Sunday 15 September 2019


George Galloway has spoken to the local rag in West Bromwich about his forthcoming electoral showdown with Tom Watson.  George is fighting his campaign primarily on Brexit and hoping to capitalise on the fact West Bromwich East returned a huge 68% Leave vote in 2016.  However, independents rarely succeed and it's clear that Galloway seriously overestimates his popularity.  If the Brexit Party contests this seat he'll be lucky to save his deposit.  The reality is that this is one seat that could seriously benefit from a Leave alliance.  It's unlikely that a Tory could unseat Remainer Watson in such a traditional Labour seat, but a Brexit Party candidate in their place could pose a serious threat.  Perhaps George should seek the nomination (like he did in Peterborough)...

West Bromwich East 2017 general election

Tom Watson (Lab) 22,664 (58.0%) +7.8%
Emma Crane (Con) 14,951 (38.2%) +13.3%
Karen Trench (Lib Dem) 625 (1.6%) -0.4%
John Macefield (Green) 533 (1.4%) -0.3%
Colin Rankine (Ind) 325 (0.8%) New

West Bromwich East 2015 general election

Tom Watson (Lab) 18,817 (50.2%) +3.7%
Olivia Seccombe (Con) 9,347 (24.9%) -4.0%
Steve Latham (UKIP) 7,949 (21.2%) +18.6%
Flo Clucas (Lib Dem) 751 (2.0%) -11.2%
Barry Lim (Green) 628 (1.7%) New

The seat has been held by Labour since its creation in 1974, although the Labour majority has varied from just 298 votes (in 1983) to a high of 13,584 (in 1997).