Sunday, 2 September 2018


At the height of the migrant invasion of Europe in 2015, Labour MPs were quick to get their "refugees welcome" placards printed and hashtags trending.  All this, of course, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of those trudging across Europe were neither Syrian or genuine refugees.  One of the most outrageous statements from a Labour MP at the time came in a speech from the Labour MP for York Central - Rachael Maskell - who spoke at a rally calling on the government to open our borders "until we are at saturation point".

She also said she was "incensed" that the Tory government was planning to allow less than 4,000 refugees to settle here per year.  Well, Rachael, a lot of us were incensed by your reckless attitude to this issue!  Many European countries would later feel the devastating impact of this new wave of mass migration, whether it was the mass sexual assaults in Cologne or the various terror attacks suffered in Sweden, Germany and Spain.

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