Tuesday 30 June 2020


The hard left insurrection taking place in the United States has reached the stage where it can no longer hide its true intentions.  What supposedly began as a reaction to the murder of serial criminal George Floyd has turned into an assault on American history.  From the outset the Marxist leaders of Black Lives Matter and Antifa have exploited young black people to further their own political agenda.  The mainstream media, led by the likes of CNN and MSNBC, have aided the insurgents by exacerbating racial divisions and covering up violence in an absurd smokescreen they call 'peaceful protests'.

The mob thanked CNN for their support by smashing up the broadcaster's headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia on May 30.  A few weeks later when further 'peaceful protests' were planned for Atlanta, CNN erected barricades around their building.  Funny that.

On May 30 CNN's 'peaceful protesters' smashed up CNN's HQ in Atlanta, Georgia

Now that the thugs have turned from looting and burning to toppling statues will the media speak up in defence of American history?  Don't hold your breath!  The likes of CNN are as complicit in the latest stage of the insurgency as they were in the death and destruction of late May and early June.

Having toppled so many predominantly Confederate statues, the mob have now turned their attention to the founding fathers of the United States and other notable US presidents such as Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln.  When leftists toppled statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson in Portland, Oregon, many Americans were outraged.  The mob wrapped a US flag around the Washington statue's head, set it on fire and then pulled the whole thing down.  The crimes of Washington and Jefferson, they said, included owning slaves and stealing native lands.  Several other statues of Washington were also vandalised around the country.

The morning after a statue of George Washington was toppled in Portland, Oregon

The defacing and toppling of slavery-era figures was applauded by one CNN pundit who called for all statues of Washington and his contemporaries to come down.  Emboldened, the mob expanded its list of targets and began calling for the destruction of monuments to people who not only never owned slaves, but opposed slavery.  This included the man responsible for the Emancipation Proclamation, no less.

The targeting of Abraham Lincoln nailed the coffin shut on any suggestion that Black Lives Matter is an organisation merely concerned with police brutality.  Surely if black lives truly mattered, then why go after a man who freed black slaves?  That's exactly what many black people are now asking and in the past week bizarre scenes have emerged of white leftists arguing with black statue defenders at Lincoln site.  The black-against-white conflict that Antifa/BLM hoped to incite is perhaps finally coming off the rails as the real agenda dawns on Americans - of all hues.

Greg Turner travelled more than 200 miles to defend the Emancipation Memorial
in Washington DC and was shouted down by BLM leftists
A black tour guide told protesters in Washington DC: "Y'all don't even know the
history of this statue, but you want to tear it down"
The decision to target American heroes, regardless of their links to slavery, is going to backfire on the mob and no amount of propaganda from their media backers is going to save them.  Only a month ago the re-election of President Trump was an unlikely prospect, but now, after weeks of leftist violence, four more years of Trump is exactly what the insurgents are going to get.