Tuesday 28 September 2021


Following his resignation from Starmer's front bench, Andy McDonald was given a hero's welcome at a conference fringe event on Monday night.  Jeremy Corbyn appeared on the same bill.  The row over a £15 minimum wage policy intensified following McDonald's resignation and far left activists were quick to point out an acute hypocrisy of Keir Starmer dating back two years.

Ironically, it was McDonald's (the restaurant) that provided the ammunition.  Photos and videos were shared featuring Starmer posing alongside fast food workers with a banner calling for... a £15 minimum wage!  Starmer himself tweeted about his involvement at the time.

By Tuesday afternoon even Diane Abbott was mocking Starmer.

Diane's successor as Shadow Home Secretary was asked about the McDonald's hypocrisy by LBC's Nick Ferrari on Tuesday morning.  In a performance worthy of Diane herself, Nick Thomas-Symonds couldn't even say what the current minimum wage is.  Click below for his car crash interview.

Oh dear, Keir.  Still, only half a day left and your dreadful conference will be over.