Thursday 29 October 2020


As the US presidential election enters its final days President Trump called on the leader of the Brexit Party to address one of his rallies.  Nigel Farage appeared on stage in Arizona yesterday and provided a thumping endorsement of the Donald, calling him the 'most resilient and bravest person' he'd ever known.  To huge applause Farage also told the crowd that Trump was the 'only leader in the Western world who had the guts to fight for the nation-state', 'against globalism' and 'stand up against the Chinese Communist Party'.

Click below for Farage's blistering, albeit very short speech.

Turning Point UK were also at the rally and asked Farage why he felt Trump was the man to stand up for the special relationship.  Farage quite rightly pointed out that Trump is of British descent on his mother's side and that globalist Joe Biden was unlikely to grant an independent UK a free trade deal. Watch below.

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