Monday 8 June 2020


It wasn't long after the toppling of the Colston statue for leftists to begin suggesting names for his replacement.  Given the attitude of Bristol's Labour mayor and council it's highly unlikely that Colston will end up back on his plinth, which sadly will only encourage the mob to line up more targets for destruction.

In the meantime some of the names being banded around Twitter for his replacement are predictably daft - Lenin, Stalin, Corbyn and Tony Benn are among the suggestions, confirming pretty much as if we didn't know already who is now driving the BLM movement.  However, while they may sound outlandish, perhaps the biscuit taking proposal is the following from Labour peer Lord Adonis...

Those of you who have followed Andy's exploits over the last few years will know that he is indeed a sandwich short of a picnic, but this is a special one even for him.  Needless to say he has faced near universal ridicule.  The empowered hard left students of Bristol would have the war merchant down quicker than anyone could say 'petition'.  As for a national consensus?  That's not coming, ever.  Still, at least there's one positive argument that Adonis can put to the spiteful statue-felling morons of Bristol - Tony's still the last Labour leader to win a general election!