Thursday 8 October 2020


Peter Hitchens has been a critic of the government's approach to the pandemic since the outset, arguing that authoritarian measures such as lockdowns and mandatory face masks are a huge overreaction.  He accepts the virus is real and a threat to life, but makes his case eloquently and without resorting to any of the nonsense espoused by the likes of Piers Corbyn and his band of Covid-deniers.

Hitchens has conducted many lengthy interviews throughout the year, but a condensed snippet of some of his views can be found in the 7 minute clip below, in which he has an impromptu chat with fellow lockdown critic Francis O'Neill.

It's hard to argue with his rational train of thought, but even as the economic catastrophe begins to unfold a shrinking number will insist on doing just that.

For more in depth interviews exploring Hitchens' thinking, please visit the YouTube links below.