Tuesday 26 April 2022


In the wake of the French presidential election, claims of electoral fraud surfaced and quickly went viral on social media.  Videos appeared to show postal ballots for Marine Le Pen arriving in sealed envelopes pre-torn - potentially invalidating them before they could even be used.  Ballots for Emmanuel Macron in the same envelopes appeared to be intact (see video below).

Other damning posts appeared to show a huge discrepancy in the number of votes received by Ms Le Pen.  In live TV coverage of the election her running vote tally reaches more than 14 million votes as counting takes place across France.  However, in the final tally she received just 13,297,760.

Still images from the coverage also appear to show discrepancies in the tally.  In the following example her tally is shown as 13,899,494 - over half a million more than she later received in total.

With these claims being widely circulated on social media, one would expect the 'fact checkers' to be deployed in order to debunk them.  However, the fact checkers were strangely quiet yesterday and on Twitter the most prominent 'fact check' of the day was bizarrely the state of Bill Gates' chest.  Yes, seriously...

Fact checkers routinely debunk anything that threatens the establishment narrative and yes, that apparently stretches to allegations that Bill Gates has huge manboobs!  Their silence on Monday regarding the French election was somewhat surprising and inevitably leads to speculation that they could not debunk something that was demonstrably true.  Likewise there was also a blanket media silence about claims of electoral fraud.

This is not to say that there was lots of bullshit floating around, including allegations that the controversial Dominion vote counting machines were used in the election.  However, vote counting in France is done almost exclusively by hand.

Whether electoral fraud prevented Le Pen from enacting a critical blow on the globalists will never be known, but the direction of travel is very clear.  This was the second consecutive run-off for Ms Le Pen, both of which were against Macron.

2017 French presidential election

Macron - 20,743,128 (66.1 per cent)
Le Pen - 10,638,475 (33.9 per cent)

2022 French presidential election

Macron - 18,779,641 (58.5 per cent)
Le Pen - 13,297,760 (41.5 per cent)

She has closed the gap significantly in the last five years and crucially her support is strongest among young voters, suggesting she could return triumphantly in five years time.  However, should she reach the run-off a third time she would be up against a new candidate as Macron cannot serve a third consecutive term.

A lot can happen in that time, but it's highly doubtful that French people's lives will get better.  Rising inflation, poverty, migration and state tyranny are on the rise.  The EU grows ever more centralised and authoritarian by the day.  The globalists will try everything in their power to prevent another Trump or Brexit, but can they nail the coffin lid shut on democracy forever?

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