Saturday 30 September 2023


Lisa Nandy told a BBC Question Time audience on Thursday that she 'grew up in this city [Manchester] in the 1980s in the shadow of Enoch Powell'.  She then embarked on a two minute defence of multiculturalism and mass immigration, while delivering a broadside at Tory cuts.  The full clip can be seen below.

The problem with Nandy's monologue is that it begins with a lie.  Enoch Powell may have cast a long 'shadow', but his famous speech actually took place in 1968 - eleven years before she was born.  His political career was all but over in the 1970s and he spent most of the 1980s as an Ulster Unionist, in virtual exile across the sea in Northern Ireland.  A long shadow indeed.  Powell departed the House of Commons for the last time in 1987, when Lisa was just seven years of age.

This is what is called clutching at straws.

Thursday 21 September 2023


Keir Starmer's veneration of the European Union is no big secret, but just how much closer his government would drag us back towards membership remains unclear.  Last week he sparked confusion when he said he would seek a deal with the EU on migrants, in which the EU would accept 'some returns' while Britain would accept an unspecified number from the EU.  This led to Tory claims that he was going to allow up to 100,000 cross from the continent (not much change from the Tory record to be fair!).

Starmer said that figure was 'complete garbage', but refused to be pushed on what the number might be.  When asked about numbers, Labour's Pat McFadden said ominously: "I don’t think you can predict what the numbers will be when they’re growing the way they have been in recent years."  So it'll probably be an orchestrated invasion on the scale that the US is currently experiencing at its southern border!

In addition to his proposed migrant exchange deal, further comments by Starmer have been exposed by Sky News, proposing a much closer relationship with the EU.  Starmer made the comments last weekend at a globalist conference of centre-left leaders in Canada, telling delegates that a Britain seeking to 'diverge and do things differently to our EU partners' was set on 'conflict'.  "We don't want to diverge", he added.

Watch the clip below.

Judging from these comments, it seems that a Starmer-led government would put Britain on the same course as the EU - to do as they do, regardless of whether or not that is right for Britain.  Such a direction would render Brexit meaningless, with the kind of abject disdain that we can expect from ardent Remainers.  Same old Starmer, same old Labour.

Wednesday 20 September 2023


A petition set up on the Welsh Senedd website has quickly become the most signed in the history of Welsh government.  Having gathered more than 100,000 signatures since Sunday, it is - not surprisingly - about Mark Drakeford's absurd 20 mile per hour speed limit.

The daft law designates a default 20mph limit for every road in a built-up area, with a handful of exceptions where local authorities have applied for exemptions.  The law was brought in on Sunday and affects around 3 per cent of all Welsh roads.  Needless to say, the law has provoked widespread dismay among drivers and the many businesses who will suffer as traffic backs up and deliveries are delayed.

The petition against 20mph has - at the time of writing - surpassed a quarter of a million signatures.  That's a whopping eight per cent of the entire population of Wales and far outstrips the previous record, which was set in 2020 and again, in opposition to another outrageous Drakeford imposition.  During the scamdemic, Drakeford declared a two week 'firebreak' lockdown and ordered supermarkets to bar the sale of non-essential items.  This led to a bizarre situation in which people were allowed to buy wine, beer and spirits (already subject to astronomical price rises thanks to Drakeford's minimum alcohol price) while being unable to purchase clothes for their children.  The petition against this decree garnered almost 68,000 signatures, a figure now dwarfed by the 20mph petition.  A Facebook group set up in opposition to 20mph has swelled to almost 50,000 members.

The 20mph law is inspired by the same mindset that gave Londoners ULEZ and increasing numbers of UK cities 'clean air zones'.  It has nothing to do with health and everything to do with the imposition of so-called '15 minute cities' where our movements are controlled by the state.  We can but hope the Welsh rise up and fight 20mph just as the infamous 'blade runners' are doing against ULEZ in Greater London.

Some of the new 20mph signs have already been vandalised