Saturday 27 April 2019


Earlier this week a Conservative council candidate was attacked in the street and called a "f***ing Tory bitch".  This wasn't merely an egging, the rather harmless looking lady was reportedly approached from behind and punched up to three times by a man hurling abuse.  46-year-old Carla Hales told her local newspaper that for a brief moment after the attack she thought she may have been stabbed.  Carla suffered some bruised and sore ribs, but was back at work the following day.

Carla Hayes (right)

The assault took place in Colchester, Essex and was condemned by the local Tory MP.  Tellingly there were no words of condemnation from her Labour opponent in the New Town & Christ Church ward.  On her Twitter page Elisa Vasquez-Walters describes herself as a 'socialist', 'feminist' and also co-founder of the 'Essex Feminist Collective'.  One might expect that any woman being physically assaulted by a man might evoke some sympathy from such a 'feminist', but unfortunately in the current toxic political arena a harmless 46-year-old female music teacher is fair game as far as the left is concerned - because she is a Tory.  Kinder, gentler politics indeed!

If the culprit is ever found it will be interesting to see what, if any, punishment is dealt by the courts.  Remember that the man who merely egged Jeremy Corbyn received a custodial 28-day sentence...