Tuesday 18 September 2018


On the same day that Labour met to discuss ways to make the party more 'democratic' it is being reported that some very undemocratic moves are afoot.  In addition to the proposed 're-selection' of candidates, itself an opportunity to remove moderate MPs who are not ultra loyal to Corbyn, it appears that some insidious contingency plans have been drawn up in the event that the Great Leader steps down suddenly or (Heaven forbid) departs this life.

The Sun, Mirror and Telegraph all report that the plan would mean that in such an event it would be the National Executive Committee (NEC) that would take over the running of the party and not the deputy leader, currently Labour moderate Tom Watson.  Of course it's no great surprise that the NEC is dominated by ultra left Corbyn loyalists, in fact in the most recent NEC elections all nine vacancies were filled by Corbynistas.  However, Mr Watson was also duly elected to his position, comfortably winning both rounds and defeating his nearest rival in the run-off by almost two-to-one.

Mr Watson is not from the left wing of the party and has been a vocal critic of Labour anti-Semitism.  As such he has found himself being increasingly marginalised, while taking plenty of stick from the Momentum keyboard warriors of hate.  In a break from convention he will not deliver a speech from the main podium at the upcoming Labour conference, partially due to the fact he was offered a meagre ten minute slot at the end of the event in a blatant attempt to undermine his position.  He can't be sacked as deputy leader, even by Corbyn, so they are trying to force him out.  However, Watson is made of stern stuff and will be difficult to dislodge.

The reports today though are very disturbing.  Why does the NEC want control if Corbyn stands down?  There would be a leadership election regardless of who is in charge during the interim period, are they looking to fix it?  Perhaps it is best summed up by the use of the word 'Bolshevik' in the Times report.  Trotsky would be proud, say no more.