Monday 26 October 2020


"Diversity of ideas is bad for society, it's better if we all think the same way".  This is just one of the many devastatingly accurate lines from US comedian JP Sears on the increasingly rampant censorship by tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Twitter.  The issue reached fever pitch recently when Facebook and Twitter censored a damaging news article about Joe Biden's son Hunter.  In the run-up to the presidential election there could not be greater proof that social media giants are engaged in political bias and are seeking to influence the result of the vote.  If Trump confounds expectations to win again next week then the cycle of blaming Russia will resume, but isn't it actually the case that it's tech giants who are ultimately guilty of interfering in Western democracies?

At BTLP we know only too well about the left-wing bias of Facebook and Twitter, the latter of which we have been barred from accessing for two months.  We have also faced repeated temporary bans from Facebook over the years.

JP Sears highlights the ongoing censorship and bias with his latest hilarious video entitled 'The Fact Checkers'.  Watch below.

You can follow JP Sears on YouTube and Facebook.

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