Sunday 31 October 2021


A Labour councillor in the South Wales Valleys has been targeted and exposed by self-appointed paedophile hunters.  Cllr Vaughan Bater represents the Evanstown ward on Ogmore Valley Community Council and was confronted on his own doorstep on Friday evening.  The anti-paedophile group Fleetwood Enforcers filmed the whole incident and towards the end of the video Cllr Bater is taken away by police officers.  The Fleetwood Enforcers later confirmed that he had been arrested.

The full video can be seen below.  It's half an hour long and contains lots of details of Bater's alleged grooming, so a strong stomach is required.

52-year-old Bater was co-opted onto the council just four months ago and his arrest is particularly bad timing as he recently announced he would have a book sold through Amazon next month.  As alluded to in the video, Bater is a mental health nurse by trade.  He has also spent several years raising funds for a children's hospital after the death of his seven year old daughter in 2011.  He has two other children, but is thought to be living alone in Ogmore Vale.

Vaughan Bater sports a Rolf Harris-style beard in a photo from his Facebook page

Ogmore is solid Labour territory and is represented by Chris Elmore in Westminster and Huw Irranca-Davies in the Senedd.  Neither have commented on Bater's arrest.


Despite much campaigning on the part of Barry Gardiner, Labour's proposed 'fire and rehire bill' has been blocked by the Tories.  The unscrupulous practice of sacking employees and rehiring them on worse pay was rightly condemned across the House, but the government declared that legislation would not necessarily prevent it.  That is odd reasoning coming from a government that has legislated incessantly since 2019 with an iron fist.

Gardiner was upbeat despite the defeat and said that the campaign would continue.  On Thursday he tweeted a photo of himself with a large group of colleagues outside the Commons.  There was a good mix of Labour MPs present, with frontbenchers and moderates mingling alongside members of the hard left (see below).

The photo clearly does not show the full scale of Barry's gathering, with faces to the left and right partially cropped.  On the far right of the photograph you can clearly see Liam Byrne, the MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill and failed West Midlands mayoral candidate.  Someone is holding a placard next to him, but they have been cropped out altogether.  

In earlier photographs, including the one below posted by Janet Daby (Lewisham East), Byrne is seen standing next to none other than convicted criminal Claudia Webbe (circled in red).  Liam does not seem to be fazed by her presence.

It appears that Barry was also keen to crop out Stephen Doughty (Cardiff South & Penarth) - circled in yellow.  There is good reason for this, also.  Prior to the photo shoot Doughty was reprimanded by the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner after he tried several times to procure class C drugs from a constituent.  Despite the criminal act - for which he has apologised - Doughty has escaped justice and remains a member of Starmer's front bench.

The same cannot be said for Webbe, who had the party whip removed last year after she was charged with harassment.

Daby's photograph may have included both Webbe and Doughty, but it still does not show the group in full.  On the far right you can just about make out Rupa Huq (Ealing Central & Acton) standing on Webbe's left, although she is mostly cropped out.  In the following photo shared by Mohammad Yasin (Bedford) we get a different angle and again Huq is partially cropped out, but now we get a big clue as to why.

We can now see Dave Lammy standing behind Webbe, also unfazed by her presence.  We can also just about make out the familiar grey hair and black-rimmed spectacles of a former Labour leader, standing behind Huq.  It couldn't be, could it?

Thanks to another photograph obtained by The Spectator, it is confirmed that the man being deliberately cropped out of all of the photographs is the still suspended Jeremy Corbyn (see below).

Note also that the current party leader is now part of the proceedings.  Yes, that's right, Keir Starmer is apparently happy to pose for photographs alongside the convicted Webbe!

To be fair to Sir Squeaky, he did crop her out of the photo he tweeted (see below).

In this final image note the total absence of Gardiner, whose place at the front and centre is taken by Starmer.  It's almost as if Gardiner took umbrage at Starmer's presence and did a disappearing act.  Dawn Butler, Afzal Khan and Emily Thornberry have also disappeared, while hard left MPs Olivia Blake and Kim Johnson remain.  Very interesting...


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Friday 29 October 2021


In his three-weekly update on Friday, Mark Drakeford confirmed his plans to expand vaccine passports in Wales to cinemas, theatres and concert halls.  Those venues would join nightclubs and large-scale events which are already 'mandated' to check passes.

This is just as we predicted.  Once the initial passport remit clears political legislature the politicians will expand their use to include more and more settings until they have almost complete digital control over our movements.  To further that very point Drakeford added that if virus levels continued to rise in Wales he would add hospitality to the list of venues that will be required to demand a vax pass, meaning that the days of a pint after work or a meal out would no longer be possible without a QR code.

Watch Drakeford's sinister threat to Welsh hospitality venues below.

A vax pass for hospitality venues would bring Wales in line with much of the Western world, where citizens cannot go to a pub, restaurant or cafe without papers.  For any so-called democracy to enact such dystopian and apartheid measures is an outrage and we must all resist it.  Thankfully, a number of establishments in Wales have already chosen not to accept Drakeford's mandate, but that's not enough to end this nonsense.  And nonsense it is...

Elsewhere in his briefing Drakeford responded to a media question about vax passes: "Your pass should be very easy to show.  You will then know with people sitting next to you - you are safe".  We know now that none of the Covid vaccines currently in use prevent people catching the virus or passing it on.  In fact, according to recently released UK government data - the vaccinated in all age groups over 30 are more likely to be infected with the virus than the unvaccinated (see table below).

The source for this table is here.

So if the establishment narrative is all about infections - and not hospitalisations and deaths as it should be - then there is simply no case for vaccine passports.  If we say no and we do not comply with this, together we can stop this totalitarian control nonsense in its tracks.  Hold the line.


Eight by-elections this week - six Conservative defences, one Labour defence and an open contest following the death of a UKIP councillor in Carlisle.  The decline of UKIP was starkly evident in the latter, as they did not find a candidate to defend the seat.  Both Labour and the Tories benefited from their absence, but it was Labour who took the seat.

Labour held in Luton, where the Lib Dems surged into second place from nowhere.  That election also saw a rare outing for the Communist Party, but they finished last with just 28 votes.

Of the six Tory defences, they held five - including thumping victories in Bolton and Kinver, Staffordshire.  They held in the other South Staffs election despite a major new threat in the form of the Green Party.  They also held in Wrexham, although their majority was slashed here also.  In South Kesteven there were two seats on offer and the Tories held easily in Grantham Arnoldfield, but lost to an independent in Stamford All Saints.

Bromley Cross, Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council

Con: 1,732 (70.0%) +6.8%
Lab: 409 (16.5%) -5.6%
Grn: 165 (6.7%) -1.4%
BFC: 99 (4.0%) New
LDem: 68 (2.7%) -3.8%


Currock & Upperby, Carlisle City Council

Lab: 636 (57.5%) +20.7%
Con: 412 (37.2%) +22.2%
Grn: 59 (5.3%) -6.3%

Lab GAIN from UKIP

South, Luton Borough Council

Lab: 547 (44.1%) +4.3%
LDem: 332 (26.8%) New
Con: 198 (16.0%) +0.1%
Ind: 134 (10.8%) -0.2%
CPB: 28 (2.3%) New


Grantham Arnoldfield, South Kesteven District Council

Con: 460 (65.0%) -8.9%
Lab: 136 (19.2%) -6.9%
Grn: 112 (15.8%) New


Stamford All Saints, South Kesteven District Council

Ind: 496 (57.0%) New
Con: 214 (24.6%) -37.5%
Ind: 114 (13.1%) New
Ind: 46 (5.3%) New

Ind GAIN from Con

Kinver, South Staffordshire District Council

Con: 865 (74.1%) +29.3%
Grn: 154 (13.2%) -15.9%
Lab: 149 (12.8%) New


Wombourne South East, South Staffordshire District Council

Con: 370 (50.3%) -22.7%
Grn: 323 (43.9%) New
Lab: 42 (5.7%) -21.3%


Gresford East & West, Wrexham County Borough Council

Con: 351 (42.7%) -30.3%
LDem: 165 (20.1%) +10.1%
Plaid: 163 (19.8%) New
Lab: 132 (16.1%) -0.2%
RefUK: 6 (0.7%) New
Grn: 5 (0.6%) New



Con = Conservative
Lab = Labour
Grn = Green
LDem = Liberal Democrat
BFC = Bolton For Change
CPB = Communist Party of Britain
Plaid = Plaid Cymru
RefUK = Reform UK
Ind = Independents


Sadiq Khan has been roundly mocked again on Twitter after he announced he had changed his profile picture.  Most of us mere mortals don't feel the need to make a special announcement for such a trivial matter, but thou art not the all powerful king of London who loves himself so dearly.

Sadiq posted his new picture on Thursday night (see above).  The photo is doubly special for the mayor - the chap he is standing with is the prolific centre-forward Mo Salah, who not only plays for Sadiq's favourite team Liverpool, but shares his Muslim faith too.

After posting his new picture Khan was inundated with reminders of one of his recent tweets, namely the one in which he implored people to wear face masks this winter.  "More people there than on the tube" one commented.  "You're just pissing on us and saying it's raining" wrote another.  Another wrote: "This was OK because neither one was breathing normally.  Mo was holding his breath to protect against the stench of hypocrisy and corruption, and Khunt was just breathing in - the celebrity and fame are what he thrives on".  Scores more commented along the lines of 'rules for thee, but not for me' and 'do as I say, not as I do'.

Many others were surprised to learn that Khan was a Liverpool fan, considering he was born in Tooting.  "You must be a proud Londoner, supporting Liverpool" was one comment.  "You could support a London team, you know...  Or a Russian one like Chelsea" another posted humorously.

Khan's ongoing face mask hypocrisy formed part of our latest YouTube video (see below).


Following his Twitter rinsing Khan ditched his Salah profile picture and swapped if for a picture of himself standing in what appears to be the Barbican Conservatory.  He is all alone, but still maskless.

Thursday 28 October 2021


Angela Rayner has re-emerged following her two week long disappearing act.  Posting a statement on Facebook, she confirmed that her absence was due to a bereavement and that she would return to work after the funeral.  She also issued an 'unreserved' apology for her Tory scum remark at Labour's party conference and pledged she would 'not use it again'.  The apology was too little, too late for some, but that wasn't the main problem with her statement.

While the first half - 370 words over six paragraphs - is dedicated to her atonement, the second half turns things around completely.  "I want to address the threats I have received lately" is her opening gambit in part two - 307 words over five paragraphs in which she paints herself as a victim of horrendous abuse.  She discusses death threats she has received recently and thanks police officers from Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire who have made arrests in relation to the threats.

This self-pity could have been and should have been done separately or not at all.  By tying her own experience in with an apology she is clearly seeking a sympathetic ear and undermines the sincerity of her apology.

Starmer's reaction to Rayner's statement only drew attention to the threats she had received and made no mention of her apology, which it is widely believed he had mandated.

Rayner's full statement:
"I have been off work over the last couple of weeks after losing a close loved one. Grief is the burden we bear for love and losing someone close is something that we all experience at some point in our lives, but that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier when it happens to you. So I can’t imagine what the family of Sir David Amess are going through, but I know they will be hurting. I send my heartfelt condolences to them. Sir David was a fine parliamentarian, a proud advocate for his constituents and above all such a kind, generous and warm-hearted man. He will be missed on all sides of the House. 
As a society we need to offer better support to people who are going through bereavement, loss and other traumatic or difficult experiences in their personal lives. I hope that the fact that I took time to deal with a bereavement will encourage other people to do the same when they are going through grief or trauma. 
While I have been away from the cut and thrust of Parliament I have reflected on our political debate and the threats and abuse that now seem to feature all too often.
I have also reflected on what I said at an event at Labour Party conference. I was angry about where our country is headed and policies that have made life harder for so many people I represent. But I would like to unreservedly apologise for the language I used, and I would not use it again.  
I will continue to speak my mind, stand up for Labour values and hold the government to account. But in the future I will be more careful about how I do that and in the language that I choose. 
All of us in positions of leadership have a responsibility for our language and rhetoric, whether towards political opponents or anyone else in society, especially those already most vulnerable. As Deputy Leader of the Labour Party I take this responsibility with the utmost seriousness and I am sure that politicians from all parties, the media and others with a prominent role in our public life will also reflect on this shared responsibility. 
I want to address the threats I have received recently. In the past I have been reluctant to speak out about the abuse that I receive because I fear that doing so will only make the situation worse. However, in recent weeks the threats that I have received against my life and the lives of close family have been so terrifying and explicit that I could not stay silent and simply continue to take it as ‘part of the job’. They have had a devastating impact on me, my children and others close to me. 
It shakes you when you get these threats. You worry about the safety of your home, your office and everything in your life. And it takes its toll on the people who work for me too.  
My staff come to work and do their jobs with dedication and professionalism. They bear the brunt of much of this abuse and then get on with their working day. Dealing with death threats and liaising with the police about their safety should not be a standard part of the day-to-day working life of a Member of Parliament or their staff. 
So I want to thank the police officers from Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire Police who have arrested a number of people in recent days and demonstrated the utmost professionalism, courtesy and kindness both in carrying out their investigations and in supporting me, my family and my staff during what has been a very difficult time. I and my team will continue work with them to ensure that the perpetrators of these crimes are brought to justice. 
After attending a funeral on Monday I will be back to work, rolling my sleeves up and standing up for my brilliant constituents in Ashton-under-Lyne, Droylsden and Failsworth – along with everyone who needs a Labour government".
The only MPs who have been physically assaulted or murdered in recent weeks have been Tories.  Threats are not pleasant, but murderers generally don't warn their victims beforehand.  Rayner should have got things into perspective.


As the clock ticks down to her sentencing hearing, Claudia Webbe continues to spout race baiting nonsense.  Since the guilty verdict was handed down, the Leicester MP has lashed out at various detractors on Twitter, accusing them of racism and 'white privilege'.  We are not aware of any racial connotations to being likened to a fictitious alien race from the Star Trek universe, but Claudia appears to have found this tweet troubling enough to comment.

The following day Claudia took umbrage at a tweet from a Labour colleague.  Rob Marchant is a Blairite blogger who had suggested that a period of silent reflection would be advisable following her conviction.  Claudia responded by accusing him of 'white privilege'.

This followed an earlier tweet in which she declared that the absence of the racially charged term from school lessons was in itself a form of white privilege.  Blimey.

Then there was this stunner about 'undocumented workers'.

Claudia, undocumented workers are illegal immigrants.  That's why they're undocumented and wish to remain so.  This is so lame, one has to wonder how on earth she got the nod for a Parliamentary seat in the first place.  If Webbe is symptomatic of the level of intelligence on the Corbynista left then perhaps it will be a while before they darken the doors of power again.

One attribute that Webbe definitely shares with her hard left comrades is her obsession with race.  According to the Daily Mail she pulled the race card before the harassment verdict was even announced.  She reportedly sent a message to her supporters that read:  "I am a black woman in a white court, facing a white system and white prosecutors.  I have been deliberately targeted because I am vulnerable.  I know first-hand the sexism and racism institutions and media use to vilify black women".

Imagine having harassed and vilified a woman (who for all we know is also a woman of colour) for eighteen months only to paint yourself as the victim.

Wednesday 27 October 2021


Having tested positive for coronavirus Keir Starmer is now self-isolating for a fifth time, albeit this is the first time he has himself tested positive.  A tweet from his Twitter account just 47 minutes prior to PMQs does not lend any clues to his looming absence (see below).

In the photograph attached to the tweet Starmer is seated between his shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves and her deputy Bridget Phillipson.  As it is light outside we can only assume that it was taken on the same morning.  Until recently both individuals would have been required to self-isolate following Starmer's positive test.  They no longer need to if they are fully vaccinated, which is what we can assume considering that when it came to Labour's response to the Budget on Wednesday afternoon it was provided in person by Reeves - with Phillipson sat behind her.

Rachel Reeves responds to Rishi Sunak, with Phillipson on her left

Of course they can still catch the virus and transmit it, which does make a mockery of the rule change (and also the notion of vaccine passports).

As Starmer tested positive via a lateral flow test and is not displaying symptoms, there is a very good chance - as much as 50 per cent - that he does not have the virus anyway.  Our own Richey Edwards was informed by NHS track and trace recently that lateral flow tests are at best only 60 per cent reliable.

The most obvious question arising from this week's PMQs is why Starmer anointed Ed Miliband as his substitute.  Angela Rayner stood in for him last time, but this week she was nowhere to be seen on the front benches.  On Tuesday Starmer denied that he was keeping her sidelined following recent criticism, telling Good Morning Britain that her absence was due to a bereavement.  Is it just a coincidence that this appears to have coincided precisely with the murder of David Amess?  Her Twitter account fell silent the day that Amess was murdered and she has not been heard of since.

A period of bereavement?  Or, if the Mail on Sunday is to be believed, a period of penance imposed by Starmer in relation to her 'Tory scum' remarks?


Marxist media outlet Novara Media had its YouTube channel temporarily deleted on Tuesday.  A statement put out by Novara at 11:40 said the action had been carried out by YouTube without 'warning or explanation'.  Less than three hours later Novara reported that the channel had been reinstated 'following a deluge of support from across the political spectrum'.

Novara's Michael Walker

Novara has an impressive following on YouTube with almost 170,000 subscribers.  It has a similar number of followers on its Twitter account, with smaller followings on Facebook and Instagram.  Novara's impressive social media counter-campaign against YouTube's ban attracted support from far and wide - not just from far left Labour MPs such as Richard BurgonJohn McDonnell and Nadia Whittome, but also from opponents such as Conservative MP David Davis, Reclaim's Laurence Fox and broadcasters Julia Hartley-Brewer and Maajid Nawaz.  The latter had previously sought legal action against Novara's co-founder, but still found it within himself to condemn YouTube's action.  Even The Spectator's Turnpike column expressed 'solidarity'.

However, while the centre and right appeared to unite with the left against big tech censorship, it had been duly noted that Novara itself did not express feelings of solidarity when big tech came for their opponents.  The bulk of the criticism was levelled at Novara's head of video, Gary McQuiggin, who deplored YouTube's action in the following tweet.

Critics then deluged McQuiggin and his comrades Ash Sarkar, Michael Walker and Bastani with a screenshot of something he had tweeted last year...

McQuiggin has since deleted this tweet, but fortunately the internet doesn't forget.

Novara's double standards can also be applied to Ash Sarkar who has previously defended cancel culture and was also one of the main organisers of the protests against President Trump's visit to the UK in 2018.  She also welcomed his ban from Twitter, telling Unherd: "It’s a good thing that Twitter is able to just kick him off".

It appears that censorship is perfectly acceptable for the left when it's the right that is on the receiving end or things they simply don't like or agree with.

Click below for a clip in which Sarkar is asked about cancel culture for an Australian TV show.

Author Douglas Murray was among those who took exception to Novara's double standard, writing on Twitter: "These communists didn’t seem to have a problem when Big Tech came for Milo Yiannopolous, Katie Hopkins etc.  Because the hate-mongers at barely-known ‘Novara media’ thought Big Tech only came for their counterparts.  Now it’s their turn.  Funny old world".

Aaron Bastani responded directly to Murray with the following astonishing tweet.

That is quite a statement coming from a communist and one which appears to be ignore established history altogether.  Even his quote from Rosa Luxemburg is a misnomer.  The Polish Marxist made a number of quotes relating to freedom and democracy, but that apparently did not stop her from supporting the 1918 November Revolution which sought to overthrow the German government.

Like Bastani, Luxemburg never got a taste of state power.  We all know what happens when communists take power, regardless of how they get there or what they said prior to the event.  Freedom becomes mute, democracy dies.

That is the reality of communism.  The history of one-party communist states such as the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea does not lie.  The same cannot be said for Bastani.


Ed Miliband stands in for Keir Starmer after the Labour leader tested positive for coronavirus.  Starmer will now self-isolate for a fifth time.

Watch below.

Tuesday 26 October 2021


Richard Madeley has triggered the left, again.  The Good Morning Britain presenter was interviewing Keir Starmer on Tuesday and raised the spectre of Labour's hard left.  Starmer was discussing his support for an 'exclusion zone' around schools to protect them from 'anti-vax' protesters.  Madeley then posed a tongue-in-cheek question about Starmer setting up an 'exclusion zone' for the hard left, adding: "Some of the criticism you got after the conference was that you basically didn't seize the opportunity to give them a good kicking, and to make it absolutely clear that the days of the Corbynistas is well and truly over".

Click below for the clip, but be warned it includes a cringeworthy recital of Starmer's 'epic' put down to conference hecklers (epic, in his own mind that is).

It was a bit early in the morning for most lefties, but for those who did see it they would have been spitting corn flakes.  "Shocking" was how one Twitter user described it, "He should be kicked off GMB" wrote another.  Many tweeted directly to Good Morning Britain, calling for his head.

Labour's Mary Foy demanded that Madeley apologise.

The Durham MP is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group, alongside such luminaries as John McDonnell.  Speaking of apologies Mary, will John ever apologise to Esther McVey for his 'lynch the bitch' and 'stain on humanity' remarks?

Note also the face mask emoji in Mary's profile name.  Like most Labour MPs, she doesn't usually wear one outside of the Commons.  A cursory glance at her Twitter profile shows her hobnobbing in Westminster, visiting a craft shop and a school.  Not a face mask in sight.

For Labour, a face mask is an inconvenience and deployed only for virtue signalling purposes when they're on camera in the Commons (to show the peasants who elect them how it should be done).  Rampant hypocrisy.

Sunday 24 October 2021


Keir Starmer's colleagues appear to be leaving him behind when it comes to Labour support for the 'Plan B' scenario.  What started earlier in the week as a few backbenchers calling for more restrictions has now spread to Labour's front bench.  On Thursday the shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth declared that Labour 'are in favour of Plan B'.  However, this was later contradicted by Starmer who said Plan B was 'the wrong focus'.  A Labour spokesperson confirmed Starmer's view by saying that the focus should be on 'making Plan A work'.

It appears that whatever Starmer's reservations are about Plan B, his front bench colleagues don't share them.  His shadow chancellor told Andrew Marr on Sunday morning that Labour were in favour of Plan B and they 'were relaxed about that'.  Well, clearly your leader isn't.

Click below for the clip.

Starmer knows that Plan B - in particular domestic vax passes - is a very divisive and controversial issue.  That is why he is squirming about it.  We suspect that when it comes to a Commons vote, his party will support the measures anyway.


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