Saturday 21 September 2019


Tom Watson has arrived in Brighton following Friday night's Momentum-led attempts to purge him from the front bench.  Billy Bunter exited his train and walked straight into a media circus outside the station.  He wasted no time in hitting back at Momentum's Jon Lansman...

And so began Labour's 2019 party conference.  Infighting galore before the event even began.  Jon Lansman was probably still purring following his successful attempt to purge the party's student wing earlier this week.  Labour Students was perceived as too 'moderate' by the hard left, so it was binned, although organisers have vowed to fight back (more infighting on the way).  However, Lansman's attempt to purge Tom Watson proved to be a step too far and following a backlash from moderate MPs Corbyn stepped in to slap down his militant wing.

With one showdown averted, another was just about to begin.  On Saturday afternoon there was a demonstration outside the conference hall.  This was an anti-Corbyn protest in all but name and most troubling for Jez was the fact that it was made up entirely of his own activists and was led out by none other than his own front bench colleagues!  For once Tom Watson was nowhere to be seen, this time the humiliation was poured on the Great Leader by arch Remainers Emily Thornberry and Keir Starmer.  Lady Nugee was dressed as the EU flag as she addressed the anti-Brexit protest sparked by Corbyn's refusal to back Remain in Labour's proposed second referendum.

Anti-Corbyn Remain protest attended by Labour MPs Clive Lewis, Chi Onwurah,
Marsha de Cordova and Lloyd Russell-Mole

"Where's Jeremy Corbyn" chanted the protesters, openly mocking their leader.  This conference is more like a comedy festival than a party conference and there are still another four days of this mayhem in front of beleaguered Jezza.