Saturday 16 February 2019

2-4-6-8 IT'S NOT A SPLIT

The will-they-won't-they saga continues.  Various news outlets are now putting figures on how many Labour MPs will quit.  The Daily Mail says 'up to ten', the Express 'eight' and the Guardian says 'six or more'.  They all agree the 'split' is 'imminent', although none can agree on when it will happen.  The Mail claimed it might happen on Friday, the Express says it may happen on Monday.  ITV are very specific and claim it 'may' happen on the 27th of Feb.

Give us a break!  Whether or not these half a dozen(ish) MPs walk out and form their own Remain party, it is hardly a split.

If we take the upper estimate of ten quitters - that's less than 4 per cent of the Parliamentary Labour party and would give the new party less MPs than the Liberal Democrats.  The Lib Dems have their origins in an earlier Labour split, but their current pathetic Parliamentary numbers should be fair warning for anyone trying to set up a new party, let alone something that could possibly challenge the two-party monopoly.  If Chuka and co are serious about prolonging their Parliamentary careers why don't they just join the referendum-ignoring Lib Dems?  After all that is their game - trying to overturn the referendum result.

Whatever happens, whenever it happens, or if it doesn't happen at all (good chance of the latter) - it's hardly a split.

Potential quitters (according to various sources)

Chuka Umunna, of course (but as a leader?)
Ian Austin, having recently voted against extending Article 50 would he join a clique of hardcore Remainers?
Luciana Berger, no-one would blame her for walking away
Angela Eagle, failed leadership bottler of 2016
Peter Kyle, hasn't even served a full Parliamentary term yet
Chris Leslie, long-term critic of Corbyn
Alison McGovern, snowflake who categorically denied on Friday she would be quitting
Gavin Shuker, who?
Ruth Smeeth, another Jewish MP under the cosh
Angela Smith, ardent remoaner embarrassingly turned away from Labour HQ with 'Losers Vote' petition
Owen Smith, failed leadership challenger and another ardent remoaner

A lesson from history Chuka!