Wednesday 10 June 2020


This was the disturbing scene as dozens of Labour MPs 'took the knee' on Tuesday in a photo opportunity outside Parliament - pretending that 'social distancing' still mattered after Labour MPs had actively participated in the weekend protests.  The event was staged to coincide with the funeral of George Floyd 4,000 miles away.  Labour's Dawn Butler was at the front and centre of the picture, showing a little more respect for social distancing than what she'd done a few days earlier when she was addressing a BLM rally in her constituency.  Labour's enthusiasm for Black Lives Matter has effectively rendered their complaints about easing the lockdown meaningless.  As for Dominic Cummings - no Labour politician can now mention that name in relation to lockdown with any degree of moral authority.

Butler quoted Martin Luther King in a tweet on Tuesday, but where is her condemnation of BLM violence?  Ironically, having failed to support the Metropolitan Police and condemn the attacks on their officers, where do you suppose she took her complaint on Tuesday when she'd received online threats?  That's right - she went to the police.  The same goes for all the leftists who are calling for our police forces to be 'defunded' and statues of Robert Peel to be toppled.  Who do they call when they are in trouble?  Owen Jones was assaulted last year - who did he call then and who's he going to call now if and when the mob he's empowering turn on him?

These are the same people who've been lashing out over both Cummings and the BAME mortality rate for weeks, but now they are both actively supporting and taking part in mass gatherings of BAME people?  The hypocrisy is deafening.