven't seen for years.

If Twitter is going to continue on its current course of action - censorship of the right, while promoting the destructive agenda of the hard left - then at some point something will have to give.  Turns out that there is already an app dealing Twitter a serious blow.

The hashtags #Parler and #Twexit were trending on Twitter earlier this week as tens of thousands of users went across to a rival app called Parler.  Some maintained a Twitter account, while others abandoned it altogether.  Parler markets itself as the 'free speech network' and as such has attracted thousands of right-leaning politicians, celebrities and activists.  As of Wednesday Bin The Labour Party has also joined Parler and you can follow our account here.   We will not be ditching our Twitter account just yet, but at such a time that Twitter bans everyone on the right we can now rest assured that we have a second home to fall back on.

Thanks for your continued support - wherever that might be.



Toppled statue of Junípero Serra - Los Angeles

As predicted, the Marxist terrorists of Black Lives Matter are now turning their attention to Christianity.  Having spent weeks attacking, defacing and toppling statues and monuments to American historical figures, they are now expanding their assault.  This is a video from San Francisco showing the toppling of a statue of Spanish saint Junípero Serra on June 19.

Another statue of Serra was toppled in Los Angeles the following day.  Serra, the rioters claim, is a symbol of Spanish colonialism.  The sight of a cross-wielding saint being toppled and later daubed with red paint will disturb many Christians, but if the BLM insurrection continues unchecked then it's only a matter of time before churches themselves become targets.  St John's Church opposite the White House has already been targeted twice during the rioting.  On May 31 rioters tried to burn it down, but the fire was extinguished by firefighters before it could take hold.  On Monday it's pillars were daubed with graffiti.

The same day a tweet was put out by a prominent BLM supporter who demanded statues of Christ be torn down as depictions of him with white skin were "a form of white supremacy".  Shaun King has over a million follows on Twitter.

As if that wasn't incendiary or shocking enough, half an hour later he decided to add murals and stained glass windows to the hit list.

Be extending his list beyond statues to include integral parts of a church building's structure he has made it perfectly clear to his followers that churches themselves are now permissible targets.  Incidentally, Shaun King's Twitter account is followed by a host of UK Labour MPs, including Rosena Allin-Khan, Mike Amesbury, Dawn Butler, Marsha de Cordova, Julie Elliott, Dave Lammy, Clive Lewis, Navendu Mishra, Abena Oppong-Asare, Naz Shah and Sam Tarry.  He is also followed by Owen Jones, Gary Lineker and Momentum.

Religion has always been frowned upon by communists as it was by Marx himself who famously denounced religion as the "opium of the masses".  Religion is seen as incompatible with communism and religious leaders were often persecuted in places like the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.  The Communist Party of China to this day keeps places of worship under tight regulations.  Religious faith has always been seen as a potential threat by communist states.

The reason the hard left mob of Black Lives Matter want to target Christianity is to undermine Western civilisation and make their passage of conquest easier.  It's a demoralising tactic that carries the belief that a faithless enemy is a broken enemy.  They routinely burn national flags and target the most sacred of monuments - war memorials - for the same reason.  However, while they hope to rise to power out of the chaos they create, what they will actually achieve in the short term is to harden the resolve of the democratic law-abiding silent majority.  When election time comes around who are those people going to vote for?  The thugs who have razed cities to the ground or the 'other side'.

A month ago President Trump was probably heading for defeat in November's election as coronavirus wiped out the booming economy he'd built over the last four years.  However, the insurrection that has wreaked havoc across Democrat-held cities will have informed voters that perhaps it would be best to stick with him.  The more violent and depraved their actions, the more likely they are to re-elect him.

The same goes for the Tories here.  With tens of thousands of coronavirus dead and the dawn of the worst recession in living memory, by 2024 the Labour Party should be on course for victory.  And yet just as they were making serious inroads in the opinion polls they choose to side with the mob.  The photo of Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner kneeling in submission will come back to haunt them time and again in the years to come.  The longer this crazed assault on British history continues, the bigger the push back will be in that election.

As for potential attacks on Christianity here - the stage is already being set.  A petition promoted by The Guardian on Monday calls for one of Britain's highest honours to be redesigned as it is 'offensive'.  The Order of St Michael and St George shows a traditional depiction of St Michael subjugating Lucifer (he is shown standing on Satan's neck).  The absurd petition reads: "This is a highly offensive image.  It is also reminiscent of the recent murder of George Floyd by the white policeman in the same manner presented here in this medal".  The problem with that argument is that the medal predates Floyd's murder by more than 200 years, but then when did any of this make sense?

The Order of St Michael and St George

Today they may demand a medal redrawn, but next they may target statues depicting St Michael and then after that the churches that house those statues.  As we already know with this insurrection - it's a slippery slope.