Thursday 12 September 2019


Some Labour MPs spent the first day of prorogation hanging around the Commons like a bunch of bored schoolchildren in the summer holidays.  Rather than return to their constituencies and do some proper work these sulky brats tweeted pictures of themselves skulking around Parliament.  They are handsomely paid to be MPs and their jobs entail much more than just attending Parliament, but here they are taking selfies to presumably score some cheap political points.  Furthermore, they could have been actively campaigning for their re-election right now if it weren't for their own cowardice.

Around 30 MPs also gathered outside Parliament and addressed reporters, including Labour's Hilary Benn, Bambos Charalambous, Neil Coyle, Stephen Doughty, Rosie Duffield, Ian Murray, Stephen Pound and Rachel Reeves.  Change UK's Mike Gapes also spoke, as did Luciana Berger who has this year served alongside Mike as both a Labour and Change MP, but is now a Lib Dem.  Speaking of which, Chuka was there too!

Meanwhile, another bunch of losers travelled to Brussels at the invitation of Labour MEPs, primarily their odious leader Richard Corbett.  Clive Lewis, Rachael Maskell, Chi Onwurah, Lloyd Russell-Wotsit and Alex Sobel were among the honoured guests.  Bet their constituents were well impressed with this use of their time - visiting an institution that will soon become irrelevant.