Friday 13 May 2022


In the wake of the local elections there are just two by-elections this week - both Conservative defences in the south of England.  The Tories lost both seats in spectacular fashion, losing to parties and candidates who did not contest the seats last time round.  Labour came from nowhere to win Peacehaven West in East Sussex and an independent came from nowhere to win a seat on Waverley Borough Council in Surrey.

There was no independent or UKIP candidate this time in Peacehaven West.  Labour did not contest Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford this time.

Peacehaven West, Lewes District Council

Lab: 641 (54.2%) New
Con: 477 (40.4%) +14.3%
LDem: 32 (2.7%) -9.3%
Grn: 32 (2.7%) -14.9%

Lab GAIN from Con

Frensham, Dockenfield and Tilford, Waverley Borough Council

Ind: 492 (42.1%) New
Con: 354 (30.3%) -19.8%
Grn: 323 (27.6%) -5.6%

Ind GAIN from Con

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