Monday 8 April 2019


Loudmouth fake feminist Jess Phillips was the focus of an in depth Sophy Ridge interview on Sunday.  The interview was full of the usual bullshit one would associate with a remoaner MP, such as a claim that Jaguar/Land Rover is threatened by Brexit.  Total bollocks love and you know it.

Sophy's face at this point suggests she smells bullshit too.

Ridge presses Phillips on her Brexit stance, which is at odds with her 60% Leave voting constituency, to which Jess shrugs and claims that barely a soul has challenged her about it.  Sophy's voxpop at the beginning of the video tells a different story.  You'll need a strong stomach to watch this toe-curling virtue signalling self-promotion all the way to the end...

One more thing that became apparent from this footage is that Jess Phillips appears to employ exclusively Muslim women in her office.  This is at odds with the ethnic mix of her constituency, but something that we would come to expect from a Labour MP who styles herself as one of the greatest feminists of all time, while at the same time making excuses for Muslim rapists in Cologne and saying absolutely nothing about the industrial scale rape of English children by Muslim grooming gangs.  There is a pattern.

Jess Phillips' exclusive workplace demographic