Saturday 31 October 2020


An online campaign against Sadiq Khan appeared on Wednesday entitled #KhanMustGo.  At the moment it only consists of a snazzy Twitter account, but in just three days has amassed over a thousand followers.

It's not clear who's behind it, but the campaign has been enthusiastically endorsed by a number of cross-party individuals including Martin Daubney of the Brexit Party, Susan Hall (Tory leader in the London Assembly) and London Assembly member Peter Whittle (ex-UKIP).

If you're on Twitter please do your bit to get the hashtag trending #KhanMustGo


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Boris Johnson has confirmed England will go into lockdown from Thursday 5 November to Wednesday 2 December.

Below are the Public Health England figures for the last six days.  As you can see both cases and deaths are flattening - not increasing - despite the dire predictions of Professor Gloom and Doctor Doom.


Total cases: 1,011,660 (+21,915)
Total deaths: 46,555 (+326)


Total cases: 989,745 (+24,405)
Total deaths: 46,229 (+274)


Total cases: 965,340 (+23,065)
Total deaths: 45,955 (+280)


Total cases: 942,275 (+24,701)
Total deaths: 45,675 (+310)


Total cases: 917,574 (+22,884)
Total deaths: 45,365 (+367)


Total cases: 894,690 (+20,890)
Total deaths: 44,998 (+102)

Please post your thoughts below about the new lockdown.  Facebook has removed its poll option and we're still locked out of Twitter so we have no way of gauging support for and against this latest course of action.


Broadcast media has been very busy this week whipping up a frenzy over coronavirus, despite official figures showing that infections have barely moved in the last fortnight.  It appears that the news broadcasters will get what they want in the next week with most of the UK completely shut down, again.

The news is supposed to just report the news, hence the name, but times have changed in this world of 24/7 rolling coverage.  The mainstream media has an agenda, pushes it on the hour every hour and selectively controls what it wants you to see.  It's all very sinister.

Take the ongoing Islamist protests against France, whose head of state has taken the unusual step in this crazed world of wokeness to actually speak up in favour of freedom of speech.  In reporting the protests the BBC has covered Muslim fury from Pakistan to Palestine, but curiously failed to mention that there was also a demonstration much closer to home - outside the French embassy in London.  Bearing in mind that just 24 hours earlier three people were butchered inside a French church, this was clearly a provocative and shameful course of action by British Muslims.  But in the BBC News coverage of the anti-France protests you will find no mention of anything happening in London, despite three arrests.

It's almost as if our broadcast media don't want us to know that we have a fifth column of hateful Islamo-fascists walking among us.

Friday 30 October 2020


Demented Labour peer Lord Adonis has been out of the spotlight since Brexit Day, but re-emerged on Friday to discuss Jeremy Corbyn's suspension with TalkRadio's Julia Hartley-Brewer.  The Blairite enthusiastically endorsed the move by Sir Keir Starmer and defended the current leader against criticism that he had somehow condoned the anti-Jew culture by serving in Corbyn's shadow cabinet for so long.

Hartley-Brewer was having none of it and pushed Adonis on his preference for Prime Minister in 2019.  Ultimately the arch Remainer admitted that he would rather have had the communist in Downing Street over Boris Johnson, who he accused of being in 'truck with the far right'.  The 'far right' in Adonis's deluded mind is Nigel Farage, but at least he has that view in common with Corbyn and the far left.  Having said that, the balloon heads on the left would probably describe Adonis is 'far right' too.

Click below for the full excruciating exchange between Adonis and Hartley-Brewer...

Further reading


The reported 'council of war' held last night between Corbyn and his loyalists shows that the hard left mean business and are not going to take Jezza's suspension lightly.  Echoing our own dire prediction, Len McCluskey has warned that Starmer's decision could lead to a devastating split that could derail any hope Labour had of winning the 2024 general election.

This is how members of the Socialist Campaign Group (SCG) responded to Corbyn's suspension on Twitter, in the order they tweeted.  Not surprisingly the usual suspects were first to stick their necks out - McDonnell, Abbott and Burgon...

NOTE:  Webbe is currently suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party pending legal proceedings, but is still listed as a member of the SCG.

There was also a cryptic tweet from Charlotte Nichols (Warrington North) who wrote the message 'Justice will pursue' - in Hebrew of all languages.  It's not clear who or what she was referring to.

At the time of writing just nine of the 33 members of the SCG have publicly backed Corbyn with a personal statement (excluding Nichols).  A tenth MP - Ian Byrne - shared the SCG's solidarity tweet instead of a personal message, leaving the vast majority of members expressing no solidarity with Corbyn at all.

This is the long list of SCG members who have not publicly backed their former leader.

Paula Barker
Apsana Begum
Olivia Blake
Dan Carden
Marsha de Cordova
Mary Foy
Rachel Hopkins
Imran Hussain
Kim Johnson
Clive Lewis
Rebecca Long-Bailey
Andy McDonald (the only SCG member remaining in Starmer's shadow cabinet)
Rachael Maskell
Ian Mearns
Navendu Mishra
Grahame Morris
Kate Osamor
Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Sam Tarry
Jon Trickett
Mick Whitley
Beth Winter

It appears that the Great Leader does not command as much loyalty as he might have once thought, but then how many will be thinking of their salaries rather than joining him in a new (failed) venture?


Keir Starmer has denied there is a schism in the party following the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn, but at the same time pleaded with his opponents that there is 'no need for a civil war'.  Fat chance of avoiding that Sir Squeaky.  It's being reported that Corbyn and his clique held a 'council of war' last night on Zoom, chaired by John McDonnell.

Starmer discussed the looming crisis with LBC's Nick Ferrari this morning.  Watch the clip below.

Thursday 29 October 2020


YouGov has conducted a lightning quick poll regarding Jeremy Corbyn's suspension from the Labour Party.  3,890 people were asked if they thought the decision was right or wrong.  58 per cent agreed with the decision, while just 13 per cent were against.  Corbyn didn't even get much support among Labour voters, who supported the decision by 41-26.  The full results can be found below.

The same people were also asked their thoughts on both Corbyn's leadership and that of Starmer.  Again Jezza came off poorly.  66 per cent thought his leadership was bad while even Labour voters only narrowly gave him a thumbs up.  More evidence that beyond the fanfare of Twitter there was never a tangible support base for the (not so) Great Leader...

To pour salt into the wounds of an already livid hard left, Starmer beats their beloved Corbyn across the board in this YouGov poll.  Even Leave voters prefer the ardent Remainer to flip flopping Corbyn...


As the US presidential election enters its final days President Trump called on the leader of the Brexit Party to address one of his rallies.  Nigel Farage appeared on stage in Arizona yesterday and provided a thumping endorsement of the Donald, calling him the 'most resilient and bravest person' he'd ever known.  To huge applause Farage also told the crowd that Trump was the 'only leader in the Western world who had the guts to fight for the nation-state', 'against globalism' and 'stand up against the Chinese Communist Party'.

Click below for Farage's blistering, albeit very short speech.

Turning Point UK were also at the rally and asked Farage why he felt Trump was the man to stand up for the special relationship.  Farage quite rightly pointed out that Trump is of British descent on his mother's side and that globalist Joe Biden was unlikely to grant an independent UK a free trade deal. Watch below.

You can follow Turning Point UK here and also Nigel Farage here.


Following the publication of the Equality and Human Rights Commission report it has just been confirmed that Jeremy Corbyn has been suspended from the Labour Party and had the whip removed.  This is an unusually decisive move as previous suspensions of MPs only involved the removal of the party whip and did not simultaneously suspend party membership.  For instance Corbyn's hard left colleague Claudia Webbe has retained her party membership while she is suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party as she faces criminal charges of harassment.

A Labour spokesperson confirmed Corbyn's suspension and suggested that it was in relation to the former leader's statement made earlier today in which he downplayed the EHRC report.  The spokesperson said: "In light of his comments made today and his failure to retract them subsequently, the Labour Party has suspended Jeremy Corbyn pending investigation.  He has also had the whip removed from the Parliamentary Labour Party".  It is thought that Corbyn was given the opportunity to retract his statement, but refused.

Astonishing and brave move by Starmer, but one which will unleash a ferocious backlash from the hard left.  If Starmer stands firm this could potentially see a damaging split and perhaps even a new party on the left.  Such a development could cost Labour dearly in 2024.  A huge gamble from Sir Squeaky.


Corbyn has just tweeted the following response.


The Equality and Human Rights Commission report into Labour anti-Semitism has now been released and is available for download here.  The key findings are that Labour were responsible for three breaches of the Equality Act, namely:
  • Political interference in anti-Semitism complaints
  • Failure to provide adequate training to those handling anti-Semitism complaints
  • Harassment
Jeremy Corbyn has responded to the report in a statement posted on his Facebook page (see below).

Keir Starmer is due to respond to the report in a live press conference at 11:00 (watch below).


The damage to Keir Starmer's RAV4 was revealed today and his right wing took a fair old impact.  A huge dent was left near the wing mirror and there was a smaller dent and large scratch on the wheel arch (see below).  Turns out the cyclist was working for Deliveroo and according to The Sun his wrecked bike is still chained up to a lamppost at the scene of the incident.


It's taken almost 18 months, but today the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is due to publish its report into Labour anti-Semitism.  Corbyn may have since left his post, but make no mistake his supporters will be very vocal today as they defend his pathetic legacy.  Even as the hard left seek to excuse his leadership from criticism, one of his supporters is appearing in court accused of harassing Jewish Labour MPs Margaret Hodge and Louise Ellman (as well as Corbyn critic John Mann).  Nicholas Nelson was previously handed a suspended sentence in 2018 for harassing two other Jewish Labour MPs - Ruth Smeeth and Luciana Berger.  The fact that two of these MPs were driven out of the party says it all about life under Corbyn.

With any luck the EHRC report will distract the mainstream media for a few hours from its persistent lockdown narrative, but it would only be a brief reprieve.  Corbyn is already old news.

Wednesday 28 October 2020


Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford normally likes to engage critics on Twitter, especially when they're Tory MPs who oppose the perpetual extension of free meal vouchers over school holidays.  However, he has ignored an invitation from Mansfield MP Ben Bradley to engage face-to-face and also meet a local headteacher who apparently agrees with the government's view that there are alternatives to vouchers.

Bradley has been heavily criticised recently over tweets in which he claimed the vouchers wouldn't necessarily reach some children as parents could potentially spend them on 'scuba gear' and 'gin' in Aldi.  Bradley was questioned about his views by the BBC and also his invitation to Rashford.  He quite rightly points out to the interviewer that the voucher calls will never just be for this half-term or this Christmas - it's a perpetual demand that will never end until it is permanent.  Free handouts have to end at some point, the money tree is already bare.

Click below for the interview.

Ben Bradley scored a surprise victory in the 2017 general election, taking a seat that had been held by Labour since 1923 and never held by the Conservatives.  In 2019 he turned a 1,057 majority into a 16,306 majority.  With such commonsense and well articulated views he is clearly one to watch.


If you've come here to watch today's Prime Minister's Questions there is no session.  The House of Commons is in recess until Monday, so there is no PMQs until November 4.  It's such a shame as we were looking forward to a cycling quip from the Prime Minister to Sir Squeaky.


It's fair to say the week didn't get off to a great start for Sir Squeaky.  His coronavirus strategy is being undermined by both the faltering spread of the virus and a Welsh lockdown that has sparked a huge backlash.  On top of that he drove his Toyota Rav4 SUV into a cyclist on Sunday, news of which strangely took 48 hours to materialise.

There appears to be some confusion about what happened at the scene, with Starmer having initially claimed to have spoken to a police officer.  This was denied by police who said that the Labour leader had actually spoken to an off-duty PCSO, so definitely not a police officer.  In any case of more acute embarrassment to Starmer was his mode of transport and his destination.  Making such a short journey in a fuel-guzzling SUV to a 'celebrity tailor' less than a mile from his home will do nothing for his environmental credentials.  It also further highlights the disconnect between London-centric Labour and its former working class base.

According to the Telegraph when Starmer collided with the cyclist he was at least half an hour late for an appointment with his tailor.  The tailor reportedly counts among his clients Jude Law, Billie Piper and Gillian Anderson.  Man of the people is Sir Keir.

A picture of Starmer outside his local police station appeared on The Sun's website on Tuesday, but again begs the question why the incident took two days to report if the paparazzi were outside the station when he was being questioned.  And what's the book he's carrying?  Legal advice?  Surely not.

Sir Squeaky pictured outside Kentish Town police station

It will be interesting to see if Boris Johnson can somehow work a cycling jibe into the next session of PMQs.

Tuesday 27 October 2020


An anti-Tory campaign group launched last month is run by former Labour advisor Adam McNicholas.  One Rule For Them deploys class war-style smears, primarily against Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings.  On Monday it released a video attacking Rishi Sunak, highlighting his wealth and banking background.  Voiced by someone with a thick northern accent it's clear that the remit for McNicholas is to claw back support for Labour among the working classes.

However, like many in his party McNicholas is far from working class himself.  He is just another member of the white collar metropolitan elite that now dominate the Labour Party.  A university graduate who has spent his entire career in PR, his most recent Labour role ended in failure.  In 2016 he was appointed campaign director for the party's attempt to win the first ever West Midlands mayoral election.  Labour lost to the Conservatives, albeit narrowly.

Adam McNicholas

Clearly McNicholas is no more working class than Rishi Sunak, despite his group's pretence about championing the workers.  As for Rishi, despite all the politics of envy being stirred up in the attack video (see below) it was the Chancellor who ensured that Brits were financially supported during the pandemic.  The UK's furlough scheme was one of the most generous in the world and Labour knows it.  Sunak's popularity, tied with the fact he is of an ethnic background that negates Labour's racially divisive politics, this video will be far from the last class war-style attack on the Chancellor...