Sunday 30 September 2018


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Friday 28 September 2018


by Ian Steventon

How the UK politics cycle goes...

Labour make mouth watering promises including the creation of tens of thousands of tax funded jobs.  They'll tax those who work more and give it to people who work less.

People can’t resist the pledges - Labour wins power.

People are given daft jobs such as Ocean Wave Assistant Head Counter, paid £30k/year from tax payers' money.  For the most part people are happy.  Joblessness decreases, things look promising.

A couple of years in and the Labour government is struggling to pay the wage bills.  Assets, such as our gold reserves, are sold off to foot the bill.

Soon the country is on its knees.  People are fed up of the crippled economy, the high taxes and benefit grabbers.  Labour refuses to cut the jobs they created, but struggle to come up with a solution to pay for them.  The reserves are empty.

The Conservative Party promises to make the necessary cuts to help the country recover.

People can't resist the pledges - the Conservatives win power.

The cuts are made and the unnecessary government funded jobs are axed.  The jobless are angry, unemployment goes up, but the country’s economy begins to recover.

The Tories are despised, for essentially taking away the freebies and handouts and also for allowing corporations to grow their money and provide real sustainable jobs.  They maybe the right decisions for the country, but the policies prove unpopular for the majority of the public.  The economy slowly continues to recover and growth occurs at a normal sustainable rate.

Labour promises quick fixes - government funded jobs for the unemployed, free student finance, free tuition and to take the money off the rich and give it back to the poor.

People can’t resist the pledges - Labour wins power.  And so on...


Hot on the heels of a disastrous conference, Corbyn embarked on a mission to Brussels to get the low down on Brexit negotiations.  Presumably Jez told Michel Barnier that he planned to topple Theresa May before Christmas, or something along those lines.  Unfortunately the Great Leader was late for his meeting because his delegation didn't have any money for a taxi fare.

That's right folks, the same man who told his conference only yesterday that his party was "ready to govern", couldn't scrape together a few euros for a taxi ride.  The delegation included Keir Starmer (of course) and his closest advisor Seumas Milne.  In the video posted by The Sun, one of Corbyn's aides pleads for euros, after which Milne can be heard muttering off camera "there's no end of problems".

Sounds about right.

Thursday 27 September 2018


Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon was asked about Laura Smith's call for a general strike and flat out lied about it.  He denied there were any standing ovations, yet as you can see in the video above Richard was actually sitting alongside Smith and rose to applaud her strike call!

Wednesday 26 September 2018


by Richey Edwards

Corbyn loyalists are cock-a-hoop about this year's Labour conference, but they're very much alone.  Only the most blinkered leftists could fail to grasp what a laughable disaster it was.  Step up Little Owen...

The 'best speech' by a very poor public speaker is actually lame praise, but to claim the left is 'winning every argument' is hilarious.  The left, presumably led by Momentum, failed to achieve any clear cut victory on Brexit at the conference.  No clear policy has been adopted going forward, just more of the same ambiguous gerrymandering whereby Keir Starmer says one thing and his colleagues say various other things that contradict him while Corbyn is stuck somewhere in between apparently clueless as to what the 'policy' is.  The only thing that speakers agreed on was that any deal should be voted down in order to force (another) general election.  This is a miscalculation of foolish arrogance on Labour's part.  The public won't appreciate Brexit being frustrated domestically and will be even less enamoured by the prospect of yet another general election, particularly one which the opposition believes is a foregone conclusion.  Furthermore, this conference will have shown the public that the prospect of a Labour government is a nightmare scenario.

Every day of said conference exposed the crazed communists within.  There was the teaching assistant who announced that 'proper education' in schools would stop children becoming Tories.  There was Laura Smith (MP for Crewe and Nantwich) who called for a 'general strike' in order to force a general election.  There was the 'deep state' conspiracy theory propagated by Corbyn advisor Andrew Murray and his call for 'mass protests' if Labour didn't get its way.  Finally, there was the sea of Palestinian flags that greeted a speaker as he raged about Palestine, an issue that is of little, if any, concern to the many watching that display on their TV sets.  Such outlandish speeches connected with very few beyond the conference, except to announce that the Labour Party is totally unelectable and unfit to govern.

If the lunatics having got back inside the asylum was bad, to make matters worse the shadow cabinet appeared to contradict each other on a daily basis, and not just on Brexit.  Rebecca Long-Bailey was flummoxed on both Brexit and John McDonnell's 'shares for workers' policy.  Diane Abbott delivered a trademark numbers gaffe, Corbyn couldn't recall his six 'Brexit tests' on the beeb and running throughout the conference was the Corbyn versus Watson undercurrent.

While Corbynistas routinely blame 'right wing news smears' for negative coverage, such was the lunacy on display in recent days that the left wing media has now joined the howls of disapproval.  Marina Hyde, one of Little Owen's fellow Guardian columnists, summed up proceedings as a hub of 'paranoia' and 'Momentum robots' awaiting the next 'Brexit split/foreign policy row/man-versus-machines infinity war'.  The Mirror bemoaned 'crackpot Labour loons'.

If the Guardian and the Mirror can describe the Labour Party in such terms then perhaps the revolution is lost before it can begin.  Labour are clearly unfit, divided, deluded and dangerous.

Tuesday 25 September 2018


The latest YouGov polling reveals that most people polled believe the Labour Party is more racist than the Conservatives.  The margin is just one percentage point, but when asked the same question regarding Jeremy Corbyn there is a nine point gap between himself and Theresa May.  When asked whether Labour is anti-Semitic there is a huge 21 point gap and this rises to 25 points when asked about Corbyn's own anti-Semitism.

On the surface it does appear that the ongoing anti-Semitism scandal engulfing Labour has had a significant impact on public opinion.  For the full report click here.  It's not great reading for Labour activists, but that's what happens when you swing behind a Jew-hating Anglophobic Brit-bashing communist!

Sunday 23 September 2018


This meme was put together in the wake of Sad Khan's acceptance on the Andrew Marr Show of the so-called 'People's Vote'.  The big Remain lie that the 'People's Vote' is anything but a referendum re-run was exposed by Khan when he uttered that the 'option to stay in the EU' should be included on the ballot.  The snake waffled about not being a 'neverendum guy', but that is exactly what the 'People's Vote' is all about, and if he didn't get the answer he wanted a second time he would be demanding a third vote very soon.  Don't be fooled - we already had a 'People's Vote' - in 2016!

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Saturday 22 September 2018


Hats off to Labour's Lord Adonis, he has taken the crown from Labour MP Ben Bradshaw as the looniest Labour Remoaner of them all.  Ben is famed for blaming 'Russian hackers' for Brexit and claiming Brexit is the 'biggest existential peacetime crisis' to face Britain.  However, Adonis has recently gone as far as to suggest Leave voters should NOT vote Labour, leading to an exasperated Gisela Stuart questioning whether he takes up the Labour whip in the Lords at all.  Dismissing the concerns of 17.4 million voters is not exactly the path to electoral success, asking them to not even consider voting for your party is electoral suicide!

Then again, as a life peer, perhaps he is not too fussed about the Parliamentary Labour Party as its rise or fall will never impinge on his lofty position.  His obsession with overturning Brexit certainly appears to override any aspirations for a Labour government.

His tweet (pictured above) last Sunday once again exposed his extreme views.  This single tweet is verging on insanity in three key points, as follows;

a) his belief that Brexit will be stopped, yes of course there are plenty of people on both sides who still doubt it will proceed in full, but he is saying it will be overturned
b) a public inquiry into a public vote, enough said about that moronic idea
c) those directly responsible?  Cameron instigated the vote, he's all but retired from politics, likewise Osborne.  Perhaps, in true Adonis style, he is advocating that the 17.4 million Leave voters are directly responsible and should never hold office!

Rather unsurprisingly Adonis was hammered on Twitter following his outrageous tweet, by both Remainers and Brexiters alike.  He will have his work cut out blocking all these people, but his lunacy won't escape our notice, blocked or not.

Wednesday 19 September 2018


The hashtag #FBPE apparently means 'Follow Back Pro-EU'.  What this individual displays here is not so much 'pro-EU' as anti-British.  What happened at Chemnitz was a German man was stabbed to death by Merkel's migrants resulting in a German backlash.  Nothing to do with flags or nationalism.  Idiot.

Facebook page Stronger Rotherham, preaching strength and unity, just don't mention the biggest scandal to hit that town in living memory.


by Alex Hedger

Having visited Glastonbury and posed for a (rather awkward) GQ cover, it was clear that Jeremy Corbyn saw an opportunity to appeal to young voters and for a time, perhaps, it worked.  But the tide has now changed.  Here’s why.

Clever politicians target the people they’re most likely to influence with the least amount of effort.  It took Corbyn some time to actually realise this, having spent most of his life as a perpetual campaigner rather than as a serious politician.  Once he did though, the Labour/Momentum machine had to figure out which voters would be the easiest for Corbyn to target with his neo-Marxist communist messages.  Who exactly would be the easiest floating voters for them to reach?

Persuading people who have bad memories of similar things happening before is never going to be an easy task.  As any therapist will tell you, working with traumatic memories can be hard work.  The ‘baby boomers’ and ‘Generation X’ both remember the USSR, Winter of Discontent, IRA terrorism and many more ditties from the left-wing playbook.  With memories like these, they were hardly likely to vote for an encore performance.

Millennials, on the other hand, provided fresh meat for Corbyn’s team.  It’s nothing to do with them being young, or naive, or easily influenced (as some grey haired media-types like to infer).  In fact
millennials are probably the most highly educated and analytical generation there has ever been.  It’s just that they didn’t have the same personal experiences as their parents and grandparents.  Here, Corbyn’s High Command saw an opportunity to re-sell an idealistic vision of a better world coming to pass via Marxist principles, to a new and unbiased audience.

He imagined for them a life where money materialises instantly to pay off student loans, where everybody earns more cash and where nobody sleeps on the streets, a paradise where amazing things can be achieved and every adversity is no longer 'inevitable'.  Research shows how millennials are also one of the most tolerant, open minded and multicultural generations in living memory, so of course this vision would instantly magnetise them.  But these values aren’t unique to Jeremy Corbyn.  Or even to the left.

Most credible mainstream politicians see these values as so implicit and basic that they don’t even bother to articulate them.  Their challenge is not describing the vision, but delivering an approach that makes it a reality.  In East European countries, millennials have a very different, first hand, view of the communist-style approaches that Corbyn praises.  For millennials there, the oppression and poverty of the USSR form their own childhood memories.  On recent walking tours I’ve done in Budapest, Bratislava and Vilnius (among others), led by student guides, it’s abundantly clear how these fellow millennials view communism as a ridiculous non-answer to the world's problems.  For them, first-hand memories of its reality are a powerful repellent.

Recently though, UK millennials too are finding themselves on the receiving end of some  increasingly sour communist flavours of their own, as Corbyn’s political chiefs try to desperately turn up the heat underneath them.  First they saw Corbyn downgrade his promises on student tuition fees from a ‘commitment’ to an ‘ambition’.  They knew this was code for a broken promise, because his approach couldn’t actually deliver on his rhetoric.  This was also their first indication that Corbyn’s 
communist approaches towards building their vision of a better world might not actually be
possible within the economic realities.

More recently, millennials have watched in horror at the open hostility and intolerance of Corbyn supporters towards Jewish people.  As many Jews now openly fear any prospect of a Corbyn government, the uber-tolerant UK millennials are spotting signs that the ‘our man of peace’ facade might, just, be a creaky trojan horse that’s now starting to expose its poisonous innards.  They’re increasingly turned off by this overt racism which their generation has been taught to revile. After all, they are the ones who went to school in the most multi-coloured, multi-faith classrooms this country has ever seen.  And they benefited from it, enormously.  Why would they want to be dragged backwards into an era where racial intolerance (‘no Irish, no blacks, no dogs’) was considered an acceptable attitude?

Lastly, millennials are one of the most entrepreneurial generations in history.  They are the ‘Dragon’s Den’ generation, the ones bringing a vibrant, new, gig economy to life.  They are increasingly the ‘digital nomads’, earning their livings by doing flexible tech-based projects online from wherever they have good WiFi connections.  It’s now even considered a valid lifestyle choice to ‘gig your way around the world’.  The flexibility this brings allows millennials to earn very good livings from temporary online projects whilst being able keep control of their own work/life balances and build great travel memories at the same time.

So when they see Labour’s Shadow Chancellor wanting to remove the freedoms that make all this possible, it annoys them.  Why should they be tied up in red tape, shackled to an employer with ever more complicated and restrictive employment contracts and punitive taxes?  Clearly, this interference shows a complete lack of understanding by John McDonnell as to what young voters actually want from their lives, work and careers.  They increasingly see this as the meddling of an out-of-date trade unionist trying to re-impose failed solutions to 1970s problems on them, by forcing values that were important to some baby boomers nearly forty years ago.  And if there’s one thing millennials are now growing very tired of, it’s past generations thinking they know best and interfering with their future
prospects and opportunities.

So, why are millennials quietly dumping Corbyn’s invitation to bring communism to the UK?  It’s not because of any 'right-wing' media scare stories, or even because of the millions of killed by communist regimes over the past century.  It’s now because UK millennials are forming their own, first-hand, memories of it’s failures too.

Tuesday 18 September 2018


Thankfully Labour can no longer hold the moral high ground when it comes to racial harmony.  It's a shame that it took anti-Semitism for the rug to be pulled, rather than decades of anti-white racism.

CNN is the US version of the BBC, politically biased with a news output spun by a clique of dedicated cultural Marxists.  The only difference is that Americans have a choice in whether to pay for their fake news outlet, whereas we are expected to fund the BBC via the despicable licence.


On the same day that Labour met to discuss ways to make the party more 'democratic' it is being reported that some very undemocratic moves are afoot.  In addition to the proposed 're-selection' of candidates, itself an opportunity to remove moderate MPs who are not ultra loyal to Corbyn, it appears that some insidious contingency plans have been drawn up in the event that the Great Leader steps down suddenly or (Heaven forbid) departs this life.

The Sun, Mirror and Telegraph all report that the plan would mean that in such an event it would be the National Executive Committee (NEC) that would take over the running of the party and not the deputy leader, currently Labour moderate Tom Watson.  Of course it's no great surprise that the NEC is dominated by ultra left Corbyn loyalists, in fact in the most recent NEC elections all nine vacancies were filled by Corbynistas.  However, Mr Watson was also duly elected to his position, comfortably winning both rounds and defeating his nearest rival in the run-off by almost two-to-one.

Mr Watson is not from the left wing of the party and has been a vocal critic of Labour anti-Semitism.  As such he has found himself being increasingly marginalised, while taking plenty of stick from the Momentum keyboard warriors of hate.  In a break from convention he will not deliver a speech from the main podium at the upcoming Labour conference, partially due to the fact he was offered a meagre ten minute slot at the end of the event in a blatant attempt to undermine his position.  He can't be sacked as deputy leader, even by Corbyn, so they are trying to force him out.  However, Watson is made of stern stuff and will be difficult to dislodge.

The reports today though are very disturbing.  Why does the NEC want control if Corbyn stands down?  There would be a leadership election regardless of who is in charge during the interim period, are they looking to fix it?  Perhaps it is best summed up by the use of the word 'Bolshevik' in the Times report.  Trotsky would be proud, say no more.


Another mad tweet from Lord Adonis, driven mad by Brexit.  Poor soul.

This was originally a 'part and parcel' meme, but given Sadiq's recent intervention calling for a second referendum it was too hard to resist...

Monday 17 September 2018


The British do not have an appetite for communism.  The various communist parties of the UK have never made an electoral impact and the Morning Star's circulation collapsed with the fall of the Berlin Wall.  And yet, despite being a front for the Communist Party of Britain (CPB), the paper was cock-a-hoop about the rise of Corbyn.  When he was elected as Labour leader the paper ran a Sunday edition for the first time in its history.  Corbyn himself has no problem letting people know his preferred news read, in fact Corbyn has no issues at all in attending the annual communist May Day gathering in London, albeit he will portray himself as a 'socialist' while Soviet flags flutter around him.

Socialism as an ideology is intrinsically linked to communism, in fact it was Marx himself who designated communism as a successor to socialism, while Lenin said that the 'goal of socialism is communism'.  However, because communism is linked to the deaths of millions of people around the world it has been tainted to say the least, and it's much more politically savvy to label oneself a 'socialist'.  However, scratch the surface and you will find reds are no longer under the bed, they are leading the current Labour Party.  John McDonnell, although he squirmed when asked about it by Andrew Marr, has admitted he is a Marxist.  Corbyn's followers are riddled with committed reds - Owen Jones makes no secret of his adoration of Marx and Ash Sarkar famously told Piers Morgan she was 'literally a communist'.

Little Owen, despite being a Marxist himself, is keen to avoid such labels being attached to the Labour leadership.  He had one of his trademark tantrums when he alleged the BBC digitally enhanced Corbyn's hat to make it appear 'more Soviet'.  The truth is that they didn't need to adjust his hat, take any picture of hatted Corbyn and put it next to one of Lenin and they're identical.  Beyond that one can also look to the various groups and movements that Corbyn has supported around the world.  Sinn Fein/IRA has its roots in Marxism, the ANC is aligned with the South African Communist Party and he continues to excuse the disastrous left-wing policies of Chavez and Maduro in Venezuela.  So perhaps it shouldn't have come as much of a surprise when Corbyn was linked to a Czech spy and dubbed 'Agent Cob'.

Whether or not the claims are true is rather irrelevant when one considers all his other known affiliations.  We already know Corbyn is a communist and a traitor, despite whatever baseless protestations come from his supporters.  And so the same can be said for Michael Foot, the last truly red leader of the Labour Party prior to Corbyn.  Foot has been the focus of similar claims for years and they resurfaced over the weekend.  Foot denied it to his grave and the left of Labour continue to feign outrage for the simple reason that it is not appealing to the electorate to have such ties out in the open.  But why should it surprise anyone were it true?  The Labour left are drawn to such causes, less so Foot, more so Corbyn.

In reality Corbyn is far and away to the left of Foot and that makes him all the more dangerous.  It's why we must not let his followers pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate with the romanticism of 'socialism'.  He will always align himself with enemies of this country, it is the habit of his lifetime.  Anything that undermines the capitalist West is fair game, whether it be communist or even Islamist.  Diane Abbott summed up this notion when she declared that 'Every defeat of the British state is a victory for all of us'.  She wasn't merely referring to the Labour Party when she said that, she meant the left, the proletariat, the hammer and sickle.

Sunday 16 September 2018


Imagine finding this little snippet amidst your child's French homework!  The source is unverified, but it's clear that someone has taken a camera shot of the offending piece in order to make a point.  Perhaps the point is that the teacher shouldn't be preaching their politics in the classroom.  Curious spelling of 'Corbin'...

Sadiq Khan gave a laughable interview on the Andrew Marr Show this morning in which he backed a second referendum, but claimed it wouldn't simply be a re-run of the first.  In the same breath he admitted that the outcome would be that we either a) left the EU or b) remained in the EU !!


The so-called 'People's Vote' propagated by politicians and celebs is one of the biggest lies of our time.  Today we heard from Sadiq Khan that a referendum on the final deal would not be a re-run of the 2016 referendum, yet in the same breath he said the alternative to a deal would be to 'stay in the EU'.  That is precisely the objective of 'People's Vote' supporters, to overturn the 2016 referendum and maintain the status quo - full EU membership.

Khan used the term 'neverendum' in his interview and said he wasn't a proponent of it, but that is exactly what he wants.  It's what they all want - Patrick Stewart, Lineker, Starmer, Lammy, Chuka - vote and vote again until those low-life scum give us the answer we want!  That is literally their attitude, it is why they lost in 2016 and they would lose again.  These people are so filthy rich and detached from us mere mortals they have forgotten that it is our votes, our cinema visits, our music purchases, our appetite for Walkers crisps, that put them where they are.  Their arrogance and utter contempt for us, with all the posturing and whiny attempts to force a second vote, is plain to see.

How many times have we been told by such elites in the last two years that:-

a)  we didn't understand what we were voting for (because we're too thick)
b)  we were lied to (yes, mostly by the Remain campaign - we're still waiting for that emergency budget, economic crash and World War III you said would happen)

People know when they are being talked down to and they don't like it.  From here on in they'll take any opportunity to give you lot a kick in the balls and the 2016 referendum proved it.  Perhaps it is you elites who are too thick, seeing as you find this impossible to grasp and keep making the same arrogant mistakes over and over again.

We know what your 'People's Vote' or 'referendum on the final deal' is all about and you can shove it.


Ian Bone has lots of form.  His Wikipedia entry (yes, he is that famous) states that he studied politics at Swansea Uni before embarking on decades of 'anarchism'.  He is a co-founder of Class War and has been involved in setting up various other far left groups, publications and events including the Movement Against The Monarchy.

Somewhere along the way Bone has clearly made a few quid for himself, no doubt aided by his ironically titled biography 'Bash The Rich' available for the tidy sum of £9.99 on Amazon.  So perhaps it came as no great surprise when Bone was exposed as a resident of leafy South Norwood in Croydon.  According to Rightmove the average price of a flat in South Norwood is a staggering £270,454!  A semi-detached home here would likely set you back over half a million, so clearly Bone is doing well for his 'anarchist' self.

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Saturday 15 September 2018


Former Labour NEC member, remoaner and all round tit Tony Robinson looking rather smug and happy with himself despite his "shame".  While at first it appears that Tony is embarrassed to be British because of Brexit, he later clarifies that his perceived shame is because British Tory MEPs just voted against imposing EU sanctions against Hungary.  Confused?  You might well be.

Apparently the Hungarian people are living under a tyrant and it should be our job (along with the other 26 EU member states) to impose sanctions against Hungary.  However, might we point out that this so-called tyrant - Viktor Orban - was re-elected by the people of Hungary by an overwhelming majority in April this year.  Orban's Fidesz party scored a whopping 49.3% of the national vote.  To put that into perspective, Tony Blair only achieved 43.2% in his 1997 landslide.

So, while Robinson appears to suggest that the Hungarian people are somehow not responsible for their "plight", the maths say otherwise.  And let's say, for instance, that Tony is suggesting that the Hungarians are crying out for a left wing alternative, presumably then the main opposition are socialists?  Nope.  The second largest party in Hungary is Jobbik, a nationalist party to the right of Orban!  One has to look to third place for the socialists, on a measly 11.9% compared to the combined 68.3% of the two right wing parties.

The EU has had it in for Hungary ever since it refused point blank to accept their migrant quotas (along with Poland and the Czech Republic).  Orban used this year's election as a referendum on migration and the people answered resoundingly.  There is little appetite for the floodgates to be opened up, as Hungarians can see the death and destruction that has been reaped on Western European countries by way of uncontrolled migration.  And so it goes there is little appetite for a left-wing party that would open said floodgates.

The Hungarians are largely happy with their lot and they don't need smug leftie British twits like Tony Robinson to lend them his sympathy, or shame.

Friday 14 September 2018


We're no fans of Blair or the BBC, but the third paragraph in this beeb article nailed the outlandish arrogance of Red Len.  Despise him as much as you do Len, but he is your longest serving Prime Minister and the last Labour leader to win a general election.  What has Corbyn won?

Disgraceful headlines today courtesy of the woeful Thornberry.  No deal has yet been made, but you've just announced you're willing to dismiss any deal that is potentially made.  Why on earth would anyone dismiss a deal before knowing what it is, let alone announce such an irresponsible and brainless intention to the electorate!  This is a big vote loser, top muppetry.


The faceless mob of Corbyn followers went into overdrive this week.  We've long joked that anyone who speaks ill of the Great Leader will face the wrath of the keyboard warriors, but it's not really a joke, as any high profile Corbyn critic can attest.  This week we've had two celebs fall foul of the Corbynistas.

First there was former EastEnders actress Tracy-Ann Oberman, reportedly driven to tears after she tweeted about Ewa Jasiewicz, a woman who sprayed pro-Palestinian graffiti on the last remaining wall of the Warsaw ghetto.  Jasiewicz has been invited to speak at a Momentum event taking place at the Labour conference.  Oberman was promptly inundated with abuse.

Within 48 hours it was the turn of Countdown presenter Rachel Riley.  She dared to share some links that were critical of the Great Leader.  Riley was mercilessly trolled by the Corbynistas who branded her "thick", despite the fact she is a maths genius and all-round science geek.  Just goes to show the sheer idiocy and fanaticism of Corbyn's followers, they just see red (no pun intended) when anyone dares to criticise the clown.

Incidentally, both women are Jewish.  That probably didn't help, as anyone who dares to speak out against Corbyn is instantly branded a Zionist, so two bona fide Jews must have been easy pickings.  We've actually seen this daftness on our Facebook page several times recently, where the Corbyn mob accuses us of being Zionists.  Check out the following two examples, one of which is an exchange of private messages and the other is a comment left on one of our posts (click images to enlarge)

The zealotry is there for all to see.  They are so fanatical about Corbyn that they perceive any criticism as part of some grand conspiracy.  Only today we heard from the leader of the Public and Commercial Services Union that the anti-Semitism scandal engulfing Labour had been 'invented by Israel'.  They are so blinkered they just don't appear to comprehend that their opinions are anything other than bat-shit crazy.

Jewish people are terrified of any prospect of Corbyn entering Downing Street, this is a real tangible fear and it's justified.  There is no conspiracy, only a rabid anti-Jewish sentiment permeated through Corbyn's Labour Party and getting worse by the day.  If Corbyn ever managed to make his way into Downing Street as PM there would be an exodus of Jews from Britain.  Naturally many of them would make their way to Israel, a safe haven that many Corbynistas would dearly love to see destroyed.  Let that sink in, and then claim that the wretched stain on our politics that is Jeremy Corbyn is not anti-Semitic.

Thursday 13 September 2018


Diane Abbott was assured plenty of media coverage today as she was due to unveil a 'new' immigration policy.  What we actually got was more of the same open borders mayhem that Labour has propagated for decades (it's one of the few issues that Blairites and Corbynistas agree on).  She likened Tory attempts to reduce migration as akin to that of African despot Idi Amin!

We also heard from leading EU light Guy Verhoftstadt today in a similar vein to Diane.  He was speaking of the latest EU attempts to punish Hungary over its refusal to take in migrants and announced, with a straight face no less, that citizens' rights to freedom and democracy must be respected inside the Union.  And yet that is exactly what the Hungarian president wants - to protect the freedom and democracy of his citizens from the devastating consequences of mass migration of non-EU citizens into his land.

In short, whether it's Diane Abbott here or Guy Verhoftwat in Brussels, the rights of British and European citizens are secondary to the rights of the migrants we simply must take and any refusal to accept a never-ending flow is in some way despotic.

'Ian Bone at home' has a nice ring to it, but not as nice as the £360,000 average house price where he lives.  Puts all his 'Class War' exploits into perspective doesn't it?

Wednesday 12 September 2018


Diane has been very quiet lately and this has been in the bag for a wee while.  The funniest thing about this meme is that some Labourite complained about it being "fake news" as he couldn't find any news references to the story.  Humour is just lost on morons.

As per his earlier tweet, it seems the slimy little hypocrite will take literally any publicity.


Most decent people would agree that targeting somebody while they're with their young children is beyond the pale.  However, the assorted rag tag army of leftie scum that the rise of Corbyn has encouraged don't share the morals of most decent people.  Several Labour moderates have tweeted their disgust at the Class War goon, but no such condemnation from Corbyn or McDonnell.  In fact John Ra McDonnell is tacitly inciting such behaviour as he routinely talks up the "far right" menace with his end game to have a street army of "Antifa" thugs at his disposal.

Even Little Owen has condemned the Class War loon - Ian Bone - albeit he appears to still be smarting about an offensive banner they unveiled about him last year.  Guido was quick to expose Bone's Labour ties including an assertion by Bone that one of Corbyn's leading advisors (Andrew Fisher) is a supporter.

Tuesday 11 September 2018


The "Quartermaster" has been in the news a lot lately.  He will soon depart on a "speaking tour", one of the main thrusts of which will be a call to "action" against what he perceives as the rise of the far right.  Dangerous bloke.

Just wrong.  Let them try and pull off this crap in a Muslim school.

Saturday 8 September 2018


Depicted as the fiddler who played while Rome burned, perhaps it would have been slightly more accurate if our Sad was taking a selfie while London burned around him.  Stabbings and shootings continue apace in our capital and he seems powerless to act.

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Rotherham's day centres for people with learning disabilities continue to be threatened by closure.  The councillor in charge - David Roche - recently appeared at the grand opening of a new service dedicated to helping junkies and alcoholics.  Poor timing.  A new petition has been launched to oppose the proposed cuts, signatures welcome (click on link)

Friday 7 September 2018


This story was doing the rounds on BBC News most of the day.  The term "class war" was used widely by the media.  Nowhere can be found the great irony - Oxford City Council is run by Labour and there is not a single Tory seat!

Thursday 6 September 2018


Not for the first time Corbyn has been criticised for failing to condemn the Putin regime.  We took this design directly from a t-shirt being sold online by Corbyn supporters, all we added was the speech bubble.  Priceless.


Anything that stops the BBC from getting public money to brainwash the public with its pro-Labour pro-Remain bias has our vote!  Signatures welcome (click on image)


Lord Adonis has appeared on LBC today and clashed with former Labour MP Gisela Stuart over Brexit.  Like several Labour figures (think Ben Bradshaw, Dave Lammy, Lord Mandelson) Adonis has clearly been driven mad by Brexit.  Gisela Stuart, clearly flabbergasted, and Iain Dale were quick to point out the lunacy of his argument.

"If you're a Brexiter I hope you won't vote for the Labour Party"

Let that sink in!

Wednesday 5 September 2018


Labour's cherry picked acceptance of the "full definition" means the debate will go on and on and on.  And on some more.  Patrick Blower summed things up pretty well in this cartoon he published a few weeks ago.

The 31 men charged today included five called Hussain, four named Mohammed, three name Ali, an Abdul and an Usman.  Various whiter than white lefties were outside court waving placards with the slogan "Justice NOT Racism".  No wonder there is so much anti-Semitism on the left when they are prepared to defend such hideous crimes emanating from the Muslim community.

Tuesday 4 September 2018


Today was the day.  It had to be done.  After a summer of daily scandals, the Labour Party caved in.  Of course it won't stop the scandals, there are still Jewbashers galore in the ranks of the faithful and the leadership isn't really interested in tackling them.  Some commentators have even suggested that Corbyn himself is a virulent anti-Semite.  Feign surprise.

Monday 3 September 2018


by Kakeqhgiaitt

Frank Field has decided to become an Independent in the House of Commons.

He is a very long-serving MP, and was first elected to his position as MP in 1979.  He has been a supporter of Brexit too, putting him at odds with many MPs in his party.

He has written a strongly-worded letter to the chief whip, in which he is very critical of his party with regards to the anti-semitism crisis and the party’s handling of it.  He is not the only Labour MP to be critical of the party when it comes to anti-semitism – but he is the first to resign over this scandal.


Corbynites have decided to use smears online, digging up an old article in which he praises Enoch Powell – but does not agree with literally every word Enoch Powell said.

As if this does not give Frank Field the right to criticise the Labour Party for antisemitism.  This is a pathetic and spectacularly weak argument, about which anyone in agreement should feel huge shame.

They have also decided to claim that his resignation had nothing to do with the anti-semitism crisis, and it was just a case of him jumping before he was pushed as there was the possibility of him being deselected.  Such a claim would imply that Frank Field is simply using a resignation (that would have happened anyway to smear) to criticise the leadership.  Owen Jones has tweeted this claim, including the phrase “end of story” in his tweet.

Such desperate, despicable and unhelpful measures being taken by those who wish to smear anyone who even dares to criticise the Labour Party for anti-semitism shows that Soviet-style whataboutery has not lost its appeal to some on the left, who wish to dig up old articles and bring in outside information to invalidate criticism of the Labour Party.

They should instead their time fighting anti-semitism and bigotry in their own party, using the resignation as evidence of the unpopularity of bigotry and racism among some Labour Party members.

I would definitely agree with the excellent Labour MP Wes Streeting’s tweet on this matter, in which he calls for more to be done to tackle the racism of the Labour Party.  Well done Wes – and shame on those who have lost attention to the issue at stake.  The issue which many people in the party strongly and rightly believe needs stamping, driving and kicking out.  However it wishes to leave, anti-semitism MUST NOT be allowed to manifest in Labour.


Little Owen and Andrew Neil are not the best of friends it's true, but here the poor lad is on the wrong end of a vicious tweet!  Wonder if Owen blocked Andrew after this, it's standard procedure for the crybaby.  He blocked us ages ago.

The fact is that most loyal Corbynistas recall Owen's column from 2017 where he called on Corbyn to go.  He hates to be reminded of that now, the two faced snake!


Having first publicised this site on Monday 27 August via Facebook and Twitter, we were pulled down within 48 hours by a sustained "denial of service" attack.  Some leftie keyboard warrior clearly wasn't happy with us, but the stunt backfired as we pushed for donations and received our first "Patron" on the back of it.

Thankfully the attack has now subsided and we'll be taking extra measures to try and prevent this from happening again.  Thanks to our Facebook followers and their numerous offers of help, but in particular thanks to Matt, our very first patron!

Sunday 2 September 2018


At the height of the migrant invasion of Europe in 2015, Labour MPs were quick to get their "refugees welcome" placards printed and hashtags trending.  All this, of course, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of those trudging across Europe were neither Syrian or genuine refugees.  One of the most outrageous statements from a Labour MP at the time came in a speech from the Labour MP for York Central - Rachael Maskell - who spoke at a rally calling on the government to open our borders "until we are at saturation point".

She also said she was "incensed" that the Tory government was planning to allow less than 4,000 refugees to settle here per year.  Well, Rachael, a lot of us were incensed by your reckless attitude to this issue!  Many European countries would later feel the devastating impact of this new wave of mass migration, whether it was the mass sexual assaults in Cologne or the various terror attacks suffered in Sweden, Germany and Spain.

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