Tuesday 23 April 2019


expropriate (verb)

If a government or other authority expropriates someone's property, they take it away from them for public use.
The Bolsheviks expropriated the property of the landowners.
Synonyms: seize, take, appropriate, confiscate

expropriation (variable noun)

The expropriation of property.
Ownership is not clear because of expropriations in the Nazi era.
Synonyms: seizure, takeover, impounding, confiscation

The above tweet is from high profile Corbynista Ash Sarkar and directed at mega rich Corbyn critic Lord Sugar.  Sugar has long declared he would jump ship and take all his wealth with him if a communist/Corbyn government was imminent.  It's no wonder with extremists like this behind the Corbyn phenomenon.  Note that she is not talking about heavy taxes or a partial seizure of his wealth - she is talking about taking all his wealth.