Monday 16 September 2019


Labour's candidate for the north Wales seat of Aberconwy has made a sensational claim on her Facebook page today.  She says she was raped last year in a "politically motivated attack".  Read her full statement below (redirects to Facebook).

Now while this is obviously a vile crime, the conduct and motive behind bringing it up now is very odd.  One of the first things she says is that she wants to raise a very important point.  Well, what is it?  The bulk of Emily's statement appears to be exploiting an awful event in order to score political points against the government and re-iterate the crazed Labour mantra that there is a 'far right' threat around every corner.

She complains about being called a snowflake during the 2017 general election and yet she appears to behave just like a snowflake, bemoaning her 'white privilege' and pleading with people not to be unkind in the comments.  She is also desperate for people not to ask her why on earth she did not report the assault to the police.  Wait, no, this is a serious question.  You were raped by someone who told you they were 'far right', therefore representing the very kind of devastating threat you speak of at length here, and yet you let them off the hook?  They could have been behind bars right now.  Bizarre.

How the dubious ethics of this sort of political exploitation will transfer to Aberconwy voters in an election is anyone's guess.  What we do know is that she is hot favourite to take this seat from the Conservatives.  At the last election she slashed the Tory majority from almost 3,999 to just 635.  The Brexit Party have already selected a candidate for the next election and we know what happens when the Tories and the Brexit Party share a ballot paper.  Labour or the Lib Dems win.

It's time for a Leave alliance!

Aberconwy 2017 general election

Guto Bebb (Con) 14,337 (44.6%) +3.1%
Emily Owen (Lab) 13,702 (42.6%) +14.4%
Wyn Elis Jones (Plaid) 3,170 (9.9%) -1.9%
Sarah Leister-Burgess (Lib Dem) 941 (2.9%) -1.7%

Aberconwy 2015 general election

Guto Bebb (Con) 12,513 (41.5%) +5.7%
Mary Wimbury (Lab) 8,514 (28.2%) +3.8%
Dafydd Meurig (Plaid) 3,536 (11.7%) -6.1%
Andrew Haigh (UKIP) 3,467 (11.5%) +9.4%
Victor Babu (Lib Dem) 1,391 (4.6%) -14.7%
Petra Haig (Green) 727 (2.4%) New

EU referendum:  52.2% Leave

UPDATE 17.09.19

The BBC reports that Emily Owen has "refused" requests to be interviewed about the alleged rape.