Sunday, 17 October 2021


The imposition of ever more aggressive vaccine mandates across the West is meeting mass organised resistance on the streets.  Over the course of the last few days huge protests have been held across Europe and yet there has been a media blackout.  Elsewhere, the media has lied about the huge disruption caused to American flights by pilots of Southwest Airlines.  The pilots' union is suing the airline over its forthcoming 'no jab, no jab' policy and pilots staged a walkout on Friday leading to the cancellation of thousands of flights.  The airline and the media tried to claim that the cancellations were due to bad weather and staff shortages, but no other airlines were affected.

It is clear that the mainstream media is on the side of the Covid tyrants waging war on their citizens in the name of a digital id.  The level of tyranny has reached absurd proportions, with unvaccinated Canadians to be barred from public transport, supermarkets able to refuse service to unvaccinated Germans, unvaccinated Americans removed from organ transplant waiting lists and a quarantine camp is being built for unvaccinated Australians.  This is apartheid, plain and simple - a word which for decades had negative connotations, but is now being inflicted on Western societies 'for our own good'.

In many countries, including our own, people are now being sacked from employment for choosing not to receive a Covid vaccine.  Last year Brits banged their pots and pans for NHS workers, but now they turn a blind eye as many of those same workers are fired.

It is almost as if our nations are in the grip of a mass psychosis.  How else to explain such apathy?

As Italians and others begin to strike back at globalist tyranny, when will our time come?  Not at the height of winter, that's a given.  Domestic vaccine passports are likely to be introduced mid-December according to a statement on the UK government website.  Opposition will grow from then on, particularly when it dawns on people that this is not a 'temporary' measure and Britain is to join other Western states in implementing an apartheid system.

Such a dystopian attack on our way of life would have been unthinkable two years ago, but sinister powers have exploited the pandemic to hatch this vile plan.  From Italy to Australia, from Canada to France, we must oppose them and we will.  Together we are many, but they will always be few.


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The Conservative's David Davis fell foul of big tech censors last week after YouTube deleted a video in which he deplored the introduction of domestic vaccine passports.  The eleven minute speech was uploaded by libertarian group Big Brother Watch, but subsequently deleted.  In a notification to the group YouTube said: "YouTube doesn’t allow claims about Covid-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organisation (WHO)".

The problem with that statement is that nowhere in the speech does Davis make any claims about vaccines that would counter the establishment narrative, in fact he dramatically overstates their efficacy and says he is an advocate.  However, as a libertarian he quite rightly finds the concept of domestic vaccine passports a very sinister attempt to coerce people into taking jabs they might not want.  Davis's speech was given at a fringe event of the recent Conservative party conference, which he noted did not require vaccine passports for entry (unlike the Labour party conference).  He also noted that Tory ministers had confided in him that they did not believe in vaccine passports either, which rather begs the question who is the driving force behind their implementation?

Reacting to YouTube's censorship of his speech, Davis said: "Throughout the pandemic, we have seen blatant attempts by big tech to silence opposition voices challenging the conventional wisdom.  My speech at conference was carefully researched, wholly accurate and backed up with the latest scientific fact.  This unambiguous attempt by YouTube to censor my speech is a warning.  If YouTube is happy to attempt to silence elected Members of Parliament, then they are also happy to censor anyone uploading content to their speech".

Quite right, and it was the MP's public response and resulting publicity that resulted in YouTube reinstating the video on Friday, saying: "Sometimes we make the wrong call".  Others who speak out against Covid tyranny, but who are not public figures will probably not be so fortunate.

His speech, as it appears on YouTube, can be seen below.

Saturday, 16 October 2021


As if we didn't know already, Twitter is a sewer of the left.  For several hours yesterday the tech giant featured the words 'Tory Scum' on its trending list, despite the phrase featuring in just a couple of thousand tweets.  Many of those tweets were quoting Angela Rayner, who understandably came in for a lot of criticism yesterday after having used the term at the recent Labour party conference.

However, while the majority of tweets expressed anger over the murder of David Amess, there were some sickening messages.  A strong stomach is required to read through the following, bearing in mind that the MP's body was not cold when these hateful messages were conceived...

Some of these tweets have since been removed.  Mark J Doran, who tweeted about mental health services, has since locked down his account following a backlash.  His profile bio includes the hashtag #Corbyn and he runs a blog about music.  'Andy', who tweeted the image of a violin, is a Remainer who refers to Britain as 'the sick man of Europe'.  He also applauded Angela Rayner's scum remarks.  'Rob' has a Labour rose on his profile.

Sick messages were also widespread beyond the 'Tory scum' thread.

Some of these messages were left in response to tributes by politicians from across the political divide.  However, not all the nasty comments were left by anonymous faceless accounts.  Arfon Jones, a member of Plaid Cymru and a former police and crime commissioner no less, had this to say...

Jones later deleted his tweet and issued an apology, saying that he had only intended to express his 'concern about the toxic nature of our political discourse'.  Unfortunately for Jones, some users quickly pointed to another recent tweet of his, one in which he applauded Angela Rayner's scum remarks.

This brings us neatly back round to Angela Rayner, whose own tribute to the murdered MP was brutally torn apart.  Her tweet amassed more than three thousand comments, the vast majority of which were negative.  To put that into perspective, her party leader's tribute attracted barely a thousand comments and most of those were from people calling for Rayner's head.

Rayner is facing increasing pressure to apologise for her scum comments.  Just a reminder of what she actually said: "I’m sick of shouting from the sidelines and I bet youse lot are too.  We cannot get any worse than a bunch of scum, homophobic, racist, mysoginistic, absolute pile of banana republ, Etonion, piece of scum - and I held back a little - that I have ever seen in my life".

Many leftists continue to defend Rayner and say that her words have no bearing on violent acts.  While we can now be fairly certain that Mr Amess's killer was an Islamist and not a leftist, she can probably breathe a sigh of relief, but let's not forget that two Conservative MPs were confronted outside their own conference by assailants using the words 'Tory scum'.  Surely no coincidence?

There is also a huge double standard at play with some of the arguments being perpetuated in Rayner's defence.  The following tweet sums it up perfectly.

No irony, no empathy, no shame.  This is the left.

Friday, 15 October 2021

DAVID AMESS 1952-2021

David Amess - a husband, a father of five and a human being - murdered on Friday 15 October 2021.

Sir David was knighted in 2015 for 'political and public service', having been an MP since 1983.  Essex born and bred, he was the MP for Basildon until that constituency was abolished by boundary changes in 1997.  At the general election that year he was selected for the vacant Conservative seat of Southend West.  He held the seat, but with a significantly reduced majority - down from 11,902 to just 2,615.  Fast forward to 2019 and the Tory majority in Southend West was 14,459.

The 69-year-old was a practising Roman Catholic, an opponent of gay marriage, a Brexiteer and a staunch advocate of animal rights.

His murder was condemned by party leaders across the political divide.


Four council contests this week and another dull night for Labour who saw their vote share fall in all but one.  They held easily in Wigan, but no great surprise there.  Labour hold 57 of Wigan's 75 council seats.  North of the border they suffered an embarrassing defeat to the SNP in Falkirk, finishing a distant third, although this is not as straightforward as it sounds.  The last time this seat was contested all three seats were up for grabs, but as each of the parties only put forward one candidate the top three candidates all won a seat - including third placed Labour.  It was the resignation of this Labour councillor that triggered the by-election, hence it is technically an SNP gain.

Elsewhere, the Tories held easily in Harrow and took a seat from the Lib Dems in Surrey.

Falkirk South, Falkirk Council

(First preferences votes)

SNP: 1,691 (39.2%) +3.5%
Con: 1,676 (38.9%) +6.8%
Lab: 679 (15.7%) -11.4%
Grn: 267 (6.2%) +1.1%

SNP GAIN from Lab (elected after stage 4)

Pinner South, Harrow London Borough Council

Con: 1,392 (60.5%) -4.6%
LDem: 390 (17.0%) +5.0%
Lab: 331 (14.4%) -8.6%
Grn: 188 (8.2%) New


Frimley Green, Surrey Heath Borough Council

Con: 896 (48.5%) +19.6%
LDem: 877 (47.4%) -1.6%
Lab: 76 (4.1%) New

Con GAIN from LDem

Leigh West, Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council

Lab: 1,004 (56.2%) +2.1%
Con: 432 (23.7%) +8.2%
Ind: 257 (14.4%) -9.5%
LDem: 103 (5.8%) -0.8%



SNP = Scottish National Party
Con = Conservative
Lab = Labour
Grn = Green
LDem = Liberal Democrat
Ind = Independents


Professor Robert Winston faces a deluge of hate today following his appearance on the BBC's Question Time last night.  Lord Winston, a Labour peer, sat on a panel that included Labour colleague Alison McGovern.  One audience member put to the panel a question regarding free speech and the case of philosophy professor Kathleen Stock, who is currently facing a hate campaign from trans activists at Sussex University.  For the 'crime' of speaking out in defence of women's gender rights, students are campaigning to have her sacked from her role at the university.

Following on from her leader's pathetic pandering to the trans lobby, frontbencher McGovern defended the rights of trans people to identify as they see fit.  It seems that feminism in the Labour Party is dead and buried.  However, when the question was posed to Professor Winston he warned host Fiona Bruce that he was about to say something that the producers may want to cut from the programme.  His highly 'controversial' response was to state a matter of fact: "You cannot change your sex".

Click below for the clip.

The woke lefties and trans bullies crying 'transphobe' and declaring that Winston is wrong don't need to study biology for decades to know they are the ones who are mistaken.  They just need to grow up.

Thursday, 14 October 2021


Sadiq Khan has cancelled London's New Year's Eve fireworks display for the second year in a row, citing 'Covid uncertainty'.  However, just 24 hours after this announcement Khan tweeted that Diwali celebrations would go ahead later this month.

The lack of consistency here is astonishing.  No-one is begrudging Hindus their annual bash, but why is it 'safe' for one outdoor event to take place and not another?  In any case, as these are both outdoor events there is surely little threat from a virus that we have been consistently told thrives in enclosed spaces.

Additionally, if Khan is genuinely troubled by mass outdoor gatherings then why did he not voice concerns over previous mass gatherings during this pandemic?  What makes BLM and XR protesters more immune to Covid than New Year's revellers, the overwhelming majority of which will have received vaccines that were not available earlier in the pandemic?

The proximity of the two contradictory announcements smacks of arrogance and a lack of empathy, two attributes that go hand in hand with Khan the narcissist.


The far left have heaped praise on an Irish author who refused to have her latest novel translated into Hebrew.  In a statement Sally Rooney (pictured, above) said: "I simply do not feel it would be right for me under the present circumstances to accept a new contract with an Israeli company that does not publicly distance itself from apartheid and support the UN-stipulated rights of the Palestinian people".  How Israel must weep!

Rooney has allied herself with the Palestinian-led BDS movement (Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions).  The stated aims of BDS are to 'end Israeli occupation and colonisation of all Arab lands', ensure the return of Palestinian refugees and enable 'full equality for Arab-Palestinian citizens'.  BDS is supported by hard left parties and movements across the West and has found itself dogged by persistent claims of anti-Semitism.

Critics have pointed out that Rooney's condemnation of Israel is full of hypocrisy.  It has now been established that Rooney's book was translated into Mandarin by a publishing house backed by the Chinese Communist Party.  Where is her outrage?  Presumably she would similarly accept an Arabic translation, despite the widespread oppression of women across the Arab world?  Of course, given the decadent subject matter of Normal People, there is little chance of such a translation.

Naturally, Rooney describes herself as a Marxist.  Hypocrisy and selective feminism is the hallmark of a communist.

One of those who has found a new heroine in Rooney is Labour's young Coventry MP, Zarah Sultana.  Earlier this week she tweeted the author's name alongside a green heart, an interesting choice of colour.

Green is a colour strongly associated with Islam, less so communism.  She could have just as easily used the Palestinian flag, which is also available as an emoji on Twitter.

Just three days earlier Sultana had tweeted about a small multi-faith gathering between Muslim and Jewish women, aimed at building 'solidarity across communities'.  Wonder how these Jewish ladies feel about their MP's ringing endorsement of Rooney?

The following day Sultana attended another event, this time a celebration of languages.  Yes, the same woman who three days later would applaud an author who discriminates based on language.

This is the left, the home of hypocrisy.