Thursday 13 September 2018


Diane Abbott was assured plenty of media coverage today as she was due to unveil a 'new' immigration policy.  What we actually got was more of the same open borders mayhem that Labour has propagated for decades (it's one of the few issues that Blairites and Corbynistas agree on).  She likened Tory attempts to reduce migration as akin to that of African despot Idi Amin!

We also heard from leading EU light Guy Verhoftstadt today in a similar vein to Diane.  He was speaking of the latest EU attempts to punish Hungary over its refusal to take in migrants and announced, with a straight face no less, that citizens' rights to freedom and democracy must be respected inside the Union.  And yet that is exactly what the Hungarian president wants - to protect the freedom and democracy of his citizens from the devastating consequences of mass migration of non-EU citizens into his land.

In short, whether it's Diane Abbott here or Guy Verhoftwat in Brussels, the rights of British and European citizens are secondary to the rights of the migrants we simply must take and any refusal to accept a never-ending flow is in some way despotic.

'Ian Bone at home' has a nice ring to it, but not as nice as the £360,000 average house price where he lives.  Puts all his 'Class War' exploits into perspective doesn't it?