Monday 19 August 2019


The narcissist left-wing journalist Owen Jones has claimed that the disgraceful assault on him should "not be about me".  He says this with a straight face, despite tweeting about the incident more than 20 times (and counting), speaking about it all over the news and producing his own video that he tweeted out - twice!

The BBC has been very accommodating to the wee lad and so far he has appeared on the BBC News channel, BBC Sunday Morning Live and Radio 4.  As predicted, Owen is milking his unfortunate scrape to the max.  How many times can he mention the "far right" in a two minute video without actually providing any information about who or what the far right is?  Clearly he is not talking about Islamist terrorism - the left never does - despite the fact that dozens of Brits have been slain by Islamists in recent years compared to two murders carried out by what the left deems the 'far right'.  In expressing his solidarity with Jones, Corbyn himself said that "the far right is on the march".  Really?  When and where?  Examples?  No, just hot air.  The 'far right threat' being espoused by the left is just a boogeyman or phantom menace, a Project Fear-style myth used to rally their troops and whip up the media.  Sadly, the people who attacked little Owen (allegedly), have done nothing but served to strengthen this weak notion.

As for Owen's claim that it is "not about him", we think the following sums him up perfectly...