Friday 30 October 2020


The reported 'council of war' held last night between Corbyn and his loyalists shows that the hard left mean business and are not going to take Jezza's suspension lightly.  Echoing our own dire prediction, Len McCluskey has warned that Starmer's decision could lead to a devastating split that could derail any hope Labour had of winning the 2024 general election.

This is how members of the Socialist Campaign Group (SCG) responded to Corbyn's suspension on Twitter, in the order they tweeted.  Not surprisingly the usual suspects were first to stick their necks out - McDonnell, Abbott and Burgon...

NOTE:  Webbe is currently suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party pending legal proceedings, but is still listed as a member of the SCG.

There was also a cryptic tweet from Charlotte Nichols (Warrington North) who wrote the message 'Justice will pursue' - in Hebrew of all languages.  It's not clear who or what she was referring to.

At the time of writing just nine of the 33 members of the SCG have publicly backed Corbyn with a personal statement (excluding Nichols).  A tenth MP - Ian Byrne - shared the SCG's solidarity tweet instead of a personal message, leaving the vast majority of members expressing no solidarity with Corbyn at all.

This is the long list of SCG members who have not publicly backed their former leader.

Paula Barker
Apsana Begum
Olivia Blake
Dan Carden
Marsha de Cordova
Mary Foy
Rachel Hopkins
Imran Hussain
Kim Johnson
Clive Lewis
Rebecca Long-Bailey
Andy McDonald (the only SCG member remaining in Starmer's shadow cabinet)
Rachael Maskell
Ian Mearns
Navendu Mishra
Grahame Morris
Kate Osamor
Lloyd Russell-Moyle
Sam Tarry
Jon Trickett
Mick Whitley
Beth Winter

It appears that the Great Leader does not command as much loyalty as he might have once thought, but then how many will be thinking of their salaries rather than joining him in a new (failed) venture?