Sunday 3 February 2019


Shared an impressive 15,858 times (and counting), this BTLP original was the most shared last week on our Facebook page.

This story is far from over.  Many people are very angry that Onasanya is still an MP, that she has refused to do the honourable thing and resign, and also that she will continue to receive her generous MP's salary while she is inside.  The only way she can be forced out is by way of a 'recall petition' which at least 10% of her Peterborough constituents must sign.  However, this cannot be put in place until her appeal has been dealt with (and conviction upheld), so it could be months away.  The last recall petition to be held in this country actually failed.  The petition against Ian Paisley Jnr in North Antrim garnered an impressive 9.4%, but fell short of the required amount.

This story needs to remain in the public eye, particularly in Peterborough.  One tech-savvy individual has devised a clever way in which to maintain the focus with this website.  Share and make aware!