Sunday 29 May 2022


The latest Davos gathering falls under the spotlight in Neil's latest monologue.  Video clips of speeches emerging from Klaus Schwab's conference showcase the sinister and dystopian goals of the World Economic Forum, notably Schwab's desire to have ultimate power over every last human being on the planet - with the obvious exception of his comrades Blair, Gates, Obama, Trudeau, Zuckerberg and co.  They'll have their freedom, naturally.

One of the potential means to exert this control over us is openly discussed by Schwab himself as he ponders a brain implant for the masses.  The disturbing clip can be seen here.

Neil Oliver uses the boiling frog analogy to describe the relentless march towards globalist totalitarianism.  However, he looks upon the technocrats' progress as sluggish and facing growing opposition as the sheeple increasingly awake from mass psychosis.  "The people in Davos are in another pot and the heat under theirs is rising too", he says.

Click below for the full nine and a half minute piece.

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