Saturday 22 September 2018


Hats off to Labour's Lord Adonis, he has taken the crown from Labour MP Ben Bradshaw as the looniest Labour Remoaner of them all.  Ben is famed for blaming 'Russian hackers' for Brexit and claiming Brexit is the 'biggest existential peacetime crisis' to face Britain.  However, Adonis has recently gone as far as to suggest Leave voters should NOT vote Labour, leading to an exasperated Gisela Stuart questioning whether he takes up the Labour whip in the Lords at all.  Dismissing the concerns of 17.4 million voters is not exactly the path to electoral success, asking them to not even consider voting for your party is electoral suicide!

Then again, as a life peer, perhaps he is not too fussed about the Parliamentary Labour Party as its rise or fall will never impinge on his lofty position.  His obsession with overturning Brexit certainly appears to override any aspirations for a Labour government.

His tweet (pictured above) last Sunday once again exposed his extreme views.  This single tweet is verging on insanity in three key points, as follows;

a) his belief that Brexit will be stopped, yes of course there are plenty of people on both sides who still doubt it will proceed in full, but he is saying it will be overturned
b) a public inquiry into a public vote, enough said about that moronic idea
c) those directly responsible?  Cameron instigated the vote, he's all but retired from politics, likewise Osborne.  Perhaps, in true Adonis style, he is advocating that the 17.4 million Leave voters are directly responsible and should never hold office!

Rather unsurprisingly Adonis was hammered on Twitter following his outrageous tweet, by both Remainers and Brexiters alike.  He will have his work cut out blocking all these people, but his lunacy won't escape our notice, blocked or not.