Sunday 24 February 2019


by Richey Edwards

Above is an image tweeted yesterday by a journalist called Shamim Chowdhury, more on her later.  The photo shows four feminists holding placards in support of Daesh bride Shamima Begum.  Yes, you read that correctly - four 'feminists' out on the streets of the British capital in support of a girl who voluntarily left the British capital to go and live in an Islamist caliphate governed by the most misogynistic doctrine ever known to humankind.  In said caliphate it is not known how many thousands of women were raped, tortured and murdered, but what we do know for certain is that Shamima Begum does not regret being a part of it and by her own words sees nothing wrong in harming non-Muslims.  That statement clearly includes Yazidi women, who as we know were raped en masse by Daesh fighters.

"WOMEN DEMAND LIBERATION" says the placard on the right.  OK, so presumably you were on the streets protesting when Daesh were rampaging across Syria and Iraq taking thousands of women prisoners and raping them?

The hypocrisy is staggering.  Don't they care about those Yazidi women?  Are Yazidi women less worthy?  Or are we just "scapegoating women for male violence" as the placard third from the left states?  Well, no.  Shamima Begum has stated she is unfazed by beheadings.  Can there be a much more sadistic act of violence than sawing someone's head from their body with a knife?  In any case, surely now - free from the reaches of the dismantled Islamic State - she would be well placed to declare sympathy for the victims of the male violence?  Nope.  If anything she has justified it, on the basis that the victims are not Muslims.

Forgive me, but the four ladies in the photo don't look like fanatical Muslims.  Their hair is exposed, they are wearing tight fitting jeans, and - crucially - they are not accompanied by men.  It's almost as if they don't comprehend the nature of the Islamist beast they are, by proxy, supporting.  Again, the hypocrisy is staggering.

The journalist who tweeted the picture is actually a Muslim.  Shamim Chowdhury works for the Turkish-based TRT World news network, a global outlet that appears to promote a Turkish pro-Erdogan anti-European agenda, and as we know the Turks were facilitators in the rise of Islamic State.  It's no secret that nearly all Daesh recruits from Europe entered Syria via Turkey, including Shamima Begum.  The Turks had their own ethno-religious interests in the Syria conflict ie. the extermination of the Kurds.

Chowdhury is a classic example of a fifth column operative, born in London, but working to undermine her host nation on behalf of a foreign force.  Like Shamima Begum she is the daughter of Bangladeshis, but that is where the similarity ends.  Begum left her host nation to live an ultra-religious subordinate life away from dar al-harb (the lands of war ie. those unconquered by Islam).  Chowdhury has chosen to remain in the dar al-harb and blend in, no head scarfs etc, but with an ulterior motive.  There is apparently no shortage of stupid white feminists and self-hating leftists lining up to be exploited by people like Chowdhury for an agenda that is anything but 'feminist'.

What has this got to do with the Labour party?  We know leftists support any individual or group that is willing to attack and undermine our nation, Jeremy Corbyn has been leading that charge for more than 30 years.  So when I looked into the Islamist journalist Shamim Chowdhury and found that of all the 447 people we currently follow on our Twitter page only ONE follows Chowdhury.  You can imagine my surprise when I found that person to be Jeremy Corbyn.