Thursday 28 February 2019


This is an excellent speech from Tory MP Bernard Jenkin in condemnation of an "undemocratic EU" and all those Westminster politicians who have conspired to frustrate Brexit at every turn over the last two years (thinking of you Keir Starmer).  Stirring stuff...


John McDonnell appeared on Peston's show last night opposite a panel that included two of his own colleagues.  The discussion almost descended into a shouting match as Lisa Nandy and Wes Streeting accused McDonnell of being dishonest about previous cases of anti-Semitism, notably that of Naz Shah.  That this all takes place on national telly is quite astonishing...

Divided they fall.


Daft Dave Lammy's Twitter spat with Stacey Dooley has resulted in some top trolling of the race baiter MP.  In addition to Dooley's excellent response, Dave has been targeted by the awesome parody account @TitaniaMcGrath (see below).  McGrath takes on so-called 'social justice warriors' and 'woke' feminists with supreme irony.


MPs' salaries are to rise significantly for the SEVENTH year in a row!  The basic salary from April 1st will now be £79,468, a raise of £2,089 from last year, or 2.7%.  The current rate of inflation is just 1.8%.  The basic salary does not include expenses and other allowances, which are added.

MPs Basic Salaries

April 2012 – £65,738
April 2013 – ​£66,396
April 2014 – ​£67,060
May 2015 – ​£74,000
April 2016 – ​£74,962
April 2017 – £76,011
April 2018 – £77,379
April 2019 – £79,468

MPs have enjoyed a whopping £13,730 in wage hikes since 2013, despite inflation having dropped from the 2.83% it was back then.  In a further slap in the face Parliamentary staff will only be receiving a 1.5% pay rise, less than inflation and significantly less than their bosses.  Police officers received a 2% pay rise in September.

MPs who chair committees will enjoy an additional wage hike.  For example the chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee - Yvette Cooper - will now take home a basic salary of £95,396.  Quids in again Yvette!

It's worth noting that the latest pay rise will come into effect three days after Britain is due to leave the EU.  If we leave without a deal most MPs predict there will be 'chaos' and 'economic woe'.

They'll be OK though...


The Newport West by-election will take place on April 4th.  The seat was vacated by the death of sitting Labour MP Paul Flynn.  It's a 54% Leave-voting seat.

2017 General Election

Paul Flynn (Lab) 22,723
Angela Jones-Evans (Con) 17,065
Stan Edwards (UKIP) 1,100
Morgan Bowler-Brown (PC) 1,077
Sarah Lockyer (LD) 976
Pippa Bartolotti (G) 497

2015 General Election

Paul Flynn (Lab) 16,633
Nick Webb (Con) 13,123
Gordon Norrie (UKIP) 6,134
Simon Coopey (PC) 1,604
Ed Townsend (LD) 1,581
Pippa Bartolotti (G) 1,272

Labour will be defending a majority of 5,658.  Between the 2015 and 2017 elections this majority increased by more than 2,000.  The UKIP vote crashed in 2017 by 5,000, some of which clearly went to the Tories whose own vote increased by 3,000.

The by-election is scheduled to take place the week after Britain is due to leave the EU.  This could be a crucial factor.  If we don't leave the voters could severely punish the Tories.  Time will tell...


It's still less than two years since the last general election, but many in Labour are desperate for another.  Why?  Because they mistakenly believe that the momentum from the last general election, where they stripped the Tories of a majority, will continue in the next election.  This confidence is misplaced.  They are not polling particularly well and they are limping from one PR disaster to another.  True, this Tory government won't go down in history as one of the greats, but they are simply not as hapless as HM Opposition.

One small indicator of this is in the current state of the parties.  Remember, it is still less than two years since the 2017 general election, but in that time Labour have haemorrhaged a whopping 17 MPs.  Admittedly one (Paul Flynn) passed away, but there is no guarantee Labour will win that by-election either.  Flynn commanded a 5,658 majority, but two factors could come into play.  It's a 54% Leave seat and voters could be unhappy about Corbyn's u-turn on a second referendum.  Secondly, what if Chuka and co throw in a candidate and split the Labour vote?  It could be very interesting!

The Tories, by contrast, have lost just three MPs in the same period.  These all came in the trio of defections to the Independent Group.  We've listed Labour's 17 lost MPs below.  Williamson will undoubtedly return at some stage, certainly if his idol Corbyn has anything to do with it.

Click to enlarge

Kelvin Hopkins
- suspended by Labour in November 2017 pending an investigation into alleged sexual harassment.  Nothing has been heard since and Hopkins is currently listed as an independent.
Jared O'Mara - resigned from Labour in July 2018, nine days after being reinstated following his suspension over allegations of misogyny and homophobia.
John Woodcock - resigned from Labour in July 2018 having been suspended since April 2018 over allegations of sexual harassment.
Frank Field - resigned from Labour in August 2018 in protest over anti-Semitism.
Ivan Lewis - resigned from Labour in December 2018 having been suspended since November 2018 over allegations of sexual harassment.
Fiona Onasanya - expelled from Labour in January 2019 following her conviction for perverting the course of justice.
Paul Flynn - died in February 2019 aged 84.
Luciana Berger - resigned from Labour in February 2019 to form the Independent Group.
Ann Coffey - resigned from Labour in February 2019 to form the Independent Group.
Mike Gapes - resigned from Labour in February 2019 to form the Independent Group.
Chris Leslie - resigned from Labour in February 2019 to form the Independent Group.
Gavin Shuker - resigned from Labour in February 2019 to form the Independent Group.
Angela Smith - resigned from Labour in February 2019 to form the Independent Group.
Chuka Umunna - resigned from Labour in February 2019 to form the Independent Group.
Joan Ryan - resigned from Labour in February 2019 to join the Independent Group.
Ian Austin - resigned from Labour in February 2019 in protest over anti-Semitism.
Chris Williamson - suspended by Labour in February 2019 pending an investigation into remarks made about the ongoing anti-Semitism scandal.

Corbyn has a real issue keeping hold of his MPs

Wednesday 27 February 2019


Labour remoaner Owen Smith went mental in the Commons today, labelling Brexit a "racist, xenophobic, right-wing, reactionary project".  Corbyn's commitment to a second referendum clearly hasn't pacified the member for Pontypridd...


Daft Dave Lammy has been spouting off his unique brand of anti-white nonsense again.  His target today was filmmaker Stacey Dooley.  Like many famous faces before her she has travelled to Africa on behalf of Comic Relief.  Dave has taken exception to this, to which Stacey has asked him:  "Is the issue with me being white?"

If she knew daft Dave the racist she would know the answer to that question!


Another grooming gang convicted today, this time in Bradford.  Nine men, pictured above, with names like Mohammed, Ali and Saeed.  Imagine our surprise?  To be fair, one of them was called 'Kieran Harris', but if you can tell him apart from the rest you'll have done well.

Bradford City Council responded...

"The Safeguarding Board will look closely at this case to see if there are any lessons we can learn that could help us keep young people safer".

Bradford City Council spokesperson

Of course it goes without saying that the council is run by Labour, so empty words then.  Funny how they're always Labour councils where these gangs operate isn't it?

The convicted men are as follows...

Basharat Khaliq, 38, guilty of five counts of rape and one count of assault by penetration, jailed for 20 years
Saeed Akhtar, 55, guilty of two counts of inciting child prostitution and one count of rape, jailed for 20 years
Naveed Akhtar, 43, guilty of two counts of rape and cleared of one count of rape, jailed for 17 years
Kieran Harris, 28, guilty of two counts of rape, jailed for 17 years
Mohammed Usman, 31, guilty of two counts of rape, jailed for 17 years
Parvaze Ahmed, 36, guilty of three counts of rape, jailed for 17 years
Izar Hussain, 32, guilty of one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and cleared of two counts of rape, jailed for 16 years
Faheem Iqbal, 27, guilty of one count of aiding and abetting rape, jailed for seven years
Zeeshan Ali, 32, guilty of one count of sexual assault, jailed for 18 months

A tenth man, Yasar Majid, was cleared of rape.


This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.


Jeremy Corbyn pictured with Hezbollah flag

The government's decision to outlaw the entire Hezbollah organisation has long been overdue many would argue.  Predictably, the hard left clique in control of the Labour party begs to differ.

Ahead of the debate scheduled around the ban, a Labour spokesman questioned its merits.

"The Home Office has previously ruled that there was not sufficient evidence that the political wing of Hezbollah fell foul of proscription criteria, a position confirmed by ministers in the House of Commons last year.  Ministers have not yet provided any clear evidence to suggest this has changed.  The Home Secretary must therefore now demonstrate that this decision was taken in an objective and impartial way, and driven by clear and new evidence, not by his leadership ambitions".

Labour spokesman on Hezbollah ban

The leadership decided not to oppose the ban when it was voted on, but did not support it either and gave MPs a free vote.  The vote passed easily, mostly due to the support of Labour MPs opposed to the terrorist-friendly attitude of the leadership.  Backbencher Wes Streeting gave a very forceful speech during the debate in which he slammed both Hezbollah and the leadership of his own party.  Diane Abbott can be seen on the front bench (see video below).

Streeting's colleague, Louise Ellman, also slighted Corbyn by referring to his infamous speech (see video below):  "Hezbollah are not our friends and today would have been a very good opportunity to say so".  Mike Gapes, of the Independent Group, added:  "They [the Labour leadership] are unfit for government and a threat to national security".

If anyone needed reminding about Jeremy Corbyn's attitude to Hezbollah, which translates as 'Army of God', take him at his own words...


Corbyn loyalist and 'left of Stalin' Chris Williamson has finally landed himself in hot water.  He is alleged to have arranged a film screening of a documentary in support of suspended activist Jackie Walker.  The BBC's Nick Robinson was onto this last night and tweeted Williamson...

See below for the exchange to which Robinson refers...

Tuesday 26 February 2019


Tonight the former Labour MP for Peterborough is enjoying her first night of freedom in 28 days.  Yes, she was sentenced to three months, but that's the UK justice system for you.  She'll have to wear an electronic tag and observe a curfew as part of her early release deal.  She won't be able to transfer the tag to her brother as he is still in prison!

Onasanya is appealing against her conviction and is due to be heard next week.  If her appeal is unsuccessful a 'recall petition' can finally be launched in Peterborough.  This must be signed by at least 10% of her constituents before a by-election can be forced, but this is not as easy as it sounds.  The last attempted recall petition in the UK failed - in North Antrim last year - falling short at 9.4%.

However, the MP in question was not a convicted criminal and Peterborough's local rag appears to be keen on the recall petition should it proceed.  The Peterborough Telegraph tried to catch up with Onasanya today, but she was apparently not answering the door.

It's time she had another "inspired moment" and just did the honourable thing.  Fat chance!


On the front pages this morning only one headline dares to utter the words "People's Vote".  If they fear it, Corbyn should be terrified...

Monday 25 February 2019


The Spectator reports that a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) earlier tonight wasn't as plain sailing as perhaps Jeremy Corbyn had envisaged.  It appears that with this latest massive u-turn he can't even please hardcore remoaners like Owen Smith.  Smith is reported to have asked Corbyn 23 times whether 'Remain' would be on the ballot paper of this proposed second referendum.  23 times Corbyn evaded the question.

Still, Owen was cock-a-hoop on Twitter at the prospect of his beloved so-called 'People's Vote' receiving the support of the leadership...

Of course it would be Keir Starmer that Owen chose to retweet, Sir Keir being the most influential frontbench remoaner in the PLP.  The great irony of his appointment as Shadow Brexit Secretary is that in government the only thing he would never negotiate is to leave the EU.  This is a fact not lost on Labour Brexiteer John Mann...

At the time of writing Mann has tweeted four times about the u-turn.  This was his finest...

Meanwhile, 11 losers gathered around a table in Nando's...

Smith and Soubry don't look happy.  Tensions already?


Labour has announced it will officially support a second EU referendum, going back on their 2017 manifesto commitment to implementing Brexit.  Jeremy Corbyn has reportedly backed down after many months of resisting intense pressure from Remainers.  The timing is undoubtedly aimed at preventing further MPs from ditching his party, but it will also neutralise Chuka and Soubry's forthcoming Remain party in the process.

There's no problem with holding another referendum as long as it's a straight choice between May's deal and no deal.  If Corbyn had any balls that is the referendum he would promote, but of course we all know that any second referendum would just merely be a re-run of the first.  This is not a 'People's Vote', this is a Loser's Vote.

Remain should not be an option.  We already had that vote and Remain was rejected.

Sunday 24 February 2019


Chuka gave an interesting interview today with Sky's Sophy Ridge (see full interview below).  She managed to extract an admission from him where he confessed to "wanting to play the biggest role in the group".  So, despite what he says, it does appear that Chuka is lining himself up for leader.  However, having spoken to constituents in Chuka's Streatham seat, Sophy doubts that the new party would win there - and if they can't win there (in 79% Remain territory) surely TIG is doomed!


by Richey Edwards

Above is an image tweeted yesterday by a journalist called Shamim Chowdhury, more on her later.  The photo shows four feminists holding placards in support of Daesh bride Shamima Begum.  Yes, you read that correctly - four 'feminists' out on the streets of the British capital in support of a girl who voluntarily left the British capital to go and live in an Islamist caliphate governed by the most misogynistic doctrine ever known to humankind.  In said caliphate it is not known how many thousands of women were raped, tortured and murdered, but what we do know for certain is that Shamima Begum does not regret being a part of it and by her own words sees nothing wrong in harming non-Muslims.  That statement clearly includes Yazidi women, who as we know were raped en masse by Daesh fighters.

"WOMEN DEMAND LIBERATION" says the placard on the right.  OK, so presumably you were on the streets protesting when Daesh were rampaging across Syria and Iraq taking thousands of women prisoners and raping them?

The hypocrisy is staggering.  Don't they care about those Yazidi women?  Are Yazidi women less worthy?  Or are we just "scapegoating women for male violence" as the placard third from the left states?  Well, no.  Shamima Begum has stated she is unfazed by beheadings.  Can there be a much more sadistic act of violence than sawing someone's head from their body with a knife?  In any case, surely now - free from the reaches of the dismantled Islamic State - she would be well placed to declare sympathy for the victims of the male violence?  Nope.  If anything she has justified it, on the basis that the victims are not Muslims.

Forgive me, but the four ladies in the photo don't look like fanatical Muslims.  Their hair is exposed, they are wearing tight fitting jeans, and - crucially - they are not accompanied by men.  It's almost as if they don't comprehend the nature of the Islamist beast they are, by proxy, supporting.  Again, the hypocrisy is staggering.

The journalist who tweeted the picture is actually a Muslim.  Shamim Chowdhury works for the Turkish-based TRT World news network, a global outlet that appears to promote a Turkish pro-Erdogan anti-European agenda, and as we know the Turks were facilitators in the rise of Islamic State.  It's no secret that nearly all Daesh recruits from Europe entered Syria via Turkey, including Shamima Begum.  The Turks had their own ethno-religious interests in the Syria conflict ie. the extermination of the Kurds.

Chowdhury is a classic example of a fifth column operative, born in London, but working to undermine her host nation on behalf of a foreign force.  Like Shamima Begum she is the daughter of Bangladeshis, but that is where the similarity ends.  Begum left her host nation to live an ultra-religious subordinate life away from dar al-harb (the lands of war ie. those unconquered by Islam).  Chowdhury has chosen to remain in the dar al-harb and blend in, no head scarfs etc, but with an ulterior motive.  There is apparently no shortage of stupid white feminists and self-hating leftists lining up to be exploited by people like Chowdhury for an agenda that is anything but 'feminist'.

What has this got to do with the Labour party?  We know leftists support any individual or group that is willing to attack and undermine our nation, Jeremy Corbyn has been leading that charge for more than 30 years.  So when I looked into the Islamist journalist Shamim Chowdhury and found that of all the 447 people we currently follow on our Twitter page only ONE follows Chowdhury.  You can imagine my surprise when I found that person to be Jeremy Corbyn.


A BTLP original, shared 5,841 times via our Facebook page.  We put this together in the wake of Abbott's speech in the Commons, a speech that came as no particular surprise to anyone.

When the Shamima story broke we all expected Labour figures to spring to her defence, but in actual fact they stayed silent for several days.  It wasn't until Tuesday night when Labour's Stella Creasy condemned Sajid Javid's decision to revoke Shamima's citizenship.  The following day Diane Abbott stood up in the Commons and condemned Javid face to face with the forceful rigour of someone who had dedicated her life to supporting terrorists and people who hate our country.  Then, the day after that, Corbyn himself expressed his support for Shamima.

It's a curious beast 'the left'.  They are born into a nation and share that nation's blood, culture and history.  Yet despite enjoying all the privileges and freedoms won by their ancestors they despise it and work to destroy it from within.  It's treachery of the highest order.

Saturday 23 February 2019


With all the media attention on the Gang of Seven it was vital they did not make a pigs ear of it on Day One.  Step forward Angela Smith, arguably the most odious member of the collective.  Smith is renowned for voting against the triggering of Article 50 - not by itself particularly shocking, but 61 per cent of her constituents voted to leave the EU.

Unfortunately for the Gang of Seven it was Angela who appeared as their representative on Politics Live.  This came in the wake of their press conference in which each of the MPs denounced Labour anti-Semitism.  Angela's appearance on Politics Live couldn't have been worse as she stuttered and dithered her way to a race row of her own...

How Chuka, Luciana and co must have cringed!  Worse still, sitting opposite her on Politics Live was none other than Ash Sarkar, famous for her "I'm literally a communist" outburst and one of Corbyn's biggest tubthumpers.  It was a coup for the Corbynistas.

Whatever Angela Smith was trying to say is open to interpretation, but the general consensus is that she was leading to the words 'funny tinge'.  She later apologised in an equally cringeworthy video on Twitter...

Unfortunately that wasn't the end of it for hapless Smith.  Instead of going to ground for a day or two she appeared on Sky News the following day to give another disastrous interview in which she claimed her Politics Live gaffe was because she was "very, very tired".  There must be lots of ambulance workers out there, veterinary surgeons on call - or just poor unfortunates with mind-numbing insomnia - who don't resort to casual racism when they've had a rough night!

It couldn't have happened to a nicer anti-democrat.  Like her TIG colleagues, Angela won't be giving her constituents the opportunity to re-elect her in a by-election.  Why should we be surprised?  After all, she's already spent the last two and a half years trying to do the opposite to what they voted for in the EU referendum!


As if we didn't know it already, the far left loons have taken over the Labour asylum.  With the departure of several Blairite 'scabs' and 'traitors' their aggressive rhetoric has gone into overdrive.  Yesterday the BBC interviewed the chair of the Labour Party in Luton South, the constituency of one of the 'traitors' - Gavin Shuker.  According to Markus Keaney, who also calls himself a 'media spokesperson' on his Twitter page, Gavin will be "destroyed" (see video below).

The use of such language was not lost on Captain Underpants aka Chris Bryant MP, who retweeted the interview.  Bryant has already announced he is staying in the party, but he's clearly not impressed with the lunatics now running the show.


Jeremy was in combative mode yesterday as he was interviewed by a very persistent Sky News reporter.  Jez was presented with quote after damaging quote from his departing MPs and he struggled to keep the red mist at bay.  The interviewer finished by asking him if he could assure people he would be around for the next general election.  The response was rather convoluted and non-committal until he was pushed for a direct answer.  A few months ago the Great Leader wouldn't have been so evasive about his future...


Not all Labour folk are impressed with Corbyn and Abbott's support for Daesh bride Shamima Begum.  The former Mayor of Derby has expressed disgust at his leader's sympathetic approach, but says he won't be leaving the party.  Cllr Paul Pegg gave the following detailed statement to the Derby Telegraph.

"His views are not my views, nor are they the views of the majority of the real Labour party or the views of the majority of the ordinary citizens of Derby and especially the Mackworth Ward Labour Party.  I have supported our troops throughout the conflicts in the Middle East. How could I look the parents in the eye, who lost their innocent children at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester or the children and families of troops killed in action, or the families of the volunteers who went out to the Middle East to help with the humanitarian aid and were beheaded, if I supported such a statement.

Yes I could walk away from the Labour party and I have over the past few weeks thought long and hard about just that.   I fully understand why MPs have left the Labour party.  It could not have been easy for them.

I grew up with the Labour party.  My parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, great-aunts and great-uncles supported the Labour Party.  It was my great-uncles who carried Derby MP Philip Noel-Baker shoulder high through the streets of Derby and stood him on a bus shelter on the Market Place.

I’m going to stay and fight for the Labour party I believe in, I’m not going to be pushed out by Corbyn, or his cronies in Derby, no matter what committee they take over".

Cllr Paul Pegg

Cllr Pegg appears to be more in touch with the public than Corbyn, certainly going by the poll in his local newspaper (see below).

Cllr Pegg's statement follows the resignation of one of his colleagues earlier this week.

Friday 22 February 2019


Owen Jones has been in a spin this week, for obvious reasons.  The Great Leader is under attack and Owen has taken it upon himself to launch a one-man smear campaign against those Blairite 'scabs' and 'traitors' who have ditched Labour.

The wee lad certainly appears to have the inside track on forthcoming defections.  The night before the initial 'Gang of Seven' broke away he was busy attacking them on Twitter, singling out Gavin Shuker with typical double standards.  In the early hours of this morning (4am) he began his Twitter assault on Ian Austin.

Owen then goes on to tweet a series of quotes from Ian Austin to back up his suggestion that the MP is "hard right" or "racist".

Now some of you will recall that Owen appeared on This Week recently in which he was embroiled in a nasty spat with host Andrew Neil.  Just prior to that he was given a few home truths by Michael Portillo on the same programme.  Watch below...

So, Owen claims that he has never called anyone a 'racist' merely for voicing a concern about immigration.  Please refer to his above tweets about Ian Austin!


Ian Austin has become the ninth MP to quit Labour this week.  He is a long term critic of Corbyn and his Momentum footsoldiers.  However, the MP for Dudley North will not be joining up with Chuka's Independent Group.  Unlike the MPs in TIG, he is not a hardcore remoaner.  Austin was one of the 14 Labour MPs to rebel and block Yvette Cooper's Brexit blocking amendment last month, none of which have joined TIG, for obvious reasons.

Austin was investigated by the party last year after an incident in which he is alleged to have 'screamed abuse' at Corbyn loyalist Ian Lavery.  The charges against him were later dropped.

Worryingly for Labour, Austin commanded a wafer thin majority of just 22 votes, so if he stands as an independent in the next election he will almost certainly split the vote enough to turn the seat blue.

Thursday 21 February 2019


Jeremy gave the following in-depth interview to ITV today, mostly keeping his cool despite some tricky questions.  He was asked about Brexit, the Independent Group, reinstating Derek Hatton and George Galloway and, very cheekily, he was asked whether he voted Leave in the referendum!  Skip forward to 11:38 for that brave question...


Labour has announced its candidate for the forthcoming mayoral election in the north east of England.  The first ever 'North of Tyne' contest will be contested by Corbynista Jamie Driscoll.  The Momentum activist beat the leader of Newcastle City Council to the nomination.

Driscoll was interviewed after yesterday's announcement and asked about Brexit.  It didn't go too well...

7-8-11-WHO'S NEXT?

There may be several more defections today, there may not.  The Independent Group (TIG) may have played all its cards and no-one else is going to join them.  Doubtful.  What is certain is that every defection has been and will be timed for maximum impact.  There won't be a cascade, more of a drip drip every day or two in order to prolong media attention and cause maximum disruption.  And, of course, to maintain momentum (pun intended).

So, who will be next?  Let's look at some of the favourites...

Ian Austin (Lab, Dudley North).  A Brownite and staunch enemy of Corbyn.  He has been threatening to join TIG over the last two days, but people who make threats often can't be trusted.  The Gang of Seven never made such threats.  Furthermore, all of the current TIG members are staunch Remainers.  Austin is not.

Guto Bebb (Con, Aberconwy).  Resigned from the government to pursue a second referendum.  A career politician he was a Plaid Cymru activist before joining the Tories, so would he sacrifice himself?  Not yet perhaps, but if there is no Brexit deal...

Nick Boles (Con, Grantham & Stamford).  A Remainer strongly tipped to be the next Tory to join TIG, but tweeted on Wednesday that he is "not ready to give up yet".  Could be a late addition if there is no Brexit deal.

Neil Coyle (Lab, Bermondsey & Old Southwark).  Nominated Corbyn for the leadership in 2015, but has since become one of his most brutal critics.  Says he will stay, but clearly very unhappy when interviewed by the BBC.  Could be pushed out eventually if the hard left push hard enough!

Stephen Doughty (Lab, Cardiff South & Penarth).  It's been suggested that Welsh Labour defections are unlikely because Labour are in government there, but Welsh MPs sit in London.  Doughty is a staunch Remainer and has been attacking the party this week on both Brexit and anti-Semitism.  Has distanced himself from the quitters and is unlikely to quit any time soon.

Angela Eagle (Lab, Wallasey).  New Labour veteran and one of the longest serving MPs on the list.  Most famous for challenging Corbyn for the leadership before backing out to allow Owen Smith a clear run.  A Remainer and a member of Labour Friends of Israel, she's not said much this week and could spring a surprise, but would she take her twin sister with her...

Maria Eagle (Lab, Garston & Halewood).  Twin sister of Angela and elected the same year, but infinitely more low profile and not much is known about her.  Not a dickie bird about TIG this week.

Louise Ellman (Lab, Liverpool Riverside).  Jewish MP and Remainer under attack from Momentum, she has pledged to stay and fight anti-Semitism from "within".

Justine Greening (Con, Putney).  Another proponent of a second referendum, she has said nothing about any of the defections this week.  Dark horse.

Dominic Grieve (Con, Beaconsfield).  Has been pretty blunt about his resignation prospects and says he will resign the whip if May takes us into a no deal Brexit.  On that basis he won't be joining TIG for a few weeks.

Sam Gyimah (Con, East Surrey).  Staunch Remainer who resigned as a minister in order to pursue a second referendum.  Had been quiet this week, except to retweet Soubry's resignation, but later clarified that the retweet didn't mean he was going to "follow suit".

Peter Kyle (Lab, Hove).  A staunch Remainer and Blairite, Kyle refused to sign the outlandish Corbyn loyalty pledge that did the rounds on Twitter earlier this week.  However, on Wednesday he tweeted that he is "not about to quit".

Phillip Lee (Con, Bracknell).  Caused a bit of a stir on the BBC on Wednesday by referring to Brexit as a "turd".  Has been quoted as saying the "timing is not right", so could potentially quit in the event of a no deal Brexit.  Tick tock, tick tock...

Siobhain McDonough (Lab, Mitcham & Morden).  Blairite Remainer, bit of a non-entity, but thought to be close to TIG's Chris Leslie.  Probably too delicate to jump ship on her own.

Alison McGovern (Lab, Wirral South).  Blairite Remainer who categorically denied in a live TV interview last week she would be quitting.  She's gone a bit quiet this week, so could possibly reconsider if the hard left make things uncomfortable enough.

Ian Murray (Lab, Edinburgh South).  Corbyn critic, Blairite and Remainer.  Murray has publicly defended the Gang of Seven this week and has been on the receiving end of lots of hard left abuse in the process.  One to watch.

Jess Phillips (Lab, Birmingham Yardley).  Loudmouth Jess likes to be the centre of attention and has suggested she finds it hard "to disagree with a lot of what they [TIG] are saying".  Not sure what her particular axe to grind is and she is not under threat from Momentum.  Wild card.

Ruth Smeeth (Lab, Stoke-on-Trent North).  A Corbyn critic, a Remainer, but not a big remoaner.  As a Jewish MP receiving similar levels of abuse as Luciana Berger she was strongly expected to quit, but in an article for the Jewish News on Wednesday she said she is staying.

Owen Smith (Lab, Pontypridd).  Failed leadership challenger Owen is one of the most unapologetic remoaners in Parliament and most tellingly has said nothing about TIG all week.  Biding your time Owen?

Wes Streeting (Lab, Ilford North).  Another Corbyn critic and staunch Remainer.  Dismissed rumours of his departure by tweeting "I'm with her" in support of Ruth Smeeth's decision to stay.

Tom Watson (Lab, West Bromwich East).  The left would dearly love to see the back of Watson, but it's not likely in the short term.  As the elected deputy leader he can't be easily dislodged, but Corbyn and his followers have done everything they can to exclude him from proceedings.  His response to the Gang of Seven was generally supportive of them and highly critical of Corbyn and Momentum.  Watson is fearless and he won't quit.

Phil Wilson (Lab, Sedgefield).  Staunch Remainer and critic of Corbyn.  Very supportive of Tom Watson's damning response to the breakaway, but not a word on whether he would stay or go.  Another one to watch.

Wednesday 20 February 2019


The government's decision to revoke the citizenship of Daesh bride Shamima Begum was always going to antagonise the loony left.  Taking the side of our nation's enemies - or potential enemies - is in their very nature.  The Shadow Home Secretary has practically dedicated her life to it.

Therefore it was no great surprise to see Diane Abbott stand up in the Commons and deliver a furious attack on Sajid Javid...

"If the government is proposing to make Shamima Begum stateless it is not just a breach of international human rights law, but is a failure to meet our security obligations to the international community. Potential citizenship rights elsewhere are entirely irrelevant. Our fundamental freedoms do not need to be compromised; they are perfectly compatible with our safety".

Diane Abbott

Why is it that people on the left never get remotely animated when British people are being blown up, shot, stabbed and decapitated by Muslim fanatics - or the IRA for that matter?  Diane Abbott immediately denounced the single fatality Finsbury Park van attack as a "terrorist attack", but when dozens of people were being murdered in London and Manchester she dismissed each as merely an "incident".  It's sickening.

Diane's Labour colleague, the self-styled 'feminist' Stella Creasy, had tweeted her own opposition to the decision last night (see below).  Stella's feminist credentials are tainted with more than a little hypocrisy.  When you moan about the patriarchy, equal pay and 'upskirting', but you've never stood up for the thousands of young females raped by Muslim grooming gangs in the UK, your credentials must surely come into question.

Stella spent the rest of her evening fending off a wave of criticism.  Who could have seen that coming?


"In a single day, the Labour party has lost Luciana Berger and 'gained' Derek Hatton.  As swaps go, this isn’t dissimilar to giving someone an orgasm and them giving you gonorrhoea".  That was how Guardian columnist Hannah Jane Parkinson described the return to the Labour party of '80s Militant Trot (and champagne socialist) Derek Hatton.  Expelled almost 35 years ago by then leader Neil Kinnock, it was perhaps no surprise that with the hard left now in control of Labour he would eventually be allowed back in.  The timing could have been better, coming as it did on the day the 'Gang of Seven' walked out, but perhaps Jeremy was hoping it would distract some attention from the big news of the day.  Within 48 hours the decision has become yet another opportunity for everyone to laugh at his party.

Why?  Because Derek Hatton has been suspended from the Labour party.  That's right, within two days of being readmitted.  Hilarious!

The suspension is thought to relate to tweets dating back to 2012, one of which was retweeted by Labour MP Ian Austin yesterday (see below).  He will likely be reinstated (again) at a later date, as seems to be the case with virtually every suspension over alleged anti-Semitism.  As a supporter of a communist entryist group trying to take over the Labour party, he will surely be looked upon in a favourable light by that other communist entryist group, Momentum.  Where Militant failed, Momentum are very much succeeding!


The exodus from Labour has resulted in one of the most rare defections - Labour to Conservative.  While the floor-crossing activities of local councillors doesn't make the national news, one of the latest has had a very significant effect on Brighton & Hove City Council.  Before today Labour had 21 seats and the Tories 20.  The defection of Labour's Anne Meadows to the Tory group this morning tips the balance the other way.

The Tories are now poised to take control of the council from what is now a minority Labour administration.  However, with local elections not far off they could wait for the outcome.

Local Labour MP, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, denounced Cllr Meadows - "This is nothing but a barefaced career move from Anne, she wasn't selected to be a candidate for Labour at the upcoming election, so she has betrayed the party for her own self preservation".  Quite right Lloyd, the opposite of your Parliamentary colleagues who are just so desperate to leave your disgusting party they are sacrificing their careers by becoming short-lived independents.

Cllr Anne Meadows (right) is welcomed by Cllr Mary Mears of the Conservatives


Tory MP Maria Caulfield just raised the Brighton defection in PMQs.  Watch Corbyn's face as she bemoans the anti-Semitism of his Momentum footsoldiers!


Together at last!

Conservative MPs Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry and Sarah Wollaston have today resigned the party whip and joined up with the Independent Group of anti-Brexit former Labour MPs.  This takes the tally to 11 MPs and gives the group the same number of MPs as the Lib Dems!

Who are the latest remoaner quitters?

Heidi Allen has been the MP for South Cambridgeshire since 2015.  This is a 62% Remain voting constituency.

Anna Soubry, one of the highest profile remoaners in Parliament.  She has been the MP for Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire since 2010.  Broxtowe is a 53% Leave voting constituency.

Sarah Wollaston has been the MP for Totnes in Devon since 2010.  Initially a Vote Leave supporter at the start of the referendum campaign, she switched to Remain shortly before the vote.  Totnes is a 54% Leave voting constituency.

Tuesday 19 February 2019


Joan Ryan, MP for Enfield North, has tonight become the eighth MP to resign the Labour whip and join up with the Independent Group.  Like the existing Gang of Seven, Ryan is a Remainer.  She has also been on the receiving end of a Momentum-sponsored vote of no confidence (she lost).  Perhaps no coincidence that Ryan is/was the chair of Labour Friends of Israel.


Despite declaring that the Gang of Seven are "not the SDP", Chuka Umunna has revealed that he is hoping to have a party up and running by the end of this year.  If this comes to fruition it will dash Lib Dem hopes of incorporating the seven (and almost doubling Lib Dem Parliamentary numbers in the process).  More bad news for Vince Cable came with the news that three separate polls today had the 'Independent Group' outpolling the Lib Dems!  No wonder he wants Chuka and co to sign up.

Richard Madeley's final question to Chuka was whether he thought Corbyn was a Marxist - "I think so, yes" was his reply.  Watch the full interview below.



Monday 18 February 2019


We should have known the breakaway was a dead cert when little Owen Jones went into smear mode late last night.  He singled out Gavin Shuker for particular attention, ironically enough because of his religious beliefs.  Shuker is a Christian and abstained on the gay marriage vote.  Imagine Owen having a pop at some Muslim MP for doing the same?  As if!  Double standards wee lad.

However, that wasn't the worst of Owen's Twitter activity yesterday.  Within minutes of news breaking of the death of Newport MP Paul Flynn he managed to exploit it with the following...

That's low Owen, even for you lad.