Tuesday 30 April 2019


Labour's National Executive Committee has decided to back a second referendum going into the European Elections.  Sort of.  The NEC have agreed to include it on campaign literature, but would only actually commit to it on two conditions - if there are no changes to May's deal and/or no general election.  Talk about a fudge!

The deliberately misleading policy is open to all sorts of interpretation and is clearly aimed at retaining Labour Leave voters.  A spokesperson confirmed this tactic by stating that "Labour is the only party which represents both people who supported Leave and Remain".  All things to all people!

The decision will anger many Remainer MPs and MEPs who have been demanding that the party campaigns on a second referendum as a concrete unconditional pledge.  Some MPs welcomed the news, others said it didn't go far enough, while others denounced any talk of a second referendum whatsoever.  Former Labour frontbencher Lisa Nandy hammered remoaner Alastair Campbell on Politics Live earlier today.  The Wigan MP accused Campbell and the so-called 'People's Vote' campaign of "breaking democracy".  Watch below.

Labour Brexiteer Graham Stringer also issued this strong condemnation of the proposal.

Don't worry too much Graham, whatever they decide it will probably be reversed within weeks of the election!

Graham Stringer is the Labour MP for Blackley & Broughton in Greater Manchester.


The Daily Express has revealed the best and worst performing council areas in the UK with regards to recycling.  Most of the best performing councils are Conservative-run, but most of the worst performing are Labour-run.

The statistics come at a time that Labour is positioning itself as a 'green' party, having recently wooed both 'Extinction Rebellion' activists and eco-brat Greta Thunberg.  In a further humiliating twist for Jeremy Corbyn, joint fourth on the list for worst performing is his own local council of Islington.  Labour are clearly not practicing what they preach!

Best Performing Councils

1. East Riding (Con)
2. South Oxfordshire (Con)
3. Rochford (Con)
4. Vale of White Horse (Con)
5. Surrey Heath (Con)
6. Stroud* (NOC)
7. Stratford-upon-Avon (Con)
8. South Northamptonshire (Con)
9. Rutland (Con)
10. Cheshire West & Chester (Lab)

* Coalition of Labour, Greens and Liberal Democrats

Worst Performing Councils

1. Newham (Lab)
2. Hammersmith (Lab)

3. Westminster (Con)
=4. Birmingham (Lab)
=4. Islington* (Lab)
6. Barrow-in-Furness (Lab)
7. Tower Hamlets (Lab)
8. Lewisham (Lab)

9. Isles of Scilly (Ind)
10. Gosport (Con)

*Jeremy Corbyn's local council


Anyone know where on earth this video is from?  Let us know in the comments...

Monday 29 April 2019


If anyone is under any illusion that Facebook is not biased towards the left, take note yet more censorship of the right today...

The timing was a double bitch too.  Coincidence?

If you're not familiar with Raheem's work you can follow him on Facebook here, but don't expect to see any new posts for the next 72 hours!

We're very familiar with this Facebook treatment, having been persistently targeted over the mere mention of 'Pakistani grooming gangs' or 'Muslim grooming gangs'.  There was also this, oh and these.  And this!

These constant attacks by social media moderators is why we set up the Facebook back-up page, although it is followed by only a fraction of people who follow the main page.  Be sure to follow both pages if you're on Facebook.


Little Owen is once again positioning himself as the face of Britain's anti-Trump rattle throwers.  Going up against Brit-based American Sarah Elliott on BBC News, he banged on about 'racism', 'fascism' and the usual over-the-top unsubstantiated leftist soundbites, while his opponent remained exceptionally calm throughout.  When are these Labour loons going to provide any evidence that Trump is either a 'racist' or a 'fascist'?


The Provisional IRA murdered a British soldier in north Belfast.  Royal Marine Graham Cox was travelling in one of two Land Rovers on patrol in the Catholic New Lodge area.  As the vehicles slowed down for security ramps IRA gunmen opened fire with automatic weapons from a vacant property.  Mne Cox was hit in the chest and killed almost instantly.  A colleague was hit in the leg.

Ironically the security ramps had been placed there to deter loyalists from driving car bombs into the area.  The ramps were subsequently removed by soldiers in the early hours of the following morning.

19-year-old Mne Cox was serving with 42 Commando and came from Emsworth in Hampshire.  His parents expressed gratitude to the people of Belfast and the Lord Mayor for their sympathy in the wake of their son's murder.

A man from the local area was charged with the murder of Mne Cox, but the charges were later dropped.

RUC notice appealing for information on Mne Cox's murder

Sunday 28 April 2019


Not content with yesterday's u-turn on the Euro leaflets, Tom Watson is demanding a concrete pledge on a second referendum in the party's Euro manifesto.  Tom is desperate to overturn the 2016 result, so it's no surprise that he wants to overturn the last Labour manifesto that famously stated "Labour accepts the referendum result"...

Tom Watson and co must be working on the assumption that this will attract voters from the hard Remain parties of Green, Lib-Dem, Plaid/SNP and of course the so-called 'Change UK'.  Sadly for Tom it will also alienate swathes of Labour Leave voters like many in Tom's own 68% Leave voting constituency.


The latest YouGov poll will not please Labour.  Whilst the Brexit Party has stretched its lead by five points Labour has stagnated.  At the same time Change UK has gone up two points!  You can see why Labour is desperate to get Green Party voters to switch to them.

Solace for Remainers can be found in the fact the combined support for Remain parties heavily outweighs support for Leave parties, but only if Labour is included.  Currently the Brexit Party alone is outpolling the combined weight of the hard Remain parties (Green/Change/LibDem).

As we've said countless times before opinion polls must always be treated with a pinch of salt and as someone has pointed out over on the Facebook page...


Well done YouGov, continuing to undermine your credibility!


Labour's Rebecca Long-Bailey was virtue-signalling to Green voters this morning, in line with Labour's sudden fascination in 'climate change'.  As we've written previously, this is all about garnering extra votes for the European Elections, where Labour is terrified of losing to Farage's Brexit Party.  See the full interview below, including a big eye-roll at 12:55 when she is asked about the possibility of her leading the party someday...


Shared 2,888 times via the Facebook page, this went out on Easter Sunday.  The original version was borrowed, hacked to pieces and redesigned to include a reference to Diane's alleged drink problem.  We say 'alleged', but drinking on public transport in the middle of the day?

Saturday 27 April 2019


The draft version of the Labour leaflet for the forthcoming European Elections has been causing a stir among its MPs and MEPs.  The failure to mention the party's commitment to a second referendum has enraged remoaners like Owen Smith, Clive Lewis, Chris Bryant and Ben Bradshaw.

The leaflet that has got remoaners foaming at the mouth

We are used to Labour u-turns on Brexit, in fact since 2016 the party position has changed almost as many times as Diane Abbott has misplaced her abacus.  Lifelong EU critic Jeremy Corbyn was probably hoping to sit on the fence during the election period, but 74 of his MPs penned a protest letter yesterday and have reportedly succeeded in forcing a redesign of the leaflet.  It will now include a reference to holding a 'confirmatory vote' aka a referendum re-run.  14 MEPs also signed the letter, after all they would be out of a job if we were ever to actually leave the EU.  A copy of the letter and all its signatories can be found below.

Click to enlarge

If polling is correct the European Elections will be a straight battle between Labour and the Brexit Party for top spot.  Corbyn's fence sitting strategy may have kept hardcore Labour Leave voters on board, but by repositioning itself as a Remain party (again) this will surely alienate swathes of Labour voters in the Brexit heartlands.  Far from setting themselves up to tackle the Brexit Party challenge, these one-eyed remoaner MPs are making sweet music to the ears of Nigel Farage and UKIP!


Earlier this week a Conservative council candidate was attacked in the street and called a "f***ing Tory bitch".  This wasn't merely an egging, the rather harmless looking lady was reportedly approached from behind and punched up to three times by a man hurling abuse.  46-year-old Carla Hales told her local newspaper that for a brief moment after the attack she thought she may have been stabbed.  Carla suffered some bruised and sore ribs, but was back at work the following day.

Carla Hayes (right)

The assault took place in Colchester, Essex and was condemned by the local Tory MP.  Tellingly there were no words of condemnation from her Labour opponent in the New Town & Christ Church ward.  On her Twitter page Elisa Vasquez-Walters describes herself as a 'socialist', 'feminist' and also co-founder of the 'Essex Feminist Collective'.  One might expect that any woman being physically assaulted by a man might evoke some sympathy from such a 'feminist', but unfortunately in the current toxic political arena a harmless 46-year-old female music teacher is fair game as far as the left is concerned - because she is a Tory.  Kinder, gentler politics indeed!

If the culprit is ever found it will be interesting to see what, if any, punishment is dealt by the courts.  Remember that the man who merely egged Jeremy Corbyn received a custodial 28-day sentence...


It's been a while since the House of Commons voted to trigger Article 50.  It's been over two years in fact, we know that because we should have left the EU after two years and we're still in!  While the vote went overwhelmingly in favour of triggering Article 50, there were still 114 MPs who voted against it.  The breakdown by party was as follows.

SNP - 50
Labour - 47 (in defiance of party whips)
Lib-Dem - 7
SDLP - 3
Independents - 3
Plaid - 2
Conservative - 1 (Ken Clarke)
Green - 1

The 47 Labour MPs who voted to block Brexit are listed below, along with how their constituencies voted.  Leave constituencies are in bold.

Heidi Alexander - Lewisham East 65% Remain
Rushanara Ali - Bethnal Green & Bow 69% Remain
Graham Allen - Nottingham North 64% Leave
Rosena Allin-Khan - Tooting 74% Remain
Luciana Berger - Liverpool Wavertree 65% Remain
Ben Bradshaw - Exeter 55% Remain
Kevin Brennan - Cardiff West 56% Remain
Rupa Huq - Ealing Central & Acton 71% Remain
Lyn Brown - West Ham 52% Remain
Chris Bryant - Rhondda 60% Leave
Karen Buck - Westminster North 66% Remain
Dawn Butler - Brent Central 57% Remain
Ruth Cadbury - Brentford & Isleworth 57% Remain
Ann Clwyd - Cynon Valley 57% Leave
Ann Coffey - Stockport 53% Remain
Neil Coyle - Bermondsey & Old Southwark 74% Remain
Ian Murray - Edinburgh South 78% Remain
Thangam Debbonaire - Bristol West 79% Remain
Mary Creagh - Wakefield 63% Leave
Stella Creasy - Walthamstow 67% Remain
Stephen Doughty - Cardiff South & Penarth 57% Remain
Jim Dowd - Lewisham West & Penge 65% Remain
Maria Eagle - Garston & Halewood 52% Remain
Louise Ellman - Liverpool Riverside 73% Remain
Paul Farrelly - Newcastle-under-Lyme 62% Leave
Vicky Foxcroft - Lewisham Deptford 76% Remain
Mike Gapes - Ilford South 57% Remain
Lilian Greenwood - Nottingham South 54% Remain
Helen Hayes - Dulwich & West Norwood 77% Remain
Meg Hillier - Hackney South & Shoreditch 77% Remain
Peter Kyle - Hove 67% Remain
David Lammy - Tottenham 76% Remain
Rachael Maskell - York Central 61% Remain
Kerry McCarthy - Bristol East 53% Remain
Catherine McKinnell - Newcastle-upon-Tyne North 57% Leave
Madeleine Moon - Bridgend 50.28% Leave
Stephen Pound - Ealing North 54% Remain
Virendra Sharma - Ealing Southall 58% Remain
Tulip Siddiq - Hampstead & Kilburn 76% Remain
Andy Slaughter - Hammersmith 69% Remain
Jeff Smith - Manchester Withington 75% Remain
Owen Smith - Pontypridd 53% Remain
Jo Stevens - Cardiff Central 68% Remain
Stephen Timms - East Ham 54% Remain
Catherine West - Hornsey & Wood Green 75% Remain
Alan Whitehead - Southampton Test 50.59 Remain
Daniel Zeichner - Cambridge 74% Remain

Friday 26 April 2019


Tommy Robinson's announcement that he will stand as an independent in the forthcoming European Elections surprised a few and will have angered plenty too.  After all he is supposed to be a 'special advisor' to UKIP leader Gerard Batten.  UKIP won three seats in the North West of England last time and they already face an uphill battle this time thanks to the rise of Farage's Brexit Party.  The news that their supposed advisor is going to split the Leave vote three ways will have vindicated all those Kippers who were suspicious of Robinson from the start.

Tommy indicated his desire to be a UKIP candidate earlier this month, but clearly that would have been a step too far for Batten.  The UKIP leader has already lost all but three of his MEPs since taking over the role and Robinson's appointment has often been cited by departing members.

Tommy's failure to get selected under the UKIP banner clearly wasn't going to stop him, but should his announcement come as a surprise to anyone?  In the last fifteen years he has been a member of, founded or been affiliated with a myriad of right-wing parties and protest groups, including the BNP, English Defence League, Pegida UK, British Freedom Party and, of course, UKIP.  Loyalty does not appear to be his thing.

While no-one can question his fantastic work in exposing the grooming gangs - his decision to stand as an independent in a key battleground where the Leave vote is already split once, does leave a lot to be desired and stinks of narcissism.  He says that the worst case scenario for the EU resulting from our participation in these elections would be seeing him win a seat.  Sadly for Tommy it's highly unlikely that the likes of Tusk and Juncker have ever even heard of him.  The worst case scenario for the EU arising from these elections is actually a decisive victory for a pro-Leave party, whether that be UKIP or the Brexit Party it doesn't really matter.  A solitary independent victory amid the election of 73 members will barely raise an eyebrow in Brussels.

It's probably going to be a close fought contest and by standing in the North West as an independent and potentially costing one of those pro-Leave parties a seat or even two, Robinson could make the difference between victory and defeat for Brexit at this election.  And make no mistake - Brexit ie. the realisation of the Leave mandate and therefore the future of our entire democracy - these things are more important than the election of one Tommy Robinson.


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Thursday 25 April 2019


In the last few days Labour MPs have spent more time fawning over the miserable Swedish child than they have attacking President Trump.  That fact alone says a lot.  The manufactured phenomenon of Greta Thunberg has been exploited to the max by Jeremy Corbyn and his party.  They even used her as a means to attack Theresa May, pointing out that the PM had the audacity to shun the eco-brat.  May was given the symbolic 'empty chair' treatment by those present.

Ed Miliband was in awe of the eco-brat

Simultaneous to the Parliamentary love-in came support for the 'Extinction Rebellion' protesters outside.  Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth addressed the demonstrators and soon his colleagues were tweeting their support too.  But why the spontaneous interest in all things 'climate change'?  Labour is not known for its love of the environment, but it has seized an opportunity to exploit something in order to further its own interests.  As per usual, this is about power.

It's no coincidence that the European Elections are now just four weeks away.  At one point last week the polls had Labour lined up for victory, but then the Brexit Party launched.  It was a nasty surprise to find themselves suddenly trailing to a brand new party.  Labour is under no illusions - defeat to Nigel Farage next month would steal their thunder.  It is not enough to simply beat the Tories into oblivion, because the headlines would be all about Farage and a potentially mortal blow to Britain's EU membership.

Labour is doing all it can to smear Change UK and hold on to disaffected Remain voters, but it will clearly need fresh votes if it is to overcome the Brexit Party challenge.  They won't come from Leave-supporting parties and they won't come from the Tories.  That leaves other Remain parties, the most important of which is the Green Party.

The Greens were the fourth party in the last European Elections, taking over a million votes and three seats.  In that contest Labour were 350,000 votes behind the top dogs UKIP.  Imagine if they had banged on about the environment for weeks solid prior to that election they could have potentially harvested some vital extra votes courtesy of the Greens.  It makes perfect sense now.

It was no coincidence to find our miserable little Swede flanked by Caroline Lucas of the Greens and Jeremy Corbyn of Labour.  The contest is on, and Green votes are being hotly pursued!

Sandwiched by Caroline Lucas of the Greens and a lecherous looking Corbyn

Wednesday 24 April 2019


Crazed remoaner Lord Adonis has today issued an apology for an outburst he made on LBC Radio last September.  Adonis published the apology on his Facebook page (see below).  In the LBC interview he urged anyone who supported Brexit not to vote Labour (see the video at the foot of this article).  His bizarre posturing astonished former Labour MP Gisela Stuart, who was also present in the studio.

Quite why it's taken him seven months to apologise is unclear, but the fact that he is now running as a Euro candidate can surely be no coincidence.  Selected as number two on Labour's list for the South West of England he is up against it.  Currently Labour only holds one of the six seats in that region and for him to win would require a significant swing away from the Tories and UKIP.  Unlikely, so he is after all the votes he can get.  Hence his apology and ridiculous claim that Labour still - despite all it has done to sabotage Brexit - "respects the result of the referendum".

Are his bizarre outbursts about to be toned down?  This is the original LBC encounter for which he has now apologised...


The funeral of IRA murder victim Lyra McKee is currently taking place in Belfast.  Theresa May is sitting alongside the Irish Taoiseach, while Jeremy Corbyn is sat next to Sinn Fein leaders, naturally.  He is accompanied by the veteran Rochdale MP Tony Lloyd.

Sinn Fein Deputy Leader Michelle O'Neill chats to Tony Lloyd and Jeremy Corbyn

Sinn Fein's current leader Mary Lou McDonald greets the Labour delegation

McDonald talks discreetly to Corbyn before resuming her seat next to Arlene Foster


The left smell another big demo.  President Trump is landing for his state visit on June 3rd, so the haters have sprung into action.  Little Owen was very busy yesterday, debating with Kate Andrews on Sky and sending out a barrage of tweets.

Labour MPs were also quick to jump in and declare their support for the forthcoming hatefest.

An early day motion is currently doing the rounds in Parliament, calling on Theresa May to request that the invite be rescinded.  Labour MP Stephen Doughty is collecting the signatures and more than 50 MPs have reportedly signed already, including his Labour colleagues Emma Dent-Coed, Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Rupa Huq.

Doughty's hysterical response was mirrored by the likes of Dave Lammy.

No friend of Britain Dave?  His mother was Scottish you donut!  He owns land here.  He's eager to do a trade deal with us if we ever leave your beloved EU, that is of course assuming you American-hating idiots aren't running the country by then.  Talk about being dishonest, when lefties like Little Owen say their issue is with Trump and not the American people they are being more than a little disingenuous.  Who elects the President?

The British left has long harnered a hatred of our greatest ally.  No word from Corbyn yet on the latest bout of Trump Derangement Syndrome, but if the bandwagon gets rolling he'll soon jump on it!

Funny how Labour rallies against our friends and allies, but embraces our enemies.

Tuesday 23 April 2019


For the second day running Labour tweeted "Happy St George's Day", having today managed to get the date right at the second attempt.  Shameful.  Both tweets promised four extra bank holidays nationwide, one for each of the patron saints, if the Labour were elected.  Seeing as Britain would likely be on a four day week with these loons in charge would anyone notice the difference?

Jeremy Corbyn kept his own St George's Day tweet short and simple, re-iterating the extra bank holidays.  Surprisingly he failed to inform us that St George was a foreigner, having used his Easter message to lecture us about Christ having been a refugee.  Never one to miss a political point score.

Hope all our English followers had a great day, here's to another year free from the clutches of a Labour government (sorry Wales).


expropriate (verb)

If a government or other authority expropriates someone's property, they take it away from them for public use.
The Bolsheviks expropriated the property of the landowners.
Synonyms: seize, take, appropriate, confiscate

expropriation (variable noun)

The expropriation of property.
Ownership is not clear because of expropriations in the Nazi era.
Synonyms: seizure, takeover, impounding, confiscation

The above tweet is from high profile Corbynista Ash Sarkar and directed at mega rich Corbyn critic Lord Sugar.  Sugar has long declared he would jump ship and take all his wealth with him if a communist/Corbyn government was imminent.  It's no wonder with extremists like this behind the Corbyn phenomenon.  Note that she is not talking about heavy taxes or a partial seizure of his wealth - she is talking about taking all his wealth.


Sunday 21 April 2019


A BTLP original posted April 14th and shared 1,355 times via the Facebook page.  We've said it before and we'll say it again - a man who despises our nation cannot lead our nation.

Saturday 20 April 2019


Crazed remoaner Lord Andrew Adonis was cock-a-hoop earlier this week when polls were predicting Labour would win the European Elections, boldly declaring that a Labour victory would be the "end of Brexit".  That was in the early hours of Wednesday morning.  However, later that day a new YouGov poll suggested a surge in support for the Brexit Party would push Labour into second.

Of course we know opinion polls have been largely discredited in recent years and should always be taken with a pinch of salt.  They failed to predict the Leave result and were woefully off target in the last general election.  However, our loony lord went into a meltdown over the latest YouGov findings...

A typically outlandish Adonis tweet.  Apparently UKIP, with its precisely zero representation in the Commons - let alone government - runs the Electoral Commission!  Oh, and non-regulation?  Come again?

Adonis, who tweets anything up to 50 times a day, has also bombarded his followers with tweets desperately urging EU migrants to register to vote.  Currently the only elections that non-settled EU migrants are eligible to vote in are European elections.  Remoaners are desperate for their votes and are even putting out European language videos, such as this Czech one.  Adonis also has an eye on young voters...

Ironic that the loony lord is now calling out Corbyn as the 'saviour'.  Adonis has never been much of a fan, coming as he does from the New Labour Blairite wing of the party.  Earlier this week he labelled lefty George Galloway an 'extremist'.

Now that Adonis has been lined up as number two on the South West England list of candidates for the European Elections, he will need lefties to support him.  Bad way to go about it labelling a high profile lefty like Galloway as an 'extremist'.

The fact that such a crazed remoaner has been selected says more about Labour than it does about Adonis, but he will have his work cut out winning a seat for Labour.  In the last European Elections the South West returned one Labour MEP, two Tories, two UKIP and one Green.  UKIP topped the poll in 2014 and the region voted Leave in 2016 with 53%.  At number two on his party list Adonis doesn't stand much of a chance.  Tit.

Wednesday 17 April 2019


Brexiteer George Galloway has this evening declared he is backing the Brexit Party in the forthcoming European Elections.

Leftie Galloway also tagged Nigel Farage in his rather unexpected tweet, but the two have a surprisingly amicable relationship, as shown in this very cosy chat the pair enjoyed on Russia Today during the referendum campaign...

Galloway's endorsement of the Brexit Party cuts through the bullshit coming from many on the Labour left about what they label a 'Tory Brexit' or a 'right wing Brexit'.  The "Love Socialism, Hate Brexit" brand flies in the the faces and spits on the graves of so many prominent and respected socialists who have despised the European Union over the years - Tony Benn, Michael Foot, Dennis Skinner, and (of course) Jeremy Corbyn himself - to name a few.

The assumption that Remain is exclusively left-wing is as skewed as the assumption that Leave is exclusively right-wing.  While it is true Labour, the Greens, Plaid and SNP all stood for Remain during the referendum, nearly every single one of the smaller left-wing parties supported Leave - Socialist Labour, the Communist Party, Respect and the SDP.  As the conversation above shows, Brexit can actually unite two ideologies that are otherwise opposed to each other.

Galloway has 300,000 followers on Twitter and with the Brexit Party having stormed to the top of the polls this week, his endorsement can do no harm to their cause whatsoever...


Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has reported the despicable Dave Lammy to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner over his recent outburst on Marr.  She's only published the last page of her letter (see below), but it's not difficult to see her angle.  We will not hold our breath...


Jeremy Corbyn generally tweets about worldwide disasters when they happen.  He tweets about Muslim festivals, Sikh festivals, Hindu festivals and, yes, even Christmas and Hanukkah!  He tweets about terror attacks (when the victims are Muslim) and 'incidents' when the victims are non-Muslim.  He has tweeted nothing about Notre Dame.

Since the tragedy Diane Abbott has tweeted about Windrush, Home Office immigration checks, immigration detention centres and demanded an apology from the Tories over Islamophobia.  Like Corbyn she had nothing to say about Notre Dame except for retweeting what a colleague had to say.  That's just lame.  They really don't give a shit when it is Western culture that suffers.

We were criticised by one follower for posting this on the Facebook page earlier.  "No need", "crap like this plays into the hands of the far left" he posted.  No, to ignore it plays into the hands of the far left.  They need to be called out on this.  If we don't expose them what is the point of all this, we may as well just give Corbyn and his 'incident' loving allies the keys to Number Ten right now.

The above tweet is by a left-wing journalist who writes for Rolling Stone and the Independent newspaper.  Ironically she labels herself a 'culture writer' on Twitter, yet revels in the destruction of one of the finest cathedrals in Europe.  As you can see her disgusting tweet has been 'liked' almost 3,000 times.  There's something seriously wrong here.  Imagine a journalist glorifying the Christchurch massacre?  They would be out of a job in minutes.

Tuesday 16 April 2019


Labour's Richard Burgon is another front bench liability, but one that often slips under the radar, overshadowed by fellow front bench morons Thornberry and Abbott.  A loyal Corbynista he shares his leader's love of all things Irish, wants to overthrow the Queen and opposes the bombing of Daesh in Syria.  Oh, and he's a shit liar...


Burgon has now admitted making the speech about Zionism and says he "regrets it".  He's only admitted it now because footage of the speech has been uncovered!


by Richey Edwards

"Freedom of movement will end when we leave the European Union.  Britain’s immigration system will change, but Labour will not scapegoat migrants nor blame them for economic failures".
2017 Labour Manifesto

A pretty decisive statement, but then the same section of the manifesto begins with the words "Labour accepts the referendum result".  Labour MPs and party activists know that manifestos are worthless in the current climate and therefore subject to change.  They are determined to ensure that Labour does not participate in an end to freedom of movement.  Labour activist Ana Oppenheim wrote recently that party members were "shocked" when the party said it would not be altering its migration pledge going into Brexit talks with May.  This says as much about her attitude to honouring the party manifesto as it does about Labour's attitude to migration.

Oppenheim suggests that plenty of party activists "struggled to accept" the manifesto pledge and to honour it would be an "unpleasant surprise".  Therein lies the biggest problem with UK politics right now.  Neither of our two main parties are honouring their manifestos and the contempt shown for them filters down to the grassroots.  If snowflakes like Oppenheim don't like a party policy they are now under the impression they can stamp their feet and reverse it.  Of course manifesto pledges have been selectively adhered to as long as Parliaments have stood, but the openly contemptuous betrayal currently being enacted has unravelled our democracy in an unprecedented way.  If the Leave mandate can be overturned, reversed, revoked or just ignored, then nothing anyone says in politics from here on in means anything.

One of the arguments deployed by activists and their MPs is that to end freedom of movement is somehow a 'betrayal' of the working class.  They say that migrants are working class, too.  This is a dreadful cop-out and ignores several key factors.  While no-one can blame the Polish plumbers and Slovak slaughtermen for wanting to better themselves by upping sticks to come and exploit the UK labour market, by comparison our own working classes do not have the same opportunities available to them.  They do not have the same level of social mobility or language skills that mainland Europeans have, nor are the employment prospects in those countries anything to strive for.  EU migrants continue to flock to Britain for a reason.

Since 2004 our own working classes have seen jobs dry up, wages stagnate and their communities suffer.  In places like Lincolnshire resentment has grown towards the newcomers.  The foreigners may well be workers too, but the key difference is they are now seen as having most of the jobs.  Brits are surplus to requirements, so to speak.  It's no wonder that Lincolnshire returned the biggest Leave votes in the country, followed by neighbouring counties similarly affected by EU migration.  British people have been dumped on the employment scrapheap, no wonder the primary factor motivating the Leave vote in these areas was freedom of movement.

The biggest betrayal of the working class would be for Labour to entertain people like Oppenheim and reverse its pledge.  Labour would do well to remember that the overwhelming majority of working class people who voted Leave in 2016 vote for their party, like generations of their families before them did.

Of course this support appears to have been taken for granted by many Labour MPs, in particular those who are currently actively working to overturn the referendum result while representing areas of high Leave support (Yvette Cooper, Jess Phillips and Tom Watson to name a few).  Other MPs are also undermining their working class voters by advocating that migrants, regardless of status, should be given the right to vote.  The "Let Us Vote" campaign is backed by Labour MPs including Clive Lewis, Dave Lammy and Lloyd Russell-Moyle.  To these MPs - and the thousands of party activists who support open door migration - it's a no brainer.  Such a move could unlock millions of votes and where would those votes go?  They would undoubtedly go to a pro-migrant party ie. Labour.

More votes for Labour means more power for Labour to enact their aim of almost totally abolishing our borders.  Who then floods in, but more people thankful for the invite and prepared to vote Labour in return.  Who can forget Diane Abbott's infamous tweet in 2015, questioning the then party manifesto pledge...

Ana Oppenheim, the open borders advocate who refuses to accept Labour's last manifesto migration commitment, is also a supporter of "Let Us Vote".  Her sentiment is shared by a Labour-supporting journalist called Andrea Carlo, who recently dismissed suggestions that mass migration undercuts the wages of British workers as a "tired argument".  Both of them are themselves migrants.  Both argue that migrants are working class too.  Yet neither of them are working class and neither shares in the experience of what it is to be British and working class.  Both are upwardly mobile, speak multiple languages and their voice can reach out to thousands.

Oppenheim's Twitter account

It's a similar story for Labour MPs.  While they dictate to the workers what's good for them, they themselves are increasingly being drawn from an establishment elite.  They are career politicians (like Yvette Cooper), they are bankers (like Rachel Reeves) and they are solicitors (like Fiona Onasanya).  The gulf between the working classes and their politicians has never been greater.  And yet the power can still reside with the people.  These disgraceful MPs were voted in, they can be voted out.

Labour has turned its back on British workers, therefore it is imperative that workers turn their backs on Labour.  If they don't, they increase the likelihood of uncontrolled migration to continue indefinitely.


This rather revealing leaflet is reportedly being distributed in Bolsover, Derbyshire.  It highlights two very tricky issues that are facing party activists across the Brexit heartlands - Labour's Brexit betrayal and the walking disaster that is Jeremy Corbyn.  By asking voters to disregard the two altogether is a canny tactic, but whether local MP Dennis Skinner would approve is questionable.  While hard left Skinner backs Brexit, in line with most of his constituents, would he be happy to see his hard left leader disowned in such a way?

Monday 15 April 2019


Daft Dave Lammy's rant on Marr yesterday has largely been ignored by the ERG.  This probably wasn't the response that a narcissist attention seeker like Lammy was looking for.  Three MPs tweeted their disgust - Mogg, Cleverly and Braverman.


The Provisional IRA murdered a police reservist near his home in County Antrim.  Reserve Constable John Moore was a part-time member of the RUC reserve and owned a farm near the village of Armoy.  He had left home just before 07:00 to tend to some sheep on a neighbouring farm.  Accompanying him was his loyal dog Jip, and a lamb that had been rejected by its mother.  The IRA had concealed a landmine on the lane leading to his farm and this was triggered when R/Con Moore's car struck fishing wire that had been stretched across the lane.  The vehicle was destroyed, everything in it was killed and debris was scattered in a 100 yard radius.

The 57-year-old lived alone, but led an active social life.  He was a regular churchgoer, a mason and attended two indoor bowling clubs.  He and Jip would also entertain local children with the tricks he had taught the dog.  They lived and died together.

R/Con John Moore

Sunday 14 April 2019


This nonsense again!  A three day ban now in place pending a review of the case.  This is the second time Facebook has removed this meme, having restored it with an apology last time.  In the meantime we can still operate on the back up page.


Last time the review was successful, not this time around.  So much for consistency, the meme is finally Facebook history!  It's no great surprise to note that the Facebook moderators are based in Dublin, so along with the traditional left-wing bias of Facebook, in this case we have the added complications of Anglo-Irish relations and attitudes to the British Army and in particular the Parachute Regiment.

We promised to turn these little inconveniences into a win, last time we produced a t-shirt, now it's a fridge magnet.  Click to buy.

Fridge Magnet


Dave Lammy's absurd outburst on Marr this morning appears to have been so extreme even Little Owen was stumped for words.  The narcissistic Guardian gobshite spends half his life on Twitter, but remarkably no comment on Lammy.  However, his Guardian colleague Carole Cadwalladr lapped it up...

"Phenomenal".  If you've never heard of her before, Carole dedicates her life to investigating (some would say inventing) conspiracy theories that the Russians were behind the election of President Trump and of course, Brexit.  Remind you of anyone?