Saturday 6 June 2020


... you may not escape the mob.  Those were the insightful words from the excellent Douglas Murray as he spoke at length this week about the death of George Floyd, the riots and a whole host of related issues.  Speaking to Steven Edginton from The Sun, the conservative author denounced both the rioters and the politicians, celebrities and mainstream media organisations that have encouraged them.

Murray takes apart the hypocrisy of the UK protests, including the fact that Brits have been locked down for three months, but suddenly it's acceptable for thousands of people to gather to protest the death of a black man 4,000 miles away.

Asked about the direction of Western society amid the chaos, Murray makes an excellent point: "If it's agreed that the burning down of private property is permissible then anything is permissible".  This is exactly the kind of Purge-style anarchy that the left ultimately want in order to bring down Western civilisation.  Crucially, they are being assisted by a false media narrative that refuses to call out the destruction for what it is - criminality and rioting.  These are not 'protests'.

Watch the full interview below (it's over an hour long, but well worth a listen).