Thursday 30 September 2021


Keir Starmer tried to move on from Jeremy Corbyn's leadership during his mammoth 88 minute keynote address to the Labour conference.  Starmer's subtle digs at his predecessor failed to land convincingly given his own instrumental participation in Corbyn's policy decisions, in particular Brexit.

Starmer's speech was met with a mixed response and there were occasional jeers from some members of the audience.  Sixteen minutes in Starmer completely lost his train of thought as one furious woman shouted and pointed repeatedly.  He was again rattled 35 minutes in when someone shouted out "Where's Peter Mandelson?" in response to Starmer's commitment to 'clear values'.  Predictably, this vacuous and vague speech did not leave the audience or the country with any clear idea of what this non-entity actually stands for.

Standing ovations were frequent, but they were by no means universal and large sections of the crowd remained seated and stony faced.  Others waved red cards to signal their disapproval.  The TV cameras more often than not trained their attention on Starmer's front benchers who stood and applauded as vociferously as possible.  Occasionally the cameras picked up significant opposition to Starmer, as seen below with the red cards being waved right in front of him.

The full speech can be found below, but it comes with a warning: long exposure to the monotonous tones of Sir Squeaky can result in fatigue and loss of concentration, but is great for insomniacs...

Wednesday 29 September 2021


For a party looking to win power it would surely be suicide to throw half the population under the bus in order to assuage a tiny virtually insignificant minority.  And yet that's just what Labour has done in response to the trans furore over Rosie Duffield's stance on the biological status of the human female.  Is this what passes for 'progressive' these days Sir Keir?

Karl has edited together a compilation of recent comments by senior Labour politicians on this issue for our YouTube channel.  Watch below.

Tuesday 28 September 2021


Following his resignation from Starmer's front bench, Andy McDonald was given a hero's welcome at a conference fringe event on Monday night.  Jeremy Corbyn appeared on the same bill.  The row over a £15 minimum wage policy intensified following McDonald's resignation and far left activists were quick to point out an acute hypocrisy of Keir Starmer dating back two years.

Ironically, it was McDonald's (the restaurant) that provided the ammunition.  Photos and videos were shared featuring Starmer posing alongside fast food workers with a banner calling for... a £15 minimum wage!  Starmer himself tweeted about his involvement at the time.

By Tuesday afternoon even Diane Abbott was mocking Starmer.

Diane's successor as Shadow Home Secretary was asked about the McDonald's hypocrisy by LBC's Nick Ferrari on Tuesday morning.  In a performance worthy of Diane herself, Nick Thomas-Symonds couldn't even say what the current minimum wage is.  Click below for his car crash interview.

Oh dear, Keir.  Still, only half a day left and your dreadful conference will be over.


Keir Starmer's disastrous party conference continues with the resignation of frontbencher Andy McDonald.  McDonald was the only Corbynista in Starmer's Shadow Cabinet and quit on Monday in a row about the minimum wage.  He had been the Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights since Starmer took over as leader.

McDonald published his resignation letter on Twitter (see below, click to enlarge).

McDonald also discussed his resignation with Oli Dugmore of JOE (click below for video).

Shadow Scotland Secretary Ian Murray has since accused his former front bench colleague of 'planned sabotage'.  At the time of writing McDonald has not been replaced, but with only two days of the conference left Keir Starmer will probably be concentrating on his big speech.

Monday 27 September 2021


Labour's Diana Johnson has lashed out at young people enjoying themselves on their way home on Saturday night.  The MP for Hull North posted a picture of a crowded tube carriage on her Twitter account, describing the midnight scene as 'party time' with no masks being worn and mostly young passengers indulging in 'alcohol and smoking'.

It's not clear if Johnson took the photo herself, but there is no evidence of smoking.  There is one lad with a cigarette behind his ear, but that doesn't count!  Yes, there appears to be drinking and there definitely and most wonderfully is hardly a face mask in sight.  Tube passengers are mandated to wear face coverings by Sadiq Khan, which is no surprise given that left-wingers across the country continue to cling on to mask mandates.  Johnson herself features a masked-up emoji in her Twitter profile.

Many Twitter users responded to Johnson's tweet with comments like 'good on them' and 'great to see'.  Others complained that the MP had shared the image online without the permission of the youngsters involved.  Having retweeted her with a comment of our own, Johnson responded by hitting the block button, joining many of her colleagues who have blocked us over the years.

No great loss there.


Keir Starmer has thrown one of his MPs under the bus during an interview with Andrew Marr on day two of Labour's conference.  Unrepentant feminist Rosie Duffield has repeatedly fallen foul of trans activists with her supposedly 'controversial' views about protecting the sanctity and identity of womanhood.  The Canterbury MP skipped the conference due to ongoing threats against her from trans activists - let's just call them transfascists - and Marr was keen to get the leader's views on her stance.

"Is it transphobic to say 'only women have a cervix'?" Marr asked, referring to one of Duffield's most famous tweets.  Starmer was clearly uncomfortable with the question, but instead of sitting on the fence he leapt off it and came down firmly on the trans side: "It is something that shouldn't be said, it is not right".  Cue cries of anguish from feminists everywhere - and quite rightly so.

Little wonder that Starmer was reluctant to explain why such a statement was wrong.  He's definitely not following the science here...

On Monday morning Starmer's front bench colleague Rachel Reeves was asked a similar question by LBC's Nick Ferrari.  The shadow chancellor's epic stuttering in response to the question was comedy gold, but her desperate attempt to sidestep the question was still a far better course of action than her leader's cut and dried anti-female stance.

Also asked the question was Reeve's understudy Bridget Phillipson.  The MP for Houghton and Sunderland South actually did a much better job than both her superiors and successfully batted away questions from TalkRadio's Julia Hartley-Brewer...

While fence-sitting on the issue appeases all and is clearly a more advisable approach than Starmer's disgraceful anti-feminist response, why must Labour politicians steadfastly refuse to recognise a simple biological fact?  While we don't stand with Rosie Duffield on much, if anything else, she is spot on in this debate.

Sunday 26 September 2021


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In further embarrassment for Keir Starmer, on day one of his first conference as leader delegates chanted 'Oh, Jeremy Corbyn' during a speech.  David Evans had just been appointed general secretary and was addressing the hall when he asked the somewhat ill-judged question: "Everybody remembers why they joined Labour, what was it for you?"  A solitary voice shouted out 'Jeremy Corbyn' which quickly led to the famed Corbyn chant.

Evans is an ally of Starmer, so the incident was particularly humiliating.

As for Corbyn himself, he received a standing ovation at a Young Labour event.  Speakers included his far left comrades John McDonnell, Zarah Sultana and Nadia Whittome.

Jeremy Corbyn addressing an event on Saturday night

Saturday 25 September 2021


Keir Starmer's hopes of a triumphant party conference were derailed before he even set foot in Brighton.  His ambitious deputy let slip that his proposed rule changes for future leadership elections had bit the dust, meaning that although a confrontation with the far left would be averted - his own leadership was severely undermined.

A small posse holding Labour placards greeted his arrival at the conference, but it was it was a pitiful scene and his desperate attempt at levity came across as, well, desperate.  Starmer was flanked by his treacherous deputy Rayner, national campaign co-ordinator Shabana Mahmood and party chair Anneliese Dodds.  As he spoke about the parlous state of the country a reporter could be heard asking about his disastrous u-turn regarding the leadership rule changes.

Starmer has nothing to offer anyone, not in his party or the country at large.

Friday 24 September 2021


The murder of schoolteacher Sabina Nessa is being shamefully exploited by Labour figures, including Sir Keir Starmer.  The virtue signalling currently on display mirrors the left's reaction to the murder of Sarah Everard last year.  The Everard murder was exploited purely because the suspect was a police officer and it coincided with the BLM uprising.  It's less clear why they have suddenly pounced on the Nessa murder, although it's fair to say if she had been a white teacher they would not have batted an eyelid.

The hypocrisy on display here is both staggering and sickening.

Never forget that this is the same party that oversaw the largest sexual abuse scandal this country has ever seen - and undoubtedly continues to do so in local authorities up and down the land.  We should also not forget that Starmer was the Director of Public Prosecutions for five years as thousands of girls were being raped across Labour authorities, including Rochdale, Rotherham, Kirklees, Oxford, Telford, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne - to name a few.

What about their names?  What about their suffering?  How many council houses did you light up for them?  Don't they matter?

As ever these questions are met with shameful silence.

Rotherham was just the tip of the iceberg


Of this week's six contests only one seat changed hands, a surprise gain for the Conservatives in Cambridgeshire.  The Tories also successfully held a seat in Leicestershire and there is little sign yet that they are paying an electoral price for the ongoing crises facing Britain.

Having lost a seat to the Tories, the Lib Dems held their other two seats, while Labour and a local resident's association successfully defended one each.

Shepshed West, Charnwood Borough Council

Con: 511 (43.6%) +2.2%
Lab: 316 (26.9%) +0.9%
Grn: 302 (25.7%) +14.4%
LDem: 44 (3.8%) -3.9%


Soham North, East Cambridgeshire District Council

Con: 484 (50.8%) +8.6%
LDem: 369 (38.8%) -9.1%
Lab: 71 (7.5%) -2.5%
Grn: 28 (2.9%) New

Con GAIN from LDem

Exe Valley, East Devon District Council

LDem: 190 (36.9%) -19.8%
Con: 164 (31.8%) -11.5%
Lab: 161 (31.3%) New


Cuddington, Epsom & Ewell Borough Council

RA: 585 (56.0%) -9.1%
Lab: 207 (19.8%) +9.2%
Con: 135 (12.9%) +1.3%
LDem: 117 (11.2%) -1.5%


Wormholt & White City, Hammersmith & Fulham London Borough Council

Lab: 1,462 (70.0%) -5.6%
Con: 431 (20.6%) +6.3%
Grn: 110 (5.3%) New
LDem: 86 (4.1%) -3.2%


Kendal North, South Lakeland District Council

LDem: 622 (46.9%) +8.7%
Grn: 527 (39.8%) +13.0%
Con: 122 (9.2%) -12.1%
Lab: 54 (4.1%) -9.6%



Con = Conservative
Lab = Labour
Grn = Green
LDem = Liberal Democrat
RA = Residents Association

Thursday 23 September 2021


Labour's Ben Bradshaw has clashed with failed Labour MP Laura Pidcock over Keir Starmer's proposed rule changes for future leadership elections.  The changes are widely perceived to be an attempt to prevent the rise of another far left candidate, albeit Bradshaw denied this in the Newsnight clash.  

Pidcock called the proposed rule changes 'preposterous', but the most absurd thing was her assertion that party members were predominantly working class.  She had bizarrely turned the debate into a class issue and suggested that any reduction in the influence of members' votes was an attack on the working class.  Pidcock is not the sharpest tool in the box, but she must be well aware that her party is now solidly middle class and has been for years.

For someone as daft as Ben Bradshaw - who blames the Russians for Brexit and backs Scottish independence - to be made to look competent in any debate does not reflect well on Pidcock.  Furthermore, the fact that Pidcock was famously spoken of as a 'future leader' does not reflect well on the far left.

Click below for the clip.

Further reading


Aaron Bastani and Siobhain McDonagh

Siobhain McDonagh is not a name that has filled these pages on a regular basis, her only mentions being among the lists of Brexit-blocking MPs during the 2019 impasse.  She has held the safe seat of Mitcham and Morden since 1997 and has spent almost her entire tenure as a backbencher, except for a brief period in which she served as John Reid's secretary and as an assistant whip.  A Blairite, she is not popular on the left.

During PMQs on Wednesday she tweeted the following cryptic message.

Two days earlier McDonagh had voiced support for Starmer's proposed changes to the rules for leadership elections, a move seen by many as an attempt to prevent the rise of another far left fruitcake like Corbyn.  Her explicit reference to the 2019 election triggered the fragile minds of the far left who took the jibe personally.  The likes of Aaron Boring Bastani piled in with personal attacks, while others picked over details such as the fact Corbyn's Labour received more votes in 2019 than the Labour led by Miliband, Brown and Blair in 2005.

They are a sensitive lot and McDonagh spent a couple of hours winding them up even further...

While it's always fun to see the far left ridiculed, that is not to say that we have any sympathies with the warmongering globalist Blairite cause - which is, arguably, even more dangerous.