Saturday 31 August 2019


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The BBC and other media outlets are talking about an "Irish Unity" march in Govan last night.  This is perhaps deliberately misleading.  The march was led by an organisation called Saoradh, a far left Irish republican organisation linked to the 'New IRA'.  The New IRA, better known as the 'Real IRA' (responsible for the Omagh bombing), were behind the murder of journalist Lyra McKee in Londonderry earlier this year.  Naturally, many locals were not happy about having IRA supporters parading through their streets and organised a counter protest.  Leaflets were posted to homes in the Govan area ahead of the march (see below)

It didn't take a genius to work out what happened next.  Hundreds of Glaswegian loyalists arrived to confront the marchers, barricades were set up and smoke bombs and missiles were thrown.  Hundreds of riot police were deployed, including mounted officers, dog handlers and air support.

So how was this allowed to happen on mainland streets?  Courtesy of Glasgow City Council of course, currently overseen by a minority SNP administration.  The council were quick to condemn the violence as "unacceptable", much to the dismay of many Glaswegians who couldn't quite grasp how the march was allowed to go ahead in the first place.  The SNP and their supporters have long held republican sympathies as the two movements are both opposed to the British state and dedicated to dismantling the Union.  The SNP despises Union flag waving loyalists for obvious reasons.

The media decision to ignore the presence of Saoradh allowed them to paint a picture of innocent marchers being attacked by a loyalist mob.  The SNP will undoubtedly deploy the same tactic.

Saoradh/Real IRA supporters gather at the start of the Govan march

By an amazing coincidence guess who was also in Glasgow yesterday...


Limp-wristed remoaners and the militant left could find themselves at cross-purposes today.  Remainers have been marching in their blue and yellow quisling attire for three years without resorting to direct action.  Now they are faced with having their peaceful protest hijacked by people who are more concerned with putting Corbyn in Number Ten than reversing the Leave mandate.  It's either going to be very interesting or a damp squib to be quickly forgotten.

Where Remainers and Momentum have some common ground is in the exploitation of migrants.  On Thursday a very angry Portuguese national interrupted a Sky News broadcast and unleashed a tirade littered with nonsense that had clearly been fed to her by the Remain lobby.  An excerpt (see below) has since been shared by Momentum as an example of the Tories' "cruel and destructive policies".

The problem with this outburst is that it doesn't make any sense.  She has worked here for 20 years, but says that she is to be kicked out of the country.  Nonsense.  The settlement scheme takes minutes to complete online, yet she makes out like it's been a huge drawn out process and Brexit is just around the corner.  It's two months away and the idea that the government is going to start rounding people up on November the 1st is an outlandish notion that could only have been fed to her.  The final words in the video are spoken off camera by someone shouting "Look at what the Tories have done".

This lady has been exploited by both Remainers and the hard left, but then it's perfectly acceptable to treat migrants like this when you are a self-righteous morally superior ideologue.

Friday 30 August 2019


A series of hapless Remain hashtags have been trending on Twitter over the last two days.  The latest one, #NoDealBreixt, is still trending at the time of writing.  Yes, you read that correctly - #NoDealBreixt.  This was preceded by two misspellings of the word 'coup'.  First came #StopTheCoupe and then came #StopTheCoop.

And to think that some uppity remoaners have the audacity to look down upon the rest of us and say that they are better educated.  Needless to say the morons are being whipped on Twitter...


LBC's Shelagh Fogarty has debated the merits of direct action with Momentum activist Michael Chessum.  Remainer Fogarty said she supported peaceful protests, but thought a campaign of civil disobedience would only strengthen Boris's position.  Chessum disagreed...


Two council by-elections last night, one in Lancashire and one in Lanarkshire.  The Labour vote plummeted in both, including a stunning defeat in a Bury ward where they had never previously lost.  What makes the result even more special is the fact they were beaten by a brand new party fighting it's very first election.

Radcliffe West, Bury Council

Radcliffe First: 824 (41.7%) New
Lab: 708 (35.8%) -24.7%
Con: 283 (14.3%) -10.7%
Lib Dem: 113 (5.7%) +2.7%
UKIP: 50 (2.5%) New

Radcliffe First GAIN from Lab

East Kilbride Central North, South Lanarkshire Council

SNP: 1,582 (46.5%) +4.2%
Lab: 690 (20.3%) -11.3%
Con: 498 (14.6%) -4.1%
Lib Dem: 422 (12.4%) +9.9%
Green: 153 (4.5%) +0.6%
UKIP: 48 (1.4%) New
Libertarian: 12 (0.4%) New



The Lib Dems held off an SNP surge in the Shetland by-election last night.  There was a significant swing to the SNP despite anger sparked by graffiti that appeared on the Lerwick war memorial last week (see below).  It was still not enough to overcome the Lib Dem's existing majority in what was Holyrood's safest seat.  The Tory and Labour candidates lost their deposits, both easily beaten by an independent.  However, where as the Tory vote held and they finished fourth, Labour languished in sixth place behind the Greens.

SNP graffiti on Lerwick war memorial

Shetland, Scottish Parliament

Lib Dem: 5,659 (47.9%) -19.5%
SNP: 3,822 (32.3%) +9.3%
Ind (Thomson): 1,286 (10.9%) New
Con: 425 (3.6%) -0.1%
Green: 189 (1.6%) New
Lab: 152 (1.3%) -4.6%
Ind (Stout): 134 (1.1%) New
Ind (Scott): 66 (0.6%) New
UKIP: 60 (0.5%) New
Ind (Tait): 31 (0.3%) New

Lib Dem HOLD

Thursday 29 August 2019


Following yesterday's announcement that Her Majesty had assented to the suspension of Parliament, remoaners lashed out at the monarchy.  On Twitter they managed to get #AbolishTheMonarchy trending, inspired in part by Labour MP Kate Osamor.  Osamor's tweet left little to the imagination, but she has this afternoon bemoaned the resulting headlines as "misleading" (see below).  She also described journalists as "rodents", clearly still bitter about the coverage of her son's drugs conviction and being forced to resign after it was revealed she tried to get him off.

It'll be a plucky reporter that approaches her for a comment on these latest remarks.  Last year she threatened to smash a reporter's face in.  With the likes of Osamor, Onasanya and O'Mara this current Parliament really is the dregs.  Going after the Queen isn't going to win them any favours either.

It will be a massive own goal if these whiny spoilt quisling snowflake traitors want to start venting their tantrums at Her Majesty.  Elizabeth II is a hugely popular monarch and there is little public support for a republic.  Her Majesty currently has a 72% approval rating on YouGov, compared to 26% for millennial favourite Jeremy Corbyn.  So go ahead snowflakes, sound off at the Queen and see where it gets your cause.


Following on from yesterday's Twitter outburst from man-baby Hugh Grant, this morning came an altogether more sinister celeb tantrum.  His Dark Materials author Sir Philip Pullman suggested Boris Johnson should be hung from the nearest lamp-post.  Extraordinary stuff from a man who was knighted this year under a Tory government.


It was no great surprise to see Little Owen and others hijacking the Remain protest yesterday.  The wee lad is not known as a hardcore Remainer and has argued in favour of Brexit intermittently, depending on which way the wind is blowing.  Diane Abbott also addressed the event, but likewise she isn't a strong Remainer either.  John McDonnell was there also, just in case his dream of a revolution was about to be realised, as was commie journalist Paul Mason (pictured above left).  It was clear that the Labour left were there purely to seize on Remain anger and exploit it for their own ends.  Little Owen was breathless with excitement as he addressed his own phone...

What 'politics of hatred'?  Only in your own head sunshine!  This constant demonisation of Boris and the Tories as 'fascists', 'hard right' etc, is a huge vote loser and only serves to show the electorate who the real extremists are.  Boris Johnson is not Adolf Hitler just because he is to the right of Jeremy Corbyn.  It's an absurd argument and the general public can see through it.

Strangely, as with the Church House meeting earlier this week, Corbyn was nowhere to be seen at yesterday's protest...


Remoaners currently bouncing off the walls of their rubber rooms have predictably turned to the government petition website to get their message across.  Helped along by media publicity, the anti-prorogation petition has quickly amassed more than a million signatures.  You'll recall that the media helped manufacture another big anti-Brexit petition earlier this year.  That petition included some rather dodgy signatures and it appears that this latest effort is no different.

Only British citizens and UK residents are eligible to sign government petitions and a postcode and email address have to be provided.  Yet strangely thousands of signatures are being collected from around the world, as shown below.  While many originate in EU countries, there are multiple entries from places as far apart as Brazil, China, Bermuda and Bahrain.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Perhaps finally the Remain lobby can smash the 17.4 million barrier, with a little help from Denmark, Greece and Fiji!

Wednesday 28 August 2019


It's fair to say that has-been actor Hugh Grant was not best too pleased with the news that Parliament is to be suspended...

The logic is something to behold isn't it?  That is, unless his grandfather actually fought to have Britain sucked into a European superstate where it has no say in how it is governed.  Then again, if that was the case surely he should have been fighting for the Nazis?

Remoaner Hugh hasn't been very busy lately, in fact his last film was two years ago.  Ironically in that film, Paddington 2, he played a has-been actor who was reduced to filming dog food adverts.  At the moment real-life Hugh is reduced to ranting about Brexit.

For such a well-educated toff, one would expect better language and better grammar.  In one of his earlier tweets today he showed that he can't even spell 'fascism' - one of the buzz words of the left in 2019 ie. one whom is to the right of oneself.

How to get people on side, the Remain way!


Our Twitter account has been blocked by yet another Labour MP.  Frontbencher Stephen Morgan was triggered when we pointed out the hypocrisy of virtue signalling to veterans while serving under a man who supports the IRA and sitting a few bums down from IRA supporters John McDonnell and Diane Abbott.

Morgan blocked our account on the same day he attended the big Church House meeting.  As a signatory to the anti-Brexit declaration he is at odds with his own constituency.  Portsmouth South returned a 52% Leave vote in 2016 and the incumbent is vulnerable in a snap general election.  He has a small majority after taking the seat in 2017 from the Conservatives.

Having blocked our Twitter account Morgan joins a growing list of Labour MPs who have done the same - Diane Abbott, Dawn Butler, Mary Creagh, Kate Osamor and Paula Sherriff (to name a few).  We're also blocked by leftie bawbag journalists Owen Jones and Paul Mason.


Most of the 161 MPs who signed the Church House Declaration yesterday appeared to be quite proud of themselves.  A handful tweeted a picture of themselves...

Heidi Allen (Ind) and Stephen Doughty (Lab)

Kevin Brennan (Lab)

Luciana Berger (Ind), Bambos Charalambous (Lab) and Stephen Doughty (Lab)

Janet Daby (Lab)

Louise Ellman (Lab)

Luciana Berger (Ind) and Rupa Huq (Lab)

Rachael Maskell (Lab)

Chris Matheson (Lab)

Madeleine Moon (Lab)
For a full list of who signed please click here.


Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman has released a little video justifying his Brexit blocking actions.  In it he states that in the coming weeks and months he will be "fighting to keep this town and this country in the European Union".  At least he's honest.  Most Brexit blocking MPs are operating under the pretence that they are merely trying to stop a no deal Brexit, whereas we all know they want to reverse the entire process.

Problem is, not only did Huddersfield vote Leave (52%), two years ago Barry voted to trigger Article 50.  What changed?


The 161 MPs who signed up to the latest Remain plot to derail Brexit - the Church House Declaration - are as follows.  Curiously, the name of Jeremy Corbyn does not appear...

Conservative - 4/311

Guto Bebb
Dominic Grieve
Sam Gyimah
Phillip Lee

Labour - 93/247

Debbie Abrahams
Rushanara Ali
Rosena Allin-Khan
Mike Amesbury
Tonia Antoniazzi
Margaret Beckett
Hilary Benn
Ben Bradshaw
Kevin Brennan
Lyn Brown
Chris Bryant
Karen Buck
Ruth Cadbury
Bambos Charalambous
Neil Coyle
Mary Creagh
John Cryer
Alex Cunningham
Janet Daby
Geraint Davies
Marsha de Cordova
Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi
Anneliese Dodds
Stephen Doughty
Jack Dromey
Rosie Duffield
Angela Eagle
Maria Eagle
Clive Efford
Louise Ellman
Chris Elmore
Paul Farrelly
Vicky Foxcroft
Ruth George
Preet Kaur Gill
Kate Green
Lilian Greenwood
Fabian Hamilton
David Hanson
Helen Hayes
Margaret Hodge
Rupa Huq
Diana Johnson
Darren Jones
Gerald Jones
Ruth Jones
Susan Elan Jones
Sarah Jones
Liz Kendall
Ged Killen
Peter Kyle
Dave Lammy
Clive Lewis
Seema Malhotra
Rachael Maskell
Chris Matheson
Kerry McCarthy
Siobhain McDonagh
John McDonnell
Pat McFadden
Alison McGovern
Anna McMorrin
Madeleine Moon
Stephen Morgan
Ian Murray
Chi Onwurah
Jess Phillips
Bridget Phillipson
Luke Pollard
Steve Reed
Ellie Reeves
Rachel Reeves
Emma Reynolds
Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Barry Sheerman
Tulip Siddiq
Andy Slaughter
Jeff Smith
Owen Smith
Alex Sobel
Keir Starmer
Jo Stevens
Wes Streeting
Paul Sweeney
Gareth Thomas
Stephen Timms
Anna Turley
Karl Turner
Tom Watson
Matt Western
Martin Whitfield
Phil Wilson
Daniel Zeichner

SNP - 33/35

Hannah Bardell
Mhairi Black
Ian Blackford
Kirsty Blackman
Deirdre Brock
Alan Brown
Lisa Cameron
Douglas Chapman
Joanna Cherry
Ronnie Cowan
Angela Crawley
Martyn Day
Martin Docherty-Hughes
Marion Fellows
Stephen Gethins
Patricia Gibson
Patrick Grady
Peter Grant
Neil Gray
Drew Hendry
Stewart Hosie
Chris Law
David Linden
Angus MacNeil
Steward McDonald
Carol Monaghan
Gavin Newlands
Brendan O'Hara
Tommy Sheppard
Chris Stephens
Alison Thewliss
Philippa Whitford
Peter Wishart

Lib Dems - 14/14

Tom Brake
Vince Cable
Alistair Carmichael
Ed Davey
Jane Dodds
Tim Farron
Wera Hobhouse
Christine Jardine
Norman Lamb
Layla Moran
Jamie Stone
Jo Swinson
Chuka Umunna
Sarah Wollaston

Change UK - 5/5

Ann Coffey
Mike Gapes
Chris Leslie
Joan Ryan
Anna Soubry

Plaid Cymru- 4/4

Jonathan Edwards
Ben Lake
Liz Saville-Roberts
Hywel Williams

Green - 1/1

Caroline Lucas

Independents - 7/15

Heidi Allen
Luciana Berger
Nick Boles
Stephen Lloyd
Gavin Shuker
Angela Smith
John Woodcock

Tuesday 27 August 2019


This is the vaguely worded declaration that Remain plotters signed today at their 'People's Parliament' event.  'People's Parliament' will be the hashtag and title for their attempted coup and follows the similarly misnamed 'People's Vote'.  Both have the exact same agenda - to overturn the Leave mandate.  It is not about stopping a no deal Brexit, it is about stopping Brexit full stop.  The 'people' to which they refer have already spoken and there is nothing democratic about trying to reverse the result.

Today's event heard from representatives of each of the Remain parties - John McDonnell (Labour), Ian Blackford (SNP), Jo Swinson (Lib Dems), Liz Saville-Roberts (Plaid), Caroline Lucas (Green) and Anna Soubry (Change UK).  More than 160 MPs have reportedly signed the declaration and Jeremy Corbyn has now written to a further 116 MPs - Conservative and independent - calling on them to support the Remain plot.

The full text of Corbyn's letter as follows.

Dear colleague,

I am writing to you after convening a meeting earlier today with the leaders of other opposition parties on how we can work together, across Parliament to prevent a damaging No Deal exit from the European Union.  At that meeting, we agreed to make efforts to put party politics aside to find a way through the present crisis.

We know there is a majority in parliament against No Deal.  As MPs we’ve voted against No Deal on a number of occasions and we did so in the largest number on 27 March of this year.

As you were one of 116 Conservative or independent MPs who voted against No Deal that day and are not on the government frontbench, I am writing to you to offer to work together, in a collegiate, cross party spirit, to find a practical way to prevent No Deal.

This is an urgent task.  The Prime Minister is reportedly planning to suspend parliament to force through a No Deal crash out.  This action would be, according to legal advice I’ve received from Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti, “the gravest abuse of power and attack upon UK constitutional principle in living memory”.

My view is that holding a general election after an extension is achieved is the simplest and most democratic way to prevent No Deal and to let the people of this country decide our future.  Indeed, it is the best route to a referendum or leaving the EU with a deal.

I understand not all colleagues may agree.

So I would like to invite you to join a dialogue with myself, as leader of the Labour Party, and other opposition parties, to find a way for the clear will of parliament against No Deal to express itself.  Please respond by email.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Corbyn


A Twitter user has reported daft Labour MP Dave Lammy to the police over his latest Twitter outburst.  Dave was 'triggered' (or desperately seeking attention, depending on your interpretation) by reports that Boris Johnson could suspend Parliament ahead of Brexit.

Lammy was not alone in expressing his 'outrage' at any suggestion that MPs could be hindered in their efforts to overturn the Leave mandate.  Fellow narcissist Jess Phillips sought to grab herself attention by using the f-word three times in one tweet.  However, Dave's announcement that he would 'actively participate' in civil disobedience led to Twitter user @SamuelJJack reporting him to the Met.

It's touch and go whether daft Dave will be receiving a visit from the old bill, as these days they tend to prioritise social media posts over burglary, but they are going to be very busy this week taking down all the Pride decorations.  Meanwhile, in the Twitterverse, Lammy couldn't resist having the last word and announced that Mr Jack was being a 'muppet' who could barely read.

So, to summarise, Labour MPs are furious.  They want to stop Brexit because they don't like the result.  One MP says he will take to the streets and break the law, another uses obscene language.  They label any efforts to stop them from stopping Brexit as "anti-democratic".  They have no perception of irony.

Monday 26 August 2019


Based on an idea sent in by Facebook follower Andrew Rule.  We added a few items to Corbyn's list of hypocrisies and failures, but there were plenty more suggestions in the comments section - not least his "two crappy A Levels" and history of voting against the leadership as a back bencher.

Shared 2,987 times via the Facebook page.

Sunday 25 August 2019


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