Monday 30 September 2019


Parliament's biggest narcissist Jess Phillips is in her element at the moment.  In addition to promoting herself in the Commons and on Twitter, she is currently on the news every day of the week.  Despite persistently telling us how tough she is, at the moment she is playing the victim and each day brings up more death threats.  Today she was on BBC Breakfast to update us on her situation and announced that police were called to her home three times over the weekend.  This follows an arrest that was made outside her constituency office last week after a man banged on the windows and shouted 'fascist'.  However, today's interview didn't go entirely to plan and presenter Dan Walker called her out on the hypocrisy she has shown in condemning the language being used by Boris Johnson, while regularly using some pretty unsavoury language herself.

Yes folks, Jess just happens to have a book out at the moment, coinciding with an avalanche of death threats that is conveniently keeping her in the spotlight.  It's also amazing how many of our hard working and handsomely paid MPs can simultaneously write a book while serving in Parliament.  This is actually Jess's second book in three years, making her even more prolific than Rachel Reeves (Leeds West) who has written two in four years, and while the Commons is due to sit this week she is embarking on a tour of England to promote her Truth To Power book.

If you haven't seen it yet, this was the YouTube compilation video we made yesterday highlighting Jess's language problem.


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Last week was an exceptional week on Facebook and we clocked up over 3,000 new likes.  Post reach and engagement were close to, if not exceeding, record levels.  Post reach is the number of people who have had one of our posts appear on their screen.  Post engagement is the number of people who have clicked on, liked, commented or shared our posts.  It will be difficult to follow that upward trend this week, albeit a week is a long time in politics!

As you'll see, we are still miles behind the main Facebook page with our other avenues.  Of particular disappointment is Twitter (run solely by Richey).  YouTube is not such a big issue as it is still fairly new and and we don't post as regularly.  The Facebook backup page, despite frequent requests to do so, is still way behind where it should be.  This is where we turn up in the event of a Facebook ban, so if you are a Facebook follower please be sure to click and like.


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Piers Morgan has been embroiled in a second Twitter row involving a Labour MP.  Last week he was told by Bermondsey MP Neil Coyle to "go f*** yourself", ironically in the same week Labour MPs were creating hysteria over language used by Boris Johnson.  Morgan has continued the spat this morning by telling Coyle:  "You're a disgrace to your constituents and to Parliament".

Yesterday Morgan took on daft Dave Lammy, again in a row linked to Labour's hypocrisy over 'dangerous language'.

Lammy then took the dispute down a bizarrely surreal avenue of pastry products.  Note that Dave uses the waving hand emoji at the end of his tweet, indicating that this was a 'dropped mike' tweet aimed at closing the argument.  Morgan struck back in fashion and it was Dave who was silenced.

Morgan kept up his attack this morning and eventually he obtained the rarest of responses from a politician - an admission that they were wrong.  That this was Dave Lammy is an astonishing feat.

Although he has now deleted the tweet, we can reveal that it was a video of Boris Johnson being pelted with missiles to which Lammy commented:  "Boris Johnson as popular as ever".  The tweet and video can be seen here.  Eagle-eyed Morgan noted that the video was not from the current Tory conference, as clearly inferred, but from 2015.  It was also a further display of rampant hypocrisy at a time when Labour are attacking the government over 'dangerous language'.

Stellar performance from Piers.  Morgan 4 Lammy 0.

Sunday 29 September 2019


Remember all those Tory MPs and right-wingers that marched outside the Labour conference last week?  No, because it didn't happen.  While we're constantly being told that the Tories are vile and they are engaging in hateful politics, this is how the left greeted the Tory conference in Manchester today.

The above tweet was later deleted.  A spokesman for Momentum denied that the group was behind the banner and told Sky News:  "Manchester Momentum weren't behind the banner, they tweeted about it and then deleted the tweet because they realised it was inappropriate".  Greater Manchester Police are reportedly investigating, but this is not the first time that a Tory conference in Manchester has been 'welcomed' in this manner.  A very similar threatening banner was displayed in 2017.

Former Labour MP and leadership contender Andy Burnham has condemned the latest incident in his current role as Mayor of Greater Manchester.  However, there's a deafening silence from the same people who have engaged in hysteria over such words as 'surrender' and 'humbug' recently.  These banners are calling for people to be murdered, but there has not been a jot of condemnation from the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott or their apologists like Owen Jones and Ash Sarkar.  Only two days ago Little Owen tweeted that "People will be beaten up, and probably killed, because of this rhetoric", referring to a Daily Mail headline.  However, he has nothing to say about these banners, but funnily enough he is there in Manchester tonight loitering around outside for some unknown reason.

Again, why are leftists hounding the Tory conference?  Why did Labour front bencher Angela Rayner address the protest outside the Tory conference?  Why was it also attended by other Labour MPs, including Laura Smith and Laura Pidcock, whose constituencies are not even in Greater Manchester ?  Why did Rayner appear to tweet a picture tonight of Boris Johnson walking past her as she gave him the cold shoulder?

This is not your conference guys.  No-one from the Tories bothered you in Brighton, but please carry on pretending that the Tories are the aggressors while you behave like this.  Let's also remember that the Parliamentary Labour Party vetoed a short Commons recess for this conference to go ahead unimpeded (as their own did).  Who is the nasty party again?


It's been a busy week on our Facebook page with almost 3,700 new followers in the past week.  Several memes clocked up thousands of shares, but none more so than this one focusing on the private school hypocrisy of drinking pals Diane Abbott and Shami Chakrabarti.

Shared 15,261 times, this is a contender for most shared of the year.  The Abbott sent her son to the exclusive City of London School at a reported cost of £10,000 per year.  More recently Chakrabarti (or to give her full title the Right Honourable Baroness Chakrabarti CBE PC) sent her son to the prestigious Dulwich College in London at a reported cost of £18,000 per year.  Jeremy Corbyn himself is also privately educated.

Saturday 28 September 2019


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"Racism doesn't have a political home, it can belong anywhere".
Joseph Cohen

Jewish activist Joseph Cohen headed down to the Labour conference in Brighton earlier this week and set up a stall outside.  Cohen makes it known that he is an anti-fascist, although as a self-confessed Zionist many on the left would obviously dispute his credentials.  One thing is for certain - the lad has some bottle.  He humiliated famed Islamist and Daesh recruiter Anjem Choudary a few years ago and recently set up a stall in a Muslim area of Luton with a banner that read:  "I support Israel - change my mind".

Outside the conference he discussed Labour's anti-Semitism problem with independent journalist and Labour member Lizzie Fletcher.  After the interview was published the Canary denied she worked for them and called Cohen a liar.  Bit touchy.  Is it 'cos he's Jewish?


The Unite trade union is Labour's largest single donor and donates millions to the party each year.  Some of that money comes from Unite's membership as each member automatically contributes via the 'political fund'.  While these contributions are relatively small and amount to little more than a couple of pence per day, with a total membership of 1.2 million it adds up to a tidy sum overall and it's all funding the destructive and increasingly extreme political direction of Corbyn's Labour.  However, if you're a member of Unite and don't share these political values you can exempt yourself from the contributions.

Details on the exemption can be found in the Unite rule book under Rule 23.  All you will need is a form, available here.  While your local branch secretary may sneer at such a request, your union rights should not be affected and this is reiterated in rule 23.8 (see below).

A member who is exempt from the obligation to contribute to the political fund of the union shall not be excluded from any benefits of the union, or placed in any respect either directly or indirectly under any disability or disadvantage as compared with other members of the union (except in relation to the control or management of the political fund) by reason of his being so exempt.

Thanks to Adam for sharing this info with us.

Friday 27 September 2019


Five by-elections last night, all in England.  There was a gain for Labour from the Conservatives in Luton and a gain for the Tories in Essex.  The Labour vote was down in all five wards it contested.  The Tory vote was up in three and down in two.  The Lib Dems continue to perform well, up in all wards contested.

Tilgate, Crawley Borough Council

Con: 741 (57.0%) +10.0%
Lab: 396 (30.5%) -7.3%
Lib Dem: 82 (6.3%) New
Green: 70 (5.8%) -9.4%
Justice: 5 (0.4%) New


Alexandra, Ipswich Borough Council

Lab: 734 (50.2%) -3.7%
Lib-Dem: 287 (19.6%) +10.3%
Con: 278 (19.0%) -6.2%
Green: 164 (11.2%) -0.4%


Icknield, Luton Borough Council

Lab: 585 (36.7%) -5.6%
Con: 563 (35.4%) -8.8%
Lib Dem: 407 (25.6%) +12.1%
Green: 37 (2.3%) New

Lab GAIN from Con

Sweyne Park & Grange, Rochford Distict Council

Con: 541 (49.7%) +19.6%
Lib Dem: 407 (37.4%) +14.4%
Green: 140 (12.9%) New

Con GAIN from Rochford District Residents

Three Bridges, West Sussex County Council

Con: 1,102 (51.7%) +6.7%
Lab: 628 (29.5%) -10.5%
Lib Dem: 257 (12.1%) +6.4%
Green: 136 (6.4%) +2.3%
Justice: 9 (0.4%) New



Anti-Boris hysteria continued throughout Wednesday over what most ordinary people would regard as fairly innocuous remarks.  Contrast what the PM said with some of the language used by Labour MPs over the last few years and it's tame by comparison.  Yes McDonnell, you're a fine one to talk.  And you too Lammy with your Nazi labels.  Let's not forget also the history of one Jeremy Corbyn in justifying actual murder on our streets by his IRA chums.  The hypocrisy is staggering, but the media is sorely lacking in exposing it.

As if to cap it all off this evening a video emerged of Labour MP Karl Turner confronting Boris Johnson's advisor Dominic Cummings.  Turner's behaviour was akin to someone about to kick off outside a pub on a Friday night, but fair play to Mr Cummings who barely budged from his rather chilled position of leaning up against a stanchion.  "Who's this guy?" he remarks to his companion, "I don't know who you are".  Watch below.

Turner appears to confuse media hype for reality.  It's highly unlikely that people are going to hear what was said by Boris and think that it was anything but innocuous.  It is a surrender bill and it is humbug to suggest that he is to blame for an increase in death threats to MPs.  If there has been an increase in death threats to MPs it is through their own actions in trying to overturn the 2016 Leave mandate.  As for Boris's assertion that the "best way to honour Jo Cox is to get Brexit done" - how is this offensive?  Jo's constituency of Batley & Spen returned a 60% Leave vote, are Labour MPs suggesting that she would not respect that vote?  Are they assuming that she would be as dishonourable as them?  The apology is not Boris's to make.

As for huge Leave votes, how about that of Karl Turner's constituency?  Kingston-upon-Hull East is the fifth strongest Leave voting constituency in the entire country (72.8%), so how on earth can he justify himself to his constituents?  There's shame and disgrace alright, and it's on your own doorstep Karl.  Perhaps that's why you can't accept criticism of your behaviour and like so many of your colleagues cannot tolerate anyone whose opinion differs from your own.

Turner's constituency is another in clear need of a Leave alliance in a general election.  He has a big majority, but just look at the UKIP vote pre-referendum.  The Tories could stand aside here and give the Brexit Party a clear run.  Leave or not on October 31, the Brexit Party will cost you Boris...

Kingston-upon-Hull East 2017 general election

Karl Turner (Lab) 21,355 (58.3%) +6.6%
Simon Burton (Con) 10,959 (29.9%) +14.0%
Mark Fox (UKIP) 2,573 (7.0%) -15.3%
Andrew Marchington (Lib Dem) 1,258 (3.4%) -3.1%
Julia Brown (Green) 493 (1.4%) -0.9%

Kingston-upon-Hull East 2015 general election

Karl Turner (Lab) 18,180 (51.7%) +3.8%
Richard Barrett (UKIP) 7,861 (22.4%) +14.3%
Christine Mackay (Con) 5,593 (15.9%) -0.7%
David Nolan (Lib Dem) 2,294 (6.5%) -16.3%
Sarah Walpole (Green) 806 (2.3%) New
Martin Clayton (Yorks Party) 270 (0.8%) New
Mike Cooper (Nat Front) 86 (0.2%) -2.3%
Val Hoodless (SDP) 54 (0.2%) New

Thursday 26 September 2019


Victoria Derbyshire interviewed four politicians outside Westminster yesterday, including Brexiteers Frank Field and the Brexit Party's Alexandra Phillips.  Also present was loudmouth narcissist Remainer Jess Phillips and sparks inevitably flew as she spoke over, interrupted and was generally very rude to both Brexiteers.

Alexandra is spot on about Jess's constituency - Birmingham Yardley returned a 60% Leave vote.  For once there was no annoying blue-hatted megaphone-blaring loon in the background.  One assumes he was still making his way back from the Labour conference.

Wednesday 25 September 2019


Labour has today revoked another policy from its 2017 manifesto (despite being only halfway through the Parliamentary term).  The party will now campaign on a more familiar platform of open door migration.  This was their manifesto commitment in 2017.

"Freedom of movement will end when we leave the European Union. Britain’s immigration system will change, but Labour will not scapegoat migrants nor blame them for economic failures".
2017 Labour Manifesto

Labour is now committed to extending freedom of movement, rather than scrapping it.  This is sure to go down well in the Labour heartlands where the working classes voted Leave en masse under the impression that migration would be curtailed.  But then Labour has already committed itself to ignoring their Leave vote altogether by holding another referendum.

It's an own goal short term, but a dedication to migrants in favour of natives is a trait of the hard left throughout the Western world.  It's no surprise that President Trump comes under sustained fire for his stance on migration from hard left elements in the Democrats.  An overwhelming number of migrants vote for parties such as the Democrats because that is the party for them.  Migrants also have more children, hence more Democrat voters for the future.  The logic is the same for Labour, and also migrant-friendly leaders around the world such as Trudeau, Merkel and the lunatics running the Swedish asylum.  No wonder then that Labour want to give migrants the right to vote.

The full text of the motion passed at the conference today is as follows:

Free movement, equality and rights for migrants, are socialist values and benefit us all.

Confronted with attacks on migrants – from the racist Hostile Environment to the Conservatives’ Immigration Bill that plans to end free movement and strip the rights of working-class migrants – we stand for solidarity, equality and freedom.

Scapegoating, ending free movement and attacking migrants’ rights are attacks on all workers. They make migrant workers more precarious and vulnerable to hyperexploitation, pressing down wages and conditions for everyone. They divide us, making it harder to unionise and push back.

Labour offers real solutions to fix the problems which are unfairly and incorrectly blamed on migrants themselves: public funding for good jobs; homes, services and social security for everyone; scrapping anti-union laws to support workers organising for improved conditions and wages. Migrant workers are already central to trade union campaigns beating low pay and exploitation, in spite of prevailing attitudes and Tory legislation.

Labour will include in the manifesto pledges to:

- Oppose the current Tory immigration legislation and any curbing of rights.
- Campaign for free movement, equality and rights for migrants.
- Reject any immigration system based on incomes, migrants’ utility to business, and number caps/targets.
- Close all detention centres.
- Ensure unconditional right to family reunion.
- Maintain and extend free movement rights.
- End “no recourse to public funds” policies.
- Scrap all Hostile Environment measures, use of landlords and public service providers as border guards, and restrictions on migrants’ NHS access.
- Actively challenge anti-immigrant narratives.
- Extend equal rights to vote to all UK residents

Mover: Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Seconder: Edinburgh Central CLP

One MP who voiced strong support for the motion was Rosie Duffield.  This is despite her own admission that her Canterbury constituency has a "lot of asylum seekers".  Well, Rosie, with this policy of open door migration your constituents would be getting a lot more asylum seekers if your party ever came to power.

With a tiny majority of just 187 this is sure to help with her re-election bid, not.  This will be an interesting one to watch in an election and much will depend on the timing, Brexit and whether or not the Tories and Brexit Party cut a deal.  If Britain does not Leave in October and an election follows, the Brexit Party will almost certainly ensure Labour retain the seat.  Canterbury is a prime example of a seat which would benefit from a Leave alliance, but will Nigel and Boris see the light?

Canterbury 2017 general election

Rosie Duffield (Lab) 25,572 (45.0%) +20.5%
Julian Brazier (Con) 25,385 (44.7%) +1.8%
James Flanagan (Lib Dem) 4,561 (8.0%) -3.6%
Henry Stanton (Green) 1,282 (2.3%) -4.0%

Canterbury 2015 general election

Julian Brazier (Con) 22,918 (42.9%) -1.9%
Hugh Lanning (Lab) 13,120 (24.5%) +8.4%
Jim Gascoyne (UKIP) 7,289 (13.6%) +9.8%
James Flanagan (Lib Dem) 6,227 (11.6%) -20.9%
Stuart Jeffery (Green) 3,746 (7.0%) +4.7%
Robert Cox (Socialist) 165 (0.3%) New

Tuesday 24 September 2019


Remainers were cock-a-hoop this morning with the news that the prorogation of Parliament was unlawful.  Bercow has recalled the Commons to sit from 11:30am tomorrow, but some MPs have already filtered back and, naturally, many have been gloating on Twitter.   We took to task the tweet of Ealing Central MP Rupa Huq who presented a photo of a placard that read:  "I WANT A SAY ON BREXIT".  Didn't she vote in 2016?

You may recall that Rupa's sister Konnie had a huge meltdown on Jeremy Vine's Channel 5 show a couple of weeks ago.

Remoaning is clearly very strong in this family.


Diane Abbott is very busy at this Labour conference showing the nation at large what a joke she is and crucially what a disaster she would be if she were ever to achieve Great Office of State.  Here she is being reminded by an ITV reporter that Labour lost the 2017 general election.  Diane and many Labour followers appear to still be in denial about that.

Incidentally, one of the other three Great Offices of State is Foreign Secretary.  In the event of a Labour government, Emily Thornberry would fill that position.  Absolutely terrifying!

Monday 23 September 2019


Corbyn has won his crucial Brexit vote at Labour's conference in somewhat controversial fashion.  The vote was decided by show of hands and led to comical scenes in which the presiding officer appeared to change her mind about the result several times.  She tried to inform the audience that she was being overruled by Corbyn loyalist Jennie Formby who was conveniently sat next to her.  When you watch the video see if you can spot John Prescott in a blonde wig...

The lady in the green shirt certainly wasn't happy with the result and remoaners expressed dismay both inside and outside the conference.  Len McCluskey, who has persistently called for the result of the 2016 referendum to be respected, shook his head as she called for another vote.  Funny isn't it how Remainers are always calling for another vote when it doesn't go their way?

Of course all these shenanigans are largely meaningless.  While the policy may be written into a Labour manifesto, most Labour MPs will simply refuse to campaign on it.  Manifestos have become rather meaningless in recent years anyway.  Labour's current manifesto (from 2017) has already been rescinded halfway through the Parliamentary term.  The party's recent commitment to a second referendum is in direct contravention of the very first line of that manifesto - "Labour accepts the referendum result".  So, while Corbyn sits on the fence during said referendum (which is what he would have preferred to do in 2016) most of his MPs would run around their constituencies telling voters to back Remain.  Many have already expressed their disobedience via Twitter...

The usual suspects then.  Note that most of them are London MPs, looking to keep the rest of the UK in the corrupt EU against its will - but remember comrades we the Labour Party are "anti-establishment"!  It's laughable.  Fortunately not all voices on the left agree.  Look out for George Galloway's rather blunt response to Big Owen's remoaning...

The First Minister of Wales also pledged to ignore Corbyn's policy, regardless of the fact Wales voted Leave in 2016.

And finally, the Mayor of London, who cares more about the EU than he does about his own citizens being maimed and murdered on a daily basis.

No word from Tom Watson yet.  Expect he'll be getting some rest tonight while reflecting on how best to undermine his leader tomorrow!


After doing well to keep his cool during a difficult interview with Andrew Marr yesterday, grumpy Jez was back in style today.  After being surrounded by reporters he lashed out from behind the counter of a Labour stall.  He looked like a schoolteacher telling off a naughty class...


Among the assorted loons loitering around outside the Labour conference are the perennial devotees of Free Palestine.  One banner has provoked a lot of controversy over the last three days.

Whether or not what is depicted can be called anti-Semitism itself is debatable, but what is not disputed is that the artist himself is dedicated to offending Jews.  Below are some of the other works of the cartoonist Carlos Latuff.

Note the persistent use of the swastika in his depictions.  Latuff has denied accusations of anti-Semitism with the standard leftist response that to be accused of anti-Semitism is to discredit criticism of Israel.  However, surely you can criticise the state of Israel without using deeply offensive Nazi imagery?  Latuff was also entered into the 'International Holocaust Cartoon Competition', shockingly an actual event that has been held in Iran twice.

The banner was reportedly torn down at one point over the weekend, but soon reappeared.  At one point a Jewish activist stood in front of the banner while Sussex Police evaluated whether it had crossed the line.  The activist argued that Merseyside Police had removed the banner when it appeared on their patch, but Brighton's finest begged to differ.  A loon wearing a Free Palestine t-shirt tried to console him, but that didn't go down too well.  Watch the exchange below.

The leaflet being brandished was being distributed to delegates and calls on the party to ban the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM).  It rattles off a Zionist conspiracy theory about JLM (see below, click to enlarge), the author is reportedly suspended from the party.

Meanwhile, inside the conference JLM representatives expressed their dissatisfaction with the ruling National Executive Committee, undoubtedly encouraged by the antics of the Free Palestine lobby.  Presumably the Palestinian flags will be unfurled at some point during the next couple of days, as they were last year.

The JLM staged their own event today at Brighton's synagogue.  There was a standing ovation for the previous chair of the movement, MP Luciana Berger.  You'll remember that she is now a member of the Liberal Democrats after being driven out of Labour.  But remember comrades, Labour has no problem with anti-Semitism!

Sunday 22 September 2019


Diane Abbott appeared on Sky News earlier today and gave a Comical Ali-style interview in which she rubbished media claims of disunity.  Her claim that the party is "determined to unite behind Jeremy Corbyn" bears no resemblance to the slow motion car crash that is Labour's 2019 conference.

Earlier in the day Diane was photographed walking past Tom Watson with not so much as a nod.  So much for unity Diane!

As for troublesome Tom, he wasted little time in returning to his mischief-making and headlined a fringe event held at Brighton's Odeon cinema (see below).  He was joined at the anti-Brexit rally by fellow front benchers Emily Thornberry and Keir Starmer (who themselves spearheaded yesterday's anti-Corbyn protest).  Labour MPs Hilary Benn, Annaliese Dodds, Rosena Allin-Khan and Anna Turley also addressed the event, as did the odious Richard Corbett, Labour's top MEP.  Corbett was filmed earlier this year clinking champagne glasses with EU fanatic Guy Verhofstadt as they celebrated May's capitulation.

Oh, and yes, Eddie Izzard is still knocking about.  He's 'special' alright.


Jezza appeared on the Andrew Marr Show this morning to answer some tricky questions about the calamitous start to Labour's 2019 conference.  There was more embarrassment overnight as it emerged a senior aide to Corbyn had resigned, coinciding with a leaked memo in which said aide (Andrew Fisher) demolished the party with a series of devastating soundbites.  Marr discussed Fisher's resignation and then went on to question Corbyn's potential longevity as leader.  The bulk of the interview was dedicated to Labour's Brexit muddle.

Watch the interview below, if you can bear the constant distraction of Drunk Steve and his traffic cone (yes, he's made his way to Brighton too)...

Dreadful posture by Jezza throughout this interview, you'd be mistaken for thinking that he was the one who had suffered a stroke, not Marr.


When Jeremy finally capitulated and confirmed that Labour would support a second EU referendum, Remainers rejoiced.  However, this lifelong Eurosceptic wasn't going to give them everything.  Last week he announced that Labour would be neutral in a second referendum (like it was in the 1975 referendum).  Cue dummies spat out en masse (yesterday his own MPs were out on the streets of Brighton campaigning against his decision).

Hilariously Jezza told the BBC that a Labour government would implement the result of a second referendum, but hold on a second...

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