Thursday 23 September 2021


Aaron Bastani and Siobhain McDonagh

Siobhain McDonagh is not a name that has filled these pages on a regular basis, her only mentions being among the lists of Brexit-blocking MPs during the 2019 impasse.  She has held the safe seat of Mitcham and Morden since 1997 and has spent almost her entire tenure as a backbencher, except for a brief period in which she served as John Reid's secretary and as an assistant whip.  A Blairite, she is not popular on the left.

During PMQs on Wednesday she tweeted the following cryptic message.

Two days earlier McDonagh had voiced support for Starmer's proposed changes to the rules for leadership elections, a move seen by many as an attempt to prevent the rise of another far left fruitcake like Corbyn.  Her explicit reference to the 2019 election triggered the fragile minds of the far left who took the jibe personally.  The likes of Aaron Boring Bastani piled in with personal attacks, while others picked over details such as the fact Corbyn's Labour received more votes in 2019 than the Labour led by Miliband, Brown and Blair in 2005.

They are a sensitive lot and McDonagh spent a couple of hours winding them up even further...

While it's always fun to see the far left ridiculed, that is not to say that we have any sympathies with the warmongering globalist Blairite cause - which is, arguably, even more dangerous.