Saturday 30 April 2022


The Beeb's long-running Have I Got News For You has a Twitter account and, as with the show itself, the tweeters exhibit a prominent left-leaning bias.  As such it has developed a very left-leaning fan base.  However, a couple of tweets on Friday reduced the lefties to their natural state of crying like small infants when faced with something that runs contrary to their own beliefs.  The bedwetting fest reached epidemic proportions when the following was tweeted from the account...

This followed a separate tweet posted an hour earlier, which poked fun at Labour's suggestion that Angela Rayner's presence at the 'beers for Keir' event in Durham was a 'genuine mistake'.  Both that tweet and the one above led to dozens of angry tweets from leftists, outraged that their favourite show had finally shown some balance...

Leftist bedwetting, can't beat it!


Labour's Liam Byrne is to be suspended from the Commons for the paltry sum of two days after he was found to have breached bullying and harassment rules.  The complainant was David Barker, an aide to Byrne's disastrous run for Mayor of the West Midlands last year.  Barker said he had been expected to work up to 14 hours a day with no pay, despite being contracted to a part-time role.  After an office dispute with Byrne he was reportedly sent home and barred from his IT account.  Numerous attempts by Barker to contact Byrne about his future were ignored.

A joint investigation by the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner and Independent Expert Panel found Byrne to have breached bullying rules, having deliberately ostracised his aide and exercising a 'significant misuse of power'.  In addition to the suspension, Byrne must write a formal letter of apology to his former aide and undergo training in order to address the 'causes of his behaviour and weaknesses in the management of his office'.

However, Barker and his representatives said that the punishment does not fit the crime.  Barker, who is standing as a Labour candidate in next week's Birmingham council elections, has called on his party to strip Byrne of the party whip and force a by-election in his Birmingham Hodge Hill constituency.  The GMB union which represented Barker described the situation as 'horrendous' and said the measures meted out to the MP fell 'far beneath' what was needed to tackle such abuse.

Following the judgement, Byrne posted a statement on his website in which he accepted the verdict and acknowledged that he had not resolved the dispute 'correctly'.  The MP has previous when it comes to his behaviour towards staff.  In 2008 an 11-page document was leaked to The Guardian entitled: 'Working with Liam Byrne'.  The document set out various demands of staff members including very specific food and drink requests (cappuccino first thing, soup between 12:30 and 13:00, espresso at 15:00) and the diktat: "Never put anything to me unless you understand it and can explain it to me in 60 seconds.  If I see things that are not of acceptable quality, I will blame you".  The document led the newspaper to liken Byrne to the singer Mariah Carey - an 'eager diva'.

Byrne is somewhat of a non-entity in the Parliamentary Labour Party these days.  He was a minister in the Brown government which led to the most infamous moment in his career - leaving the ill-judged note for the incoming coalition government: "Dear Chief Secretary, I'm afraid there is no money".

He was briefly a member of Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet, but has been on the back benches now for almost ten years.  In 2020 he was selected as Labour's candidate for West Midlands Mayor and with two weeks to go until polling declared on Sky News: "I will beat Andy Street easily".  A fortnight later Andy Street (the Tory incumbent) not only beat Byrne - he extended his majority by almost seven percentage points.

Thursday 28 April 2022


After months of posturing over Partygate, Keir Starmer's own lockdown-defying antics have come under the microscope.  Durham Constabulary are reported to be considering a request from Tory MP Richard Holden to investigate an event in which the Labour leader was filmed drinking with local campaigners in April 2021.  The police force had previously stated its belief that no lockdown rules had been broken.

There has been no word of the latest developments on the BBC or other broadcast media, with the exception - of course - of GB News.  Tom Harwood spoke to Richard Holden about his request to Durham Constabulary (see below).

If police proceed with an investigation it will be an acute embarrassment to a man who has repeatedly implored the Prime Minister to resign over lockdown parties.  The chickens are coming home Sir Keir.

Wednesday 27 April 2022


Watch proceedings below.

There will be no PMQs next week.  The next session is provisionally scheduled for Wednesday 11 May.

Tuesday 26 April 2022


In the wake of the French presidential election, claims of electoral fraud surfaced and quickly went viral on social media.  Videos appeared to show postal ballots for Marine Le Pen arriving in sealed envelopes pre-torn - potentially invalidating them before they could even be used.  Ballots for Emmanuel Macron in the same envelopes appeared to be intact (see video below).

Other damning posts appeared to show a huge discrepancy in the number of votes received by Ms Le Pen.  In live TV coverage of the election her running vote tally reaches more than 14 million votes as counting takes place across France.  However, in the final tally she received just 13,297,760.

Still images from the coverage also appear to show discrepancies in the tally.  In the following example her tally is shown as 13,899,494 - over half a million more than she later received in total.

With these claims being widely circulated on social media, one would expect the 'fact checkers' to be deployed in order to debunk them.  However, the fact checkers were strangely quiet yesterday and on Twitter the most prominent 'fact check' of the day was bizarrely the state of Bill Gates' chest.  Yes, seriously...

Fact checkers routinely debunk anything that threatens the establishment narrative and yes, that apparently stretches to allegations that Bill Gates has huge manboobs!  Their silence on Monday regarding the French election was somewhat surprising and inevitably leads to speculation that they could not debunk something that was demonstrably true.  Likewise there was also a blanket media silence about claims of electoral fraud.

This is not to say that there was lots of bullshit floating around, including allegations that the controversial Dominion vote counting machines were used in the election.  However, vote counting in France is done almost exclusively by hand.

Whether electoral fraud prevented Le Pen from enacting a critical blow on the globalists will never be known, but the direction of travel is very clear.  This was the second consecutive run-off for Ms Le Pen, both of which were against Macron.

2017 French presidential election

Macron - 20,743,128 (66.1 per cent)
Le Pen - 10,638,475 (33.9 per cent)

2022 French presidential election

Macron - 18,779,641 (58.5 per cent)
Le Pen - 13,297,760 (41.5 per cent)

She has closed the gap significantly in the last five years and crucially her support is strongest among young voters, suggesting she could return triumphantly in five years time.  However, should she reach the run-off a third time she would be up against a new candidate as Macron cannot serve a third consecutive term.

A lot can happen in that time, but it's highly doubtful that French people's lives will get better.  Rising inflation, poverty, migration and state tyranny are on the rise.  The EU grows ever more centralised and authoritarian by the day.  The globalists will try everything in their power to prevent another Trump or Brexit, but can they nail the coffin lid shut on democracy forever?

Sunday 24 April 2022


"I love Britain" is not a phrase you'll hear on the BBC or ITV or Sky or any other broadcast media with a snake at the helm - not without prerequisite words such as 'multi-cultural' that's for sure.  On GB News things are thankfully different and with Neil Oliver as one of its leading hosts, a love of Britain is something to be embraced - not scorned.

This is a deeply heartfelt monologue as anyone who has heard Neil's contributions to TalkRadio will know - he is an immensely proud Briton as well as a Scot.  The fact he chose St George's Day on which to deliver this Unionist message was not an accident.

Bravo Coast Guy...


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Friday 22 April 2022


Hapless Labour backbencher Chris Bryant has put out yet another ill-judged tweet, this time taking aim at Jacob Rees-Mogg.  Captain Underpants had taken exception to a note that Rees-Mogg has reportedly been leaving at the empty desks of civil servants.  A photo of the note was shared on Twitter by BBC collaborator Dino Sofos...

The note appears to be a passive aggressive extension of Rees-Mogg's call for civil servants to return to the office.  It's only fair, given that the rest of the country either worked through the pandemic or have returned to work since.  The key difference is that the rest of the country isn't funded by the taxpayer, as the civil service most certainly is.  What gives these individuals the right to dictate their working conditions over something that most sane people now realise is nothing worse than a bad cold?

However, Bryant's take is that Rees-Mogg is the one in the wrong...

This coming from a man who recently demanded that dual national British-Russians either choose Britain or face deportation.


With local elections taking place in just two weeks, there are no by-elections taking place before then.

Wednesday 20 April 2022


Last November as the second jobs furore was in motion, two of Labour's frontbenchers voiced their opposition to MPs having additional jobs.  At the time we pointed out there were many Labour MPs moonlighting as mayors, authors, radio hosts and even musicians.  This was apparently lost on Wes Streeting (then shadow secretary for child poverty) and Rachel Reeves (shadow chancellor).  Both suggested that MPs should be barred from second jobs.

However, jump forward less than six months and both could be found presenting radio shows on LBC.  As presenter James O'Brien departed for his Easter hols, both Streeting and Reeves did a shift each filling in for him.  This, despite both of them having previously stated their exasperation that MPs could find the time for second jobs.  Since making those statements Streeting has also been appointed the much larger brief of shadow health.

The hypocrisy was laid bare for all to see in our latest YouTube video (watch below).


In what looks set to be a bruising encounter, Boris Johnson takes on Keir Starmer at PMQs for the first time since Partygate fines were issued.

Tuesday 19 April 2022


A Muslim Labour candidate in next month's local elections has shared an image of herself giving the middle finger towards a war memorial in London.  Iman Less (pictured above, alongside the offending gesture) accompanied the social media post with the caption: "How can you sleep at night?  When you don't even fight for your right?"  The Sun also reports that she shared a video applauding the BLM vandal who tried to set fire to a Union flag on the Cenotaph during the 2020 BLM riots.

Less is standing for the Maida Vale ward on Westminster City Council, all the seats for which are up for re-election on May 5.  Labour currently holds all three seats in Maida Vale and Less has been selected in place of outgoing councillor Rita Begum.  Therefore it is likely that this incredibly disrespectful individual will be elected just a few weeks from now.

Less apologised in response to The Sun's exposé, saying: "I unreservedly apologise for the posts.  I have the highest respect and regard for our Armed Forces".  Sorry dear, but people who have the highest respect for our troops don't give them the middle finger.

The war memorial in question was the Guards Crimean War Memorial in St James's, Westminster.  The significance of it was probably lost on this hateful moron.  She has since locked down her social media accounts, both on Facebook and Twitter.


Jeremy Corbyn remains in exile outside the Parliamentary Labour Party with seemingly no way back.  It looks increasingly likely that he will go up against a Labour candidate at the next election, but with a huge majority and an unbroken stretch of 41 years service not many would bet against Corbyn winning that contest.  However, it seems that the former Labour leader is already trying his hand at an alternative profession.

In a bizarre video posted to his social media accounts on Monday, Jezza visits a community centre in his constituency and conducts a 'vox pops' of local residents.  Microphone in hand, Corbyn speaks to several people about the rising cost of living and community welfare.  While talking to one gentleman, his mobile phone rings - adding to the surrealism.

Life outside the PLP must be so dull.

Watch below.


"Just when you think you've seen or heard the last of him, he pops back up again - like human herpes, he's only ever lingering in the background to make a comeback that nobody wanted".  That's how Patrick Christys began his verbal assault on Tony Blair's legacy as he stood in for Dan Wootton on GB News.

In a five minute piece to camera, the former Brexit campaigner went on to slam Blair's record on mass migration, devolution and Iraq.  He quoted the mother of Fusilier Gordon Gentle, who was killed in Iraq in 2004.  Rose Gentle said: "Instead of standing in front of the Queen being made a 'Sir' with that stupid grin on his face, he'd be better going to the cemetery and standing in front of my son's grave to see what he's done".

Rose Gentle with a portrait of her son

Also on Patrick's radar is Blair's recent recommendation that at least 70 per cent of youngsters should go to university - or, as Patrick says: "Saddled with debt and reliant on the state for the rest of their lives".  Of course reliance on the state is paramount to Blair's main objective of total state dominance in every corner of our lives.  It's why globalists want to see the end of cash and a Chinese-style social credit system in which we are granted an income by the state - so long as we behave ourselves that is.  And of course while we are all subservient to the elite, Tony Blair and his comrades can do whatever they like.

Click below for the video and bravo, Patrick!

Monday 18 April 2022


Neil begins his latest monologue by taking us back to the pre-pandemic world of 2019, when the biggest concern was whether or not this country would actually leave the EU.  In the ensuing ten minutes he touches fleetingly upon vaccine-related deaths, a topic that is scandalously still absent from all mainstream media outlets.  He also discusses the slow-motion car crash that is President Biden, Hunter's laptop, big tech censorship, the pursuit of 'net zero', inflation and digital IDs.  It's not a free-flowing piece by all means, but he does bring it neatly back around to what is so different about the world in 2022 compared to 2019.

Once again, in order to get this video posted on YouTube, GB News had to include links to NHS data on vaccines and coronavirus.  This is one of the main reasons we upload a copy direct to this blog, for it cannot be certain that such videos will remain intact on YouTube.  Big tech is always on the lookout for material that does not fit their narrative...

Sunday 17 April 2022


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