Wednesday 28 November 2018


Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council first received reports of child grooming in the town as early as 1999.  No-one was prosecuted until 2010.  The Jay Report of 2014 exposed collusion to such an extent that both the council leader (Labour's Roger Stone) and its chief executive both subsequently resigned.  The council's director of children's services (also Labour) initially refused to resign, but eventually bowed down to pressure.  Three Labour councillors were suspended by the party (one was later reinstated).  Local MP Sarah Champion was sacked from the front bench after daring to mention the very specific demographics related to the case ie. that the victims were overwhelmingly Pakistani Muslim men and the victims were overwhelmingly white.  A later inquiry deemed the council "not fit for purpose" and Stone's successor as council leader also resigned.

Today it has been revealed that Rotherham Council is continuing to assist the rapists.

Sammy Woodhouse was 15 when she was raped and impregnated by Arshid Hussain.  In a staggering move Rotherham Council have contacted Miss Woodhouse to inform her that Hussain has a 'right to access'.  This is actually much worse than it sounds because Hussain didn't contact the council - they contacted him!  Quite how a man who is serving 35 years in prison is going to have access to the child is left to the imagination.


Sunday 25 November 2018


Shared 1,269 times via the Facebook page, this BTLP original features another young ideologue with plenty of life experience to know that socialism is the best way forward!  If he took off his rose-tinted spectacles for a second he might realise that truly socialist countries are actually very fond of borders, and walls.  It is not so much a case of no bigots, no borders, but more like no leave, no entry!  Twat.

Saturday 24 November 2018


Richey is in Prague at the moment.  He's sent this picture back and says every Corbyn-loving Marxist should attend something like this for a real education.  Life was grim in communist Czechoslovakia and this place exposes the harsh reallity.

Wednesday 21 November 2018


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Sunday 18 November 2018


Baroness Chakrabarti must have drawn the short straw to go on Marr this morning.  It was a dreadful performance, akin to an MP trying to filibuster a piece of legislation by talking utter drivel for as long as possible.  Asides from the headline-grabbing "Don't patronise me" outburst from Andrew Marr, we learnt nothing new whatsoever.  All we know is that Labour is going to frustrate the Brexit process as much as possible in order to create the chaos necessary for it to have any chance of coming to power.  Labour not putting the national interest first - who'd have thought!!!


Shared 1,464 times via the Facebook page, this BTLP original showcases the disarray that is the Labour Party on Brexit.  All the quotes are genuine, with the exception of poor Diane who we added for a touch of humour.  Lifelong Eurosceptic Corbyn is constantly being undermined by his front bench colleagues.  Within days of Corbyn telling German press that Brexit "can't be stopped" up stepped Shadow Brexit Secretary (and staunch Remainer) Keir Starmer to say precisely the exact opposite, while Thornberry suggested a second referendum must "remain on the table".

Labour would not provide a healthy alternative to the woeful deal that May has drawn up.  All they can offer is confusion, with the party 'leader' trying to pull the party in the opposite direction to that which most of his MPs want to go ie. to remain in the EU and overturn the referendum.

You just can't trust Labour on Brexit!

Saturday 17 November 2018


We in Britain can't imagine how devastating the Californian forest fires are.  The loss of life and property must be harrowing.  However, we can always rely on the BBC to gloss over such human tragedy when the US President becomes involved.  The Beeb wastes no time in politicising their report and quickly questions his being there.  In eight years of Obama there was no such agenda, no outcry when the Democrat failed to attend disasters - or did.

The BBC bias in this latest report is summed up best in the following screencap ie. we confess some locals held up pro-Trump signs, but we'll ignore them and show the one calling him a moron.


The odious member for Penistone and Stocksbridge certainly appears to have got her comeuppance.  Angela Smith, of ardent remoaner fame, has lost a no confidence vote in her constituency.  Not so much to do with the fact she has consistently opposed Brexit in a massive Leave constituency, but her criticism of the Great Leader.  Dissent will not be tolerated in Corbyn's Labour and the Momentum deselection train last night rolled into the steel city and struck her a severe blow.

Ironically she was one of the MPs who backed a vote of no confidence in Corbyn two years ago and supported her namesake Owen Smith in the subsequent leadership contest.  Clearly Angela has had this coming a while.  Since then she has dared to question the re-nationalisation policies of the Great Leader and she is currently peddling a 'People's Vote' petition addressed directly to Corbyn.

It is this ardent and unapologetic remoaning - in the face of a 61% Leave constituency - that leads us to maintain dry eyes when it comes to her current predicament.  Whereas we have struck a sympathetic chord with some centre-ground MPs attacked by Momentum's deselection campaign (Frank Field, Kate Hoey etc), Angela Smith is a vile individual who deserves no such sympathy.  In addition to her Brexit blocking record in the Commons, she has also attempted to conceal her expenses.  In 2007 she voted against publicising MPs' expenses and it soon transpired why - she had claimed almost £11,000 in just two years, including four beds for a ONE BEDROOM FLAT!

Smith has responded to the deselection threat by denouncing her detractors as a "cabal of hard left members", an accurate description, but also vowed to fight on and "prioritise our area and my constituents".  Like you prioritised their Leave vote Angela?

Monday 12 November 2018


by Richey Edwards

Over the course of the New Labour government our country faced an unprecedented wave of new legislation.  The number of new laws introduced by the Blair/Brown regimes is staggering, averaging more than two thousand per year, culminating in a record 3,506 new laws as the party left office in 2010.  Many Labour MPs have continued this crazed agenda since leaving government.  Most recently the attention has been focused on new 'hate crime' legislation proposed by several feminist MPs which includes criminalising 'wolf whistling' and 'cat calling'.  At a time when police officers are struggling to cope with serious crime and don't even bother with the likes of car crime and burglary any more, it's hardly appropriate.  But that's Labour for you, a bunch of MPs on a power trip eager to shape your thoughts and actions by way of legislation.

Thanks to New Labour the UK now has more CCTV cameras than any country on the planet, and yet they don't deter criminals.  We are being monitored every day of our lives, but for what purpose?  More than five per cent of the UK population is on the national DNA database, the highest figure in the world, and yet it doesn't reduce crime.  An Englishman's home was his castle before Tony Blair stepped into 10 Downing Street, but New Labour gave various agencies the right to enter your home.  Then there was the smoking ban.

I don't smoke, never have, but I do like to go to the pub now and again.  While the smoking ban appears to have encouraged more people to give up, or vape, and that must surely be a good thing, it has brought many pubs to their knees.  Since the ban came into play 11 years ago this country has lost almost 12,000 boozers, that's over a thousand for every year of the ban.  That can't be good.  Pubs are often the focal point of a local community, take it away and people rarely congregate with others.  Labour knew this.  The smoking ban was never about the nation's health - it was about control.  They are still at it today.

The favourite to succeed the odious Carwyn Jones as First Minister of Wales has suggested that the smoking ban in Wales should be extended outdoors and involve a complete ban in town centres.  Cigarette smoke is a threat to no-one's health in the open air, so how on earth can his proposal be about health?  It's not, obviously.  It's just not good enough for Mark Drakeford that people's actions can only be controlled indoors.

Labour politicians just can't help themselves.  They have to dictate every aspect of our daily lives to an Orwellian extent.  Vote Labour get 1984.

Sunday 11 November 2018


Last week Sadiq Khan literally held his hands up and surrendered to the knife gangs of London.  As if we didn't know already, what he said cemented his position as one of the most useless politicians of the 21st century.  He basically deferred any solution to the diabolical situation facing our capital to his successor(s).  Khan is so weak and inept that he makes both Corbyn and May look tough!

Shared 2,719 times this BTLP original was the most shared post on our Facebook page last week.

Saturday 10 November 2018


When Diane Abbott appeared on Question Time last Thursday the obvious thing to look out for was one of her trademark gaffes.  However, what she actually left us with was concern for her health.  In addition to her puffed up face, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that her hand was shaking uncontrollably.  In the exchange below, watch her right fist after she rests it on the table...

Uncontrollable shaking is a symptom of Parkinson's disease, not in itself proof that Diane is afflicted, but when combined with her occasionally slurred speech and constant fumbling over numbers, one has to wonder.  Of course she could just have been very angry at Mr Peterson's clearly superior intellect and logic.  Our future Home Secretary does not like being told that she is not the moral judge of what is 'hate speech'!

In addition to Diane's apparent loss of motor function, there is also her occasional disappearances from public life.  For someone 'destined' to be our Home Secretary, this is clearly unacceptable.  Imagine for one second that she was the minister responsible for national security and our nation was struck by some awful disaster.  Sorry folks, the Home Secretary is 'feeling unwell', come back tomorrow.  Or next week.

Finally, the most damning proof that Diane is suffering from a serious illness came during a prolonged absence last year.  Her colleague Barry Gardiner was quoted as saying Diane had a 'serious, long term condition'.  When Diane finally re-emerged she announced that it was type 2 diabetes that had struck her down.  However, this is not consistent with the symptoms she has displayed and if her diabetes is so out of control how come she is pictured on the razzle so often?  Furthermore, how can she seriously expect to hold great office if she can't get her own blood sugar under control for a major TV appearance?

Let's hope Diane recovers from her mystery illness, for one thing she is a reliable source of frivolity and ammunition for those mocking the Labour Party.  She may be a despicable human being, a hypocrite and traitor, but we don't wish ill health on anyone.


Ban the use of the term 'drivetime' because it is offensive and somehow celebrates a weapon of mass destruction?  Jeremy Vine is entitled to his views, just as we're entitled to mock them.  This one demonstrates snowflakery of the highest order, despite the fact Jeremy was born long before the dawn of millennials.

Many of us are related to or know victims of road traffic accidents, but does anyone actually manage to link it to the name of a popular radio show?  Other than Jeremy Vine, of course.  It's absurd.  By this same twisted liberal logic we must also surely ban bonfire night - as fire has killed millions over the course of human history!  And forget about carving that turkey this Christmas, don't you know knives have killed people too?  So inconsiderate to the victims of knife crime!

Oh, just fuck off.

Friday 9 November 2018


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Thursday 8 November 2018


Thanks to the hard work and persistence of the Islington Gazette we can reveal another sinister individual lurking within the Labour Party.  Her name is Sandy Marks (pictured above) and she is a former mayor and long-standing councillor in Corbyn's own backyard of Islington.  In the course of investigating Islington's child abuse scandal the Gazette uncovered links between Marks and a sinister group known as 'Fallen Angels'.  This disgusting group promoted the abolition of the age of consent and campaigned for the release of five men belonging to the 'Paedophile Information Exchange' or PIE for short.  If that name sounds familiar it will be from the scandal that involved three senior Labour MPs a few years ago - namely Harriet Harman, Jack Dromey and Patricia Hewitt.

The links between Marks and Fallen Angels didn't stop her appearing at the 2015 Labour conference, in which she got her wheelchair stuck at the podium and was rescued by none other than Corbyn and McDonnell (see picture above).  Kudos to the Islington Gazette for the hard hitting video below...

Monday 5 November 2018


"I'd rather go and put a revolver against my temple and pull the trigger than go on Channel Four News..."

Arron Banks

Just one of the blows meted out to a persistent Channel 4 reporter that confronted Banks following his Marr interview yesterday.  Watch the full exchange below.


Project Fear Mark II thunders ahead with the latest round of stark predictions from the Remain/Remoan side.  Last week we had a couple of outlandish Brexit warnings from Labour figures including Diane Abbott and Daniel Zeichner.  The Labour MP for Cambridge stood up in the Commons and claimed that no deal would mean "no holidays".

Leave.EU founder Arron Banks yesterday accused a "very vicious group of Labour MPs" of trying to undermine Brexit.  We know who they are and they make no apologies for it.  Keir Starmer, Ben Bradshaw, Stephen Ki££ock, Dave Lammy and Chuka Umunna are just a few names that spring to mind...

Sunday 4 November 2018

Saturday 3 November 2018


Diane, Diane, Diane.  Or 'Dianne' as so many erroneously refer to her.  There's only one 'n' in moron too.  This week Diane has been spouting off nonsense as she does most weeks, when she isn't having one of her mysterious illnesses that is.  On Thursday she gave a speech to the National Police Chief's Council.  How unfortunate for them.

Diane's key message was how bad Brexit will be for our old bill.  She announced to her beleaguered audience that Britain would become a haven for terrorists, gangsters and paedophiles upon leaving the EU.  Presumably she said this with a straight face.  This coming from a woman who is an advocate of open borders, who famously ridiculed Ed Miliband's pledge on immigration controls.

Diane explained to the police chiefs that criminals wanted by Europol would flee to Brexit Britain as a safe haven.  The main problem with this outlandish suggestion is that free movement will end after Brexit, whereas Labour would do the complete opposite and open the floodgates.  And for Diane to preach about terrorists and paedophiles flooding into Britain is a bit rich to say the least.  She is pals with terrorists and her party has overseen the greatest paedophile scandal of our time - namely the Pakistani grooming gangs raping white children en masse up and down the country aided and abetted by a conspiracy of silence within Labour councils (and in some cases more hands on).

She's not just a twit, she's a dangerous idiot.

Thursday 1 November 2018


Four more members of the Huddersfield grooming gang (above) were sentenced today.

Mohammed Akram, 33 - received a 17 year prison term
Asif Bashir, 33, received an 11 year term
Niaz Ahmed, 54, received a five year term
Mohammed Imran Ibrar, 34, received a three year term

The youngest known victim of the Huddersfield grooming gang was 11 years old.  Barry Sheerman, the Labour and Co-operative MP for Huddersfield, has so far tweeted 22 times today, but not a single mention of these hideous crimes.  The Muslim Labour leader of Kirklees Council has condemned them multiple times, why the big silence Barry?