Sunday 11 October 2020


The mainstream media on both sides of the Atlantic can barely contain their contempt for President Trump and their desire to see him ejected from the White House next month.  It is the same as it has been for four years now, as it was with Brexit.  Both were democratic exercises and both were rejected by the establishment.  Those who backed those decisions at the ballot box were mocked and ridiculed in equal measure by transatlantic broadcast media and the overwhelmingly left-wing comedy that is part and parcel of its programming.

The persistent mockery of President Trump is something we have all come to grow weary of, particularly given the complete absence of similar material aimed at his woeful opponent Joe Biden.  Thankfully there are still a few avenues for alternative comedy available - for now - and Andrew Lawrence is one such comedian who makes use of them.  His latest video takes aim at 'sleepy Joe' and the Democrat candidate's senile ways.  Watch below.

Andrew Lawrence used to be part of the mainstream comedy circuit until he 'came out' with conservative views.  His days on shows such as Live At The Apollo and Mock The Week were soon numbered.  This year he has used his growing social media presence to brutally satirise the pandemic and you can follow him on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.