Friday 5 June 2020


Labour MPs continue to replicate their Democrat counterparts in America by legitimising criminal activity and covertly encouraging similar violence on British streets.  166 mostly Labour MPs have signed the latest letter calling on the UK government to halt supplies of riot-control equipment to the US.  One of them was Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield, of lockdown loving fame.  She tweeted that she was 'happy to have signed' the letter, to which we replied: "The US authorities are not cracking down on 'peaceful protest', they're cracking down on violence, looting, arson and other criminal acts".  She has now blocked our account, the first Labour MP to do so (as far as we're aware) since John McDonnell.

And yes, her cover photo genuinely says 'stay at home' - if only she and her lover had followed that instruction she may still be on the front bench.