Sunday 29 May 2022


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The latest Davos gathering falls under the spotlight in Neil's latest monologue.  Video clips of speeches emerging from Klaus Schwab's conference showcase the sinister and dystopian goals of the World Economic Forum, notably Schwab's desire to have ultimate power over every last human being on the planet - with the obvious exception of his comrades Blair, Gates, Obama, Trudeau, Zuckerberg and co.  They'll have their freedom, naturally.

One of the potential means to exert this control over us is openly discussed by Schwab himself as he ponders a brain implant for the masses.  The disturbing clip can be seen here.

Neil Oliver uses the boiling frog analogy to describe the relentless march towards globalist totalitarianism.  However, he looks upon the technocrats' progress as sluggish and facing growing opposition as the sheeple increasingly awake from mass psychosis.  "The people in Davos are in another pot and the heat under theirs is rising too", he says.

Click below for the full nine and a half minute piece.

Saturday 28 May 2022


Sadiq Khan's jetset lifestyle is well known.  The London mayor recently visited the States, during which he travelled the entire width of the country and hobnobbed with James Corden and Hillary Clinton.  However, it was Labour's Bristol mayor who raised eyebrows this week when it was revealed that he flew 4,600 miles on a nine hour flight in order to deliver a 14 minute speech on tackling climate change.  No, we kid you not.

Marvin Rees took the flight in April as an invited guest speaker of this year's TED conference in Vancouver, Canada.  TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a globalist mouthpiece promoting the usual scaremongering ideologies of the elites.  Bill Gates is a regular contributor, naturally.  Rees's speech was intended to show how city mayors could help tackle 'climate change' - Bristol's dystopian 'Clean Air Zone' will come into force this summer.  However, the fact he flew thousands of miles each way to deliver his brief speech has actually angered climate change campaigners.

Campaign group Flight Free UK say that his journey would have generated two tonnes of CO2 per passenger, directly at odds with his message.  A spokesman for the mayor's office defended the flight: "The mayor's visit to Vancouver was not just to deliver the talk, he had a full agenda".  It is not clear how this agenda prevented him from communicating via video link.

The trip took place before Bristol voted to scrap the position of elected mayor, but it was only publicised this week.  Rees will be out of office in 2024, so he can jetset to his heart's content without the worry of any electoral blowback on himself.

We don't suppose there will be many takers, but anyone interested in Marvin's 14 minutes of transcontinental fame can click here for his full speech.

Friday 27 May 2022


There were seven council by-elections this week, three of which were all independent affairs in the City of London.  We won't trouble you with those results and will concentrate on the party politics of the rest.  Unusually there was a by-election held on Wednesday - in Spelthorne, Surrey.  The Green Party gained that seat from the Tories, making it the fourth straight Conservative loss since the local elections earlier this month.  However, a 'progressive alliance' largely delivered this result as both Labour and the Lib Dems stood aside.  There was no UKIP candidate this time, either.

Laleham & Shepperton Green, Spelthorne Borough Council

Grn: 903 (51.7%) +29.4%
Con: 775 (44.4%) +4.2%
TUSC: 69 (3.9%) New

Grn GAIN from Con

In the other results it was more bad news for the Tories as they lost a seat to an independent in North Kesteven, Lincolnshire.  It was a very close call with just six votes in it.

Labour were defending the remaining four seats, including three in Redbridge.  They successfully held all four.

Gedling Village, Gedling Borough Council

Lab: 693 (39.4%) -13.9%
Con: 544 (30.9%) +3.1%
LDem: 428 (24.3%) +5.4%
Grn: 95 (5.4%) New


Sleaford Quarrington & Mareham, North Kesteven District Council

Ind: 545 (39.6%) New
Con: 539 (39.6%) +7.2%
Lab: 287 (20.8%) -2.9%

Ind GAIN from Con

Mayfield, Redbridge London Borough Council

(three seats)

Lab: 2349, 2148, 2125
Con: 525, 470, 360
LDem: 229
Ind: 218

Lab HOLD x 3

Labour's victorious trio in Redbridge

Thursday 26 May 2022


Hapless left-winger Claudia Webbe has lost an appeal against her harassment conviction.  The guilty verdict against the MP was upheld at Southwark Crown Court on Thursday, but she could escape the prospect of a recall petition in Leicester East after the judge reduced her original suspended sentence to community service.

Webbe was found guilty in October and handed a suspended sentence the following month.  The recall petition was put on hold pending her appeal.  She was expelled from Labour after sentencing and the party called on her to resign her seat.  Webbe refused and continues to represent Leicester East as an independent.  The party has repeated its call for her to vacate the seat following the appeal decision.

As Webbe is no longer facing a custodial sentence a recall petition is not currently on the cards.  However, there is still a route by which it could still be triggered.  If the Parliamentary Standards Committee acts on her conviction and suspends her from the Commons for ten days or more then the petition will proceed.

In order to remove her from office, at least ten per cent of her constituents would need to sign the recall petition.  A by-election would then be held.  One of the favourites to succeed Webbe in that scenario is none other than her predecessor - Keith Vaz.  The disgraced Vaz returned to the frontline of local politics following Webbe's conviction, fuelling rumours of a possible run for his old seat.

Webbe's majority at the 2019 general election was 6,019.  Vaz's majority at the previous general election was 22,428.

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Wednesday 25 May 2022


A Labour councillor elected less than three weeks ago has been suspended from the party pending an investigation.  The Jewish Chronicle reports that Cllr Ibrahim Ali (pictured above, left) was a member of CAGE, an advocacy group for Islamists held in detention.  The group has been labelled 'apologists for terror' and in 2015 a CAGE spokesman described Mohamed Emwazi as a 'beautiful young man' who had been radicalised by British intelligence services.  Emwazi is better known by his nickname 'Jihadi John', the sadistic Daesh executioner who is thought to have personally beheaded several Western hostages as well as dozens of Syrian soldiers.

Later in 2015 Ali appeared before a House of Commons select committee and defended CAGE's description of Emwazi, pointing out that the comments were made in reference to the man with whom the spokesman had met with in 2012 - not the butcher he would later become.  When Emwazi was killed in a drone strike in Syria, CAGE expressed dissatisfaction that he had not been brought to trial.  CAGE is such a toxic organisation that Labour MP John Spellar urged those funding it to drop their support: "Those that have provided them with support must very seriously question not only their support for CAGE, but how they got to make such a decision to support an organization like this".

Cllr Ali was elected for the Bruce Castle ward in Haringey, north London, alongside the two other Labour candidates (both pictured above with Ali).  He was a full-time communications officer with CAGE from 2015, although it is not clear when he ceased to be involved.  In 2019 he was the election agent for none other than Dave Lammy and is also the secretary of Tottenham Constituency Labour Party.  Neither Lammy or Ali responded to the Jewish Chronicle's request for comment.  Ali has also locked down his Twitter account.


Watch below from noon.

Tuesday 24 May 2022


There was no Neil Oliver on his latest show, but Beverley Turner did a magnificent job standing in for him.  Bev socked it to Klaus Schwab's 'fourth industrial revolution' by focusing on what appear to be fairly innocuous tech changes that were introduced during the pandemic: "I'd rather live in a spontaneous future with people, rather than wi-fi at the centre, than planned slavery worshiping a digital god".  Hear, hear.

Click below for a monologue worthy of Mr Oliver himself...

Despite his absence from the GB News studio on Saturday, Neil Oliver has still put himself around a bit on our screens.  In the last few days he has appeared on a variety of shows, speaking to colleagues Mark Steyn, Andrew Doyle and Dan Wootton.  However, we haven taken a clip from his most recent podcast in which he discussed the looming food shortages we are being prepped for.  Get your Oliver fix below or subscribe to his regular podcasts via YouTube here.

Monday 23 May 2022


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