Saturday 6 April 2019


John Redwood is the latest Brexiteer to get an ear bashing from the Remain media.  The Tory MP was calling on Theresa May to get us out on April 12th with no deal when Channel 4's Krishnan Guru-Murthy suddenly interjected with an outburst of "cloud cuckoo land!"  The interview went downhill fast after that with Guru-Murthy calling Redwood and the ERG "irrelevant".  When Redwood claimed that polls were showing people in favour of no deal, Guru-Murthy lost the plot completely and just kept repeating the words "not true" over and over again like a stuck record before ending the interview abruptly.  Watch the exchange below.

Now having watched that very unprofessional and almost aggressive interview, contrast and compare with how Guru-Murthy interviewed Heidi Allen of the Independent Group/Change UK.  He did question the polling she quoted, but doesn't jump in straight away and the tone is completely different.  At least Redwood could quote his source (ComRes) whereas Heidi couldn't quote fuck all.

The bias is unreal!