Tuesday 30 April 2019


The Daily Express has revealed the best and worst performing council areas in the UK with regards to recycling.  Most of the best performing councils are Conservative-run, but most of the worst performing are Labour-run.

The statistics come at a time that Labour is positioning itself as a 'green' party, having recently wooed both 'Extinction Rebellion' activists and eco-brat Greta Thunberg.  In a further humiliating twist for Jeremy Corbyn, joint fourth on the list for worst performing is his own local council of Islington.  Labour are clearly not practicing what they preach!

Best Performing Councils

1. East Riding (Con)
2. South Oxfordshire (Con)
3. Rochford (Con)
4. Vale of White Horse (Con)
5. Surrey Heath (Con)
6. Stroud* (NOC)
7. Stratford-upon-Avon (Con)
8. South Northamptonshire (Con)
9. Rutland (Con)
10. Cheshire West & Chester (Lab)

* Coalition of Labour, Greens and Liberal Democrats

Worst Performing Councils

1. Newham (Lab)
2. Hammersmith (Lab)

3. Westminster (Con)
=4. Birmingham (Lab)
=4. Islington* (Lab)
6. Barrow-in-Furness (Lab)
7. Tower Hamlets (Lab)
8. Lewisham (Lab)

9. Isles of Scilly (Ind)
10. Gosport (Con)

*Jeremy Corbyn's local council