Wednesday 14 October 2020


This is clearly the year in which social media giants can no longer contain their rampant left-wing bias.  Removal of conservative content continues across networks with even President Trump not immune to online censorship.  Organisations like Twitter have officially endorsed the Marxist Black Lives Matter and today's Google logo or 'doodle' commemorates communist activist Claudia Jones.

Jones was born in Trinidad and emigrated to the US as a child.  She would become a senior official in the Communist Party USA and railed against capitalism as the source of (anti-black) racism.  Expelled from the US in 1955 she was refused entry to her native Trinidad and instead settled in the UK.  She died in London in 1964 and was buried in Highgate Cemetary in a plot next to her hero Karl Marx.  The title of her biography alludes to her burial plot and perhaps, worryingly, her political ideals.  She is interred on the left hand side of Marx's tomb.

Google chose today to commemorate Jones on the tenuous basis that she was commemorated with a British stamp on this day in 2008.  It's not the first time Google has honoured a communist.  In 2016 its doodle celebrated Maoist activist Yuri Kochiyama, who in addition to her admiration of Chairman Mao also expressed support for Osama bin Laden following the September 11 attacks.